[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

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Jul 29, 2019
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If things seem a little wonky after updating from a previous version, try doing a Force Update (under options on the launcher)
FAQ can be found in the second post of the thread - just scroll down a bit
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Let me introduce you all to the modpack I've been working on - Regrowth.
It's a HQM driven pack where you find yourself in a desolate wasteland, lacking in natural growth and sparse of materials except for a few boulders and dead, charred trees. You'll quickly discover the depths of the earth to be barren as well, devoid of any form of ore. You will need to find a way to start restoring the presence of nature back to the world, and in doing so find yourself a way to start producing the materials you'll need to produce a thriving industry.

The pack is heavily adjusted to be a more cohesive experience through the usage of minetweaker and modtweaker, with just over 1000 lines of scripts at the time of writing this.
A large part of the idea behind the pack came from a couple of "what if?"s. Specifically, the pack was designed to be without ore, but while still having a world to work with. The other was to do so without the use of something like Ex Nihilo, finding a way to unlock access to resources for the player with the standard mods that exist in the pack.

Regrowth is now on the FTB launcher as a listed Third Party pack!!!

HaighYorkie has done a great spotlight on the pack, highlighting some of the key points of it, well worth checking out

Mod List:
Google Doc

Repository of scripts:


Fancy new title screen of the pack


Just an average world at creation

Check out the videos section for more media


Full running changelog, including for versions in development can be viewed here


Mod Changes:
- Updated AcademyCraft to 1.0.6
- Updated Agricraft to 1.5.0-unofficialbugfix
- Updated Better Builder's Wands to 0.8.1
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.19
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to
- Updated ClimateControl to 0.8.2
- Updated EnderCore to
- Updated Forestry to
- Updated Gadomancy to
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.10.
- Updated WAILA Plugins to 0.2.0-25
Config Changes:
- Bibliocraft
- Add a few more witchery fume type items as compatible with the potion shelf
- Crafting Tweaks
- Disabled CT on the BC autoworktable
- Forge Microblocks
- Added various EBXL blocks as microblock capable
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Added analyzed 1/1/1 osmium seeds as an option for use in the imag seed recipe
Quest Changes:
- Fix Quests "Power Store" and "Getting a Power-Up" for Energy Cubes not detecting since fixing the recipe output in 1.0.1
- Fix a few typos
- This Agricraft version fixes the ability to shear crops that produce dyes to get the full flower (incl cactus), and allows Essence Dust seeds to be bonemealable as intended
- but it is an unofficial build, so report bugs directly to me or Mordenkainen, NOT InfinityRaider

1.0.1 Last Bugfixes..?

Mod Changes:
- Updated Accidentally Circumstantial Events to 1.12.10
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.18
- Updated ChiselFacades to 2.11-cricket
- Updated EnderCore to 2.0.38_beta
- Updated ExtrabiomesXL to 3.16.4
- Updated StorageDrawers to 1.10.2
Config Changes:
- ClimateControl
- Seemingly fixed the TC biomes spawning. Here's hoping. (Though I also nuked the trees and grass from them with BT, so even if they do spawn now, the only gain is mossy cobble)
- Forge Microblocks
- Readd Mariculture Limestone to list of blocks able to be cut into microblocks
- Garden Stuff
- Disable Compost being usable as bonemeal, as it has unintended capability of working on magical crops
- Magic Bees
- Buffed Hiveacynth Princess rates
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Fixed not updating energy cubes recipe output to match the way energy data is now stored on the item
Quest Changes:
- Fix gas tanks in "Getting Gassy" and "More Power!!"
- Fix task "Larvae" in "Brave New World" being a crafting task - is now correctly a detection task
- Fixed detection of Hohlraum in "Fusion Ignition 2"

