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What do you look for in a quest based modpack?

We have recently started development on several new mod packs, one of which has taken a new direction in the last couple of days that has encouraged me to come directly to the community to seek input with regards to how we go about creating it. From what was initially going to be something fairly generic, it now looks like we are going to add some story elements into the pack, along with our custom questing solution.

With this in mind, it would be useful if some of you would take the time to complete the following survey:


The information from this will be used to help us refine this pack and hopefully make it a better experience for all.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this.

The FTB Team.
Modpack News

We're making progress on Continuum and hoping to have an alpha on FTB One this month.

Launcher News

Curse is migrating their servers and web sites from one place to another and since most of our infrastructure is hosted by them, it's having a bit of an impact on us as well. The forum was down for a few hours on Friday while it moved and the system that supports the legacy launcher is being changed over soon. We had to make some changes to the launcher to support the new servers and the previous version, 1.4.15, won't work once the changeover happens. So if you're still using the legacy launcher, be sure to open it in the next few days so it updates. If you miss the move, you can just redownload the launcher from website front page.

Minefaire Los Angeles

FTB will be at Minefaire Los Angeles April 14th and 15th. We'll be running a tournament with a custom built modded challenge map.


We are expecting a downtime on our forums tomorrow (Feb 1st) for about 3 hours starting at 10pm UTC This is to enable us to migrate our forums onto new hosting facilities. During this time you will be unable to access any areas of the forums.

In addition you may see temporary downtime on our launcher as well over the next few days. We are taking every step possible to keep these to an absolute minimum. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and hope to return to normal service by Saturday (Feb 3rd) at the latest.
Modpack News

We were aiming to release Continuum, our 1.12 expert pack, before Christmas, but unfortunately, as we started to get into the development, we realized that we needed more time to put out a quality expert pack. So we are taking a step back and instead working on a kitchen sink pack named Revelation that should be out in the next few weeks. We will resume development of Continuum after the holidays.

If you want to follow the progress of Revelation, these people stream or upload videos from our development server, FTB One.
Modpack News

Development is progressing on our expert mode pack for Minecraft 1.12. We have settled on the name FTB Continuum and are starting testing this week. As usual, there's no release timeline.

We are also developing the 1.12 version of Direwolf20's pack which will likely release much sooner than the expert mode one.

FTB Utilities Badges

Do you create content for Minecraft? If you are a streamer, youtuber, modder, modpack maker or create anything else in Minecraft, you can apply for an ingame badge on your player. See this site for more details.

Discord Server

In addition to our Twitch app server, FTB now has an official Discord server. Join by clicking on the image below.


It's been quite some time since we released a full pack, so we're extra excited to officially announce the return of Horizons.


Like the previous editions of Horizons, this modpack focuses on the lesser known mods that aren't often included in FTB packs. The vast changes of the modded landscape in the recent Minecraft versions will make this modpack extra unique.

Mods Included
  • Akashic Tome by Vazkii (1.2-10)
  • Angel of Vengeance by Tamaized (0.6.2)
  • AppleSkin by squeek502 (1.0.8)
  • Astral Sorcery by HellFirePvP (1.7)
  • AutoRegLib by Vazkii (1.3-14)
  • Backpacks! by Brad16840 (3.3.2)
  • Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded by Kreezxil (1.11)
  • BdLib by bdew (
  • Bed Bugs by gr8pefish (1.0.1)
  • Better Builder's Wands by Portablejim (
  • BiblioCraft by Nuchaz (2.4.3)
  • Biomes O' Plenty by Glitchfiend (
  • Blockcraftery by elucent (0.1.3)
  • Bookshelf by Darkhax (2.2.468)
  • Calculator by Ollie_Lansdell (5.0.1)
  • Chameleon by jaquadro (4.1.3)
  • Chest Transporter by CubeX2 (2.8.7)
  • Chisel by tterrag (
  • Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2 (14.9)
  • CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ by covers1624 (
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH (
  • CoFH World by TeamCoFH (
  • Common Capabilities by kroeser (1.4.0)
  • Compacter by bdew (
  • Compact Machines by Davenonymous (3.0.0)
  • ConnectedTexturesMod by tterag1098 (
  • Cooking for Blockheads by BlayTheNinth (6.3.6)
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 (4.0.8)
  • CreeperHost by Creeperhost (1.5.0)
  • Custom Main Menu by Lumien (2.0.8)
  • Cyclic by Lothrazar (1.9.6)
  • Cyclops Core by kroeser (0.10.21)
  • /dank/null by TheRealp455w0rd (1.0.8)
  • Dark Utilities by Darkhax (1.7.176)
  • Deep Resonance by McJty (1.4.9)
  • Diet Hoppers by RWTema (1.1)
  • ElecCore | Rendering Library by Elec332 (1.8.430)
  • EluLib by elucent (0.1.7)
  • Embers by elucent (0.221)
  • EnderTanks by ShetiPhian...
Modpack News

