What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @maxpowa with FFS
maxpowa said:
FFS 1.3.5
IT'S NOT DEAD (yet :p)

New update fixes the following:

- Mobs can't spawn inside the tanks anymore

Also adds a new config option so you can switch between these 2 rendering modes:


and @Vanhal with JACB
Vanhal said:
JACB 1.0.3
  • Added NEI shift click support - Thanks Gigabit.

and @TehFlaminTaco with Quirks and Perks
TehFlaminTaco said:
Quirks and Perks

A mod by Teh Flamin' Taco (Me)

A more detailed description of the mod can be found on the official post HERE.

This is a mod I've thrown together with the intent to bring blocks together.
This mod focuses on turning an entire network of chests, power sources, levers and such into a single block to interface with. Giving huge possibility for storage, and control.
This is the first mod I've published, so constructive criticism is welcome.

Videos Coming Soon


Download / Installation

This mod Requires CoFH Core, and Thermal Foundation is recommended.

Warp Blocks


All the functional blocks that need to contact other systems in the network will do so via a 'Packet' system.
These packets follow Warp Cables with very little bias as to where they go. They can be directed with two methods, however.
Warp Packets will not move onto a block that has been dyed a different colour than the packet, ignoring Painters, or if the block is White. this is the main method of control, and allows bundling of up to 16 different functional blocks on a basic system, all with unique destinations and functions.
The second method, is to use sorting blocks, which differ depending on the actual sorter.

Other than those methods, a packet will cover as much of the network as it can before it terminates, via dead end or being consumed. This means it's very simple to start building complex inventory management systems, and other utilities, without having to worry about packet loss.

All functional blocks can also be dyed, and will change the default packet colour they launch.

Warp Cabling

Warp Cables are the blocks that link all of the Functional Warp Blocks. They can be dyed with all 16 colours, and can also be skinned by using a solid block on them.
These carry 'Packets', and are the building block of any warp network. They are tile entities, so they cannot be moved with pistons, but they will do everything you need a cable to do.

Block Transporters

Simple in theory, complex in function, these blocks will consume the block above them, and drop them off at the first Block Transporter it finds, or not move it if it can't find any. This will work for most blocks, including tile entities. Allowing you to transport chests, and more complex machinery. They can be convinced to move their block by either right clicking, or redstone signal. They will also carry entities, which means items, and players can be transported around with warp cables.

Warp Activators

My personal favourite, when activated, these blocks will send a packet through the network, and for every other Warp Activator it encounters it shall cause the player to activate all the adjacent blocks. This means, it can open doors, push buttons, even look in inventories. And complex interaction insures, when used correctly. Some blocks may argue with the player viewing their inventory however, as they have a hard coded distance to be able to view them at, to prevent sneaky hackers.

Warp Painters

These blocks serve the purpose of colouring packets it encounters. Any packet can enter it, regardless of colour, and it will set the packet's colour to the colour of the painter. Useful for sorting systems, or Diodes.

Packet Launchers

These blocks are simple. When activated, they will launch a block that will cause any functional blocks it contacts to try to launch their packets, besides other packet launchers. Not an incredible amount of use, but it has its moments.

Item Transposers

These devices are a bit more interesting. Any one particular item transposer acts like the inventory of all other item transposer's adjacent blocks. This means that in the diagram above, the hopper would try to pump into the dispenser from the left side. If another dispenser was on that item transposer, the hopper would just see one Dispenser with 18 slots. And so on. So you can theoretically build a hundred chests, and have a block that sees them all as one. Lots of useful potential.

Item Sorters

Simply put one of these in the path of your cables, and when an item packet passes it, it will block it if it can't find the item in the inventory above it. And it will use any inventory that's ontop of it, including item transposers, so stupidly complex systems are able to be made. It does not check NBT, but does check for meta.

Block Sorters

Block sorters work like Item Sorters, although it will let the packet through if the blocks match, and not consider the entities being moved. If you want to move item entities, just hopper them.