1.0.0 - It's HERE :O

Mod Changes:
- Added Better Builder's Wands version 0.6.1
- Added Binnie Patcher version 1.8
- Added Mousetweaks version 2.4.4
- Added Squidless version 0.6.1
- Removed Bibliowoods Forestry edition as it has not updated to support Forestry 4 so most recipes are broken
- Updated Minecraft Forge to
- Updated AcademyCraft to 1.0.4
- Updated Accidentally Circumstantial Events to 1.12.9
- Updated Agricraft to 1.5.0
- Updated Automagy to 0.28.2
- Updated Bibliocraft to 1.11.5
- Updated BiomeTweaker to 2.0.182
- Updated BlockProperties to 0.1.5
- Updated Blood Arsenal to 1.2-5
- Updated Blood Magic to 1.3.3-17
- Updated Botania to 1.8-249
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.16
- Updated Buildcraft Compat to 7.1.5
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to 3.3.8
- Updated ClimateControl to 0.6beta59
- Updated CoFHCore to 3.1.3-327
- Updated CraftingTweaks to 1.0.82
- Updated CreeperCollateral to 1.0.0B3-15
- Updated EnderCore to
- Updated Enhanced Inventories to 1.1.10
- Updated ExtraTiC to 1.4.6
- Updated Forbidden magic to 0.575
- Updated Forestry to
- Updated Gadomancy to
- Updated Gravestone to 2.16.1
- Updated Iguana Tinker's Tweaks to 2.1.6
- Updated JABBA to 1.2.2
- Updated LambdaLib to 1.2.3
- Updated Magic Bees to 2.4.3
- Updated Mekanism + Generators to
- Updated Minetweaker to 3.0.10B
- Updated MobProperties to 1.0.2
- Updated Modtweaker to 0.9.6
- Updated NEI to
- Updated NEI Addons to
- Updated NEI Integration to 1.1.2
- Updated Nether Ores to 2.3.1-22
- Updated Railcraft to
- Updated Sanguimancy to 1.1.9-35
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.10.1
- Updated Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack to 1.1.2
- Updated Storage Drawers: Misc Pack to 1.1.2
- Updated Storage Drawers: Natura Pack to 1.1.1
- Updated TC Inventory Scanning to 1.0.11
- Updated WAILA Plugins to 0.2.0-23
- Updated YuutoLib to 1.0.3
Config Changes:
- AcademyCraft
- Now that we're on a version where this config is a thing; disabled the AC ores
- Better Builder's Wands
- Disabled the Stone Builder's Wand - makes it so the earliest one is iron.
- Block Properties
- Made the actual end portal block breakable
- Blood Arsenal
- Fix Potion ID conflicts
- Forestry
- Updated Bee flowers to prevent invalid metadata EBXL flowers from being available, and add a few things as valid jungle, cacti and mushroom flowers
- Forge
- Disabled Splash loading screen - fixes Unicode issues on Macs
- Iguana Tinker's Tweaks
- Lowered Harvest Level of Netherrack TiC tools to Flint level
- MobProperties
- Fixed bug that was stopping mysterious maps from dropping from regular zombies and skeletons
- Added mysterious map and torn page drops to Mekanism's baby skeletons
- Also significantly buffed Mysterious Map drop rates. Should be more likely to just stumble upon them now
- Ruins
- Fixed Dupe bug from using the End Portal Placer
- Thaumcraft
- Changed research back to normal mode, like it was supposed to be to begin with
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Removed temporary magic bees recipe fixes, as they've been fixed in the mod itself now
- Added Essence based recipe for Red Sand
- Tweak Natura Pylon recipe so it no longer blocks dream world progression (including updating Page in Lexica Botania)
- Changed relevant recipes for new things from Mek 9
- Allow osmium to work in compacting drawers
- blacklist oredict conversion of oredict keys prefixed with "crop" in storage drawers (ie. snowballs and icy needles won't convert any longer)
- Added recipes for verious flowers to be able to be made to appropriate floral powders with the pestle and mortar
- Manually readded mana conjuration recipes for redstone and glowstone that were being removed by an overzealous script
- Changed recipe for RF Carts, Loaders and Unloaders to use osmium rather than lead
- Updated mekanism scripts to reflect change in the way energy tablets store data (the change had broken all recipes involving them)
- Tweak recipes for Tier upgrade installers (previously factory installers), factories, gas tanks, fluid tanks and energy cubes to bring them to consistency since the installers now work on energy cubes
- Change recipe for Traveller's Gear gold ring to avoid conflict with Garden Stuff gold chain link
- Remove recipes for AutoChisel and its upgrades as its bugged and unusable
Quest Changes:
- Changed task type of "living in the Matrix" in "Imag-ine a better system" to detection rather than crafting, so that the constraint plates will be detected
- Added missing rewards to quests "Good Ol' Consumerism" and "Technological Abilities"
- Hopefully resolve issues with detecting the Alfheim knowledge Lexica in "Another Side Another Story"
- Add cooldown time to mysterious map quests so they don't instantly disappear again after being completed
- Add quest for master infusion stone (finally)
- Rearranged quest chapter "The Encoding of the World"
- Added ten more bee related quests
- Removed references to shearing crops from relevant quests, as this feature is bugged until next Agricraft release
- Added MisakaCloud Terminal as reward for "Imag Seeds" quest
- Changed the "EVAPORATE" quest to no longer include advanced solar panels, and instead have a task about the Heat system added in Mek 9
- Added Muffling Upgrades as an extra reward for quest "1-Up"
- Updated description of quest "Technological Abilities" to include the newly added 4th ability tree
- Added quest for the iron Builder's Wand
- Update text in "It's Essential" to not mention the old way of making the regular mana pool
- Fixed Broken Rewards for "Imag-ine a Better You", "App Store" and "Progress Tracker"
- Added Rewards of High Voltage Magnetic Coil and a choice of Ability Induction Factors to quests "Technological Abilities" and "Imag-ine an Even Better You" to allow 2 opportunities to outright choose which skill tree you get

- AKA the "OMFG THINGS BROKE HALP!" bug fix update
Mod Changes:
- Added Java Version Checker version Java8Checker v2.0
- makes the new requirement for java 8 more apparent
- Downgraded AcademyCraft to pre2_1
- Downgraded LambdaLib to 1.0
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to 3.3.8_dev_r7
Config Changes:
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Manually set the soil of Water Artichoke to water pads, since that being the default got lost somewhere with agricraft 1.4.6
- Added a mutation to get Garden Stuff's Candelilla seeds - will probably change soil to sand once there isn't a bug preventing me from doing so
- Added a missing comma in the agricraft.zs file, the absence of which had screwed up custom soil requirements and mutations.
- Added a second copy of the imag seed recipe in the metallurgic infuser, so analyzed, 10/10/10 osmium seeds can be used as input.
- Could technically make it work with every single combination of stats, but it would require adding a copy of the recipe for every single possible combination.
Quest Changes:
- Changed the reward from quest "Meddling with nodes" to not be quite so ridiculously OP/broken. Now also includes a hint as what Growing nodes are capable of.


Mod Changes:
- Added AcademyCraft version 1.0pre3
- Added Gadomancy version 1.0.5
- Added LambdaLib version 1.1.0
- Added TC Inventory Scanning version 1.0.8
- Updated Minecraft Forge to
- Updated ACE to 1.11.0
- Updated Agricraft to 1.4.6-hotfix
- Updated Arcane Arteries to 0.8.2
- Updated Automagy to 0.27.1
- Update Botania to 1.8-248
- Updated Craftingtweaks to 1.0.62
- Updated Gravestone to 2.16.0
Config Changes:
- Agricraft
- Added new custom crop for Imag materials from AcademyCraft
- Quadrum
- Added new Imag Essence
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Add recipes using imag essence
- Add recipe for making imag seeds
- Add Crucible furnace and Smeltery melting recipes for imag essence
- Tweak a few AcademyCraft recipes to better amalgamate it into the pack
- Made Imag seeds require tilled garden soil as soil
Quest Changes:
- Changed detection of village scrolls in "Honorary Villager" to fuzzy detection, fixes it not working with non norman scrolls
- Changed task type of "Filling the Hohlraum" in "Fusion Ignition 2" to detection rather than crafting - woops
- Changed detection of Ritual Diviner in quest "Mighty Rites" to NBT independent
- Updated info on spawning Millenaire villages to include the fact that the gold block needs to be sitting on a block of dirt
- Added 10 quests covering AcademyCraft
- Added 3 quests for tier 4 Blood magic - more will be added at some point
- Added 2 new quests detailing returning to the outerlands through Gadomancy


