What's new in modded minecraft today?

Discussion in 'Modded Minecraft News' started by Yusunoha, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Yusunoha

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    While this thread is a sticky - FTB doesn't label all information as true or false, Believing it is on you.

    what's new in modded minecraft today?
    a minecraft community project

    Welcome to the "what's new in modded minecraft today?" topic.
    This topic is a community effort to report any updates related to the modded minecraft community.
    Which means people can make a post to report new mods, updates to mods, or updates related to mod developers. Anyone is free to contribute, just make a post mentioning the update, where you can name the mod, the mod version, the mod developer and the changelog with a link to the update of the mod. Mod developers are also allowed to report updates for their mod, or to announce a new mod they've been working on.

    Because this topic is based on community effort, the success of this topic relies on you, the community.
    This means there might be days where the number of updates mentioned in this topic are low, while alot of mods have been updated. So feel free to report a mod update you've come across, which haven't been mentioned yet.

    You're allowed to discuss any update, or discussion regarding the modded minecraft community, but try not to stray away too far from the main goal of this topic. If you like to heavily discuss a subject, feel free to create your own topic on this forum to discuss it there, and feel free to post a link to that topic.

    To help along with this topic, I'll now be posting some Do's and Don'ts for this topic, and I ask you to follow these.

    • Report any update related to the modded minecraft community.
    • Discuss about an update from the modded minecraft community in the RED thread.
    • Mention a new mod or a mod update of your own mod or another person's mod.
    • Link to other modded community effort projects posted on this forum, or elsewhere on the internet.
    • Be kind and polite to eachother.
    • Don't flame or attack another member of the community in this topic, this post will be reported.
    • Start a heavy discussion about a topic. Feel free to create your own topic and post a link to that in this topic.
    • Advertise websites or projects that have absolutely nothing to do with the modded minecraft community.
    • Make alot of posts about the same thing which has already been reported or discussed, as this counts as spam.
    • Do not start a discussion about Gregtech. You're allowed to post updates from Gregtech, but you're not allowed to discuss them. This is to prevent this topic from turning into a Gregtech flamewar. However, you are allowed to create a new topic to discuss about Gregtech, and you're allowed to post a link to that discussion in this topic.

    For those wanting to contribute with this community project, but don't really know what they should be posting, be sure to read the following.
    If you come across an update related to the modded minecraft community, and you haven't seen it posted in this topic yet, you can be the one to report that update. Everyone would appreciate it if you'd provide as much information as possible. This includes the name of the mod for the update you've found, a possible mod version, a mention to the mod developer, a link to the mod update and a changelog of that version.
    With that posted, everyone has all the information they need to know for that update.
    If you want to post an update that's not a mod update, but rather an update concerning the modded minecraft community, try to provide information such as the person who announced it, what they announced, a link to their announcement and a possible quote of their announcement.

    For the people who're interested in what template I always use to report the updates, I'm using this temple
    @Mod-Developer [url=Link to the update]Mod name[/url]

    In the time that this topic has been going, there have been other community members doing a spin-off of this topic. I'd like to now mention those members and advise you to check those out aswell to stay updated with news about the modded minecraft community.

    The first person is @dmillerw who has created a Twitter to report any mod updates.
    The twitter is called @ModdingUpdates and is updated frequently. So if you're a twitter user, and love to stay updated with the modded minecraft community news, be sure to follow him.
    @dmillerw is also working on a project that'll combine the updates posted in this topic, with his @ModdingUpdates twitter.
    With that, updates posted in a certain format in this topic would automatically be posted on his twitter.
    For now this project is still under developement, so stay tuned for that. But for those interested in already posting their reports in the format that'll be used for this project, you can use the following format to post your updates

    The second person who's done a spin-off is @Bevo with his Modded Minecraft News, which will be a weekly youtube series reporting all the updates to the modded minecraft community of the past week. His first video of this youtube series went online yesterday which can be seen here

    If you're already a Bevo-follower, be sure to follow this series if you want to stay updated with modded minecraft news, and if you haven't yet, give @Bevo a follow on his youtube channel called BevoLJ

    I'd like to now thank all of the community members and their effort to contribute with this project.
    I'd also like to thank all the mod developers for doing what they do, and giving us, the community, the chance to do a project like this.
    With that said, I'd also like to thank you, yes you, the one reading this, for coming by this topic and showing your interest in the modded minecraft community.​
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    Thats really nice, i I like it :)

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  3. Yusunoha

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    how about we have a topic, where anyone can post any new updates/releases information from mods? I thought it would be a good idea... so here I am :D

    to start it of... first some sad news from mdiyo

    what does this mean? it pretty much means that mdiyo has reached that point with Tinker's Construct where he thinks it's complete. it's sad to hear, but this doesn't mean he's dropping Tinker's Construct. he'll still update it, but he won't release anything new for Tinker's Construct anymore. maybe we could get lucky and he may add some new things in the future, but let's all be honest with eachother, Tinker's Construct is already as awesome as it is right now.

    this doesn't apply to TMechworks though, he'll still be adding new things to that, it's just Tinker's Construct which is complete.

