What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
Speaking of new 1.7 mods, I made a new mod!
Introducing: Quartz Party!
Ever want quartz to spawn in on the surface, but don't want it to make mods like Tinkers' Construct easier? This is the mod for you! This spawns a new ore added to the overworld called Surface Quartz. The difference between Nether Quartz and Surface Quartz is that it can't be used for anything but aesthetics... and maybe some tools. The tools have a mining level of redstone, but are no better than stone. They also have the enchantability of gold ;)

Wanna use it in a pack? Go ahead! All I ask is that I am notified.
You can download it here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/235884-quartz-party


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Jul 29, 2019
Aaaaand, more new mods!

XCompCraft (by MysteriousAges)
Tired of having to write complicated Mystcraft ages just so your players won't quarry the overworld? Is all you need for your modpack a single void dimension to put your nefarious traps and mechanisms of DOOM in? Are you looking for a mod that allows you to add new dimensions to Minecraft for your server?

This might be the mod for you.

  • Currently supports 4 types of dimensions:
    • Overworld clone or with a seed override.
    • Superflat, for that flat world experience.
    • Single Biome, perfect for Extreme Hills mining ages, or infinite rolling plains.
    • Void, fantastic for falling to your doom in!
    • Support for other mods' world types may be added in the future (Biomes 'o Plenty, Advanced Terrain Generation)
  • Set spawn points via config file per dimension.
  • Easily create new dimensions with an easy to write config style.
  • Enhanced Teleport command with way too many options!
  • Customize dimensional teleporter items via config file.
Because it's funny. XCompWiz wrote Mystcraft, and now MysteriousAges is writing XCompCraft. Call it "SimpleDim" if you find it less confusing... just don't call it late for dinner!


Had to get that one out of my system, sorry.

SetNow (by TehNut)
A simple right click of a bed (Anything that extends BlockBed) will set your spawn to that location. Includes a configurable dimension blacklist.

Builder's Helper (by sshipway)
This is a mod aimed at:

  • People who spend all their time in Creative mode
  • People who like the copy/paste features in external editors, but want to create in-game
  • People who don't want to spend another ten minutes creating yet another generic house as they build their city
  • People who want to share their structure with others without having to save and load an entire world
  • People who want an easy way to add auto-spawning structures in-game
  • People who want an easy way to use the schematics libraries online, without having to install more complex mods
The mod adds a new item -- a Wand -- and a few commands ( /wand, /blueprint ). It allows the person holding the wand to create any of a number of predefined structures (plans) at the click of a right-button; it also allows them to save an existing structure as a file (blueprint) that can be loaded back in as a plan and used again multiple times. The resulting map does not need the mod to be loaded for it to work.

Plans may use 'soft' blocks, which only place in air or water, and can also include reference to other place, at translation or rotation. There is also the option to use an element of randomness, so that it can generate varying structures from the same blueprint. It also preserves Block Entity data and can handle blocks added by other mods.

Plans can specify Chests and Spawners using special random syntax, to include randomised loot and spawn potentials. This may be configured using in-line NBT, external NBT files, or symbolically in the code. You can also specify mobile entities, such as carts, armour stands, and mobs.

There are also 'Metablock' symbols, such as 'OLD_STONE' which will resolve to a different block based on current biome and/or random states. So, a cottage will generate using different stone and wood if built in a desert as opposed to being built on a plain.

Blueprints can also copy and paste mobile entities, such as minecrafts, mobs, and armour stands.

Blueprints can contain IFBLOCK and IFBIOME tests to branch on various conditions.

Blueprints can use MOB to create entities, and you can copy entities.

The PICTURE directive can be used to create a custom map in a frame displaying the contents of an external image file.

Plans may be flagged as 'autogenerate' with a probability and a list of biomes, and they will be auto-generated as new chunks are generated.

There is support for MCEdit Schematics, and Ruins Templates. (See http://www.minecraft-schematics.com/ )

The main thing to note is that, once the structures have been built, the mod is not required for the world to work (provided you have removed the Wand from the player inventory of course).