Mod Changes:
- Revert Agricraft to 1.4.5 after accidental update to 1.4.6-pre
- Update Botania to 1.8-245
- Update Crafting tweaks to 1.0.57
- Update Garden Stuff to 1.7.0
Config Changes:
- Arcane Arteries
- Disable the daggers of sacrifice (mob sacrifice), possibly temporary, possibly permanently
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Update Magic Bees recipes that were using mana petals. Will be swapped out for the proper ones once MB updates
Quest Changes:
- Changed task for imbued slates in "Give it a Glow" to detection rather than crafting


Mod Changes:
- Updated Accidentally Circumstantial Events to 1.10.0
- Updated Botania to 1.8-244
- Carpenter's Blocks to 3.3.8_dev_r6
- Fixes the crash from flux goo with Routable Fluids enabled
- Updated Forbidden Magic to 0.572
- Updated HQM to 4.4.4
- Updated Similsax Transtructers to
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.7.5
- Updated Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack to 1.1.0
- Updated Storage Drawers: Misc Pack to 1.1.0
- Updated Storage Drawers: Natura Pack to 1.1.0
- Updated WAILA Harvestability to 1.1.6
Config Changes:
- Traveller's Gear
- Hide crafting grid
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Change display name of millenaire's grapes to "Wine Grapes" to differentiate them from the magic crops grapes
- Mob Properties
- Added torn pages as rare drop from zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers. The quest book lies no more.
Quest Changes:
- Updated quest "Spreading the love" to reflect new changes in Botania
- Added 8 more Millenaire quests
- Added quests for Seed Storage and Clippers
- Fixed Hohlraum and DT-Fuel tasks in "Fusion Ignition 2"
- Added 7 more Blood Magic quests


Config Changes:
- Agricraft
- re-enable resource crops, specifically to resolve the issue caused by the way the launcher handles old configs
- disabled agricraft villager
- Minetweaker Scripts
- hide resource crops in NEI
- Added Mekanism Crusher recipe for Ender Dust from AE

Mod Changes:
- Updated Agricraft to 1.4.5
- Updated Automagy to 0.27
- Updated BiomeTweaker to 2.0.161
- Updated Blood Arsenal to 1.2-4
- Updated Botania to 1.7-237
- This fixes the crash from putting induction casing in the crafting grid
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.14
- Updated Buildcraft Compat to 7.1.3
- Updated Forbidden Magic to 0.571
- Updated Gravestone to 1.15.2
- Updated HQM to 4.4.3a
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.7.2
- This fixes the render bug from Mariculture tanks in Drawers
- Updated Storage Drawers: Misc Pack to 1.0.2
Config Changes:
- Made End Portal Placer not require being clicked on a block
- Fixed Mysterious Maps not functioning at all
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Revert changed Crafting Unit recipe, as plans changed and am not intending to completely overhaul AE recipes anymore
- Made recipes for Mekanism upgrades significantly cheaper. For the amount of them likely wanting to be made, they were waaay too expensive
- Fixed IBF still having a recipe to make TiC steel ingots and blocks directly from iron (i.e. these cheaty recipes are gone now)
- Added Metallurgic Infuser recipe for wrought iron. Wish I hade a way to incorporate the sand part of the bloomery recipe, but this is best option currently
Quest Changes:
- Fusion Reactor Quests!
- Couple more bee quests

Mod Changes:
- Updated Botania to 1.7-230
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.13
- Updated Gravestone to 2.15.1
- Updated Storage Drawers: Forestry Pack to 1.0.5
- Updated Storage Drawers: Misc pack to 1.0.1
- Updated Storage Drawers: Natura pack to 1.0.4
- Updated WAILA harvestability to 1.1.5
Config Changes:
- AE2
- Reduced Power usage from 5x to 3x default
- Agricraft
- Regenerated configs and fixed settings to what they should be
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Fixed Pestle & Mortar dupe
- Fixed Recipe for the AE Presses only accepting fully repaired chisel
Quest Changes:
- More mekanism quests

Mod Changes:
- Added Block Properties version 0.1.2
- Change Aquatweaks to disabled by default
- Was causing quite a few issues, but don't want to outright remove it
- Updated ACE to 1.9.0
- Updated Agricraft to 1.4.3
- This fixes the issues with essence seed changes not applying, and with Golems behaving weirdly with crops.
- Updated Arcane Arteries to 0.7.2
- Updated Bibliocraft to 1.11.3
- Updated Blood Arsenal to 1.2-3
- Updated Botania to 1.7-228
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.1.12
- Updated Buildcraft Compat to 7.1.2
- Updated CraftingTweaks to 1.0.47
- Updated Enhanced Inventories to 1.1.8
- Updated Gravestone to 2.13.0
- Updated HQM to 4.3.2
- Updated Magic Bees to 2.3.6
- Updated Mantle to 0.3.2b
- Updated ModTweaker to 0.9.4
- Updated Natura to 2.2.1a2
- Updated NEI to
- Updated Railcraft to
- Updated Similsax Transtructors to
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.6.2
- Updated Tinker's Construct to 1.8.8
- Updated Traveller's Gear to 1.16.6
- Updated WAILA harvestability to 1.1.3
- Updated Witching Gadgets to 1.1.10
Config Changes:
- Added World Load message about pressing H to open the Enchiridion in game wiki
- Added functionality of spawning end portal structure with the end portal placer
- Block Properties
- Make End Portal Frame block breakable
- Blood Arsenal
- Disabled Glass Pains
- Enchiridion 2
- First work on adding information to the wiki
- Ender Zoo
- Disabled Khendrel Khegt/Dire Slime - I finally got sick enough of them
- INpure Core
- Script to readd mek stuff in NEI - should fix the inconsistency associated with using MT to do it before (any script reload would result in the machines disappearing from NEI)
- Forestry
- Add EBXL flowers as valid flowers for bees
- Millenaire
- Fixed Client and Server configs for Millenaire not matching
- MobProperties
- Remove iron and add mysterious maps to drops from vanilla zombies to TC angry and furious zombies
- Quadrum
- Fix cobblestone variants dropping cobble with invalid metadata
- Added end portal placer, prevents issues with frame block orientation
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Allow Titanium and rutile to be cast into nuggets on TiC casting table
- Allow melting down of titanium tool parts to molten titanium
- Add smelting recipe for nether sulfur to 6 sulfur dust since sulfur ore seems to have gone AWOL
- Fix Natura oredicts and make barley compostable (jriwanek)
- Make belladonna, water artichoke, mandrake, wormwood and wolfsbane compostable
- Fix Chainmail armour melting down into more iron than it cost to make
- Wheat and Barley Flour now requires Mortar and Pestle to make - fixes recipe conflict for Wheat -> Seeds
- Made ender essence -> portal frame recipe now create the End Portal Placer instead
- Added tooltip to End Portal Placer describing what it does
- Added tooltip to Mysterious maps regarding needing to be right clicked to activate the treasure hunt properly
- Added all the other Mariculture Limestone variants to the limestone chisel group
- Made Nether Saltpeter ore smelt into 6 Saltpeter (dust item) rather than 2 Saltpeter ore. Puts it in line with the previous changes to Nether Sulfur
- Comment out the NEI.addEntry() stuff for mek - moved to INpureCore
Quest Changes:
- "End of the Line" quest now looks for the ender portal placer rather than 12 portal frame blocks
- Added new resource conditional for Osmium ore
- First Mekanism quests