Liquid and Power Transposers

These two blocks act like the Item transposers, in which they act like all the other connected inventories. However, they connect to tanks and powercells respectively, instead of inventories.

Change log

  • 1.1.0 - Item Transposer Fixes
    - Fixed Item Transposers dumping into random slots, they now pump in logically.
    - Fixed Item Sorters randomly zeroing stacks of items.
  • 1.0.0 - First Public Release


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Jul 29, 2019
Buckle up your butts kiddos, because it's story time with Auntie Lyra.

Once upon a time, (Earlier today)
I decided to work on LMT 1, since I had a lot of time on my hands.
My plan was to finally finish adding the new mobs I was working on, as well as add the guide to the mod, for in game documentation.
But sadly my plan was more foiled than a potato being baked , when I came to the realization that the actual folder containing the code, the textures, everything, was missing. It just kind of, evaporated or something. I looked on all of the files of my computer, to see where it was, but couldn't find it. Now, you are probably asking, "Couldn't you have just checked the Github?" Well my good chum, that's what I would do, if I actually put it on Github.
Where it has gone, I have no clue. But instead of giving up on the mod, I decided to rewrite the mod from scratch, thus Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets 2 is born.
This version of the mod, will have improved features, textures, game play, as well be on github, in case something like this happens again.
I was going to do a rewrite anyway, as a lot of the code was messy. This was just kind of a kick in the pants to do so. Don't worry, this isn't going to be the next XyCraft... I hope >.>


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.7-224
  • Added "Motif" variants of passive flowers. Same as Petite, but instead of being smaller, they don't decay nor produce mana. Since they use the same system, you can find them in the Flower Shrinking page.
  • Added "Redstone Helper" features to the Manaseer Monocle. Looking at redstone things will show you some data about them.
  • Added a recipe counter to the recipe registing code just for fun. You can now see how many recipes botania adds, woohoo.
  • Added comparator support to the Corporea Crystal Cube, it can now detect how many items are in a corporea network with exponential output.
  • Added Managlass, Alfglass and Bifrost Panes.
  • Added the Corporea Retainer, a new corporea block you can place next to a Corporea Interceptor, it'll remember the last intercepted request and have the requestor redo it if it gets a redstone signal.
  • Added the Teru Teru Bozu, a new (cute as hell) block that can send the rain away.
  • Added two new Portuguese Pavement Colors, yellow and green.
  • Changed some checks to use Material instead of Block (such as Hydroangeas and Thermalilies). Should make compatibility with TerraFirmaCraft or other mods' different water and lava blocks work better.
  • Changed the "no mana killzone" of the Dandelifeon from a 5x5 to a 7x7. To be honest, I really don't know where I'm going with this one. It's seeming to me like it's a failed experiment, as the optimal build always ends up being a really simple thing, which I'm not a big fan of. I'm just trying various things and seeing what sticks. I might end up removing it alltogether.
  • Changed the Gaia Guardian's health to 800 (from 300) and the damage cap to 35 (from 12), 50 if it's a crit. In a way, if you're properly prepared, the boss is actually easier now as it's definitely possible to hit that hard with the proper enchants and potions, it just requires preparation.
  • Fixed the Corporea Crystal Cube and Hovering Hourglass not rendering every model piece in the inventory.
  • Fixed the Elementium Axe dropping Zombie Heads from Zombie Pigmen.
  • Fixed typos.
  • The Corporea Crystal Cube now shows how many items are in the network in its render without you having to hover on it.
  • The Corporea Index is now less stingy on how close you need to be to it in the Y axis.
  • The Manaseer Monocle can now be used as a Cosmetic Override to other baubles. Its benefits are not removed when you do this, so you can use the monocle without taking up a slot.
  • The Rannuncarpus can now place botania flowers that do stuff as well as redstone dust.
  • [API] Added ICorporeaRequestor for use with the Corporea Retainer.
  • [API] Increased version number to 64.

and @Henry_Loenwind with Ender IO Addons
Henry_Loenwind said:
Ender IO Addons
  • Minor rendering fixes
  • New machine: Impulse Hopper


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Jul 29, 2019
BDLib 1.9.3
  • Added workaround for a bug in EnviroMine that caused crashes when opening GUIs.
  • Replaced NBSP with space in number formatting (for those locales that use it) – prevents issues with NBSP showing incorrectly in default Minecraft font.
This is a drop in replacement for version 1.9.2 that will fix the issues above across all my mods.