The mod comes with a number of example blueprints, demonstrating the various capabilities. For example:

  • Glass dome -- works on land or underwater
  • Random tower -- random room contents and height
  • Cottage -- simple cottage
  • Well -- example of underground structure
  • Water -- uses 'soft' blocks to fill holes with water without affecting other blocks
  • Jeb Door -- standard Jeb door, with redstone etc
  • Lava trap -- example of trapped chest with opening floor
  • Bridge -- a simple 4-block wide bridge with a 30-block span
  • Tree -- a simple Oak tree
  • Water and Dry -- fill a hole with water, or dry up existing water
  • Topsoil -- add a layer of dirt and grass to any exposed rock
  • Tunnel -- drill a tunnell, with a rail track and torches, until the far side of the hill
  • Dungeon -- generate a random dungeon, with random rooms, monsters and treasure
More details and documentation are included with the mod in the download file.

Suggested uses:

  • Removing repetitive duplication work when building cities, forests and so on
  • Tutorials (eg, redstone) can provide a blueprint containing the example structures
  • Builders can share their work as individual re-useable structures
  • Use of random features giving small variations in a plan, to make more realistic worlds
  • Procedurally generate simple towers and castles

Nova Sol

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Jul 29, 2019
ChromatiCraft did a thing!
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed progression dependency loop with Elemental Sonar
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed heat lamp being destroyed if not harvested with a pickaxe
  • ChromatiCraft: Increased heat lamp max temp to 615C
  • ChromatiCraft: Repeaters now check all possible orientations on place
  • ChromatiCraft: Added new "Energy Internalization" info fragment
  • ChromatiCraft: Changed crystal plant behaviors with automated farming
  • ChromatiCraft: RF Radiator no longer tries to send energy to IE wires
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed monument worldgen

RotaryCraft and DragonAPI also had a stunning one change each.


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Jul 29, 2019
Some d-bag called jordsta95 uploaded a really crappy mod called Simple Blocks

There is no changelog, only this image:


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Mitchellbrine with Cards vs. Crafters
Mitchellbrine said:
Cards vs. Crafters 1.1.2
  • Added:
    • Bots! Now you can play [Cards vs. Crafters] with yourself (Tweet me any bot names you want me to add to future versions! I currently have a lot of them)
    • Current Bot Names:
    • Drullbot
    • Blorph
    • Forgecraft
    • Wheatley
    • GLaDOS
    • Adventure Core a.k.a. Rick
    • Dinklebot
    • HAL 9000
    • ROB 64
    • Bender
    • Burdbot
  • Fixed:
    • Fixed a bug where multiple inputs end up stopping the game (though this bug could've been due to the bot mechanics having issues, not really human interference)
    • Fixed the indexes not being disabled.
    • Fixed a bug where you could get the same black card twice in a row
    • Fixed plenty of possible crashes!
    • Altogether, I think this version is a lot more stable than ANY of the previous versions of CvC (knock on wood).
  • (Next update: Blank cards and 1.8 support (although I may add a 1.8 port for this version).)

and @Blargerist with Dimensional Control
Blargerist said:
Dimensional Control 0.13.0
  • New stuff:
    • Added option "Infinite Sky Dimension" for setting if the sky dimension should generate infinitely rather than just a single island.
    • Added option "Sky Dimension Height Modifier" for setting the max heights of sky islands.
    • Added option "Sky Island Size" for changing sky island size.
    • Added option "Sky Island Top Hills" for changing the height of hills on the top of sky islands.
    • Added option "Sky Island Bottom Hills" for changing the height of hills on the bottom of sky islands.
    • Added option "Void Teleport Dimensions" for setting up void teleporters, which will teleport a player to another dimension when they fall into the void.
    • Added option "Portal Type" to portals. This can be either "SAME" to send the player to the same coordinates, or "SPAWN" to send the player to the world spawn.
  • Changes to old stuff:
    • Small optimizations to the sky dimension terrain generation code.
    • Made spawn teleporters find the top block if sending a player to a non-DC dimension. This will stop you spawning in walls.