Mod Changes:
- Downgraded Minetweaker to 3.0.9C
- Updated Bibliocraft to 1.11.1
- Updated Blood Arsenal to 1.2-2
- Updated Crafting Tweaks to 1.0.32
Config Changes:
- LaunchGUI
- Updated the launch gui text to be less outdated
- Millenaire
- Added Trade for Witching Gadgets' "Powerless Pearl" (can be infused to make a primordial pearl) for 3 denier or, requiring reputation Friend of the Village
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Fixed Borked slab recipes from 0.8.1
Quest Changes:
- Fixed detection of Tainted Blood Pendant in "Archer's Momento"
- Fixed detection of Incense stick in "Smells like Power"
- Fixed location detection of "The End of the Line"
- Removed references to Resolute ivy from "Joining the Ivy league" since it doesn't work with gravestones
- Fixed detection of Thaumaturges Razor in "Of Blood and Blades"
- Fixed a bunch of typos
Note: Known issues from 0.8.0 that are not fixed in this version
- Agricraft:
- Seed Tier override isn't being applied properly so Essence Seeds are growing slower than intended and can't currently be bonemealed - fixed in next version of Agricraft
- Golems are breaking empty crop sticks and high tier seeds when not fully grown - fixed in next version of Agricraft

Mod Changes:
- Added AquaTweaks version 1.0
- Added Storage Drawers: Misc Pack
- Storage drawer variants for EBXL, TC and Witchery woods
- Updated Bibliocraft to 1.11.0
- Updated Blood Arsenal to 1.2-1
- Updated Botania to 1.7-221
- Updated Buildcraft to 7.0.23
- Updated Buildcraft Compat to 7.0.12
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to 3.3.7
- Updated Chisel to
- Updated ClimateControl to 0.4.beta28
- Updated Crafting Tweaks to 1.0.23
- Updated Enhanced Inventories to 1.1.6
- Updated Garden Stuff to 1.6.8
- This makes the Bloomery furnace automation friendly
- Updated Forestry to
- Updated Mantle to 0.3.2a
- This should've been in 0.8.0, but apparently I missed it - woops.
- Updated Magic Bees to 2.3.5
- Updated Minetweaker to 3.0.10
- Updated Modtweaker to 0.9.3
- Updated Storage Drawers to 1.6.1
- Updated Storage Drawers: Forestry pack to 1.0.3
- Updated Storage Drawers: Natura pack to 1.0.3
- Updated YuutoLib to 1.0.2
Config Changes:
- Biometweaker
- Reduce spawn weights of undead pets and direwolves by about half
- Prevented undead pets and direwolves from being able to spawn in the nether, end and outer lands
- CoFH Core
- Toned down the spawn rates of the dead grasses to be a bit more in line with versions prior to 0.8
- EnderCore
- Disabled OreDict tooltips
- EnderZoo
- Lowered chance for Khndrel Keght/Dire Slime to spawn when digging dirt without a shovel to 10%
- MobProperties
- Add brakes to undead cats and dogs, reducing their movement speed by 50%. They now move at about the speed of baby zombies
- Quadrum
- Added dummy item "Any Sapling" to use in quest "You Sap" to give better indication of it accepting any sapling
- Changed name of dead wood item to dead wood planks - I finally got sick of people not realizing they're planks
- Resource Loader
- Removed old botania textures, reduces the download size of the pack slightly
- Minetweaker Scripts
- Manually Re-add Certus essence -> quartz recipe since it seemingly went missing between versions
- Allow red, brown and vishroom mushroom spores to grow in any light level
- Change recipe using ender essence to make the end portal frame rather than the end portal block
- Fixed Nether Osmium Ore giving Rutile in the Blast furnace (big thanks to secondadvent for this)
- Add research and Infusion recipe to corrupt a jarred node into a sinister node
- Added research and Infusion recipes for the crimson rites book and the eldritch obelisk placer (normally creative only item)
- Remove need for Water Artichoke to have a water block nearby now that water pads are a thing
- Add smelting recipe for Aluminum ore -> ingot
- Fixed wood slab shenanigans
Quest Changes:
- Fix Detection of Sanguine Scientiem and Delving into the Darkness
- Fix task for sacrificial knife being a crafting task instead of a detection task
- Expanded the Botania quest line a bit
- Replaced oak sapling with dummy "Any Sapling" item in quest "You Sap"
- Added Companions scrolls as quest rewards for a few different quests. They are also still available as dungeon loot too
- Split "How the World Changes" into two chapters: "How the World Grows" for the first half, and "How the World Changes" for the second half
- This is should help a little with the fps lag from viewing the witchery quests caused by collective nested prerequisites for quests.
- Fix detection of thaumium bossed silverwood scepter in "Of Staves and Scepters"
- Added quests for the creation of Sinister nodes, void metal and the crimson rites book
- Added a few more quests to blood magic, covering Arcane Arteries addon and up to around tier 2
- Added quests covering the Outer Lands from Thaumcraft
- Added the first quest for Millenaire
- Added a quest about Similsax Transtructors
- Changed rewards for "Wicked Shrubbery" quest
Note: Known issues from 0.8.0 that are not fixed in this version
- Agricraft:
- Seed Tier override isn't being applied properly so Essence Seeds are growing slower than intended and can't currently be bonemealed - fixed in next version of Agricraft
- Golems are breaking empty crop sticks and high tier seeds when not fully grown - fixed in next version of Agricraft

