What's new in modded minecraft today?

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
New day,why did nobody post about Botania yet?
  • Added 12 new achievements, moved some old ones around to make space.
  • Added arena checking code to the Gaia Guardian to prevent it from being killable with little to no effort underground.
  • Added Comparator Support to the Spark Tinkerer.
  • Added the ability to get the Gaia Guardian's Head. How to do it though...
  • Added the Red Stringed Interceptor, a new block to the Red String arsenal that intercepts right clicks.
  • Buffed hydroangeas' mana production rate.
  • Enchanted Soil now has an interpolated texture, like Prismarine and Bifrost.
  • Fixed a wrong error message for the /botania-skyblock-spread command.
  • Fixed Mana Spreaders being able to pull mana from pools before even being added to the mana network.
  • Fixed the Dandelifeon not having an alt texture.
  • Fixed the Mana in a Bottle allowing for water to be placed in the nether and for the roof of the nether being accessed.
  • Fixed the Weight Lens being able to drop blocks that normally can't be Silk Touched.
  • Overgrowth Seeds no longer speed up passive flowers, instead they prevent their decay.
  • Potion ID configs now work properly with DragonAPI's potion array extending.
  • Redstone Mana Spreaders can now pull mana from their target pools.
  • Removed passive wither config and locked it to 72000 ticks (3 ingame days, 1 IRL hour). Also added an entry to the Generating Flora section to explain it better. You can read about this change and why I made it right here.
  • Some Dandelifeon tweaks, the 5x5 area around it will no longer kill generation 1 cells, the output rate has been lowered a bit and the recipe for Cellular Blocks has been changed.
  • Sparks now produce less, but bigger, particles to make it less likely to reach the particle limit.
  • The Mana Pool's "water" icon is now a different icon and not the one used for water. (it still looks the same, it's just in a different file)
  • The Ring of Magnetism now has a limit of 200 entities it can pull so it doesn't kill your FPS if you manage to get a lot of items in one place for whatever reason.
  • The Thorn and Flare Chakrams now pass through leaves and folliage.
  • [API] Added an "overgrowth" and "overgrowthBoost" variables to SubTileEntity for when it's working on Enchanted Soil.
  • [API] Added isOvergrowthAffected() to SubTileEntity to allow for flowers to opt out of Enchanted Soil.
  • [API] Separated ticksExisted from passiveDecayTicks and moved the internal drop handling code from SubTileGeneratingPassive to SubTileGenerating.
  • [API] Increased version number to 63.
  • Added code to safely crash the game if someone overrides the Botania API's Internal Method Handler. Overriding the Internal Method Handler is a sure fire way to crash the game or cause incompatibility problems later down the line, so at least you're getting informed about it with a proper error message. It's sad that I even had to makXe this, to be honest.
  • Fixed a circular dependency chain with DragonAPI not allowing for the game to load.
  • Fixed Red Stringed Conparators only seeing half of a double chest.
  • Reused old botania shaders as new tiny potato variants. You know, this whole potato variant thing is starting to become a good stress relief measure.
And A New Dawn: Botania is out as well. Only on GitHub for now, something about drama on Curse.
  • Re-adds the passive withering config option for flowers (it is disabled per default).
  • The Soujourner's Sash no longer requires Mana to be used.
  • Removes the update checking ability as well as patreon abilities.
  • The Flügel Tiara has it's "flight bar" and other limitations removed (is configurable).
  • The Ritual of Gaia can be performed underground.
  • The Guardian of Gaia does not bind Dice to it's attacker.
  • Stairs, Slabs and Walls added by Botania can be disabled in the config.
  • Allows the viewing of Mana required (can be disabled in the config).
  • Adds Gaia Guardian's Head.
  • Adds configuration for the Endoflame's burn time, to be set or disabled (is disabled per default).
  • Adds configuration for the Thermalily and Hydroangeas cooldown, to be set or disabled (is disabled per default).
  • Adds configuration to turn of the Guardian off Gaia's music.


