Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by ff255away, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Berry

    Berry Member

    Oh wow man. I have no idea how you are so organized. My stuff is all over the place - and it's hideous.
  2. Technician

    Technician Popular Member

    Fooman is making me angry, my base looks NO where near that good. I explictly chose not to use AE as I would go all out with it. I might post my base when I have my airship done
  3. Gaudelike

    Gaudelike New Member

    Hello all,

    First post here, so forgive any errors haha.

    I have to say I love all of the designs in this thread, I would like to say it inspired me to create something nice... but .. I dont have a creative bone in my body lol.

    I play the dw20 ftb mod pack, and really enjoy all the machines and mods, and like some of you I also have trouble building a nice and functional base so I usually do a 9x9 (now 17x17 for spot loading) with addon rooms.

    I really liked the houses ive seen in this thread, especially the one on page 9. Has anyone been able to use that style while keeping functionality with the pipes and cables?
    I am usually not much of a builder, but I would really like to make a village and have my Mansion at the top of the lane. It would be awesome to have it nice outside(like those in the thread) while keeping the inside functional rather then just a house placed above a massive underground base.
    The only thing I can think to do is to mimic a house on here, but make every wall and floor 3 blocks thick.. then use ALLOT of covers for pretty much every piece of wall and floor.

    Any help would be MASSIVELY appreciated... I really want to make a nice base this time (I just started a private server for a few friends, and friends of friends, so I started wanting nice things rather then full race to the end of all the mods)

    Lastly, I figured I would show you the horror of what I would be forced to build if I cant get the house right.


    If I cannot do the house/village build, I will use this to keep my industrious side happy.... any tips on making it nicer tho? Extreme criticism is more then fine with me.

    I was thinking of outlying buildings to make it less "massive tower" feeling, but idk.. feeling lost.

    p.s. Yes this was done in creative, Its a test world for my survival map. Also this is the location I am actually building in due to a triple biome connection behind the tower that will be my bee area.

    Again, thank you for reading my wall-o-text.. I am not a very good forum poster to keep that from happening.

  4. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 Active Member

    I like the pagoda of it. Ever tried using a circular base?
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  5. Gaudelike

    Gaudelike New Member

    Have you done anything more with your base?

    I really like the look of it, so if you don't mind, I will be trying to figure out how to set it up in my test world. See how I can get all of the mods to function in the space... or modify it to work.

    I have no idea what I'm doing >.>
  6. Gaudelike

    Gaudelike New Member

    Hahaha.. I had to google pagoda to see if you were talking about me.

    Hmm, thinking while posting is a bad thing.

    I could try to do a circular base, but I'm not sure how I would setup the interior then to factor in all of the machinery and the massive sorting system etc... The mystcraft/thaumcraft type of mod rooms would be fine tho.
    Also, I think I could probably figure out how to make a village(with villagers) in the same style... so I suppose that would work out.

    Thank you for the tip ^^b

    Again.. would LOVE to do a house/mansion, as that is new to me and my friends... the towers are similar to a standard box type base (however big or stacked it is)
  7. RetroGamer1224

    RetroGamer1224 Active Member

    I strongly suggest watching a few youtube people. FyreUK for one and Sjin of the Yogcast as the other. Sjin does a lot with the circular type towers as FyreUK does awesome builds. Don't get intimidated by what they do. Just see them as tips to building things. The hardest part, imo, is fleshing out a place to look more then a block of material.
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  8. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin The Bee-Whisperer

    Many pagodas are square, just make the different tiers more pronounced, maybe make the tiers a bit smaller the farther you go to the top. Do a google picture search for pagodas to get some more ideas for the look.

    btw: Nice idea with the burned creeper face, netherrack + lava mesh well together here.
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  9. Gaudelike

    Gaudelike New Member

    I'll do that... I think for now I will just make a warehouse style base with a filler. This can at least house me, and allow some game continuation while I decide what to do.