People/Credits etc:
- Myself, maker of the pack
- @HeilMewTwo - Tester/Progression Breaker, also was a great help in finding some of the mods I needed to fill roles in the pack.
- Almsivi - Pack Art, Pack tester. Check out her blog of art stuff, she takes commisions - link
- @Vaygrim - The voice behind the HQM intro for the pack
- @Vswe - For Making Steve's Barren Lands specifically for this pack
- Other early pack testers including cublikefoot and AstroBotanist
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Jul 29, 2019
Most recent version is maintained by @rivvest found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4zr8le2nr9zh4d/regrowth-faq.txt
===== Regrowth FAQ =====
Regrowth is available on the FTB Launcher (http://www.feed-the-beast.com), under the Third Party Packs tab.
The official Regrowth forum thread is at http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/57184/.
This FAQ was started with the 0.6.5 alpha release of Regrowth. Version-specific bugs will be noted as such.

===== 0.8.x BUGS =====
- [Multiplayer only]NEI Crashes when looking at Agricraft seed recipes

Xiavn said:
Whilst looking up this issue, someone said it was something wonky with LAN worlds and the fix was to go into single player first and give himself the belt and then load back into my world. We did this, and low and behold, not only does the belt work, but the crashing stopped too. Now he just logs into that same single player world each time he plays first, and then loads up the LAN world. No more issues so far. However when you do this the first time, make sure you dump all your inventory into a chest on the LAN world first, for some reason when he joins the game after joining a single player game it seems to load as a completely new character with no inventory. This only happens the first time though.

- Seed Tier override isn't being applied properly so Essence Seeds are growing slower than intended and can't currently be bonemealed.
Fixed in next version of Agricraft, to be released with Regrowth 0.8.3.

- Golems are breaking empty crop sticks and high tier seeds when not fully grown.
Fixed in next version of Agricraft, to be released with Regrowth 0.8.3.

- There's a recipe conflict for wheat -> seeds.
This will be fixed in 0.8.3.

- What is this dirty water? Is it dangerous?

This is normal water in the wasteland biome. It is not dangerous, just ugly.

- How do I get grass blocks?
Use a pasture seed on dirt blocks.

- How do I get long/tall grass?
Use bone meal on grass blocks.

- How do I get saplings?
Use mutandis on long/tall grass.

- I am seeing strange messages in chat when I click blocks with a stick!
This is a feature of the Ruins mod; don't click blocks with a stick.

- What are my options to get rid of the wasteland and actually regrow the world?
Blood Magic, Witchery, and Thaumcraft all offer methods to change a biome. There are many items that allow you to replace terrain without changing the biome as well, such as Thaumcraft's Wand Focus of Equal Trade and Botania's Wand of the Shifting Crust. Witchery has a few spells that can accomplish similar feats.

- My Tinker's Construct tools are not leveling up!
This is intentional. You can still use the normal modifiers.

- How do I complete a runic altar recipe?
Place the components into the runic altar by right clicking, or dropping ("q"). Right-click with the Wand of the Forest. The item and a circular progress meter will show and will fill as mana is infused. Once the mana infusion is complete, drop ("q") a piece of livingrock on top of the runic altar then right-click with the Wand of the Forest.

- How do I get more power to my Witchery altar?
The altar draws power from a range of 16 blocks. It can distribute power to items that are within 16 blocks, or 32 blocks if an Arthana is placed on the altar.
From the Witchery website, the following may be put onto the altar to increase the maximum power and recharging rate (only one of each type of skull or chalice will count):
Boosting maximum power
- Skull + 1x base power
- Wither Skull + 2x base power
- Chalice + 1x base power
- Filled Chalice + 1x base power
Boosting recharge rate
- Skull + 1x base recharge rate
- Wither Skull + 2x base recharge rate
- Torch + 1x base recharge rate
- Candelabra + 2x base recharge rate
- Pentacle 2x recharge rate

jaquadro said:
Almost any tree leaf/log (mod or vanilla or otherwise) will work, but it will cap around 100 block instances or so. So you might get a big boost from planting an oak tree, but get no additional benefit for planting a second one. Planting a spruce tree wouldn't help either, since it's the same block. But planting an Acacia would, because it's a different block. Knowing your plants at a technical level will help you manage caps.
Based on some of the mods in this pack, consider how the trees alone fall into groups:
- Vanilla: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle
- Vanilla: Acacia, Dark Oak
- Witchery: Rowan, Alder, Hawthorn
- EBXL: Fir, Redwood, Acacia, Cypress
- EBXL: Bald Cypress, Japanese Maple, Japanese Maple Shrub, Rainbow Eucalyptus
- EBXL: Umber Autumn, Goldenrod Autumn, Vermillion Autumn, Citrine Autumn
- Thaumcraft: Greatwood, Silverwood
- Natura: Eucalyptus, Redwood, Hopseed
- Natura: Sakura, Ghostwood, Bloodleaves, Willow
- Natura: Darkwood, Fusewood
- Natura: Maple, Silverbell, Amaranth, Tiger

Vanilla and Witchery plants are all well-supported, but have similar cap and block restraints. Almost all vanilla flowers, for example, are the same block. Third-party mod plants are generally not supported. Botania mystic flowers are an exception and will work in this pack. Most crops work, outside of Agricraft. The caps and point values aren't uniform. Points typically fall into the range of 1-4, but if you've got your altar up to the max multiplier (x5), that's 4-16 per block. It adds up quickly.
Dragon Eggs provide a massive boost to altar power.

- Can Iron Chests/Extra Utils/Thermal Expansion be added into this pack?
These go against the pack's goal of avoiding common "go-to" mods and so they will not be added.

- How about Ars Magica 2?
Ars Magica 2 will not be added to the pack.

- Why is there no mini-map mod?
There is an in-game mechanism using Bibliocraft, quests for it unlock early.

The You Sap quest is not detecting my saplings! / What is an Any Sapling?

Any Sapling is a placeholder item created for this pack. You can have any mixture of 4 saplings to complete this quest.

