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    i cant get on mod pack Hermitpack or Infinity Lite Please help!

    Oh it's the exact same problem, though it maybe being caused by something different the result is the same. And I do have a thread about it with all the info and log in it. It's certainly not an issue of memory or my rig. I have an i7 4960x, gtx780ti, and 16gigs of ram. I've tried many different...
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    i cant get on mod pack Hermitpack or Infinity Lite Please help!

    I'm having this same issue
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    No 1.10 Pack will launch (Infinity Lite, Hermit, or Unstable)

    Title No 1.10 Pack will launch (Infinity Lite, Hermit, or Unstable) Launcher Type FTB Launcher Modpack Infinity Lite Modpack version recommended Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue I wanted to give MC a go again after...
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    Do modded 1.7.10 require a higher OpenGL version?

    You've only got 2gigs total of system memory?! This is why, aside from your gpu and cpu being sooo very limited. If this mod pack was it's own game say on steam that had listed min requirements, you would not meet them. I'm sorry to say your computer just isn't good enough to run modded...
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    Whats the drawback for being a bat with morph?!

    It's Not the movement that's unbalanced it's the being able to bow things down while flying above them indefinitely that's the problem. It just needs to be unable to use items while flying.
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    Whats the drawback for being a bat with morph?!

    That is absurd. I find it baffling that this wasn't thought of before adding bats to the mod... It's stupid overpowered being able to perm fly over enemys safely out of their reach while bowing them down. I'd say its so damn overpowered that the mod needs an emergency patch to add in a Huge...
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    Most laggy mods?

    You're gonna have a hardtime running just about Any of the decent mods with 32bit... Really most games these days have a hard time running with 32bit I mean 3.5gigs just doesn't cut it in this day and age. Just go get a copy of windows7 >.<
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    Whats the drawback for being a bat with morph?!

    Seriously I'm not seeing much of one.. I mean skele's ect burn in the sunlight, drawback. Squids can't breathe above water, drawback. The most powerful morph By Far (infinite permanent flying?!) is from the bat, yet I'm not seeing Any drawback as to just staying as the bat at all times.... Sure...
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    Mining the twilight forest

    I got it fixed by rebinding it to insert. Ty!
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    Mining the twilight forest

    How do you change modes with the mining laser now? Use to be hold M and right click or something but that's not working in Unleashed 1.1.7 for me.
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    Too many Diamonds in Unleashed

    How does one go about 'fixing' it 'via configuration' and setting it back to the values it was at with the 1.1.2 version? I find there is WAY too much ore/diamonds now and I want to change it back but I don't know how to. The config file in the Unleashed folder is a file type I can't open so...
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    Need help changing ore yields back to normal lvls

    So I had been playing Unleashed with the 1.1.2 version forever and recently decided to go to the newest 1.1.7 version of Unleashed and found the ore yield is just absurd now. WAY too much iron/diamond ect. It ruins the point of fortune picks imo and I want it to be like it use to be in 1.1.2...
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    Unsupported Unleashed 1.5.2 Bug Reporting

    Says "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." What's up with that? I wanted to go over the old known bugs with the 1.3 / 1.4 ect versions to compair and contrast them as my world is still 1.2 and I'm looking at upgrading but I don't feel confident in doing that w/o...
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    Sounds good. I don't think anyone would have a problem with a t-shirt store where you could buy ftb shirts if you wanted. I've been wondering for awhile now, as things have been growing, if you could keep it going as a volunteer project. I think having a shop for shirts and stuff is a good way...
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    How do you enable default diabled mods on a server?

    Ok cool so what you're saying is it is only disabled due to the power of the items not conflicting errors crashes bugs ect? I don't mind that as my server is just me and a few close friends I just didn't want to have to deal with it currently being buged in multiplayer. And I just change the...