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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by ff255away, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. ff255away

    ff255away New Member

    Here is the one I'm working on

    Its a private server, played on by myself, my dad, my sister, her boyfriend, a gaming buddy, a 4th cousin, and occasionally one or two of his friends.

    We're playing FTB Beta A Pack 1.4.2, and eagerly waiting for an official update to 1.4.6 that includes a functional version of mystcraft that works with railcraft (we rely on the two heavily). The only modifications we've made are the reduction of uu cost to 1m (still significantly more expensive than vanilla ic2). We're operating under the limitations that we have to delete all enderchest data every server reset, and that railcraft's energy carts can't be made for reasons beyond us.

    So what have you built? What do you want to show off?
  2. SeriousBilly

    SeriousBilly New Member

    Looks great! I'm currently working on a base on the mindcrack pack, I'll post a picture when I get on my pc. I also saw you have a gravi chest plate :p
  3. dervasavred

    dervasavred New Member

    I love to hear about a family that games together. I have a friend in FL who plays Minecraft with his dad overseas in Iraq a few times a week. That's pretty cool.
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  4. 5argan

    5argan New Member

    Here is my (currently WIP) base.
    Since my current dirt mount I live in is way to small (I can only use 2 steam engines n stuff) I decided to move over.
    This one is going to be my Thaumcraft room.
    I thought the dark blocks would fit well with TC.
    I will probably use TC candles / nitor for lighting in this room.

    And this one will be kind of a "living area".
    I have no idea what to use for lighting here, maybe wrath lamps since the room is quite tall and I don't want to cluster everything with torches.

    I am going to add a stairway in the middle of the mountain which will also run wiring to all my rooms and have several dedicated rooms for each of the major mods as well as a storing area and a seperate sorting hall.

    Any suggestions on what materials I could use for the roof in these two respective rooms?
    Also, which materials would you suggest for the upcoming areas?

    Edit: here's my updated TC room:
    I've gone through 10 enchanted sapphire picks just for this room.
    I would love to make a diamond drill, but I don't have any IC2 stuff so far and I did not even start the IC2 room yet so that lies in the not so near future, especially since the next room will be my storage room.

    Another update:
    This is my TC room with some stuff in it already. I am going to mirror the warded jars to the other side of the table and remove the chests to the right. I will also add markers and golems (which golems are the one used to store stuff into the jars btw?) soon(TM) and think of something fancy for the lighting.
    Happy new year everyone :)
  5. ff255away

    ff255away New Member

    @sargan I would suggest a shallow dome made out of the same materials as the walls. The added depth would give you some shading to the ceiling and make the area feel bigger. It would also give you a sweet place to put a small doodle in the center of the dome for decorative purposes. I like what you've got so far though! I'd retain the theme throughout your house, and maybe only make small changes like highlight materials.

    @derva it's kind of funny, we're all in our twenties, except the cousin and my dad. I've never spent this much time with any of them until now; but thanks to minecraft, we actually have something to do together that we can all enjoy.

    @billy haha thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing your base, too. And the gravichest was a splurge last night, after adding more scrap to the system. Looks like I can add a whole lot more, though.
  6. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    how about some xycraft blocks... not the whole roof, but just some spots?
  7. Oodahn

    Oodahn New Member

    I haven't settled on a world yet. But I've found a few world gens I like, and have put up some buildings. Here's one:


    Once I settle, I will post my progress :)
  8. 5argan

    5argan New Member

    I updated my post above by adding a new spoiler and a new screenshot.
    Also, does anyone know of a turtle program to hollow out cubes etc (and could tell me how to install it if it is not that easy to code)?
    I do not have any experience in LUA whatsoever and mining everything by hand is getting quite tedious :p
  9. Antivyris

    Antivyris New Member

    Hollow cubes is actually the only reason why I have a builder filler, I use it with the brick-blocks in a circle pattern in the pattern window and put the material in the bottom. Usually a redstone cell does the job many times over for power.
  10. 5argan

    5argan New Member

    yeah, the sad part is I do not have redstone energy cells yet since I have no room to fit the magma crucible and the induction smelter into (and all my power comes from 2 TE steam engines), so I kinda have to rely on my turtle and myself to hollow out stuff.
  11. ff255away

    ff255away New Member

    5argan, your room looks awesome!

    We need more pictures, guys. The bases so far look very cool!
  12. thezeronumber

    thezeronumber New Member

    Haven't got much to post seeing as I am 15 minutes in to a new world generation and all of that was spent exploring. When I have some things under way I will begin to upload pictures.
  13. 5argan

    5argan New Member

    Another update for my room in my post above, I'd love to see some ideas for lighting and would like to know what golems I should use to store aspects into the jars.

    Happy new year everyone ;)
  14. wolvyn

    wolvyn New Member

    photo bucket is being a pain.. picture tour will happen whenver it decides that it wants to upload my pictures..

    had all 55 pictures in the bucket titled and descriptions done.. then i went outside for a smoke and i come back in and it somehow deleted them all..
  15. wolvyn

    wolvyn New Member

  16. Catarooni

    Catarooni New Member

    I don't have my full house done, as usual, but I do have...well, I suppose my Chocobo's 'forever' home. The first and third images are of the grave itself, the second one is of his view if he were peeking up out of his grave.

    2013-01-01_01.54.51.png 2013-01-01_01.55.19.png 2013-01-01_02.06.09.png

    Mindcrack + Torojima's Chococraft + GLSL with SEUS shaders, and Soartex texture pack.
  17. Strombus

    Strombus New Member

    Here is mine, found a nice verticle wall leading up to a jungle, river below and forest on the other side. This was the Magic pack and I have since abandoned it for a modified Direwolf20 pack.

  18. Malkuth

    Malkuth New Member

  19. Gearwork

    Gearwork New Member

    [​IMG]Me and the Girlfriend playing DW20 over LAN. Full video tour if we ever get done and people are interested.
  20. ArcticDreamz

    ArcticDreamz New Member

    Gearwork , it's just astonishing ...:O

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