- What's the best way to get clay for the Couper's Conductance quest?
The Horn of the Wild speeds up collecting clay from the dried grasses in the world and tall grass that you have bonemealed yourself. You can find clay in the oceans (better get a snorkel first!), and there is an early quest in Chapter 3 that will reward you with a Clayconia, which is used to turn sand into clay.

- How do I get my first Nether essence to craft Nether seeds?
Progress your tech a bit in Chapter 5 - you'll need to go to the Nether first.

- How do I make a smeltery? Grout is disabled!
You can make seared stone in a crucible furnace using cobblestone, then use an ingot caster to turn the seared stone into seared bricks. This is described in the quest book, Chapter 5.

- How do I collect natural gas?
You will need a Mariculture air pump, a tank, and a redstone signal (lever or redstone torch). First, find a Natural Gas Pocket. These are usually found underwater, identifiable by the bubbles coming up from a block that looks like sand. Sometimes they spawn on beaches as well. Dig down until you reach a cavern - sometimes it is dozens of blocks down. Do not place a torch or else the gas will explode. Jack-o-Lanterns and Glowstone are safe alternatives. Place the air pump inside of the gas pocket (you will know you're in it when you start to suffer poison and mining fatigue effects). Place the tank directly next to the pump, and also the lever/redstone torch next to the pump. Click the pump and it should start spinning, and the tank will begin to fill.

- How do I mine Thaumium-level ores?
To achieve the Thaumium mining level you can use a Terra Shatterer from Botania (requires terrasteel), a Thaumium pickaxe from Thaumcraft, a Koboldite pickaxe from Witchery, or a Pigiron pickaxe from Tinker's Construct (requires emerald). You can also attach a diamond to an Alumite pickaxe to raise the mining level to Thaumium.

- What's the tool mining level progression?
0. Flint, Bone, Vitreous
1. Netherrack, Copper
2. Iron
3. Bronze, Manasteel
4. Alumite, Elementium
5. Thaumium, Pig Iron, Koboldite
6. Steel, Terrasteel, Elemental, Pickaxe of the Core, Titanium
7. Cobalt, Ardite
8. Void, Manyullyn
9. Osmium, Bound, Chameleon, Refined Glowstone

- How do I progress in Witchery? Only the first few quests have opened up.
Craft the Witchery books from Chapter 4, this will open up quests at the beginning. You'll also need have held a piece of Lapis Lazuli in your inventory for some of the later quests.

- How do I get the End Portal to work?
Mr Muggles said:
When End Portal frames are built, rather than naturally spawned, the blocks are *very* picky about the way the eyes are placed in them. Stand on the opposite edge from where you're placing them, that should get the eyes the right way round. (If shift+right click doesn't work, you may have to go into creative to break and replace the frame. I don't think it was intended to be able to remove them.)

- How do I get started with Thaumcraft?
An Arcanist reputation of 60 is need to start Thaumcraft, but you're going to need an Arcanist reputation of 85 before you can get most of the quests. This can be done by completing Witchery quests in Chapter 10, one of which is also a requirement for opening up many of the Thaumcraft quests. Look out for the Thaumonomicon quest in Chapter 4. You'll also need to have held an iron ingot, a gold ingot and shard essence.

- I've entered Witchery's Spirit World.. do I really have to start all over?
Yes, kinda, but maybe there's a way to create some sort of chest that can transport items between dimensions.. as always, check NEI!

- How do I get Certus Quartz and start AE2?
The Certus Quartz quests get unlocked after you have the Extreme Infusion Stone and a Mechanist reputation of 72. This will require you to complete most of the quests in Chapter 5. You will also need Sky Stone, which is available by trading Livingrock in the Alfheim portal; there is a quest for this in Chapter 3. You will also need to craft an AE2 Charger to create Charged Certus Quartz.

- How do I get Charged Certus Quartz?
Craft an AE2 Charger.

- How do I get started in Blood Magic?
You need an Arcanist reputation of 80.

- How do I get started with Millenaire?
You need to progress far into Thaumcraft to craft a Wand of Summoning. (Note: Multiplayer worlds seem to not show error messages when using the Wand of Summoning. You will need to flatten a large area first.)
Amadeus99 said:
The config is set at 65 radius, so the villages need a ~131x131 area. So, I used the botania rod to raise the land in a 9 chunk by 9 chunk area. I then used the wand on a gold block and chose the norman military village and it worked for me. This was on a multiplayer server. However, this was on version 0.8.1 of the mod pack. You could try that if you have/can generate a lot of mana.

- I've done all the quests in a chapter, but it is still not showing 100% complete!
There are secret/hidden quests that will only be revealed when you've met the initial requirements.

- What are the secret quests?
  • Go caving, maybe you'll find something unexpected!
  • It sure would be nice if that mob spawner weren't so far away..

- What are cross crops?

Two crops (the item) on the same block.

- How do I get sugarcane?
Place cross crops on sand between carrots and wheat. Let the plants mature and then wait.

- How do I get plants to crossbreed?
Place cross crops between the two parent plants, and the appropriate soil in between. Plants will only spread when they are mature and have enough light.

- What are all of the crossbreeds?
All seeds are listed in NEI. Some require special soils.

- What plants require special soils?
Sugarcane, cactus require sand; mushrooms require mycellium; netherwart requires soul sand.
All Magical Crops require TILLED Garden Soil - this begins with Essence Seeds.
All flowers require UNTILLED Garden Soil.

- Bone meal is not working on my (non-magical) crops! Magical Fertiliser is not working on my (magical) crops!
In most cases, this is because of a low light level. Place a torch closer.

- Bone meal is not working on my (magical) crops!
Use Magical Fertiliser.

- How do I get more seeds?
Cross crops placed next to fully grown crops will eventually spread and create a new plant.

- How do I increase my seeds' stats?
[v0.7.0+] Newly grown seeds of the same parent will have a chance of gaining stats. You can no longer crossbreed with plants of different species to gain stats.

- How do I grow Netherwart?
[v0.7.1 only] Netherwart must be grown in a dark room, on soul sand.
[v0.7.2 only] [BUG] Netherwart won't grow in sunlight levels above 13; however, it will grow in any amount of artificial light. Basically, make sure your netherwart underneath a roof.

