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Jul 29, 2019
Not sure if anyone talked about this mod yet, but if you like the 1.8 skins and would like to use them in 1.7.10, Then SkinPort is the mod for you!
NOTE: I have nothing to do with the development, I just found it and thought people would like it
This mod adds rendering support for the new skin format introduced in minecraft 1.8.

Now you can use your new fancy skin in 1.7.10!


1. 1.8 skin format rendering support!

2. 1.8 skin customization support! find it in the options menu, translations is generated from 1.8 assets. (the change will not be visible to others if the server didn't install the mod)

3. offline skin support. (it will not work automatically though, you need to add your skin file in the generated folder (.minecraft/cachedImages/skins), and named after your username, ends with .png)

4. api for other mod to interact with.

It is a little different from 1.8 though:

1. alex/slim model will be applied only if the pixel(position of 55, 20) in the skin file is fully transparent, and it is in the new skin format(64x64).

2. held items in 3rd person is different from 1.8, because 1.8 changed the rendering, and I didn't do that.

3. the network protocol used for skin customization is different from 1.8, means it will only take effect in 1.7.10 forge server with this mod installed, and 1.8 people won't see the change. but yourself should always be able to see the change.

4. it is 1.7.10, other people without the mod will see your skin normally, means they won't see the extra layer.

Compatibility with other mod: not tested, but this mod is open source, you can ask other mod author to support it. since 1.7.10-v4, it should be compatible with SmartMoving and RenderPlayerAPI.

Note: this mod will only be available in 1.7.10.

Why create this mod: because most mods will skip 1.8, and I don't know when forge will support 1.9 or so.

As for LMT, I am working on some cool things at the moment, but with school and what not, It's kinda hard to find time to work on it. Especially, how it's only the 3rd week and I am already bombarded with school work. *_* Hopefully I will have an update by this weekend.
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Jul 29, 2019
Grimoire of Gaia has been updated.
Entities - Design
  • Added mob: Kobold
  • Adjusted models/textures:
    • Anubis
    • Baphomet
    • Centaur
    • Cyclops
    • Dryad
    • Sahuagin
    • Satyr
    • Selkie
    • Siren
    • Sphinx
    • Succubus
    • Mermaid
    • Minotaurus
    • Minotaur
    • Naga
    • Nine Tails
    • Valkyrie
    • Werecat
    • Witch
    • Yuki-Onna
    • Yeti
  • Added additional animations:
    • Holstaurus
    • Jorogumo
    • Nine Tails
    • Succubus
  • Minotaurus now has seperate skins for Melee and Ranged classes
Entities - Drops
  • Removed Arrows from Mimic drop list
  • Flesh Lich now drops Lapis Lazuli instead of Redstone
    • Flesh Lich now rarely drops Block of Lapiz Lazuli instead of Block of Redstone
  • Increased drop rate of Nether Quartz from Succubus and Wither Cow
Entities - Spawns
  • Reduced Harpy group size
  • Reduced default spawn rate of Cockatrice and Harpy to 8
  • Reduced default spawn rate of Cyan Flower to 6
  • Minotaur no longer spawns above 60Y
    • Minotaur now spawns below 34Y (Underground) in the Plains Biome
Entities - Behavior
  • Satyr and Centaur AI modified:
    • Avoids player(s) near it when health drops below 25%
    • Will regenerate health (2:00) IV in a few seconds
    • Will resume its attack on player(s) after health is fully regenated
      • The regenerate buff will be removed at full health
    • It can no longer drop its current equipment
  • Hunter and Siren AI modified:
    • Avoids player(s) near it
    • Randomly avoids player(s) near it when in combat
  • Succubus now regenerates health (0:04) IV each time it attacks
  • Sphinx now regenerates health (0:04) IV in timed intervals when its health drops below 75%
  • Fixed Sphinx and Vampire health recovery inconsistency
  • Vampire now only spawns a single bat upon death
    • Vampire no longer spams bats when dying
  • Vampire now has Fire Resistance when under sunlight
    • It is purely cosmetic
    • They will still die as long as they remain under the sunlight
  • Added Meat and Berry Pies
  • Added Dried Nether Wart
    • Dropped by Baphomet and Witch (GoG)
  • Added Emerald Fragment
    • Different item ID from original
    • Dropped by Level 2 mobs
  • Modified sprites
    • Gold and Diamond Shards
    • Golden Apple Slice
    • Coin and Coins of Gaia
    • Book of Memory
    • Holstaurus and Trader Cards
    • Book, Ore and Record Satchels
    • Old Box
  • Replaced Iron, Gold and Diamond Box with Bag
  • Replaced Coal Crystal with Coal Brick
    • Coal Brick burning duration increased to 180 seconds
    • (4) Coal Brick can be crafted into a Block of Coal
  • Replaced Cursed Wooden Idol with Unlucky Horseshoe
  • Removed Breadfish
    • Replaced with Coalfish
      • Fuel for 80 seconds
      • 2 Hunger when eaten
  • Removed Mandrake Stew
    • Replaced with Mandrake Pie
      • Added 2 experience when eaten
      • Reduced health gained from 4 to 2
  • Renamed Emerald Fragments to Shards
    • Reduced recipe from 8 fragments to 4 shards
    • Level 1 mobs no longer drop Emerald Shards/Fragments
      • Level 2 mobs still drop Emerald Fragments but with a different item ID
    • Level 3 mobs are limited to 1 Emerald Shard
  • Registered shards (Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Ender Pearl, Blaze Rod) and fragments (Emerald) in the Forge Ore Dictionary
    • shardIron
    • shardGold
    • shardDiamond
    • shardEmerald
    • shardEnderPearl
    • shardBlazeRod
    • fragmentEmerald
Pretty sure that's from Portal 2, forget what it's called. Cleared up what it is ;3
It's called an Aperture Science Excursion Funnel.