Updated Gendustry and NEI Addons beta

New beta version up on CurseForge with support for Forestry beta 4.0.4 and later:



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @iChun with Blocksteps
iChun said:

The mini-map with a twist!

  • A clientside-only, highly configurable isometric 3D mini-map with a twist, it only tracks the blocks you've stepped on.
  • Has waypoint support and multiple map types. However, the mod is optimized for mainly Blocksteps map type.
  • This was an experiment turned mini-map. It may not have the best performance but the community voted it into existence! There might not be much I can do about performance issues outside of the Blocksteps map type.
  • Also, if you return to somewhere from far away (eg, another dimension) the map might look like a mess, hit the SHIFT + (Switch Map Mode/Rerender) key to refresh the map.

and @iChun with Bee Barker
iChun said:

  • You know how dogs sometimes eat grass when their stomachs are upset? Well, now you can feed your pet wolves flowers to have them stomach bees! If you have Forestry (untested), you could even just feed them bees right away!
  • What's the use of this you ask? Well, in dire emergencies, you pick up your best friend and with a brisk tug of their tails, they regurgitate the bees they've swallowed from the flowers.
  • These bees sting so bad, they even bypass the hurt immunity when something gets hurt. Be stung enough times and you'll wish you'd never gone near the wrong end of a pet wolf, for it's sting is worse than it's bark...?
  • Once it's all calm, just drop 'em like you'd drop an item and you can have your best friend back! Just be careful though, if you didn't exhaust their bee stock, they might let one or two go when they bark!
  • Naming a wolf "iChun" might lead to some interesting results though...

  • Acquire wolf
  • Tame wolf
  • Feed wolf flowers until yellow and black particles appear
  • Right click wolf with empty hand
  • Right click
  • ???
  • Profit!

and @TehFlaminTaco with Quirks and Perks
TehFlaminTaco said:
Quirks and Perks 1.2.0
  • Added Player Interface
  • Fixed Item Sorters recieving packets from Item Transposers they are looking in. You can now (Correctly) make item sorters see entire networks.
  • Packet Launchers now only toggle one machine at a time.
  • Can no-longer paint warp cable like warp blocks.
  • Fixed Power Transposers being annoying when connecting to neighboring blocks.
  • Allowed pulling and pumping directly through power and liquid transposers.
  • Allowed Fluid Transposers to connect like the transposer's the tank, not dependant on the input tank.

and @feldim2425 with OC-Minecarts
feldim2425 said:
OC-Minecarts 0.4-alpha
  • Added tanks to the computer carts.
  • Added tank functions.
  • Added: Cart GUI does not longer open on sneak + right click with a crowbar.
  • Added: Carts can take power from electric tracks.
  • Fixed collision box if Railcraft is installed.

and @J_from_Holland with Terra Incognita
J_from_Holland said:
Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita is a terrain generator made by me, J_from_Holland. It features many new biomes, climate zones and trees. I say “terrain generator”, and not “terrain mod”, as it is made using Terrain Control, which is a Forge/Spigot plugin/mod, but I wouldn’t use the Forge version as that one is only for 1.8.0. You need to install Terrain Control in order to install Terra Incognita.
This generator is work in progress. The newest downloadable version is Alpha1.0.

Here are some cool images.


Multiple mangrove variations next to a forest.


A Taiga Woodland next to a Taiga and the sea.

Some islands with beaches and ponds in an archipelago.


A woodland with great hills.




A village in a rockier part of the tundra.


Another village, this time one on a dune in a desert, next to a sandstone pan area, which is not a separate biome, but just an area that randomly may generate in a desert.