and @Nuchaz with BiblioCraft
Nuchaz said:
BiblioCraft 1.11.0
  • *New Block: Framed Chest Works with the Furniture Paneler to get to color chests using any solid block. The Framed Chest also has a built in single item label that automatically shows the item with the highest quantity in the chest. Chests can be connected into double chests using the screw gun. Double chests will have 2 built in labels and the left side of the chest will select its label item from the top half of the chest inventory and the right side will select from the bottom half of the inventory.
  • *New Item: Stockroom Catalog This allows you to list the contents of any number of chests with a single list. Sneak right-click a block with an inventory (a chest, bookcase, barrel, anything with an inventory) to add that inventory to the list of inventories for the catalog to keep track of. Sneak right-click the same block again to remove that block from the list. A small particle effect will render on that block when holding the Stockroom Catalog to let you know that block is being tracked. Right click to open the GUI and see the list. You can sort the list in ascending or descending order by quantity (Count) or alphabetical order. Click on the title to change it to anything so you can custom label your stockroom catalog. click on the small chest icons on the right hand side of each listing to open the inventory list view. This shows you everywhere inventory in your list that item can be found. You will notice 8 slots across the top. If you have any waypoint compasses in your inventory, they will show up in those slots. This allows you to click the compass, then click the + button next to an inventory and add that location to your waypoint compass. Click the close button on the bottom right or hit ESC to close the inventory list view. Hit the exit button on the bottom right or hit esc again to close the GUI.
  • *New Feature: Fancy workbenches connect to bookcases. Up to 2 bookcases, one on the left and/or one on the right will show their inventory in the fancy workbench.
  • *New Feature: Recipe books can now be used to craft items without a workbench if the player has the required ingredients in their inventory.
  • *Clipboard tweak: Can now navigate between lines using the arrow keys and can enter the next line by hitting enter.
  • *Added a locked message to blocks that have been locked with the lock and key when another player tries to use that block

sadly I'm still without a computer, something weird is going on with it and the shop is having trouble trying to fix it.
I want to thank all of you for jumping in and helping me with the topic during this time.
as you can see I'm trying to pick up the updating again, but it'll go slowly, so until I have my computer back I really appreciate it that all of you are helping me.

I guess it's also a good time to mention that next friday I'll be going on vacation again, so I won't be able to do any updates during that time. my last update will be on the 17th and I'll be back with updating on the 26th


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Jul 29, 2019
Gendustry 1.6.0
  • Added custom hive spawning system
  • Added Error Sensor Cover
  • Added Pollen Scrubber Upgrade (prevents flower spreading and polination)
  • Tools can now be charged using normal crafting and redstone dust/blocks (for packs without charging blocks)
  • Apiaries will emit a block update when error state changes
  • Apiaries will now drop covers when broken (prevents dupes and weirdness)
  • Added option for custom bees to only register when a specific mod or oredict entry is present
  • Fixed housing and bee keeping mode mutation modifiers not applying to custom mutations
  • Fixed apiary BC gate triggers not working
  • Fixed apiaries not connecting correctly to some redstone wires
  • Fixed custom bee products not working correctly if they use the same drop chance
  • Fixed incorrect custom localization loading
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks InfinityStudio)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)
Advanced Generators 0.9.18
  • Added detailed tooltips to multiblock controllers/modules
  • Added forestry peat (normal and bituminous) as carbon sources
  • Added PneumaticCraft and MagneticCraft fuels
  • Reduced advanced valve energy cost in TE smelter to 48k so it can be done by a basic machine
  • Updated French and Chinese localization (thanks Mazdallier, Ahtsm, PatchouliHina)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)
Pressure Pipes 1.2.4
  • Added detailed tooltips to multiblock controllers/modules
  • Added Sluice (thanks CplPibald)
  • Updated Chinese localization (thanks Ahtsm)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)
AE2 Stuff 0.5.0
  • Added Network Visualisation Tool
  • Added Wireless Connector and Wireless Setup Kit
    • No detailed documentation yet, see mod page for short description of blocks/items
  • Pattern Encoder can now be rotated
  • All blocks can now be disassembled with a wrench and will keep inventory and energy when breaking
  • Fixed crash with Looking Glass and other mods that do weird things with client-side world
  • Updated French and Chinese localization (thanks Mazdallier, Ahtsm)
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)
Compacter 1.1.0
  • Internal changes and update to work with newer BDLib
  • Fixed issues with with some locales that use weird Latin letter upper/lower case mappings (e.g. Turkish)
All mods require BDLib 1.9.2


