[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

Discussion in 'thephoenixlodge' started by thephoenixlodge, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. TestyMan

    TestyMan New Member

    There's a FAQ in the second page of this post, I suggest you start either there or with a basic thread search. Also, you shouldn't be having any issues if you actually read the questbook, given how it tells you how to do these things.
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  2. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    Essence Seeds require Tilled Garden Soil. The Essence Seed is made by tossing wheat seeds into mana, not via crossbreeding, and to crossbreed crops both need to be fully grown and the child crop needs to be able to grow on the spot the cross crops are on. For instance cross-breeding sugarcane or cactus will need either sand or red sand under the cross-crops.
  3. Pooka

    Pooka New Member

    Thank you! That is how I got my other essence seeds, now that you mention it. I forgot. But the melon cross-breeding still isn't working for me. I haven't tried it on tilled garden soil, though. I'll do that now!
  4. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Magic Crops need to be planted on Tilled Garden soil. Crossbreeding is very random-number-generation dependent. Make sure both of your 'parent plants' are fully mature. I would always double my chances by planting the two parents diagonal to each other and setting up two cross-crops adjacent to them.
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  5. Pooka

    Pooka New Member

    Thank you! This has been working great for me now. I think I just had a run of bad luck trying to get the melon seeds, since I do have them now. Now that I've got all the garden soil out, I'm doing so much better with things and back to loving the pack madly! :)
  6. Tairgire

    Tairgire New Member

    Can you do the whole thing indoors? And maybe a low ceiling if that helps too?
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  7. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    I made a nice dark room, and planted my Critter catchers there. I used a Bat Spawner from a quest, but the spawn eggs would do nicely as well.
  8. PippinSmith

    PippinSmith New Member

    some mutations take a few tries, some take a bunch of tries, and as for the seeds, reading all the text in the questbook can really help sometimes (or even most of the time)
  9. Pooka

    Pooka New Member

    I still can't get Dandelion seeds. I've had melon and sugar going for ages now and both are full grown. All it ever makes is more melon.
  10. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    Flowers are all grown on UNTILLED Garden Soil. That first word tripped me up for a while ;)
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  11. Nevynx

    Nevynx New Member

    Any updates on 0.8 am really looking forward to the changes that i have seen
  12. TestyMan

    TestyMan New Member

    Like it's been said again and again: When. It. Is. Ready. Not before.
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  13. RehabOholic

    RehabOholic New Member

    Actually it was stated "Update is still in the works, probably won't be out until the week following June 17 at the earliest as I'm now in my exam period for the semester by the man himself"! So asking if there was any update, status on it is not a bad thing to want to see if ThePhoenixlodge is doing ok, if his exams went well or if he is still taking them, if he ran into an issue he is stuck on, etc. Its just odd that you/some police the forum with these generic response lol just saying. I for one would also like to know the status of said update. Not for the release date, but to see how ThePheonixlodge is doing and if he hit a snag with anything.
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  14. thephoenixlodge

    thephoenixlodge New Member

    When I said that I was meaning that was when I could resume development, which I have. It's just slow going and I've been doing quite a bit of other stuff too as being my holidays I'm visiting my family. There are still quite a few things needing to be done before release - namely new quests and I'm waiting on a couple of mod updates currently too.
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  15. goth_child67

    goth_child67 New Member

    Glad to hear the update is going well. Slow but well.
  16. Pooka

    Pooka New Member

    OMG, thank you. :)
  17. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    ive seen a few people posting this crash report with no answer.

    im currently running Cauldron and cannot start with the Climate Control mod enabled.

    Any help?


    Thanks for looking

  18. Frost01

    Frost01 New Member

    I'm probably missing something, but how does one get snow to make runes of winter?
  19. goth_child67

    goth_child67 New Member

    Snowbell seeds give snowballs and icy needles when they are fully grown.
  20. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    I mentioned a while back that I had a setup that makes a painless way of collecting all those silky combs. I've redone it for grinding pollen for Scented Panels, but the basic setup is the same (and I could screen-shot it in the daytime.) This only works with purebred bees, and will grind as long as the princess keeps appearing (so, could be a good long time even for an Ignoble).


    You have an extraction pipe coming out of the back, and an insertion pipe going in the top. Connect those two with an Apiarist's Pipe. The critical settings are to direct the bees back into the clay pipe (green here), and all 'not bees' off in some other direction (yellow). The 'items' pipe can go to a chest, or directly to a centrifuge. In either case, set a clay pipe at the destination. With the centrifuge setup, I also include an 'overflow' pipe connecting one side of that clay pipe to a chest, similar to what you can see coming off of the 'bee' pipe in this picture.

    (The pipes in the far back were originally intended for grinding Royal Jelly, but I've been too lazy to move my Imperials in.)
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