Jul 29, 2019
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    1. Naygirl
    2. MadBiolgist
      where do i send crash reports?
    3. Krisman02
      Lunching Regrowth does not work for me. Help.
      1. JaRyCu
        Try having dinner with it instead. I hear it much prefers that meal. :)
        Aug 2, 2016
    4. Scott.thomlinson
      How would I go about reporting an exploit using involving making unlimited Mana lenses in Regrowth0.8.8? My boy said I should tell you first before contacting Vaskii. It happened when I tried to craft a potency lens in a TiCon slab crafting station.
      1. thephoenixlodge
        Dec 27, 2015
    5. imazing
      Hellp there! First off, I LOVE this modpack. My boyfriend and I play it constantly, so thank you :3 And I'm also wondering if theres a way to auto harvest in agricraft? The Thaum Golems break the crops in this version and I'm worried it won't be fixed :x
      1. ButterChuckles
        Robots, golems are fixed if you update, golem with use core and scyth, etc.
        Nov 14, 2015
    6. ButterChuckles
      Hey dude I just want to say this is an AMAZING mod pack and I love everything about it(Except for the basic reward bag from the treasure map quest XD) I've got a group of 5 friends and it is really fun working together to play the pack. Keep up the great work!
    7. shirilak
      Hey, I had an idea for a hqm pack that may be up your alley if you have [email protected] on Skype or email me if you are interested. It's botania centric and would involve actually going to alfhiem. I appreciate any thoughts you may have, if you persue I'll gladly give you more details in private. Btw loved regrowth. Gj :)
    8. el_freakyfrog
      I'm getting all kinds of server side recipe errors, the starting tinkers flint recipes aren't working for me, the flint hatchet and a plank/deadwood isn't giving me a crafting table but if you shift click on the empty slot where you pick up the results it gives you the crafting table.
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      2. el_freakyfrog
        I wont be posting here any more see ya
        Sep 17, 2015
      3. thephoenixlodge
        The pack itself has a link to the thread on its main menu. I don't appreciate the spam of alerts that comes with 4 successive comments on my profile.
        Sep 17, 2015
      4. el_freakyfrog
        dont care what your excuse is bud...doesn't excuse poor behavior. Not when you've answered my questions here before. I realize you are busy trying to fix the recipe bug so I wont bother you anymore have fun man...try to treat people a lil more kinder
        Sep 17, 2015
    9. el_freakyfrog
      regrowth the chisel 2 mod with the basic chisel and glass instantly causes a crash to desktop when you try to add glass to the gui to create the other types of glass
    10. el_freakyfrog
      The latest update Regrowth 0.8.0 has a nifty bug that deletes daybloom flowers from botania from in world after a period of time (unknown how long or what triggers it) but it removes the flowers all together...same with the hydrogenese (sp) from botania. The flowers after x amount of time simply this a new feature of botania that you have to keep making new mana producing flowers?
      1. thephoenixlodge
        Not a bug, its a default change to botania where mana producing flowers that produce for free (Daybloom, Nightshade and Hydroangea) will wither after a time. This is to encourage people to actually use more interesting mana generation methods that actually cost something to produce mana
        Aug 25, 2015
      2. el_freakyfrog
        incidently this is server play
        Aug 25, 2015
      3. el_freakyfrog
        ah thanks
        Aug 25, 2015
    11. xXJoeyWolfXx
      Hey Phoenix, i'm having an issue with the regrowth pack. Every time i try to start it up it stops responding whenever it is pre-initializing the CoFH core, was wondering if i could get some help fixing it.
    12. PenPhantom
      Golems break the crops in 8.0. Is this a bug, or a tweak to prevent automation?
      1. sgbros1
        Golems always break crops, don't they?
        Aug 24, 2015
      2. SpawnMoarOverlords
        No. They didn't break crops in the previous version of Regrowth and do not in other modpacks either, such as Agrarian Skies 2.
        Aug 26, 2015
    13. ddddan26
      Hey Phoenix I'm just contacting you now with an Issue with the regrowth pack. In the how the world changes quest line you have to kill a shade of Leonard. I've done this a few times now and
      1. ddddan26
        (Continued) I've been using a few different weapons to do so but the quest won't complete. If there is any way you could change the quest requirements to have one of the Urns in the player's inventory for it to complete? As I've said it would make all the difference to me as i'm almost done with the quest book I just need to find the hidden quests and do Thaumcraft and Witchery and so far I'm loving the pack :)
        Jul 9, 2015
    14. zelezo001
      How create my modpack?
    15. D3BI4NT
      hey im not able to play the pack i think i might know why if you could get back to me i would like to talk to you about it
    16. Booker The Geek
      Booker The Geek
      Good morning! Hope you have a wonderfull day.
    17. Houston Montgomery
      Houston Montgomery
      I'm having a problem with Mariculture breaking the pack on log in, but it doesn't crash the server. It is saying there was a critical exception handling a packet on Mariculture, do you have any idea of what might have happened? Let me know if i can give any more information.
    18. Dafriz
      if your the one that does the updates there is a bug that needs fixing.
      my wife plays regrowth and before the last update i was able to join her on Lan now since the last update its not letting me join Lan. can you please fix this
      1. montz14
        look, the pack doesnt mess with lan stuff in any way, so its a problem on your end.
        Feb 1, 2016
    19. TyrDracon
      I can't figure out which quests I need to complete in ReGrowth to get to the nether. I'm stuck at Iron level mining, I have a coke oven, smeltery, but I don't know how to make what I need to get to the nether.
      1. reddutton
        try using a vat thoes can be helpfull making what you need
        Apr 5, 2015
    20. henrik2805
      hi first off great modpack but after the update how do i get my quest book to work agein in my singleplayer i do not feel like starting all over whit my would hope you can help caus agein it is one of the very best pack on the ftb
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