Installation instructions
1. Install Terrain Control.
2. Download the Terra Incognita zip-file.
3. Unzip it (duh). You get a folder with a lot of .bc files.
4. Copy everything which was in the zip into the plugins folder. You should also put the terrain control server .jar there.
5. Run the server.
Do you want installation instructions for Forge? Doesn’t something work? Just ask me.

You can create a map of your world by typic /tc map. /tc map -s 300 will create a map of 4800x4800, /tc map -s 200 (default) will create a map of 3200x3200.
Can’t find cacti? They’re found in a biome called Cactus Desert. It’s often found in large desert close to the sea.
There’s no acacia wood yet. There are also no dark oak trees, but I’m sure you can find that wood species else. I added it somewhere.
When spawning in an ocean, the closest island is never far away. Just swim in the right direction.
The custom biomes are listed as plains, forest, taiga, etc. using the spigot version. This also happens for some using Forge. If anyone wants to use the Forge, I’ll make a Forge version which hasn’t that issue.

Fun time playing!
Please give me some feedback! Would be nice ;)

Thanks to Frofster for the trees! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugin...created-worlds-biomes-and-objects/?page=4#p69

and @Speiger with IC2 Nei Crop Plugin
Speiger said:
This Nei Plugin simply allows you to see how IC2 Crop Breeding works.

Now it has 2 Sections which are really important:

First: The standart Nei Plugin which handles all possible crop breedings.

Second: The Breeding plugin form myself which is a custom Breeder which will show you what can come out...

Just a info what the Difference between IC2 Crops and AgriCraft crops is:

To Explain it simple IC2 Crops are modular crops which can breed into almost everything from almost everything,

It is a random thing but the possible results are not random, so what you get is random but what you can get is dead set.

On the other hand Agricraft is simply like a Alloy Furnace from EnderIO, or any other Machines that can have 2 inputs,

just with the Addition that you can get lucky and copy the crop which you already contain.

So after that is explained we go to the mods and how they work:

Basic Nei Mode:

Basic Nei Mode loades while the game loads the Crops (seperatly from the game) and calculates based on the Config all possible results,

The config allows you to change the amount of crops you are using (the bigger the longer it takes to load the plugin, between 0 seconds and 1 minute *1).

When you then simply search for a Crop and look how to get it, it will show you something like: you have a 30 points chance with pumpkin and Wheat.

So what does points mean: Simple its your chance. But it is not clear defined as chance. The higher the Points the Higher chance you have to get the crop. Note: Crops that are used in the Breeding get automaticly 500 Points by default. Simply to get easier a copy out of it.

The Nei Plugin will you simply show you only the Highest Point chance, without a Copy bonus included. That does not mean you have already that what you need for it. Sometimes it requires a lot of higher tier stuff to get a better lower tier crop. It is simply only an assist.

Doing that it will tell you what it needs to grow too if there is a special requirement. (Addons have to use an API to make that happen)

Now to the Interanal Crop Calculator:

The internal Crop Calculator is completly differend. It has a Creative & Survival Option*2

With this calculator you simply insert Crops that you want to breed together. Between 2 & 4 Crops.

Then you simply press the Progress Button to calculate the results.

It is simply a live Crop Calculator and it will you show what results you can get 100%. Which the crop pick is really random but you can see what has the highest chance. (Based on Points).

To get the Internal Crop Calculator you need a IC2 Crop Analyzer (ItemForm) and thanks to this mod it has a Tool tip that instructs you with infos what to do.

This plugin Runs with IC2 Exp and IC2 Classic. (Immibis IC2 Classic is not supportet because that mod is simply dead)

Also this is a Client Mod Only. It will Crash Servers!

The Calculators keep their Inventories through worlds, restart empty it automaticly

*1= It is based on your computer Speed and also because it handles external out of the game load it does not effect your MC loading time. The plugin is only accessable if it is loaded Completly, so do not wonder why it is after the first game start not accessable when you set the highest amount of crops in the config.