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Jul 29, 2019
Looking back an noone has posted about the VeinMiner updates. Well then...

VeinMiner [1.7 / 1.8] is now up to 0.28.3


  • Any tool that extends Ex Nihilo's ItemHammerBase class will work with VeinMiner.

  • Don't crash when blocks drop entities (yes, I'm looking at you, Ag Skies hellfish)

  • Stop console spam.

  • No longer a coremod. Fixes:
  • Fix some minor errors causing crashes.


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Jul 29, 2019
New Quartz Party Update:
NEW: Quartz Glass
INFO: Yay, more glass!
NEW: Quartz Tiles
INFO: Yay, Tiles!
NEW: Dyable Quartz Blocks
INFO: Yay, More.... Blocks... I guess >.>
CHANGE: Hardness of Quartz Lamp
INFO: It was too slow to break, so I made it easier to break

Sadly no, LMT update ^^"" There is going to be a big update to make up for it, I promise :3


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Jul 29, 2019
Reasonable Realism http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/231666-reasonable-realism/files/2259171
Hard Lib:
- Updates to API block wrapper class (Hard Ore fix)
- Added Interface as an additional crop support method (Hard Wilds)
Hard Ores:
- fixed some broken grinding/packaging recipes
- possible fix for missing data causing console spam
Hard Wilds:
- possible reduction in system resources for animal aging
setting globalAgeRate to 0 should result in identical resources used as vanilla
- added Agricraft support


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Jul 29, 2019
not sure if anyone's seen this but MFR got an update
  • Added: Loot chest to MFR's village house
  • Changed: Stacking vine scaffold makes noise
  • Changed: MFR's village house can be made from all decorative bricks
  • Changed: Glass can be dyed in-world
  • Changed: Weights of some mystery net mobs
  • Changed: Auto-Anvil accepts enchanted books via pipes
  • Changed: DSUs can now accept an entire inventory full of an item when shift+double-clicking
  • Fixed: Remaining RedNet Energy Cable connectivity issues
  • Fixed: Fake slots forgetting their contents sometimes
  • Fixed: Fake Sacred Rubber Saplings no longer drop
  • Fixed: Sacred Rubber Saplings left to grow on their own will grow now
  • Fixed: Auto-Anvil remembers when in repair-only mode
  • Fixed: Dupe issue with plastic bag
  • Fixed: ChunkLoader console spam
  • Fixed: Conveyors changing color on the client when rotating


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Jul 29, 2019
New Mod!!!! MadHelp by @Brandon3055

Mad Help is a mod designed for mod pack creators at the request of GreatOrator the creator of the tolkiencrat mod pack.