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Jul 29, 2019
new agricraft update (If the changelog on the website got updated yet)
-ADDED: Nitor Wart: a new crop that produces glowstone dust
-CHANGE: Renamed Mushroom Seeds to Spores
-CHANGE: Sprinklers are now less laggy
-FIXED: Various crashes related to analyzed seeds in the journal after removing mods
-FIXED: Unable to plant crops on soul sand
-FIXED: Broken scythes will no longer harvest crops
-FIXED: Blacklisted seeds bypass disabling of Vanilla farming correctly


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Jul 29, 2019
new agricraft update (If the changelog on the website got updated yet)
-ADDED: Nitor Wart: a new crop that produces glowstone dust
-CHANGE: Renamed Mushroom Seeds to Spores
-CHANGE: Sprinklers are now less laggy
-FIXED: Various crashes related to analyzed seeds in the journal after removing mods
-FIXED: Unable to plant crops on soul sand
-FIXED: Broken scythes will no longer harvest crops
-FIXED: Blacklisted seeds bypass disabling of Vanilla farming correctly

Thats the changelog for a build from March, effective changelog can be found here


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Jul 29, 2019
New version of Tombenpotter's Icarus!

Tombenpotter said:
New features:
  • EnderIO wings
  • Aura Cascade Angel's Steel wings (yes, the 11 tiers are there)
  • HUD when wings are worn
  • Damageable wings take damage every 10 flaps
  • Tweaked the wing's rendering so that they render well when you're sneaking
  • Tweaked the wing's rendering so that they flap faster when you're hovering than when you go up
  • You can change how much hunger each wing flap costs in the config file
  • You can actually take damage from falling too high, even with the wings on, they just reduce the damage
  • Fixes Void Metal wings' repair being much too fast
  • Void Metal wings now have Warping 2, as they should always have
  • Tweaked some stats on the wings that weren't what they should have been
  • Fixed HEE detecting null items in recipes and throwing a fit because of it
  • Single wings items don't show up if the corresponding double wings don't exist


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @feldim2425 with OC-Minecarts
feldim2425 said:
OC-Minecarts 0.3-alpha
  • Added colored name for computer carts in waila
  • Added new functions to the computer cart component ( onRail() and hasNetworkRail() )
  • Fixed crash with invalid item data.
  • Fixed crash if waila is not installed
  • Fixed glowing carts
  • Fixed assembler bug

and @lumien with Chunk Animator
Lumien said:
When new chunks are loaded in vanilla minecraft they simply "appear instantly", with this mod they can be animated to either appear from below or above. This mod shouldn't impact fps considerably because all it does is render chunks "somewhere else".

Once you install this mod it will be in mode 0, that means that all chunks will appear from below. In the config file you can switch between 3 modes and also change the duration of the animation.


Feel free to add this mod to your modpack

and @abab9579 with Stellar Sky
abab9579 said:
Stellar Sky 0.1.13
  • Now the moon can be seen on the day.
  • Added current time context on the HUD. It can be manipulated by pressing key 'U' (Change Time Info Text).
  • Added bunch of configurations!
    • 1. Offsets(Start time): tick, day, year
    • 2. Coordinate: Overworld/Ender longitude and lattitude
  • Arranged some code.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, no update, EVERYBODY PANIC!!



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, no update, EVERYBODY PANIC!!



Say hello to the advanced rocketry Alpha release!


Currently getting things setup but its finally here!

Requires LibVulpes to run!

Advanced Rocketry is a mod about exploration and exploitation of other worlds and celestial bodies.

Research and discover planets and moons within solar systems. And travel to them via rocket propulsion.

Build custom rockets on a Weight to Thrust Ratio. (most decorative block mods supported. Multipart is currently not supported)

Currently in Alpha. Please report any bugs.