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Cypher121 with Magneticraft
Cypher121 said:
Magneticraft 0.4.5
  • Fixed:
    • Crashes related to other mods using BuildCraft, CoFHLib or RailCraft API.
    • Some of the render problems.
    • Charge bar display bug.
    • Dupe bug with barrel-like inventories.
    • Most errors related to Inserters.
    • Crash caused by shift-clicking coil in electric furnace.
    • Zinc ore is now properly registered as oreZinc in OreDict.
  • Added:
    • Crushing Table: manually double ores by hitting them with a hammer.
    • Limestone added and will now generate in the world.
    • Decorative Limestone variations and Roof Clay Tiles.
    • Slab/Stair/Microblock versions of new decorative blocks.
  • Changed:
    • Alternators will no longer appear if their respective APIs/mods aren't present. Same goes for Kinetic Generator.
    • Tooltips and names changed.
    • Tooltips are now hidden unless player is sneaking.
    • Ingot blocks can now be cut into microblocks.
    • Items registered as TE hammers or BC wrenches can now be used instead of Magneticraft wrench.
    • Magneticraft wrench can now be used as TE hammer.
    • Poles can now be put into one of three connection modes: ALLOWED, MANUAL-ONLY and BLOCKED. First mode will auto-connect to all poles with same mode in 16 block radius. MANUAL-ONLY will only allow connections from Heavy Copper Coil. BLOCKED will not accept any connections and will just sit there and be useless. Mode can be switched by shift-clicking pole with a wrench. Changing mode will drop all existing connections.
    • Heavy Copper Coil connection can now be dropped by shift-clicking anything that isn't a pole.
    • New pole textures.

and @awweaver with Visual Redstone
awweaver said:
This mod will show the power level or redstone that a block is receiving.

Have you ever wondered what Redstone Power (if any) was being applied to a block?

With this mod that is not any issue anymore! It will show you what level is being applied to the block. To use this mod just craft a Redstone Visualizer with a redstone torch, clock, redstone dust, compass, and a stick. Point it at any block and block highlight will be a different color (soon to be configurable!)

Modpacks: YES.

Note: this mod is mostly done, I still need to add config values for all 15 levels of Redstone.

Thanks to Lance5057 for making the item texture, which I enlarged and used as the logo as well

Thanks also to kg6jay for figuring out the code I was having issues with.


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Jul 29, 2019
Blood Arsenal 1.2-0 is finally up with some major additions! Get it here: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/228823-blood-magic-addon-blood-arsenal
-Added Forge Multipart integration

-Added Thaumcraft/Forbidden Magic integration

-Finished Tinker's Construct integration

-Started Guide-API documentation

-Fixed the Life Infuser consuming unneeded LP

-Fixed Baubles dupe and bugs

-Fixed moar bugs

-Tweaked recipes and re-balanced things

-Did things that I forgot about at the time I wrote this :p

Note: There is a bug present in the previous versions that cause it to crash if I update the current version on the version checker. This is a heads up warning and I'm giving approx. 3 weeks for everyone to update before I change it


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Jul 29, 2019
I released the first alpha (and second bugfix version in short notice) of my new mod: Simple Storage
This mod is designed to provide a simple upgradeable chest that doesn't require a dozen different metals or crafting stages, as well as a nifty search feature.
  • Initial release
  • Fixed bug where more than 6 rows could display while searching.
  • Fixed bug where the scrolling display position was overwritten constantly.

Blood Asp

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Jul 29, 2019
A bunch of GregTech related updates:

  • Large Turbine and Large Heat Exchanger overhaul by pyure.
  • Fix Magic gen recipes missing without Thaumcraft.
  • Bronze Dust and Advanced Circuit Achievements now use OreDict.
  • Added 8 missing Metallurgy materials.
  • Fixed VibrantAlloy into molten PhasedGold recipes.
  • Fixed Batbuffer name in Nuclear Control.
  • Added Tooltips for auto output gui buttons.
  • Split used textures for items/blocks (Turbines/QChest/QTank/FusionComp).
  • Fixed QChest visuals in NEI.
  • Added NEI support for UUMatter recipes.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed packager not accepting some items by automation.
  • Needs maintainance cover now also emits rs singnal to opposide side were a wireless transmitter(in) on the same block can send it.
  • Large Turbine also accepts MRF steam (by DeckerCHAN).
  • Fixed a worldgen issue changing probability.
  • Added additional worldgen logging with debug config enabled.
  • Changed code to compile also with IDEA.
  • Changed soldering iron behavior with not enough energy.
  • Changed large plasma gen output.
  • Added oreHeeEndium processing.
  • Added more shards in Magic Energy Converter.
  • Added thaumcraft liquid essentia as fuel to Magic Energy Absorber.
  • Added turbines disassemble(possible once they have taken damage).
  • Lowered disassembler runtime as in .09.
  • Fixed issue with lock upgrade.
  • Fixed fusion reactor not stopping without energy.
  • Fixed pump spawning infinite mining pipes.
  • Quickfix too much maintainance damage.
  • Another fix for the lock upgrade.