  • Map Installer
    This is mad help's main feature. It allows pack creators to set up a list of maps that the user can select from. The mod can then download and install these maps in the client.
    Along with full maps the installer is also capable of downloading specific regions and merging them with an existing map.
  • Splash Screen
    This is a configurable "Wall of text" that can be displayed the first time the pack is loaded before the main menu. It can also be configured to show every time the pack is loaded, When the pack is updated, When an online configuration file is updated or not at all.
  • Cheat Deterrent
    This is an option that allows you to remove the "Game Mode" and "Allow Cheats" buttons from the LAN Multiplayer menu. Of course if players are determined enough to cheat there are ways around around this such as simply disabling this feature in the config. But by removing the easy option this should reduce the temptation to cheat.
  • Online Configuration
    The json files used to configure the list of map downloads and the splash screen can be stored online e.g. in a github repository. This allows the pack creator to update the map selection and splash screen on the fly without having to release a new version of the pack.


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May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 3.40 (and mcjtylib 1.5.1):

  • Dimension features:
    • Two new sky dimlets:
    • One new patreon dimlet for DarkCorvuz (which also happens to be a sky feature)
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f474c69764248442e706e67
    • The cost of material and liquid modifier for terrain now also depends on the type of terrain. For example, a void world made out of diamond blocks will not be as expensive as a full solid world made out of those blocks.
    • Rebalanced liquid death dimlet so that it can not generate randomly as the base liquid for a terrain and is also more rare and expensive.
    • Added a new 'Feature Clean' dimlet. This will prevent vanilla ores from generating as well as prevent biome decoration (trees, grass, ...). Unfortunatelly this doesn't work for modded oregen.
    • New types of terrain:
      • Liquid: liquid from bedrock to 127. You automatically get the sheltered spawn platform with this world.
      • Solid: solid from bedrock to 127.
      • Waves: geometrical wavy terrain:
      • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f3536446c6968372e706e67
      • Filled Waves: geometrical wavy terrain with the lower parts filled with liquid
      • Rough: very rough and irregular terrain:
      • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f7a427643316c642e706e67
  • Environmental controller:
    • There is now a list of players and you can set the controller to whitelist or blacklist players. That way you can only give certain players the benefits of these buffs.
    • Added four debuf modules (blindness, slowness, poison, and weakness) for the environmental controller. These are disabled in the config by default to prevent abuse on servers.
  • Configuration:
    • Implemented a configuration option to disable the debufs you get when you're using the PFG in an unpowered dimension.
    • Added a config option to clear the filter every time the modular storage GUI is opened (default off).
    • Added configuration options to blacklist dimensions from being usable as sources, destinations or both for teleportation (both the porter as well as the regular teleportation blocks).
    • Made the heights of the modular storage gui configurable.
  • Varia:
    • Added an API for RFTools dimensions so that it is now possible to query the remaining power of a dimension from within other mods.
    • It is now possible to hide the teleportation beam on the matter transmitter with a button in the GUI.
    • There are now 3x3 screens:
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f30557876547a4e2e706e67
  • Bugfixes:
    • (fixed in mcjtylib 1.51): putting an object in the crafter output slot would essentially void it. It was impossible to get it out again.
    • (fixed in mcjtylib 1.51): RFTools machines can no longer be rotated with gunpowder, gold ingots, wheat, ... Thanks to hilburn for finding this.
    • Fixed the simple dialer to protect against the matter transmitter it was connected too being moved or removed.
    • Removing a remote storage unit from a modular storage block would not unlink the remote storage so that automation (hoppers for example) would continue insert items into it.