- What is the range of the sprinkler?
The range is a 7-block square, centered on the sprinkler.

- What items can be composted to make Garden Soil?
All seeds and most foods, sticks, zombie flesh. Shift-clicking an item into the composter will only work if the item is acceptable. All items give the same amount of progress (1/8). For efficiency, you can turn pumpkins into seeds for 4x the Garden Soil. Sticks are a good option early game.
Note: If you mouse-over the Composter's input slots, items that can be composted in your inventory are highlighted.

- How can I automate my crop farms?
Thaumcraft Golems (v0.8.3+), Forestry Farms (Manual/Orchard) or Buildcraft Robots.

- How can I get apatite to make fertilizer for my Forestry Farm?
Apatine bees are the only way to get apatite. You can also use Railcraft saltpeter to craft Forestry Fertilizer.

- [v0.7.x only] NEI Crashes

If the crash log shows:
at yuuto.enhancedinventories.compat.nei.RecipeStoneCraftingHandler$CachedStoneCraftingRecipe.getCycledIngredients(RecipeStoneCraftingHandler.java:114)​
When Enhanced Inventories tries to put together the "Inventory Crafting" page from the Wool or Wood blocks, it crashes. This doesn't happen with cobblestone (the other ingredient in the Improved Stone Chest), so I think there's a problem with the way it's putting the list of all the woods/wools together for this screen. Easily replicated by looking at uses for any color of wool or any type of wood planks, and moving to "right" of the assembly tables page. The problem does not happen when looking at that recipe directly, just when it is generated from the wood or wool component.
The only way I've found to fix it is to remove the mod. Alternatively, don't look at the uses for wool or wood planks.

If the crash log shows:
at codechicken.nei.recipe.TemplateRecipeHandler.loadCraftingRecipes(TemplateRecipeHandler.java:327)​
If you load a world, everything is fine, but when you exit back to the Minecraft Main Menu and load any world again, you will hit the AE2 NEI crash when you look at any recipe. It is a known issue with Modtweaker and AE not liking recipes for the inscriber being reloaded due to it caching them.
Workaround: Reload the client between world loads. Alternatively, comment out the lines in ae2.zs that being with "Insciber" by placing "//" in front of them on the same line. In the mekanism.zs file, comment out the line "Infuser.removeRecipe(mekCircuitBasic)" and the recipes.addShaped line below that. (*NOTE: this will break the intended progression of AE2 and Mekanism).

- [v0.7.x only] Crash when opening the Lexica Botania (Alfheim Edition)
This is because Enchiridion 2 expects the original Lexica Botania to be opened prior to the Alfheim Edition. Craft a plain Lexica Botania first and open it prior to using your Alfheim Edition.

- [v0.7.x only] Dire Wolves spawn in lit areas
This appears to be a bug in Enderzoo. There is no workaround other than to disable Direwolves entirely, which can be done by editing minecraft/config/enderzoo/EnderZoo.cfg and setting B:direWolfEnabled=false

- [v0.7.2 only] The Blood Magic Altar becomes invisible approached
Known issue with WAILAPlugins-MC1.7.10-0.0.1-14. Remove that mod, or downgrade to WAILAPlugins-MC1.7.10-0.0.1-12.

- [v0.7.x only] Fish Feeder tank size does not report correctly / the Fish Feeder does not accept fish food
Workaround: Remove the fish and place them back into the Fish Feeder.

- [v0.7.x only] Witchery garlic does not drop when harvested, but only drops when plant is uprooted
Known issue. No work around at this time, expected fix in v0.8.0.

- [v0.7.1 only] ServerStart.bat file won't launch the server: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Ljoshie/enchiridion/wiki/gui/GuiMain;
You can either remove the Enchiridion 2 mod from the server, or update config/enchiridion/enchiridion2.cfg and set "Disable Autodiscovery"=false.

- [v0.7.0, v0.7.1] Spawn Sheep / Spawn Bat recipes do not work
There seems to be some issue with it matching any color of wool. I was able to get the spawn sheep to work by adjusting the recipe to only accept white wool. You can edit minecraft/scripts/earlysurvival.zs, and find the line that starts with "val wool", make it look like: val wool = <minecraft:wool:0>;

- HQM corruption issues
Patch HQM with https://github.com/CannibalVox/NoTimeFix/releases - this contains multiple bugfixes for HQM.

- Forestry copper ore mined with a Tinker's Construct hammer/pickaxe with an auto-smelting upgrade drops apatite.
Known issue, no workaround other than don't use auto-smelt on Forestry copper ore.

===== UPGRADING FROM 0.7.x TO 0.8.x =====
- Why is it taking so long to load my world?

In 0.8.x, many changes to the quest line cause HQM to spend a good amount of time figuring out how to update everything. As this still doesn't work properly, and you are comfortable doing so (make a backup of the world first!) go in and delete the minecraft/saves/<world>/HardcoreQuesting/players.dat file. This will reset all players' quest progress (a necessary step for upgrading anyway, see below).