    I have too much of an itch to get the base done lol. Minecraft.. such a small game untill you get into the mods, then POOF brain explodes from wanting to do EVERYTHING at once lol. The synergy between some of the mods is just amazing, or annoying depending how you look at it lol, I can never decide on a "Step 1" because there are so many important things to do
  10. Gaudelike

    Gaudelike New Member

    Sticking with the theme, I could try to make them more pronounced... and I suppose I could make them different sizes on the outside... Good idea.

    This building has the following different floors, top down:
    1 colored roof block
    5 block room for random stuff, recyclers, mass fabs.. or any expansion stuff I need room for
    3 colored block. Room for pipes and wires.
    5 block room for machines/crafting
    6 colored block. room for pipes/wires
    5 block room for items/storage
    ----Below ground is sorting system room, and bottom is power generation room, using the same buffer zones for wiring etc.

    Again, this is only built in creative.. so I can go with any theme or change when I actually build it.
    I was hoping to actually have something like Psykoe made.. if I could hide the wires etc (sorry, I know im repeating myself)
  11. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 Popular Member

    Sometimes, you do want to hide the wires, nobody can say that's not true.

    But for a cool look, you may want to have the wires visible. From RP2 tubes and BT to AE cables, having a ton of wires around your base (as long as they look nice) look really cool. That is, if you can pull it off. If you can't figure out machines and stuff, you can make a house, and make a basement under it. It makes it easy to hide the wires (if you want to), and the top part can be furnished like a vanilla Minecraft base, with maybe a few things added in (for enchanting room, Uncrafting table, computers in rooms, stands of armor/Bibliocraft). It makes everything feel so nice, and then you have a room with a frame elevator that lands you into your super-processing PALACE.
  12. its_Dustin

    its_Dustin New Member

    Would you mind posting your seed? :D (if you didn't already do so)
  13. Chesham

    Chesham Member

    926666011, my island is at -61, +1379. ;)
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  14. budge

    budge Well-Known Member

    The glass panes look really cool. Did you modify the texture pack, or are they a block I haven't encountered?
  15. Chesham

    Chesham Member

    Decided to post an update, and I just realized how slowly I work.. haha.

    Eventually I will get to landscaping.. :/
    Inside, looking more finished now.
    A real storage/sorting system! (sorta)
    Nether room
    Generikb's patented XB system. :D Planning on moving this to it's own room since I'm going to have to redesign once the edenic effect gets bugfixed.
    I'm a bit of a bee freak.
    Max size railcraft tank of honey, and automated production of scented panels for alvearies. Haven't done much with my bees lately, there's about 10 stacks of alveary blocks sitting in there.. xD
    Stacks of alvearies. I have about 20-30 right now, gonna expand sometime.
    Comb processing. Combs get sent to the centrifuges, then to the chest. The sorting machine sends normal bee stuff to the bee level, and sends 4 small dusts to the packager when there's 4 in the chest. I haven't hooked that output into my auto smelting system or my storage yet.
    This ones solid-fueled by a t5 wither spawner, gonna switch to oil bees sometime and add another 1-2.
    Yeahhhh, needs some work. Auto-smelting system is on the left there..
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  16. ArcticDreamz

    ArcticDreamz Member

    I really like the basalt/marble look of the outside as well as the perfect fit in the landscape . What are the white blocks you use for your boiler room with the thaumcraft totems ?
  17. Chesham

    Chesham Member

    The ones outlining the room are zinc blocks, the ones around the boiler are aluminum. I have a bunch of bees producing zinc for me because I thought it looked so cool. :)
  18. Whovian

    Whovian Well-Known Member

    It looks like some form of reinforced glass. Could be Thermal Expansion's, but that's not very faithful to the "vanilla" texture.
  19. YX33A

    YX33A Over-Achiever

    I'm not a expert on the topic, but I think it may be Iridium Reinforced Stone.
  20. YellowMiner

    YellowMiner Active Member

    It's gregtech zinc blocks. you can get tons of zinc in the nether, so, it isn't really expensive (building it all of iridium reinforced tungstensteel blocks would be impossible without a matterfabricator running on a fusionreactor).
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