  • Massfabricator:
8xEU per UUM (still less than IC2 EU costs) max 10 Amp input higher tiers no longer less efficient
  • Tool Material changes:
Titanium: 8.0, 2560, 3 - > 7.0, 1600, 3 Tungsten: 8.0, 5120, 3 -> 7.0, 2560, 3 Iridium: 6.0, 5120, 4 -> 6.0, 2560, 3 Osmiridium: 8.0, 3000, 4 -> 7.0, 1600, 4 TungstenSteel: 10, 5120, 4 -> 8.0, 2560, 4
  • New Materials:
TungstenCarbide VanadiumSteel HSS-G HSS-E HSS-S

  • More complex Titanium and Tungsten production:
Bauxite/Ilmenite + C -> Iron / Rutile + 2C + 2Cl -> Titaniumtetrachloride + 2MG -> Ti / Magnesiumchloride Lava/End Stone now produce Tungstate(but more) Tungstate/Scheelite Electrolyzing now needs EV + Hydrogen

  • Worldgen:
Removed Pu oregen(and byproducts) Added U235 to oregen instead Added Oil Sands oregen Added Asteroids to TheEnd (code from GalacticGreg)
  • Made Single Use Batteries more useful:
Raised EU cap +50% to make them a alternative to produce Energy
  • Increase Large Boiler Efficiency:
Bronze 2.0x 16.000->32.000 (Steam per Charcoal) Steel 1.5x 24.000->36.000 Titanium 1.3x 32.000->41.600 TSteel 1.2x 40.000->48.000
  • Generator efficiencies:
Turbine: 85,75,66 Generators: 95,90,85
  • Disassembler:
Lowered runtime for higher tiers.
  • Rubber changes:
Sticky Resin produces Raw Rubber and no more Plastic(Plastic now comes from Oil) Raw Rubber vulcanization with Sulfur Removed Rubber Cable crafting, now needs Fluid Solidifier + Fluid Rubber ULV Cables can be isolated with paper, LV cables with wool+string
  • Misc changes:
Updated API Version to 5.09 Removed the old Rotors fully(the ones without texture) Wood to Charcoal smelting disabled EU->RF default enabled IC2Cables default disabled Sugarcane into paper or sugar now needs mortar to craft(can be disabled under harder recipes)
  • Cover now protect against cables and pipes shocking or buring:
Currently all covers. Need to limit to non conductive covers.(MetaPipeEntity.isCoverOnSide())
  • Changed and added Fluid pipes:
Reduced TS Pipe Temp resist 12500K -> 7500K, can no longer transfer Plasma Added special Plasma Containment Pipe (nedodym + supercond) Added High Pressure Pipes(More throughput than TS Pipes but need pumps to craft)
  • Added Gem, Reinforced and Metal Storage Blocks:
Metals: 124 types Gems: 37 types Reinforced: TS Reinforced Stone, IrReinforced Stone, Ir TS Reinf Stone, Plascrete Block, more...
  • Fixed Crash with IHL.
  • All 5.08.28-29 changes.
  • Fixed broken steam math of small turbine and large boiler.
  • Fixed circuit not possible to craft.
  • Internal changes to fluid handling.
  • Added burn values to new fuels.
  • Fixed crops needing blocks below not growing.

0.6 - Fixed ores spawning on planet surface.
- Fixed issue with spawn weight.
- Added processing recipes for some Moon and Mars stones into usable materials.

0.7 - Fixed Asteroids not containing ores
- Removed debug logging
- GG now changes it's default accordingly if GT 5.08 or 5.09 is installed.

1.8 - Updated default oregen to fit GT6.00.52.
Fixed randomisation bug on asteroid worldgen.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @hilburn with Passive Torch
hilburn said:
Designed to prevent the natural spawning of anything non-agressive: Slimes, Bats, Sheep, Chicken, Cows, Pigs etc.

Has a range equivalent to ExU's Magnum Torch.

and @hilburn with STFU
hilburn said:
Shut Those Fellows Up!

We have all seen our logs get clogged up by certain useless info or debug messages - makes life hard for people trying to find particular information.