*2= Both are alway accessable. Survival uses Items in your Inventory, Creative Provides alway all registered Crops.


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Jul 29, 2019
I was told I was slacking, and also told that I need to balance it more... so here we go:
Arcane Arteries version 0.7: The Balance and Break update
Botanical Dagger of Sacrifice: Double the Dagger of Sacrifice values for LP this gives
Thaumic Dagger of Sacrifice: 110% of Dagger of Sacrifice values
Evil Dagger of Sacrifice: 110% of Dagger of Sacrifice values
Configurable Dagger of Sacrifice: Disabled by default

Updates (configs):
Added hard mode crafting recipe option (disabled by default)
Added hard mode LP values for self sacrifice daggers; half original LP yield (disabled by default)


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Jul 29, 2019
Curse updated, everybody panic!!

Other than that... Better Achievements' rainbow update is now live.
- Adds NBTtag support for the tab icons via the config file
- Adds Custom tooltip rendering to the API
- Adds glPushes and glPops to avoid custom render leakage
- Adds package-info.java to the API
- Adds Rainbow colour generation code
- Adds rainbow as settable colour for achievement arrows in the config file
- Adds override for users to choose their own settings over a mods settings
- Put the lang folder in the correct place (Whoops)
- Fixes some IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions
- Removes asm and vault code from the builds (was unused for a while)


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Jul 29, 2019
hardcore ender expansion:
Not Enough Items integration no longer intercepts recipe/usage keys, only Compendium key

Fixed Compendium not returning to previous screen (caused item loss in crafting table)
Fixed Music Discs crashing when used on a wrong tile entity
Fixed biome replacement to stop Anti ID Conflict from complaining
Fixed debug mode crashing on servers under certain circumstances

Grimore of gaia 3
  • Modified Flesh Lich model
  • Fixed Kobold spawning
    • It should now spawn during the day
    • Increased default spawn rate
  • Increased default spawn rate of Witch
  • Fixed mobs from spawning in The Outer Lands (Thaumcraft)
    • Mobs set to spawn in Roofed Forest biome is now more restricted
  • Updated Ender Dragon Girl and Ender Eye AI
  • Reduced Creep hit box
Refer to the changelog on the wiki for more information regarding current and past updates.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Disconsented with ANSSRPG
Disconsented said:
What it is:

ANSSRPG is a mod for Minecraft Forge that provides players, modpackers and server admins the ability to develop their own unique RPG system with player progression without any programming knowledge needed.


How it works:
ANSSRPG boils down to two fundamental concepts.

Primarily used to award a player with experience for doing things. For example you can create a 'Mining' skill that provides players with experience for mining ores. For example Iron Ore for 5 experience and Diamond Ore for 50 experience. Skills follow a few preset types but can be combined to create compound skills. All skills have a failure state which allows progression to be handled via the mod (a 'digging' skill will not allow a player to mine a block).

Perks come in two flavours: Unlocks and Effects.

Unlock Perks allow failure states to be represented. If a perk if present and the player does not have it they will trigger the failure state, if they do have it however the failure state will not be triggered. If there are no unlock perks defined for 'x' then there will not be a failure state for it.

Effect Perks allow for effects (potion effects at this time) to be applied to players among other things.

[Config and usage guide]

How to report a issue or get help
  1. Read the wiki and other resources for the mod.
  2. Read: How to report a bug.
  3. Using a service like Hastebin (no Dropbox) please upload:
    1. Any crash reports.
    2. Console logs (both server.log and forge mod loader(fml) logs).
    3. All Config files .
  4. Create a github issue with the following information:
    • Description of the issue:
    • Steps to reproduce it (How do I make this happen?):
    • Steps taken to resolve it (Did I fix it? If so, How?):
    • The uploaded logs from step 3.
NOTE: If you're looking for help via IRC read this.