Currently rockets use liquid water as propulsion fuel processing chain will come in a upcoming release!

Tutorial/Informational video:

Current features implemented

  1. Modular rockets
  2. Planetary research
  3. Multiblock machines to create parts.
  4. Supports RF
  5. Satellites (Data Sats.)
  6. First solar system explorable.
Potential features in road map.

  • Starships
  • Vanity rocket parts.
  • Higher Tier engines, Fuel storage and rocket components.
  • New solar systems.
  • More satellites Eg. Redstone up-link for wireless redstone, mining satellites,defensive satellites.
  • Remote controlled Rovers.
  • Space probes for deep space data collection.
  • Gas Giant/Asteroid belt mining via drones.
Have any suggestions? leave us a comment down below!
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Jul 29, 2019
...And don't forget about Buildcraft!
BuildCraft 7.1.4


  • Config option to disable showing every facade in Creative/NEI (asie)
  • Objects.cfg, a config file letting you enable/disable almost any block and item in BuildCraft individually! (asie)

  • [#3039] Slight item insertion optimization (Speiger)
  • Improved power transmission logic (asie)
  • Restored proper engine breaking icons (asie)
Bugs fixed:

  • [#3041] GUI crash with Robot gate parameters (asie)
  • [#3038] Server crash on corrupt BC map loading (asie)
  • [#3035] Builder GUI crash (asie)
  • [#3029] Cannot craft Pipe Plugs in rare cases (asie)
  • [#3026] Filler breaking animation blocks being pickupable (asie)
  • [#3024] Cannot right-click on pipes (asie)
Buildcraft 7.1.5

Bugs fixed:

  • Builder/Quarry acting very strangely (asie)
BuildCraft 7.0.26


  • [#3039] Slight item insertion optimization (Speiger)
  • Improved power transmission logic (asie)
Bugs fixed:

  • [#3041] GUI crash with Robot gate parameters (asie)
  • [#3038] Server crash on corrupt BC map loading (asie)
  • [#3035] Builder GUI crash (asie)


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Jul 29, 2019
Ancient Warfare:
-French translations

-Default break particles for Engineering station

-Null-safe template generation

-Improved chunk-loaders

-Made leaf detection in tree farm more subtle #383

-Added shield damage

-Improved Npc path finding through more types of doors, including fence gates

-Added drafting station model

-Reworked owning system to support UUID

-Fix AutomationAPI missing from modules build


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Jul 29, 2019
10 000 th comment!!!!!

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Nice try, but your post should get moved to RED
and Lycanites mobs:
Config Reset Version: (Configs made before this version will be reset by this update.)

New Features:
New Block Added: Summoning Pedestal

Major Fixes:
Changing a Pet or Mount's behaviour will no longer incorrectly consume Spirit.

The Mountain Soulstone no longer incorrectly gives a Beholder.

Fixed a GUI bug with Pet/Mount/Minion scrolling lists where the last element wouldn't scroll into view and couldn't be selected.

Config Changes:
Added new config options for block break based spawn types to be player only. This for example can be enabled to prevent Geonach from spawning from BuildCraft Quarries.

Rahovart's arena has a thicker floor.

The Shade mount ability now costs all 100 stamina up from 20.

Increased the swarm rate of Gorgomites.

By default, March of The Gorgomites can now only start from day 10.

Rahovart's empowered hellfire attacks now remove all beneficial vanilla buffs from targets.

Rahovart's damage cap is now down to 25 from 50.

Minor Fixes:
Boss Event announcements should now work every time on the client side rather than the first time in a session.
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, again no update, PANIC EVERYWHERE!!


PSA: this will probably be the last time I'll make a post like this, as it doesn't really contribute to the topic. when I make a post like this it doesn't mean there's no mod updates at all, just no updates that haven't been posted yet that I think is worth mentioning in this topic.


