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cant wait to play if i get accepted
TL;DR: I really, really enjoy this server.
I first found this server when it had SkyFactory 3. As far as I know, this was the first server, and first modpack I played. After that closed down for reasons (which I forgot), I found out later on that SkyFactory 4 was released. Almost immediately, the server added the modpack and I really enjoyed playing on that again. After that closed down for not enough players, I found Omnifactory, which I used to hate but now I love, and I still play it to this day. I love this server, and I've bought a rank multiple times in the past, and I still enjoy it to this day. The ticket system and tickets are amazing, and the outcome is always either me feeling dumb after realizing it was my fault and I messed something up or that the problem was resolved. The community is amazing and usually family friendly. Second to lastly, the updates are usually quick unless there is a problem with the newest update, and if the server doesn't update, they have their own launcher... wow. All in all, this server is awesome.

5/5, if possible 6.28318531/5 stars
hello, your discord link is expired
Hey there! it wont let me send you the link in here for some reason so heres my email [email protected]

email me and then ill send you one back of the discord link and the server IP :)
I love this server, it's community is kind and lovely and their servers run really smoothly. If there are any issues (from personal experience), they are quick to jump on and help you out. Their staff are lovely and always have the best hearts. Come join if you're looking for a great place to make some friends.
Bit laggy when there is 6+ players, but overall great experience, very fun
Owner kept raving about how his server's free and he earns no money. Then on my second day playing he banned me and demanded I give him a minecraft alt or discord authentication tokens, saying he was "waiting for a little shit" like me to milk for money.
Ever since I joined ModRealms they've been nothing but welcoming, the staff and the community. The atmosphere in-game, and on the discord is very welcoming, and makes you feel at home. Out of all the servers I've played on, and been apart of ModRealms is on the list of most enjoyed.
We are in 2020, but ModRealms feels like its in 2066 with how well everything is done. The owner, Ally, and his staff are really nice, and very responsive. To me, this server feels like home and I wouldn't have it any other way.
To me a server has to embody certain aspects: Community, play, and professionalism. For the time I've been a part of Modrealms it holds these aspects in high regards, The community is beyond helpful, within my first few days of playing I felt a real sense of "were all in this together" with players wanting to give a helping hand :) Staff members are Professional and helpful, They never turn anyone away who's asking for help (they don't palm them off either, you have their full attention) and they deal with issues as swiftly as they occur, players old and new get to experience a wide range of servers with the newest addition being Revelations. Truly, the best experience on a Minecraft Modded server I've ever had. Come along and join the community :)
played for 1-2weeks enjoyed the community very nice, laggy servers tho. joined because review said nice owner. I was muted for 10 years after saying "im going to rub my nude all over your machines" after all the players (about 3-4) i was building a town with made jokes and references about my nudist minecraft skin. it was lifted but eh, im an adult and theres other servers that are waaaay less PC.
You were not muted for 10 years, but 6 minutes..... One of the very simple rules is to keep chat PG. What you said is not PG.
Firstly the community is great to be a part of, very helpful and friendly playerbase which obviously adds to the experience.
The staff is very attentive and friendly, the owner often helps with even minor things himself, and the staff always remain respectful and fair with people. They also try and stay on top of lag and spikes etc.
One of the best parts is the very low amount of banned items in each of the servers and they rarely lag, far fewer than other networks. Along with that there’s tons of custom plugins, resource world, chunkloaders, reward system, nice donor perks and kits. Overall it’s just a great network to play on and it’s easy to get lost while playing which is ideal.
Joined yesterday, owner seems like a nice guy, really loved the discord chat connected with server.
Thank you MrNorank. Lmk if theres anything i can do! Enjoy. :)
The server has been great up until today, when I log in and immediately get killed. Anyway to report these users?
Write a message to me in prv. chat and i then they get banned. (when they killed u or griefed) Griefing and killing is not allowed on the Server!!!
man kann leider nicht mehr joinen nachdem hacker den server zerbombt haben und der owner alles resettet hat. schade um die sachen die man gebaut hat.
Der server wird heute abend neugestartet anscheinend kurzzeitig abgestürzt
je viens sur le serv hyper propre et bonne ambiance seul bémolle seul connecté un allemand je voudrait discu avec l'admin
Fun public server with friendly people around