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I've only been a part of this community for two weeks or so but so far my experience has been really good with both the players and the admins, definitely try it out if you want be a part of a small yet helpful to eachother community :) The server is very stable, you can enjoy hours at a time without any lag at all, love it!
This community by far the best I've been a member. Community leader/owner Miaaw - Anders is easy to deal with, free speech but the N word the ends with ER. Friendly Staff and members, helpful when a situation arise concerning a modded minecraft, some real life situation as well. Members are young adults to old adults. If you meet the requirements to join With The Cat community then do so and join via application at the discord link provided.
Dear Freddy,

Is the server still open? And do you accept new players still? I would like tot join the server because i have a lot experience with This pack. And you have a active server. I've Read you have a discord. Can i get an invite?

Ign: CygonGames
we are still open and accepting applicants!
Excellent server. Running full FPS. Friendly, helpful group of people playing. Admin is responsive to any problems and answers questions in server and on Discord.