[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

Discussion in 'thephoenixlodge' started by thephoenixlodge, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Belakian

    Belakian New Member

    Anyone able to get cauldron to work with this pack? if so what version of cauldron are you using?
  2. PippinSmith

    PippinSmith New Member

    I have no experience with cauldron AT ALL, but I suggest maybe waiting for .8 to come out, and try if the incompatibility is fixed in that version, it should be only a few weeks.
    And just 1 tiny idea, since this modpack does NOT run on the latest version of forge (it's been mentioned in the last few pages somewhere) maybe try running a cauldron version that's from the same time of that forge version?
  3. Ravenascendant

    Ravenascendant New Member

    that being said i do believe that Climate control is being replaced with Biome Tweaker in the .80 release.
  4. coco22

    coco22 New Member

  5. Ravenascendant

    Ravenascendant New Member

    From the FAQ that is the second post in this thread:
    "- I am seeing strange messages in chat when I click blocks with a stick!
    This is a feature of the Ruins mod; don't click blocks with a stick."
  6. goth_child67

    goth_child67 New Member

    Don't click on things with a stick. One of the mods modifies stick behavior into that.
  7. Raetac

    Raetac New Member

    Hey guys I was wondering has anyone managed to get ME interface setup to craft circuits in one inscriber? I'm on the verge of seting up indivial inscribers for each circuit
  8. Yarma92

    Yarma92 New Member

    The easiest way is with SFM. A way to do it without would be export crafting comps to a chest, pipe them into the correct side then have pipe them out again after crafting is done (BC gates maybe with the has work condition?) and dump everything into a ME interface. If i can get it to work I will post an example set up.
  9. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    How would i make bees happy? I mean for the "its too dry" thing that it basically says in the bee house. There is no gendustry, so i have no idea how to go about that other than changing the biome.
  10. Raetac

    Raetac New Member

    Hmm that gives me an idea! Thanks for that
  11. d9phoenix

    d9phoenix New Member

    One basic thing to do is move the hive to the edge of a lake or on a lake. Also if your far enough along, Silverwood trees that turn the surronding area into a magical biome will adjust it also. I have not yet bothered to change biomes beyond that, and i haven't bothered with bees at all (i hate em).
  12. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    There are two naturally occurring biomes - Normal/Normal by the edge of the water (or in the magical biomes) or on the water, and Hot/Arid everywhere else. Look for rainfall to find yourself a Normal/Normal. Set yourself up with a Jungle Tree (big one if you can manage it) or a Swamp Oak nearby to make the Tropicals happy. They usually have enough tolerance to handle Normal/Normal. If you stick with it, you can eventually make Alvearies, which can give a little bit of environmental control (I've managed one degree of humidity, haven't played with temperature.)

    Biome changing is a thing further into the game, of course. And - there is some Genetics equipment in the NEI, if you want to get super fancy.
  13. pikminman13

    pikminman13 New Member

    The tropical queen is not liking the 50/50, it says the environment is still hostile, and its definitely on the ocean biome, i checked f3.
  14. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Do you have a Beealyzer yet? Check to see if you've got a queen with picky tolerances. If it prefers 'Damp', and has no wiggle-room, there's not much to do with it but toss it in a chest until you've gotten Alvearies. The Beealyzer will also tell you what it expects for flowers. (Jungle = vines) You can double-check the surroundings by looking at the environment tab with the Bee House empty - it'll give you temperature and humidity.
  15. Zyin

    Zyin New Member

    I think its easier to just go with using multiple Inscribers. I ended up using Mekanism pipes because screw BC pipes, but the Mekanism pipes don't work properly with inscribers so I had to use Export Busses.

    Screenshots of my setup: http://imgur.com/a/kteBO

    I do the crafting of the crafting of the various Electron Tubes by hand with the nearby Thermionic Fabricators and then dump them into the barrels.
  16. burke828

    burke828 New Member

    I'm getting a repeated crash on startup. I can start up but ones i click to get into the world i never get that far. Crash report at ==> http://pastebin.com/yMbDbnW3
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  17. PippinSmith

    PippinSmith New Member

    gendustry isn't in this, that is absolutely correct, but binnies mods are, and I haven't done anything with it yet, but I'm pretty sure the Genetics module is enabled, which is really similar to gendustry.
  18. knexman

    knexman New Member

    is a sprinkler from agricraft supposed to keep the farmland watered as it keeps reverting back to dirt for me
  19. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    it is, but you do need to supply it with water via the irrigation system.

    Alternatively use tilled garden soil if you have access to it. It can act just like normal tilled dirt. (without the need for hyrdation, and is actually a slight growth boost iirc).
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  20. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Once you get tilled garden soil, you can use it for every farmable crop except cactus, sugarcane, and Netherwart.

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