We have released a new map for our SMP retro 1.2.5 pack. Due to it being an extremely old pack, it is only available on the legacy launcher.


A new, 1.12 version of our Horizons modpack is in development. Like in it's previous iterations, this pack is designed to showcase mods that aren't commonly found in FTB modpacks. We're hoping for a release sometime this month.

We have also officially started development on our as yet unnamed expert mode pack for 1.12. We're planning to start testing shortly after Horizons releases.


Java 9 has released and is not yet compatible with Minecraft Forge. If you are using the twitch app, it will automatically keep using the correct version of Java, but if you are using the legacy launcher, do not update to Java 9.


[Edit by Quetzi: Clarified that it is Forge that isn't compatible with Java 9]
Modpack News


In conjunction with aaronhowser1, we're proud to announce that we have added HQM quests to the expert modes of Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock. More than two hundred quests guide you through the intracacies of expert mode from chopping your first tree to crafting the end game creative items.


Aaronhowser1 has issue trackers for any bugs relating to the quests. Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock.

In 1.12 news, we're continuing to update FTB Unstable. A new flagship pack, and eventually expert mode, is getting closer, but we're not there yet.

The legacy launcher crash bug on mac for 1.12 packs has been fixed.

Modpack News

With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we have yet again released a version of our unstable pack. This pack showcases new mods on the new Minecraft version as well as provides mod authors a platform to get a large amount of playtime for new, untested code.

Unstable is mostly just a tossed together collection of mods, but our lead modpack dev tfox83 has put together a list of the config changes he's added to the pack.

As outlined here, Forge is implementing a new set of best practices regarding core mods.

On a basic level, normal mod adds new content into the game, whether this be a machine, or a new type of ore or block. It does this without interfering with the actual core minecraft files. These mods interact with the Minecraft game through Forge. So Forge will add new features into the base Minecraft API that mods then take advantage of. An example of this might be the ore dictionary which lets all the different versions of copper work as substitutes for each other. Or the Capability system which changes the way modders can interact with blocks that have inventories or other special features (like furnaces etc).

When mods want to modify Minecraft code in new ways that Forge does not accommodate and in a way that would only be useful in a select set of cases, they might write a core mod. This will then directly modify the Minecraft code, adding the functionality that the mod requires.

The best practices that the Forge team are implementing are designed to ensure that core mods are only used when they are essential and where appropriate, functionality added by a core mod is instead added directly into Forge itself. For those cases where a core mod is still appropriate then the aim is to ensure that the core mod only includes what is needed, and everything else is pushed into a separate normal mod or library.

The second purpose of the best practices is to help ensure the authenticity of core mods by encouraging mod authors to sign their mods. This essentially allows your computer to check that you are running an unmodified versions from a source you trust. This must be stressed that this is NOT a security measure over the content of the mod. As any mod has the ability to do anything it wants on your computer. You should still only download mods from people you trust....
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