McJtyLib 1.5.1: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/233105-mcjtylib#t1:other-downloads
RFTools 3.40: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/224641-rftools#t1:other-downloads

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
Not typical mod news but congratulations on getting this thread to 500 pages over the past year and 9 months (give or take a day). It's been my single most favourite point for news about modded minecraft and it shows how great this community is that it's went this far.

Here's to 1,000 pages!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @KaneApollo with Wings Horns & Hooves
KaneApollo said:
Wings Horns & Hooves 1.2.5
  • Added the new horse breed, the Hippocamp! These fantastic magical horses can swim, will allow you to explore the watery depths (they even keep you from drowning while riding them), and can even interbreed with other magical horse breeds!
  • Added the new Spirit Tree, which you may find growing in your world, or can even plant yourself (if you can find a sapling). Spirit Trees are watched over by elusive spirit creatures, and they respond well to gifts placed in the tree's hollow, and may leave you gifts in return.
  • Added the Wooden Oracle. The Oracle is a wooden structure that can be imbued with a great magical horse spirit that can reveal the secrets of the past, present, and future.
  • Added new item drops for magical horses and witches.
  • Added new trading option with Villagers.
  • Fixed bug with spirit tree hollow, so that it doesn't crash when using shift-click to move around items.
  • Reduced amount of time that spirits will replace items placed in the spirit tree hollow.
  • Two new custom unicorns!

and @feldim2425 with OC-Minecarts
feldim2425 said:
This mod adds computer carts to OpenComputers.

The mod is currently in alpha and may crash sometimes.

I will add Railcraft integration later. (But the carts are already linkable with a crowbar)

The mod adds a network rail with can connect to the cart and charge it's battery. It can also relay network messages.

There is just one block in this mod, the network rail controller. You need it to connect a cable to the network rail.

For more information about Items and Blocks look into the OC-Manual or in the wiki(github).

The Computer Carts works just like a normal Robot from OpenComputers.

You can find a list of all computer cart functions in the wiki.


Build in components:

  • Break: Just stops the cart.
  • Engine: Uses energy to move the cart.
  • Light: Like the light from Drones and Robots you can change the color. (not a real light source)

Required Mods:

  • Minecraft Forge or later
  • OpenComputers 1.5.14 or later

and @BlayTheNinth with Crafting Tweaks
BlayTheNinth said:
Crafting Tweaks 1.0.39
  • Added support for Backpacks' Workbench Backpack
  • Added hotkeys to Minecraft Controls Settings
  • Added config options to control support for each mod (via modid): enabled, buttons_only, hotkeys_only, disabled

and @MrSpring with Toggle Blocks
MrSpring said:
Toggle Blocks is a complete rewrite of the mod originally created by TheApathetic, who stopped updating long ago. The original Toggle Blocks mod is loosely based on the mod ControllerBlock. The mod allows you to switch out a number of block with the flick of a switch (Literally).

The Basics:
Place down a Toggle Block controller you you will recieve some Change Blocks, place these down wherever you like. The Change Bkicj wukk face the side you placed it on. Right-click the Toggle Block controller to open the configuration GUI.

Choose what shall be placed when the redstone signal is on, and off, by putting blocks into the two slots on the left, and make sure the storage contains some of said items.

The Toggle Block controller will also search through adjacent chests for the blocks to place. On the right side of the GUI you can choose the controllers storage priorities.

Once the Toggle Block controller has been configured press the "Toggle Mode" button to turn it to "Ready". When the controller is provided with a redstone signal, the "On" block will be placed. When the redstone signal is cut off the "Off" block will be placed.

Clicking the "Toggle Mode" button again will turn it back to "Editing" mode, which will place the Change Blocks back so you can move the around.

Change Blocks:
Right-clicking a Change Block while crouching will make the Change Block face the opposite side of the one you clicked on. So, click the top side, and it will face downward, click the north side and it will face south etc.

You can also make each individual Change Block place down a different block. Right-click the Change Block to open up its configuration GUI.

Pressing the "Override" buttons lets you override the state for this particular Change Block without affecting the other ones. Put the block you want the Change Block to place inti the state you want to override.

Different Sizes:
Toggle Blocks comes in 6 different sizes: Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge and Creative. They can hold 5, 15, 30, 50, 100 and infinite Change Blocks respectively.

