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  1. jaquadro

    jaquadro New Member

    If it's pointing at Storage Drawers, it's probably that network packet error that seems to creep up occasionally. My only recommendation is to update the mod out of band.
  2. coco22

    coco22 New Member

    Ohh. Hmm. Thanks @Firedomo and @Tairgire
    I noticed the earlysurivival.zs scripts as well but not sure why they break also! I have the same Minetweaker verson (3.09C). Could possibly be related to updating Modtweaker2 from 0.7.5 to 0.8.2 but not sure; I'll try it and post back

    RE: Its not ModTweaker2 causing the issue
  3. Salamileg9

    Salamileg9 New Member

    How does one acquire nether essence? I'm sure I missed a quest for it somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.
  4. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Follow the Chapter 5 quests (Crucible Furnace, Mariculture Vat, Nether Portal) and then go to the Nether. That will unlock the Nether Essence quest.
  5. Zyin

    Zyin New Member

    To craft Grasspers for the "Holding On" quest in the Witchery quest line you as asked to place a chest 'with Long Grass on each side'. This was somewhat confusing because I thought it meant to only place 2 grass, one on each side of the chest. After consulting the Witchery site i saw that i need to surround the chest. Perhaps you can change the wording to be 'with Tall Grass on every side'?
  6. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

    Updating Modtweaker will definitely cause some issues. That version (0.8.2) has a lot of stuff broken in it.
  7. TestyMan

    TestyMan New Member

    "Each" is synonymous with "every," the only difference being in connotation; each implies individual units grouped together one by one as a set, every implies all units in a more collective sense, so as you can see, even the minor difference between them is virtually nil. The wording is as clear as it can get without explicitly stating the exact number of sides, and you're the first person I've seen that's had that problem (I could also add that other Witchery rituals like that have a four-sides set-up and not a two-sides, and while I don't know for sure, I'm fairly certain that one of the books documents such types of rituals).
  8. Raetac

    Raetac New Member

    To be fair, the Witchery books are not as descriptive as, say the Botania in setting up such constructions and relies on the website to teach people how.
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  9. MrPeach774

    MrPeach774 New Member

    I thought one of the books had pictures for the witchery things now, the herbalism one i think....
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  10. coco22

    coco22 New Member

    Oh, hmm. I'll downgrade it back. Any idea what mod might be causing it? I updated a bunch of them but I can't seem to find it =/ Its not TCon or Minetweaker or Modtweaker.

    Thanks @thephoenixlodge
  11. Millicent Oak

    Millicent Oak New Member

    /me raises hand

    I don't know why I read "each side" to mean "either side" rather than "every side", but I did. Hmmmmm.
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  12. piter50

    piter50 New Member

    I did too actually. Only because i considered the front and back of the chests as not being the sides of the chest.
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  13. Ten

    Ten New Member

    I wanted to pop in to say hi, and thank you for this modpack. After some issues cropping up with the last (custom) modpack installed on my private server, I wiped the server and went in search of a modpack that might suit the friends I play with. This one has been great. There's three of us playing together right now, with others planning to join in the server later, and the three of us currently playing all have different preferences and playstyles. This pack has been great for that, because we all have something to do and are doing our own thing, and yet we've been able to cooperate to make a large base that suits all of us. I've really enjoyed the customization you've put into the modpack, and the way you've meshed the various mods so that they all make sense together. I'm looking forward to seeing what future updates might bring.
  14. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    Nevertheless, "each" is the most ambiguous of the words that could have been used here. The clearest phrasing would have been "with Long Grass on all four sides." Being clear is a good thing.
  15. Summit

    Summit New Member

    Heck when I did that quest I put 8 grass around the chest. The ritual worked fine, but only 4 graspers were made.
  16. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Hm - the only real question then would be if it would fail if less than 4 tall grass were placed. I'm not particularly eager to try it, since getting the Zombie to cooperate was annoying as all get out. I was thrilled that Graspers were reusable.


    I had a quick look in the Herbology book, and the descriptions of how to get the various plants is even sketchier than the Quest Book.

    Grasper: A curious plant that holds whatever it is given. Mutate this plant from tall grass and an empty chest.
    Critter Snare: Small creatures are this plants [sic] prey, it never gives them up. Mutate this plant from saplings, a web, and a zombie. (I was obviously thinking of this one when I made the post above.)
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  17. MakakPL

    MakakPL New Member

    you can always make zombie spawn egg :)
  18. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Somewhat of a moot point, since the Zombie was for the critter snares, and I now have a breeding population of owls and toads, but I did end up doing that at one point. Zombie wasn't too cooperative about getting into the web the first time around.
  19. Summit

    Summit New Member

    Yeah, that's what I did. I have yet to be able to catch any bats though. Went through quite a few spawn eggs, they keep flying away to quick.
  20. Pooka

    Pooka New Member

    I'm happy to see there's still activity for this modpack. I apologize if this has been covered already, but there's 561 pages of stuff! I'm having a lot of trouble with crosbreeding crops. It's not working in many cases. (I'm having no luck with melon seeds, for example) and I can't seem to make/plant any magic crops. Out of frustration I cheated and gave myself an essence seed but then couldn't plant it. I LOVE this pack. I love that I can work on it at my own speed. I love that it's got so many quests. But SO MUCH of it depends on me crossbreeding crops that I'm frustrated to the point of giving up. Help!

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