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Jul 29, 2019
Reika's mods (DragonAPI, RotaryCraft, ElectriCraft, ReactorCraft, Expanded Redstone, MeteorCraft, Cave Control, Critter Pet, Void Monster, TerritoryZone, LegacyCraft, UsefulTNT, GeoStrata, and ChromatiCraft ) have updated. Surprised this hasn't been noted.
  • V9a
    • DragonAPI: Added AgriCraft crop handling
    • DragonAPI: Split CloudRenderEvent into two separate hooks
    • DragonAPI: Fixed player custom render pass
    • DragonAPI: Added remote asset downloading functionality
    • DragonAPI: Added handling for FiniteFluid blocks
    • DragonAPI: Greatly expanded TiC tool handling
    • DragonAPI: Added new Lua methods
    • DragonAPI: Added factory lua methods for Forge interface
    • DragonAPI: Fixed MESystemReader with OreDict.WILDCARD
    • DragonAPI: Fixed Update Checker
    • DragonAPI: Added unminability and unharvestability NBT tags to TileEntityBase
    • DragonAPI: Forced loading after ThermalFoundation
    • DragonAPI: Added ability for configs to specify appropriate bounds
    • DragonAPI: Fixed MTInteractionManager running in singleplayer
    • DragonAPI: Modified mod handler loading to dynamically load the appropriate MagicCropHandler
    • DragonAPI: Fixed more WAILA issues
    • ChromatiCraft: Finished Lumen Fence
    • ChromatiCraft: Added two new dimension structures
    • ChromatiCraft: Tweaked some dimension structures
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some monument generation or behavior issues
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Vacuum Gun and Lumen Turret serverside issues
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed crash on PageUp/Down keys
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Infinite-End ASM
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed pylon kills not causing death message(?)
    • ChromatiCraft: Changed world rift recipe
    • ChromatiCraft: Added Crystal Console (incomplete)
    • ChromatiCraft: Lock key now gives off particles
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Lamp Controller GUI issue
    • ChromatiCraft: Dimension now supports multiple music tracks
    • ChromatiCraft: Added image for Lumen Dash
    • ChromatiCraft: Added a new overworld structure type
    • ChromatiCraft: Added owner key (sharing) tool
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed night vision blackout in dimension
    • ChromatiCraft: Added crystal geodes to dimension
    • ChromatiCraft: Reduced lumen dash cooldown
    • ChromatiCraft: Dimension music now uses a config instead of the vanilla music volume
    • ChromatiCraft: Refactored API
    • ChromatiCraft: Added crystal glass
    • ChromatiCraft: Exiting dimension now takes you to world spawn
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dimension core dropping wrong items
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed lighted leaves dropping glowstone dust with metadata
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some worldgen and miners going through some structure shielding stone
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed lumen tree structure rendering in lexicon
    • ChromatiCraft: Added microblock compatibility for crystalline and shielding stone
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Casting Delegate GUI crash
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some crystal network issues, especially with TC nodes
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed endgame progression dependency loop, added code to ensure cannot happen again
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Item Stands not always making sound
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Aura Locus rendering issues
    • ChromatiCraft: Several constructs can no longer be used or mined by non-owners
    • ChromatiCraft: Redstone now disables the RF Radiator
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Casting Delegate triggering prematurely on some recipes
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dimension not always resetting (hopefully)
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some lexicon entries not appearing
    • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some Optifine-related Zfighting
    • ElectriCraft: Ore harvest levels are now compatible with ITT
    • ExpandedRedstone: Redstone pump now can output to adjacent tanks
    • ExpandedRedstone: Fixed redstone pump pulling up non-source blocks
    • ExpandedRedstone: Added new Arithmetic Operator settings
    • ExpandedRedstone: Fixed item ghosting in Item Effector
    • GeoStrata: Fixed engraved recipe yield
    • ReactorCraft: Fixed solenoid sync issues(?)
    • ReactorCraft: Fixed some fusion reactor behavioral issues that caused plasma leakage
    • ReactorCraft: Fixed isolated fission cores not cooling down
    • ReactorCraft: Changed waste decay mechanics
    • ReactorCraft: Ore Discretization config now throws exceptions on invalid values
    • RotaryCraft: Added new Decorative Tank settings: Glowing, Ignore Fluid Color, Blast Resistant
    • RotaryCraft: Decorative tank settings are now changeable via recipes
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed bedrock scythe dropping wrong plant metadatas
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed pump not rendering internal fluid
    • RotaryCraft: Bedrock sword now drops 10x XP
    • RotaryCraft: Woodcutter causes block updates again
    • RotaryCraft: Made belts cheaper
    • RotaryCraft: Bedrock pickaxe is now faster on ChromatiCraft crystals
    • RotaryCraft: Added HSLA TiC tools
    • RotaryCraft: Bedrock TiC tool crafting is now done in the blast furnace
    • RotaryCraft: Added spanish handbook XMLs
    • RotaryCraft: Chunk loader now gives off particles
    • RotaryCraft: Added coal coke block
    • RotaryCraft: Coal coke is now usable as fuel and for torch crafting
    • RotaryCraft: Added fluid recipe debug code
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed Autocrafter GUI having too many slots in Sustain mode
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed Project Red API version for screwdriver
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed newly crafted junctions not stacking with mined ones
    • RotaryCraft: Changed solar tower water consumption
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed dynamometer comparator output
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed light bridge sync issues
    • RotaryCraft: Fixed Terraformer BC dependency
    • TerritoryZone: Protections are now zone-specific
    • TerritoryZone: Protections are now independent of one another
    • TerritoryZone: Added PvP and Item Pickup protections
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Jul 29, 2019
Anyone still remember Steve's Workshop? A mod that hasn't been updated since over a year?

