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Discussion in 'thephoenixlodge' started by thephoenixlodge, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. SkiesAreRed

    SkiesAreRed New Member

    Hey thephoenixlodge,

    First of all, I love your pack! I started playing this week and I love it already.
    I am curious if I can update mods in your pack without breaking things.

    To be more specific, I'd like to update botania and buildcraft, but I'm not sure if that would break your pack/modded recipes etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Ryndi23

    Ryndi23 Active Member

    In regards to the mariculture fish stuff on the last page

    Yes, that chart is not up to date
    Stargazer and Perch don't have a mutation currently, because in the process of adding new fish he changed some mutations, new fish didn't work out that version, he forgot to put back the old mutation.
    He knows about this, but because I was the only one to notice this in a span of five months and because he seems to be pretty close to finishing 1.3.0 of mariculture (where this is fixed) he kind of doesn't want to bother fixing it in the current version (which I find understandable)
  3. Summit

    Summit Well-Known Member

    If you upgrade just about any mod, you will have to update Forge, which will break many of the mods, so it's pretty much update everything, and deal with instability, or wait for the official update.
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  4. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Definitely understandable. Retro-fixing something which has been out for a while is a real bear.

    It's a complicated tree as it is, and I'm not surprised that testing might have missed the bug for that long.
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  5. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge Popular Member

    You can update Botania, but updating BC to BC7 will break the quest book.
  6. SkiesAreRed

    SkiesAreRed New Member

    Thanks for the info :)
    Is there a way for someone who didn't make the modpack to find out if a mod is update-able or not?
  7. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge Popular Member

    Most mods should be updatable, just be wary of major updates like BC6 to 7, and Mekanism 7 to 8 (definitely don't do this one, will break all the recipe changes to mek), and keep an eye out if they are updates to the newer forge versions without backwards compatibility (TiC is one example of this, IIRC 1.8.4 is the last version that works with the current forge version used by the pack).
    Mods I definitely encourage updating would be Mariculture and storage drawers, as they fix bugs, and you could update to the last BC6 version quite happily too.
  8. Felix_Shift

    Felix_Shift New Member

    Really enjoying the pack so far. Just had a little frustration trying to complete the You Sap quest. I was trying to use Maple saplings to complete it but I had to use Fir instead. Not a big deal just wanted to let you know about it :D
  9. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge Popular Member

    The issue is with Natura saplings as they are registered under two oredict tags for some reason, with the non-standard one being their first entry. I tried to fix this a while ago by removing the pointless non-standard tag, but they stubbornly insisted on keeping it.
  10. Mr Muggles

    Mr Muggles Member

    Can't begin to say how much fun Regrowth has been so far. Just wanna throw in my gratitude and support in with everyone else's; keep up the spiffing work!
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  11. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if 'Magical Forest' counts as a 'Forest' biome? I could have sworn that I'd seen some kind of equivalency chart for biomes from other mods that correspond to the vanilla Desert, Plains, etc. but I can't find it now.
  12. PippinSmith

    PippinSmith Member

    all I know is that horses don't mind spawing there, together with coven witches and pechs, I'm pretty sure most 'normal' bees like it there too, as for a certain breeding combination that needs forest biome, I am unsure..
  13. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Yeah, most bees just have temp/humidity requirements, and the 'Normal/Normal' will suffice. Also considering how it might affect ore distribution in the Spirit World.

    *ponders the potential of horses...*

    EDIT: Apparently, it does. Now to get this Poultry bee up to 2x fertility.
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  14. Cerskel

    Cerskel Active Member

    Will give my firstborn child for Regrowth update.
  15. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    There are a few bees that do need specific biomes to be mutated, but they don't need the biome to work. Heroic Bees and Rural Bees are the main two I can think of, which require Forest and Plains biomes respectively. Although once you got your Heroics or Rurals they'll work just fine in either the Forest or the Plains.
    One word. Patience.
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  16. Lord Sekmeth

    Lord Sekmeth Member

    Is it possible to add MFR and Openblocks to this, without breaking the mod? I love Regrowth to death, but the lack of automation is hurting a bit. Or maybe the fans from Rotarycraft? Or some system to help a bit on the grinding,
  17. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    It would break the feel of the modpack yes. But Automation certainly is possible. Golems are likely the easiest way, although you certainly can get creative with botania in order to set up stuff. Also Forestry is there, and it has it's multifarms. (Although the only way to get Apatite is via either bee or orechid, although you can make fertiliser from saltpeter, which is growable.) For all I know mek might have a way of doing it too. Buildcraft can even do it for you via robots, if you can work out how to use them (i haven't yet, but want to).
  18. rivvest

    rivvest Well-Known Member

    Kinda depends on what your grind is.. as far as I know, MFR nor Openblocks help with the crops, as @rouge_bare said, golems are going to be the easiest. You can bee-line into Thaumcraft fairly quickly once you get to the third tier of seeds.
  19. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Yep, was aware of that, and I've been making a stash of 'Book of Biomes' pages for that. It was more a question of whether it was a waste of time to try to use the Magical Forest (which only requires a fortunate Silverwood planting) instead of the Witchery ritual.
  20. Lord Sekmeth

    Lord Sekmeth Member

    MFR have a compadibility patch that makes them able to harvest Magical crops. Rotarycraft should be able to do it as well. I would prefer to make them hard to make, or maintain, but the constant managing of the farms is getting a bit tedious for my personal preferences. But as mentioned before I do love the mod pack.

    Openblock is more for conviniency, tank storage, xp storage and such.

    I'd prefer not having to use golems, they have a tendency to mess up after a while, or just get lost (even when fully walled in). As to buildcraft and robots, I read that they break the crops so you cant use them, otherwise that could work.

    I didnt know there was multifarms, my bad, thats definitely an alternative, if they work with crops that is.

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