- How do I upgrade from 0.7.x to 0.8.x?
Regrowth is still in beta, and often quests are being added, removed, and requirements changed, which causes some difficulties when upgrading. You will have to manually go through the Op book, re-complete your quests, and discard the rewards. This can be time-consuming if you far into the quests.
thephoenixlodge said:
Mekanism is now on Mekanism 8, and there is a good chance of world corruption when updating worlds from mek 7 to 8. My recommendation would be to load your world in 0.7.4 and remove anything from mekanism from your world before you update to 0.8 (easiest way to do so may be to load with mekanism disabled).
Note: Always take a backup of your world first! Do not apply these steps to your original save. In case of error, you can start over and try again.
It is recommended that you delete the minecraft/saves/<world>/HardcoreQuesting/players.dat file prior to upgrading to speed things up. You can attempt to "upgrade" your current questing data, but results are less desirable than starting from scratch.
The quest book: You'll notice that all of your progress is lost. Fixing this is what's going to take the most time. Dump all of your inventory into some chests. The basic process will be to complete quests, collect rewards, then dump those rewards (unless you want to be a cheater and get double credit :p). Having a completely empty inventory makes this faster. Find a safe spot to stand where you can toss items away (I went for the ocean - void chests/bags/pipes are another option). Life will be a lot easier if you are protected from monsters or if you turn on peaceful during the process.
You'll need to have cheats enabled to accomplish this, so if you're in single player, go to the menu and Open to LAN, be sure to select Enable Cheats. If you play multiplayer, you will need op privileges or an op to do it for you.
In the chat type: /hqm edit -- this will give you an Op quest book you can use to re-complete your quests. Shift-click on all the quests you have completed. There are new quests, so be sure to leave those incomplete. Once your inventory is full, time to dump it. The easiest way is to hold down Control, Alt, and Space, then click an item in your inventory. This will throw everything out (once for the hotbar, once for the rest). You can also use NEI's cheat mode, and shift-click the trashcan icon. Continue through the chapters, shift-clicking quests, claiming rewards, and dumping. You will have to bounce around between the chapters; some quests are triggered by reputation, or quests from other chapters. If you get caught up with where you were, congratulations, you are ready to toss the OP book, grab your gear, and get back to regrowing the world!
Items in your inventory that trigger quests:
  • Gold Ore
  • Aluminium Ore
  • Blaze Rod
  • Leather
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Redstone
  • Essence of Shard
  • Diamond
  • Treefyd Seed
  • Osmium Ore
This should unlock the rest of the quests and hopefully with that, you can continue completing quests to the point you were pre-upgrade.
If you are powering through, be sure to pay attention to the other miscellaneous new quests that you have probably completed, either save those rewards, or complete those quests separately to avoid trashing rewards you do deserve.

FAQ Update history:
2015-03-08 - Initial - rivvest
2015-03-16 - Update for 0.7.1
2015-03-19 - BBCode formatting - rihlsul
2015-04-01 - Update for 0.7.2, rearranging
2015-10-13 - Update for 0.8.2, removed 0.6.x
2015-11-24 - Updated trigger quests to include Osmium
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Jul 29, 2019
Conversations are basically this forums equivalent of private messages. I'm happy to let you join the server, but I'll probably wait until I push the 0.3 version I'm working on to the server before letting you on, as I've changed the early game a fair bit from 0.2 due to the addition of Agricraft, and most of us that are currently playing are past the point of it having a huge impact on our play.
Ok PM me when the pack is ready so I can join the server ;)


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Jul 29, 2019
For those on the server, here's a changelog:
Regrowth Dev Version 0.3.1
- Updated Agricraft to 0.0.11
- Updated Buildcraft to 6.2.4
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks to v3.3.4 DEV
- Updated Gravestone to 2.11.1
- Fixed Detection of Quest 'What a Tool'


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Jul 29, 2019
I'd love to help out, (also helping to find out what's making the derps happen with structures o.o, I see everything, even if I don't say stuff in chat xD) but sure, I'd love to help out.


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Jul 29, 2019
Minecraft without mining? My brain hurts.

This looks really fun though. Will definitely play once I finish Agrarian Skies.


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Jul 29, 2019
Minecraft without mining? My brain hurts.

This looks really fun though. Will definitely play once I finish Agrarian Skies.
Well, there kinda is still mining. It's just a bit weird cos it'll be for stuff like dirt rather than for ores. And the nether does also have ores for mining


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Jul 29, 2019
Hopefully I can help with this like test and all :D
This sounds very unique in the oreless(?) world
And it doesn't have Ex Nihilo which makes it even better for a rebuild ze world type map because most of those have it in there :D


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Jul 29, 2019
There isn't one yet. This thread is in the modpack creation section because its still in development and not yet on the launcher


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Jul 29, 2019
Just doing some testing to make sure that ugly crash doesn't rear its head, then I'll be setting the test server up again with the new 0.4 version of the pack.
Changelog is a bit big.

Regrowth Dev 0.4
Mod Changes:
- Added Custom Main Menu 0.4
- Added Launch GUI 1.5-8
- Added Resource Loader 1.0
- Added Chisel Facades 2.7
- Added OpenEye 0.6
- Removed Better Title Screen
- Updated Agricraft to 1.0.5
- Updated Applied Energistics 2 to rv2-Beta-1
- Updated Baubles to
- Updated Blood Magic to 1.3.0-1
- Updated Botania to r1.3-148
- Updated Buildcraft to 6.2.6
- Updated Chisel to 2.2.0
- Updated CodeChickenCore to
- Updated COFH Core to 3.0.0B9-69
- Updated Ender Zoo to
- Updated Forbidden Magic to 0.551
- Updated Forestry to
- Updated Iguana Tinkers Tweaks to 2.1.0
- Updated JABBA to 1.2.0a
- Updated Mekanism (+Generators) to
- Updated NEI to
- Updated NEI Integration to 1.0.3
- Updated Nether Ores to 2.3.0RC4-7
- Updated Ruins to 14.5
- Updated Thaumcraft to
- Updated Thaumic Exploration to 1.1-34
- Updated Tinker's Construct to 1.8.1
- Updated Traveller's Gear to 1.12.3
- Updated ttCore to 0.1.0-50
- Updated WAILA to 1.5.7a
- Updated WAILA Plugins to 0.0.1-10
- Updated Witchery to 0.21.1
Config Changes:
- Added Agricraft mutation for wormwood, requires wispy cotton nearby
- Disabled Vanilla Farming! - Use Agricraft crops for all your farming needs!
- Fancy New Main Menu! (pic added to screenshots section)
- Warning/Info page upon launch before main menu to make sure people are aware of the level of changes in the pack
Quest Changes:
- Added Reputations

EDIT: Honestly I'm considering sticking this as the first version on the launcher
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Jul 29, 2019
So this you what you're working on Phoenix. Niiice, looks good. I'll be sure to play whenever I can :D

P.S: If help need be hook me up?


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Jul 29, 2019
if you would like any help with the hqm pack i would love to help! the pack sounds very interesting


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Jul 29, 2019

Edit: The pack is not downloading any mods for me. I tried using a couple different hosts to d/l from.
Hmmm, looks like all download locations are not downloading the pack currently. It might be due to the files still syncing across the various FTB servers. I'll check again in a few hours but hopefully that's all the issue is.
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Jul 29, 2019
Just tried playing the pack, I also have the problem where none of the mods are being downloaded. I'll check in later to see if it works. Can't wait to try it out ^_^
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