The creative Toggle Block is only available in creative mode, through the Redstone creative tab.



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Dec 31, 2012
Worcester, Massachusetts
Electric machines are slowly being brought into the world of GregTech!
GregoriusT said:
[FIXED] Iron Rod Magnetizing Crafting Recipe with 8 Redstone using wrong Rod.
[FIXED] A lot of random Issues, which have been mentioned recently.
[FIXED] Boilers not accepting Energy due to the minimum energy limit I have added to all Machines. (which was added because weak sources shouldn't power strong things directly)
[FIXED] PrefixBlocks and PrefixItems not updating when I replace the Materials. (see Garnet)
[FIXED] Machines keeping old Material Color, after I changed the Material they are made of, because of a missing check if they have been painted or not. (they just saved the color anyways, even when they were unpainted)
[CHANGED] A lot of Garnet related things. Also the two "3 in 1 Garnet" Gems are removed. They will be auto-replaced with Almandine and Andradite. If you changed the Worldgen Config, then you should check it for the 6 new entries for each Garnet Type, because the two old ones are removed.
[ADDED] OreDictItemData for "Limestone Stones" and others. Also added some more stuff as Byproduct for certain Stone Types.
[ADDED] Electric Igniter Block that can start the Burning Box and similar, when it is connected to electricity. Can also shut down regular Nether Portals.
[ADDED] Electric Motor for future GT things. It will run depending on how much EU you dump into it.
[ADDED] A Log File containing the full Material List to the Config Folder (so you can easily look it up when editing Configs).

[FIXED] Some Bugs and messy Code.
[FIXED] Even more Bugs I found in some Systems...
[API] IBlockToolable.onToolClick now has an additional String List Parameter to return chat to, instead of needing to directly chat to a Player Entity for that. This Parameter is null if nothing is listening to it.
[CHANGED] Coinage Mold now makes a breaking Sound when the regular Hammer Item lacks required durability or the automatic Hammer lacks energy.
Magnifying Glass.
Now used as a Crafting Tool for making the GT Books, because SCIENCE.
It makes a funny noise when being used as weapon or for mining.
Will get more uses later, once I decided what exactly I want to do with it.
Automatic Hammering Machine. Currently only useful ontop of the Coinage Mold.
Makes a "Hammer Rightclick" on the Block it is facing and is powered by KU (Steam Engines in this case).
Can also crush Blocks in World. This includes Ores ofcourse, wow that rhymed. Note, that the Tool Quality is still important on this one.
Note, that it requires the Engine to alternate between positive and negative Energy in order to work (GT Engines always do that).
There are not only Hammer Qualities, but also Hammer Power, which depends on the Engine used, and also on the current Speed of the Engine.
1 KU is worth 10 Hammering points, 2000 Hammering Points are needed for the Coinage Mold (every GT Steam Engine can power that) and 10000 Points being one regular use of the Hammer.
Electric Engines to convert EU into GT-KU. (the stuff the auto-hammer uses)
Speed and therefore also Power can be adjusted with a Screwdriver to a certain extend depending on the Engine.
If the Speed gets changed, the Engine will push and pull with a higher frequency, meaning that some devices get less power but more output when setting it to more speed. So you will need to tweak the hell out of this thing to make it work perfectly.
The Efficiency of the Electric Engine itself is fixed at 50% loss with 2 EU => 1 KU (1 EU => 1 RF, yup 75% loss for RF, because this is not a Flux Dynamo) and doesn't depend on other conditional Factors at all, unlike other Engines.
Like all electric Devices of GT, the Engine accepts up to 2 times the Voltage of its own Tier before exploding (explosions currently disabled, but that doesn't stop me from annoying you by spamming the electric explosion sound)
The Engine itself runs as long as it is connected to Electricity, just like the Electric Heater.