After reading that, you can find me in #disconsented on the Espernet IRC.

and @way2muchnoise with BetterAchievements
Way2muchnoise said:
BetterAchievements 0.1.0
  • Adds NBTtag support for the tab icons via the config file
  • Adds Custom tooltip rendering to the API
  • Adds glPushes and glPops to avoid custom render leakage
  • Adds package-info.java to the API
  • Adds Rainbow colour generation code
  • Adds rainbow as settable colour for achievement arrows in the config file
  • Adds override for users to choose their own settings over a mods settings
  • Put the lang folder in the correct place (Whoops)
  • Fixes some IndexOutOfBoundsExceptions
  • Removes asm and vault code from the builds (was unused for a while)

and @fewizz with Electro-Magic Tools
fewizz said:

This is an unofficial fork of Electro-Magic Tools mod made by TehNut and Tombenpotter. The mod received no official updates for year and was recently discontinued. TehNut allowed to everyone to fork and maintain the mod.

Electro-Magic Tools integrates Thaumcraft 4 with IndustrialCraft 2 by adding cross-mod tools and items, such as magic solar panels, essentia generators and legendary items.


Spoiler (click to hide)
- Make a backup of Minecraft installation folder.
- Install Minecraft Forge (If you still not installed it).
- Install Industrialcraft 2 and Thaumcraft 4.
- Go to the game folder.
- Drop .jar file into the mods folder.


TehNut and Tombenpotter for creating and maintaining the mod.

Feel free to include this mod in your private or public modpack if you are link back to this page.

Source Code | If you have issues with this mod, report here.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Lomeli12 with Disguise
Lomeli12 said:
Disguise is a very basic mod, inspired by the similar mechanic from 1.9 and a random shower, that lets you hide from mobs using their skulls. It also lets you create new disguise via the configs, so you could make a leather helmet trick spiders if you wanted to.

For information on adding new disguise, see the following wiki page: https://github.com/Lomeli12/Disguise/wiki/Adding-new-disguises

and @Lothrazar with Overpowered Inventory
Lothrazar said:
Overpowered Inventory 1.0.9
  • Merge and deposit buttons compatible with generic containers including ones from other mods (as long they use a Tile Entity that implements IInventory)
  • New in game configuration GUI -> use the 'config' button inside the 'mods' button on the main menu.
  • New options to allow all sorts of items stack up to 64 - boats, doors, cakes, and more. Can be disabled in the config.
  • By default the player hunger bar shows even when mounted - use the config file to set back to normal