    and some more sad news for us who love to use the watering can from Extra Utilities, posted in a tweet by Tema

    so soon we won't be able to use the watering can in Thermal Expansion's autonomous activators anymore. it's sad to see this happen, but come on, that was OP as hell :p

    and for those who loved growthcraft in MagicFarm, rejoice, as the 1.6 version has been released this week which can be found here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...wthcraft-jan-20-2014-202-more-crash-fixing-d/
    do note though that there may still be some bugs that need to be ironed out, but it's looking great so far

    the mod developer of gany's surface/nether/end now has a new mod for those who like their aluminium, cobalt and ardite, but don't like to use the smeltery. he's made a new mod called AOBD, meaning Another One Bites the Dust. what does this mod do? why not let ganymedes01 explain it himself

    downloads can be found here http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic...-on-process-cobalt-ardite-and-aluminium-v100/

    and for the lovers of Computercraft, dan200 has some very exciting new changes in store for us, which he explains in a recent post on his website

    now this isn't exactly a mod update, but Mekanism has finally been added to the universal configurations :D so for those, like me, who've been wanting to play with Mekanism for a while now, but were waiting for the universal configurations, you can now finally download the universal config for Mekanism and start playing with it. the universal configurations can be found here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxjG2kerwqJec0w2SldrRktpU1U&usp=sharing

    well, that's about it for now from me. anyone who also has news from a mod, or an update from a mod developer or perhaps a new mod that could use some spotlight, you can make a post about that here and share it with the rest of us

    thanks, I guess alot has happened this last week :p
    I also updated the first post with some more information, just incase you've missed it ;)

    ofcourse, anyone is free to make posts aswell if they find anything new
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  4. jokermatt999

    jokermatt999 New Member

    dan200 also posted another update to reddit: portable computers with built in modems, that run while in your inventory. Gentleman*, start your coding.

    *And ladies of course.
  5. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    So a modder has finally decided their mod is finished. That's a first.
  6. SinisterBro :3

    SinisterBro :3 New Member

    Better than wolves.
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  7. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Thanks Yusunoha; I knew nothing of any of this.

    I wonder if you could have justified several "Modding News: " threads, instead of one giant one; I'd watch those like a hawk.
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  8. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    mDiyo has quit modding so many times. I think around 8 times or so.
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  9. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    wait... what?


    no problem, I hope this topic could become that topic where we all can chat about the new things in the modded scene *crosses fingers*

    haha, can't blame him. how many times I haven't gone back to something that I thought was done. I've edited the opening post 3 times now with new information everytime thinking "now I've everything written what I know" and a few minutes later "ooh crap, ofcourse, there's also that"
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  10. jokermatt999

    jokermatt999 New Member

  11. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Extra utilities generators anybody?
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  12. MoosyDoosy

    MoosyDoosy New Member

    Super hype for that, can't wait 'till it's stable. I'm gonna see how much crazy power I can make with them. Probably gonna try out all of the ways to use the generators before settling on the one that makes the most RF.
  13. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    I want to automate the one that makes power from potions, if it survives through development.
  14. MoosyDoosy

    MoosyDoosy New Member

    That would be very interesting to automate. :D I might try it too.
  15. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    I wonder if there will be compatibility with the dynamic tanks potions...
  16. Pokefenn

    Pokefenn New Member

    The potion one is seriously op XD
    I made a farm with them, 80RF/t from just a netherwart and sugar cane farm! (using golems since they are power free :) )
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  17. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I know nothing about extra utilities generators as well. :( :(
    Basically if its not in this branch of this forum, or in the FTB Launcher itself, I don't know about it. Hence why I demand that someone initiate a Modding News initiative purely to inform the lazy (me) of interesting changes/additions to the modding scene.

    Annnnnnd go!
  18. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    well, to be honest the generators were released last week, so I thought the news was already kind of outdated :p

    would be nice if there is. on that note, I actually want a better way of using potions then there's now... like stackable potions or something... I don't see why that should be a problem, if potions stacked...

    I don't know if it's already coded like that or not, but the potions generator should have different power generations depending on which potion is used. so the high the potion level, the more power it generates for a longer time

    well, these kind of news items are mostly for new mod releases that have just been released. it usually takes a good 2 weeks or so before these mod versions get released in the packs due to the FTB team having to thoroughly test them

    but dan200 has been really going crazy with computercraft the last week, and I think we can give a huge thanks for this to OpenComputers

    also, seeing as some old news is also popular, for those loving Binnie's mods, but have been waiting for a stable release, Binnie released a stable release not too long ago

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  19. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    I'm super excited about the portable computer. A mob spawner that turns off when you are 180 blocks away? Yes please.
  20. Revemohl

    Revemohl New Member

    Why does nobody ever care about how Engineer's Toolbox actually lets you double, or even triple AND get a small bonus for Cobalt/Ardite? It makes me a bit sad. No, Factorization is not an option because it takes too long
    And I'm actually okay with those metals not being processed by common means -- you can't even mine them with a diamond pick, after all, so it makes sense that you'd need something different to properly process them.
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