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Jul 29, 2019
Grimoire of Gaia3's new update, by Silentine:
Grimoire of Gaia 3 (1.2.3) (Minor Update)
Entities - Design

  • Modified models/textures
    • Creep
    • Ender Eye
    • Holstaurus
    • Slime Girl
    • Sludge Girl
  • Fixed Nine Tails texture
  • Modified Sphinx Bust model to reflect modified model of the Sphinx
  • Added custom sounds for Minotaur
    • Low pitched cow sounds
  • Updated render files for mobs with glowing textures
    • Mobs inflicted with the invisible buff will no longer display glowing
Entities - Drops

  • Level 1 mobs have a rare chance of multiplying their dropped experience by 5
Entities - Spawns

  • Fixed Forest mobs from spawning in biomes outside the Forest
  • Increased default spawn rate of Dryad, Gryphon and Cyan Flower
  • Reduced group size of Naga
Entities - Behavior

  • Fixed ranged mobs that do not follow the player when out of range
  • Reduced the Fire Resistance to 1 on the Vampire
  • Creep now has the Invisible buff when health drops below 10%
  • Naga and Sharko now have the Speed buff when health drops below 25%
  • Minotaur and Valkyrie now have the Speed and Strength buffs when health drops below 25%
    • Modified particles to reflect this
  • Siren no longer avoids the player
  • Sahuagin can no longer be provoked by being attacked by one of its own
  • Sahuagin and Siren switch to melee when health drops below 25%
    • Will equip bow when health is recovered above 50%
    • Can no longer drop their equipment
    • Inflicts Mining Fatigue II (0:15) when in melee
  • Sharko recieves regenerate buff when in water
  • Anubis, Baphomet and Shaman now use ranged attacks when health is above 75%
    • Same damage as their melee damage
      • Except Baphomets ranged attack, which uses the Blazes Fireball
    • Inflicts Slowness II (0:10)
  • Flesh Lich and Nine-tails attacks have been modified to shoot 1-3 Fireballs at the same time
    • AI is no longer disabled
  • Werecat now avoids water

  • Added prop item: Jeweled Dagger
  • Mandrake and Meat Pies no longer give experience levels but give a small amount of experience per consumption
    • Berry Pies now give experience now as well
  • Reduced the duration of the Slowness debuff when consuming Meat Pies from 0:60 to 0:30
  • Increased fuel time of Coalfish to 180 seconds
  • Reduced item duration when using cards

  • Reorganized .class files
    • Removed unused .class files
  • Updated and cleaned out code


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Jul 29, 2019
Blood Arsenal 1.2-3 is now up on Curse fixing the crash involving Thaumcraft!
-Fixes Thaumcraft 'required' crash

-Fix some more bugs

-Last major scheduled update for 1.7.10

!!!WARNING!!! Those of you still using 1.1-14 will need to update as I am updating the version number (which will crash all versions before 1.2-0)