and @InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.4.0
  • CHANGE: Updated to Forge
  • CHANGE: Rewrote the crop system to prevent crashing
  • CHANGE: Rewrote tanks for major performance increase
  • CHANGE: Condense all custom wood entries into one in NEI
  • CHANGE: Seed analyser will now accept analysed seeds
  • CHANGE: Crops will now be displayed as "Crop Sticks"
  • CHANGE: Resource crops are now enabled by default
  • CHANGE: Reordered the configuration options for easier finding of options
  • CHANGE: Clients will now use mutation configs from the server
  • CHANGE: Villager ID is now assigned to the first free id
  • CHANGE: The AgriCraft villager now has a good looking skin (thanks SkeletonPunk)
  • CHANGE: Botania crops now require podzol as soil
  • CHANGE: Changed default number of crops per craft to 4
  • CHANGE: The journal will now display parent and child mutations separated from each other
  • CHANGE: Tweaked lighting when rendering custom wood blocks
  • CHANGE: New textures for the rakes, trowel and magnifying glass (credits to MechWarrior99)
  • ADDED: API (many thanks to HenryLoenwind)
  • ADDED: Missing mutations for Harvestcraft crops (Strawberry, Spinach, White Mushroom)
  • ADDED: Resource crop for nether quartz
  • ADDED: Config option to only make mature crops drop seeds to encourage trowel usage (false by default)
  • ADDED: Config option to make crop sticks get destroyed when they are broken with weeds on them to encourage rake usage (false by default)
  • ADDED: Config options to change the spawn rates of greenhouses
  • ADDED: Blood Magic can now auto-harvest crops with the reap of the harvest moon
  • ADDED: Crops for Thaumcraft: shimmerleaf, cinderpearl, vishroom and taintroot
  • ADDED: Crops for Ars Magica 2: cerublossom, desert nova, tarma root, aum, wakebloom
  • ADDED: Button in Seed Analyzer GUI to read the journal
  • ADDED: Some crops (flowers, cactus, ...) can be sheared to get the flower instead of the fruit
  • ADDED: Compatibility for AppleMilkTea (mint)
  • ADDED: Compatibility for RotaryCraft (canola)
  • ADDED: Compatibility for Immersive Engineering (hemp)
  • ADDED: Compatibility for Biomes O Plenty (turnip)
  • ADDED: Compatibility for Extra Biomes XL (strawberries)
  • ADDED: Compatibility for GrowthCraft Rice
  • ADDED: Compatibility for The Lord of the Rings Mod's crops
  • ADDED: Configuration option for a global growth rate multiplier
  • ADDED: Crops will now allow the use of other items on them when not mature (for example the Hoe of Growth from Thaumcraft)
  • ADDED: AgriCraft seeds can now be squeezed into seed oil with forestry
  • ADDED: A water channel that is a full block, for decoration purposes
  • ADDED: NEI handler for crop products
  • ADDED: A water pad block for aquatic crops (water artichoke, wakebloom, squid plant)
  • ADDED: Config options to disable compatibility per mod
  • ADDED: A config to specify seeds that will ingore the disable vanilla farming rule
  • ADDED: The AgriCraft villager will now search and remove weeds from nearby crops
  • ADDED: A recipe to convert wheat to seeds
  • ADDED: Alternate textures for the botania crops (thanks WolfieWaffle for the textures)
  • ADDED: Seed storage block they will hold infinite seeds of the same type, as long as they are analyzed
  • ADDED: sugarcane can now be planted directly on crop sticks
  • ADDED: Natura bonemeal bags will aoe bonemeal crops
  • ADDED: Decorative blocks for every type of planks: fences, fence gates and grates
  • ADDED: Compatibility for Advent of Ascension crops
  • ADDED: Compatibility for crops with Ancient Warfare crop farms
  • ADDED: Config option for irrigation channel capacity
  • ADDED: Computercraft peripheral to read data from crops in the world
  • ADDED: Mutating sprig from witchery will now work on wheat planted on crop sticks
  • FIXED: Seeds added as drops from tall grass always having weight 10
  • FIXED: Not being able to set max brightness in Minetweaker methods
  • FIXED: Wrong error message in Minetweaker methods
  • FIXED: Seed analyser sending data to client and causing block updates every tick while updating
  • FIXED: Poisonous potatoes not dropping from potatoes
  • FIXED: Stat calculation not obeying the stat cap
  • FIXED: Standalone crops obey growth requirements
  • FIXED: A crash on harvesting after someone removed all the fruits of a crop without adding any new ones
  • FIXED: NEI reverse lookup not working for soils and base blocks
  • FIXED: No more missing texture spam in the console
  • FIXED: Village generation not working
  • FIXED: Recipes being added for non initialized items
  • FIXED: Bug where plants would only drop fruits on the first harvest
  • FIXED: NPE when breaking tanks
  • FIXED: Serverside crash
  • FIXED: A bunch of issues with Custom Crops and MineTweaker compatibility
  • FIXED: Magical Crops beta crops giving null as fruit
  • FIXED: NPE with trowel
  • FIXED: Some localisation issues with journal seed information
  • FIXED: Seed Storage Container crashing on servers
  • FIXED: Seed Storage blocks will now drop their inventory when broken
  • FIXED: Villager "teleporting"
  • FIXED: Weird behaviour with thaumcraft golems
  • FIXED: Tanks and channels not having lighting


