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    Best way to make large amounts of TC Alumite?

    Strictly speaking, lava and magma are more defined by their natural occurrence than their composition. Glass blowers, for example, don't generally think of their material as 'lava' despite naturally occuring molten silicates being just that. </derail>
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    Guide: Most efficient Mob essence farm with snow golems (EASY TO BUILD)

    Lovely setup, although some might consider the placement of the snow farm and grinder somewhat cruel...
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    Weird things you've skipped

    I've never gone looking for a stronghold. On a few occasions I've stumbled upon them by accident, but I've never actually gotten around to actively looking. Mostly I think it's because I was just getting into mods when strongholds came, so I was busy learning new things. Since then I just forgot...
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    About IC2.cfg

    The curse of King Steve Midas?
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    FTB Unleashed - Just got the biggest fright!

    ^ Always with the high tech option... A nice, shiny set of armor does make mobs far more sinister. It's one of my favourite non-automation features I think.
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    Mojang Update Plan

    You do know that BTW is ending in a short while anyway, right? FT is going to work on non-mc stuff once he's done tying up what he considers loose ends, which will be when he publishes BTW version 5.0. :(
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    There's a little blue thingy to the left of threads with unread posts, though, isn't there?
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    Much easier to read now, thanks. I do think the 'Post Reply', 'Upload a file' and More Options'-buttons still look washed out or too flat - a highlight or even a very thin border would be my preference. In the grand scheme of things I'm happy just having the white background gone, though.
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    If you could have three supernatural abilities

    Innate infravision, supersonic sneezes and the ability to enter a phone booth and come out wearing an ant costume.
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    Not so much scary as painful. I guess you're not prone to headaches, huh.
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    Xbox One or PS4?

    Neither looks all that compelling to me at this stage. The whole generation change seems like they're both just shrugging and saying 'well, guess we better make a new one before Nintendo launches something that's actually new'. Personally I'm going to wait until actual games start happening, so...
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    Of course not, assuming of course the theme being worked on is one with a dark background ;). This current iteration with the large unbroken white spaces and washed out red looks quite a bit like the original google+. Far too little contrast overall, and I would really like a slightly sharper...
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    1.7 packs?

    He means essentially putting a boot sector of the ID assignments in the save file once generated, giving servers or save files shared from another user the power to override any ID assignment your personal copy of minecraft might have already loaded. Then the auto-assign becomes just a handy way...
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    ~Prot3ch 1.7 modded map~ -Builders, Computercraft programmers, Graphic artists. Requests-

    I believe you were looking for server promotion.
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    How long do you stay in the "Vanilla" stage?

    I tend to build a basic, un-automated ore processing area as soon as possible, as well as make a few Tinker's tools of a reasonable quality (steel if I'm playing with a mod set that allows steel production without going to the nether). After those initial few hours, I tend to spend at least a...