Do note as the changelog stated, all users using 1.1-14 must update or else they will crash (sorry for any inconvenience) (Gideonseymour you might want to update Horizons and anyone else still using 1.1-14 in their modpack)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @mezz with Forestry
mezz said:
Forestry 4.0.0
  • Changes to watch out for if you upgrade existing worlds:
    • Wood items will break (logs, planks, slabs, fences).
    • Multiblocks will lose their inventories and may need to be broken and rebuilt.
    • Forestry Stained Glass has been removed.
    • Apiarist's pipe has been moved to BuildCraft Compat for BuildCraft 7.
    • Farms are slightly smaller than last release, and there is a config option in common.cfg called `tweaks.farms.size`.
  • Major Features:
    • Multiblock code has been rewritten and is now based on Big Reactor's multiblocks library, Beefcore.
    • That means Alvearies and Farms will instantly detect when they are built!
    • It was a huge undertaking but it fixes many tiny bugs, weirdnesses, and mysteries.
    • Farms in particular are much more stable.
    • Added Machine upgrades for the Squeezer and Centrifuge using circuit boards. (Nirek and Mezz)
    • There are three tubes used for upgrades:
    • Golden Electron Tubes decrease energy use by 10%.
    • Emerald Electron Tubes increase speed 12.5% and increase power per action by 5%.
    • Blazing Electron Tubes increase speed 25% and increase power per action by 10%.
    • With four tubes per circuit board, you can double the processing speed of these machines, which should help a late-game bottleneck in automation.
    • Since power is used per-action, the speed-upgraded machines use a lot more power.
    • NEI Integration is built-in. (Tonius and Mezz)
    • This includes recipes for Forestry machines, but not the NEI Addons stuff like breeding info.
    • Now Forestry can change its internal recipe code like crazy without breaking NEI.
  • Minor Features:
    • Highly optimized the performance of bees.
    • Boost mutation chances by researching mutations in the escritoire.
    • Better compatability with Agricraft, Growthcraft, Plant Mega Pack, Immersive Engineering (Nirek)
    • Chests have a new look, matching the style of vanilla wooden chests. (Ganymedes01)
    • Allow pipe automation of chests.
    • Config files are moved to Forge's cfg format and have support for localization.
    • Added flower configs for each type of flower accepted by bees.
    • Enable lighting for TESRs.
    • Bee particles radiate outwards more along the ground instead of randomly into the sky.
    • Many Bees with effects radiate particles matching their effect.
    • Make Naturalist's eye effect prettier (different colored leaves instead of grey leaves).
    • Allow pipe automation of the Rainmaker.
    • Rearranged Beealyzer and Treealyzer GUIs to use full-size text instead of tiny text.
    • Added fireproof versions of all Forestry wood items.
    • Make villager roofs and fences out of Forestry materials instead of oak.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Machines with circuit boards will drop them when broken.
    • Leaves on large trees will not start decaying prematurely.
    • Engines output power more evenly to fit in with the RF ecosystem better.
    • Fix rendering of stairs and fences held in the hand.
    • Remove small particles that prevented players from increasing their graphics mipmap level.
    • Fix bonemealing of saplings, fruit pods, and leaves taking tons of bonemeal.
    • Fix invisible saplings when placed.
    • Fix villager apiaries appearing inactive and losing their bees on world reload.
    • Fix vines on generated trees (they either didn't show up before, or ate into the tree canopy).
    • Fix farm particles appearing in all dimensions.
    • Fix range of packet updates so they always reach players who have that chunk loaded.
    • Fix machine's energy display to show stored energy properly.

and @thecodewarrior1 with Catwalks 2
thecodewarrior1 said:
Catwalks 2
This mod adds Catwalks, Caged Ladders, Scaffolding, and Support Columns, each of which has both practical and aesthetic uses. Except for the Support Columns, they just look cool.

  • Catwalks make you walk faster and can quickly be extended horizontally.
  • Caged Ladders can't be fallen out of and can be climbed at almost 2x the speed of normal ladders.
  • Scaffolding can be climbed like a ladder. They can quickly be placed, destroyed, extended, and retracted. When you use the builder's variety they act like tall grass, where right-clicking them with a block will replace them.
  • Support Columns mostly look cool. They technically are ladders but are so slow they're pretty much useless as ladders.
  • Sturdy Rails are self-supporting versions of normal rails that don't need a redstone signal to be active.
See the post on Minecraft Forums (link pending) for more detailed descriptions.



Caged Ladders:


Support Columns:




Sturdy Rails:


and @EXTER7 with Foundry
EXTER7 said:
  • Thaumcraft integration:
    • Added shard melting, mixing, and casting.
    • Moved research into it's own page in the Thaumonomicon.
  • Added Metal Atomizer machine:
    • Uses water and liquid metal to make metal dusts.
  • Fixed Refractory Hopper not dropping container when broken.
  • Fixed Refractory Fluid Container rendering in the presence of enchanted items.
  • Better gun death message.
  • Add ingot casting recipes based on Ore Dictionary.
  • Added Armor Piercing Round and Armor Piercing Shell
  • Does less damage and have a bit less range, but bypasses armor.
  • Better TiC fluid support.
  • API changes:
    • Added Atomizer RecipeManager to FoundryAPI.
    • Added IgnoresArmor method to IFirearmRound: Return true if the round bypasses armor.
    • Added GetCasing method to IFirearmRound: Return the casing the round uses.
    • Deprecated IItemRegistry: All items are registered in FML's ItemStack registry.