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Updated AbyssalCraft to
  • The Azathoth, Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth Statues now have models
  • AbyssalCraft will now crash if a biome ID is already occupied
  • If dynamic Potion IDs is disabled, the Potion array extension will run
  • A "pop" sounds is now played when a Item is placed/removed from a Ritual Altar/Pedestal or Energy Pedestal
  • AbyssalCraft pressure plates can now be placed on AbyssalCraft fences
  • Added a entry about Dreadium in the Special Materials section in the Dreadlands section
  • Morph integration is now part of AbyssalCraft again (easier to maintain model and entity changes)
  • Possibly fixed random crashes related to statues (no idea how they're triggered)
  • The terrain of the Dreadlands has been improved
  • Wearing any AbyssalCraft helmet actually repels blindness in Darklands biomes
  • All ores in the Abyssal Wasteland now generate higher up


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Four releases at once: McJtyLib 1.6.0, Deep Resonance 0.4.0, RFTools 3.42, and Gear Swapper 1.1.0:

McJtyLib 1.6.0:
  • Bugfix in handling of Waila when both RFTools and Deep Resonance were used together.

RFTools 3.42:
  • Bug fix with waila compatibility in combination with Deep Resonance. This means RFTools will now require McJtyLib 1.6.0.
  • It is now possible to clear channel of the redstone transmitter and button modules by placing them in the crafting grid.
  • Screen renderer possibly restores GL state better. This might reduce or eliminate the chance of chests flickering when they are near a screen.
  • Fixed a screen multiblock formation bug causing errors with the large 3x3 screens. The top right and bottom left blocks were not created. This was only a problem when using buttons on the screen.
Deep Resonance 0.4.0:
  • Bug fix with waila compatibility in combination with Deep Resonance. This means Deep Resonance will now require McJtyLib 1.6.0.
  • New Pedestal block that can help with automating the placement and removal of crystals for a nearby generator. It allows you to pipe in crystals and the pedestal will automatically place the crystal in front of it if there is room. If the crystal in front of the pedestal is depleted then it will be removed and put in an adjacent inventory. If no such inventory exists then the depleted crystals will be ejected in the world.
  • New Valve block that can selectively let through crystal liquid if it satisfies certain conditions (based on purity, strength, and efficiency). The valve will take liquid from the tank above it and (if possible) transfer it to a tank below. Using this block it is possible to have a purification system that can purify up to 85% purity with only a single purifier.
  • Energy collector renderier should now flicker slightly less.
  • Avoid ownership saving of resonating crystals. This is a feature of McJtyLib but resonating crystals don't need ownership.
  • Fixed a bug where the smelter would work even without RF energy.
  • Make sure one crystal can only be 'managed' by one generator.
  • A depleted crystal now gets a white texture.
  • Reduced the default maximum radiation radius a bit.
  • It is now possible to disable the explosions in the config.
  • Elec332 implemented a radiation suit. The amount of protection you get depends on how many suit pieces you have on you. Fully equipped you get about 95% protection (by default, this is configurable). Note that this is work in progress. The texture is far from ready.
  • Elec332 did several stability fixes on the multiblock tanks. They are hopefully fully ok now.
  • Note: with this version of Deep Resonance you can make crystals up to 1700 RF/tick.
Gear Swap 1.1.0:
  • Added support for Baubles. If wanted you can disable the support for this again in the config.
  • Better handling of item equality used when trying to restore one of the sets. It is now also possible to configure more specific handling for modded items. By default the following configurations are enabled: if you name a golden bag of holding from Extra Utilities it will prefer to fetch the bag of holding with that specific name if it can find it. Otherwise it will just pick a random bag of holding. Also the Tinkers Construct tools and weapons are supported. It will first try to find the exact tool you started with. If it cannot find that it will try to find a tool made out of the same material and if that fails it will try to find a tool of the same type.
  • Fixed a server side crash when shift-clicking the gear swapper. Was ok in SSP.


Note that Gear Swapper does not depend on McJtyLib. The others do.

Tomorrow I'll update the On The Edge modpack with these mods (and other updates).

Note: RFTools is still waiting for approval. It should be up soon.

Have fun!