Introduce Ewy's Workshop, a continuation of Steve's Workshop by EwyBoy:
EwyBoy said:

  • This mod was originally created by Vswe and distributed under the MIT License.
  • The original curse forge page can be found here.
  • He has not given the mod away to me. This is just a unofficial continuation of his work.
  • You cannot hold Vswe liable for any support or bugs in this mod.

Author's note:
As a mod author it is sad to see a mod die. Especially the mods you love playing with. The original mod have't got any updates since Sep 10, 2014 and lacked full compatibility with 1.7.10 with semi outdated code. I have now updated the mod to fully support 1.7.10 and overhauled a big chunk of the code up to my standards. I also added Waila support and better NEI integration. Some values from the original mod has been tweaked. Those values are also now configurable in the mods config file generated on launch. RF support is also on its way to the mod and expect new upgrades. This is not meant to disrespect the original author Vswe but instead as a tribute to his awesome work.

About the mod:
This is a small and simple mod that allows you to have a central modular workbench for all your crafting and smelting. The workbench can be configured exactly how you like it to be. Either you wanna have 4 crafting grids in one table to work on complex recipes or run 4 furnaces in the space of one block powered by one internal fuel source. Or maybe you wanna mix em up like this:


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Jul 29, 2019
A new mod appeared! CWACOM.
*edit-to-add: Blorph liked this (ohnoes) so I should cite him as the mod author. @Blorph :D


Inspired by the movie.

Idea by DJCherryTempo.

Place a Fldsmdfr above level 200 and provide it with water.

Place a Terminal anywhere and provide it with RF.

Shift-right click the Fldsmdfr with a linker and the right click the Terminal to connect them.

Provide a redstone signal to the terminal to stop it.

Food rains only in chunks with players.

The more the food is filling the more water and RF is needed.

As long as food from other mods extends ItemFood, it should be compatible.

(For example with Harvestcraft you have plenty of variety.)

CWACOM doesn't contain an RF-generator. You need a mod that provides RF.

Credits: wiiv (model and texture)

Go and fill the world with food.

That is all.
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