This very quick mod (<250 lines total) allows the user to add custom filters to those loggers to reduce the spam.

and @RiskyKen with Armourer's Workshop
RiskyKen said:
Armourer's Workshop
  • Added a private library folder for player on a server.
  • Added dye bottles. (not usable yet)
  • Added back-end support for skin painting and dye systems.
  • Added ability for most wrench tools to rotate skin blocks.
  • Added ability for all tools to be shift clicked on the Armourer.
  • Added support for Metallurgy swords.
  • Added config syncing for allowClientsToDownloadSkins, allowClientsToUploadSkins, overrideSwordsActive and overrideBowsActive.
  • Added blockSkinMaxRenderDistance config option.
  • Added wireframeRender debug config option.
  • Added enableHolidayEvents config option. (for the Scrooge's of the world)
  • Added new holiday event!
  • Changed how skins are stored in memory.
  • Changed skin backer algorithm to remove "caves" from skin before rendering.
  • Changed the library GUI layout. (not final)
  • Changed collision & bounding boxes on block skins to match the skin size.
  • Changed library to remembers type and search filters when the GUI is closed.
  • Changed equipment skins templates item name will now be the skin name if one was set.
  • Fixed transparency with skinnable blocks behind other skinnable blocks.
  • Fixed crash cause by mods returning null as a players display name.
  • Fixed crash if a player beyond tracking range shoots an arrow into tracking range of a player.
  • Fixed block skins being placeable in invalid locations.
  • Fixed block skins not playing a sound when placed.
  • Fixed bounding box blocks being drop from explosions.
  • Fixed old legacy skirts being 1 block too low.

ps. I got my computer back \o/


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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.9.2 "Servers and Players Rejoice" for Minecraft 1.7 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.7.10-PE1.9.2
* NEW: Giant Mushrooms added to the Axe list
* NEW: Further MineTweaker integration
* NEW: Italian language file updates
* FIXED: A issue with the new Chisel update
* FIXED: Matter furnaces not accepting collector EMC properly
* FIXED: Desync when clicking a empty transmutation slot resulting from the new backend
* FIXED: A Issue regarding item damage and EMC values
* NOTICE: The below changes are from beta 1.9.1
* CHANGE: Further transmutation GUI backend improvements
* CHANGE: PE item recipe backend improvements
* CHANGE: Void Ring backend improvements
* CHANGE: Flight changes. Double jump for creative. Hold for jetpack style
* FIXED: A flight conflict with other mods
* FIXED: Book of the Alchemist offset issues at certain resolutions
* FIXED: Transmutation search box rendering over tooltips
* FIXED: A issue causing the Life Stone to void fuel
* NOTICE: The below changes are from beta 1.9.0
* NEW: ProjectE items should now respect server protection
* NEW: NEI search filters can be used in the Transmutation search bar
* NEW: Book of the Alchemist partially added
* NEW: Talisman of Repair can repair items in Bauble slots
* NEW: Further API additions
* NEW: x items equal y can be defined using custom conversion configs
* CHANGE: Slight Condenser and Alchemical Chest texture improvements
* FIXED: Some items such as the ExtraUtils QED causing Transmutation GUI desync
* FIXED: A issue causing items to stop working on dimension change
* FIXED: Condenser Mk2 burning items when its output is full
* FIXED: A issue with GUIs when being moved too far from a block
* FIXED: IAlchChestItems crashing
* FIXED: Possible issues with the Turkish locale
* FIXED: A possible NullPointerException on login
* FIXED: A EMC tooltip stack overflow
* FIXED: Matter furnace GUI issues
* FIXED: Talisman of Repair issues with Chisel items


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @FyberOptic with DoubleDoors
FyberOptic said:
This does exactly as the name suggests! It allows opening more than one door at a time, making double doors behave as you might expect that they should. This works for both manually opening them as well as activation with buttons/pressure plates/etc.

You can bypass this functionality by holding the sneak key and opening the door with an empty hand.


This mod requires the Meddle mod loader, as well as the DynamicMappings and MeddleAPI mods. It's easy to install, just look here for more info, and feel free to ask if you need help. This mod just goes in your 'meddle' folder with any other mods.

Since it uses DynamicMappings, it should work automatically with each snapshot. Though due to the number of changes made to the game during development, DynamicMappings will likely have to be updated along the way. Keep an eye on the Meddle thread to stay up to date.

This mod requires no client-side mod to be present. That means you can run a Meddle server and vanilla clients will be able to take advantage of the functionality. It's still recommended for clients to install it as well though to avoid the tiny delay you might see when manually opening doors.

Version 1.0 requires Meddle v1.2.2+, DynamicMappings 008+, and MeddleAPI v1.0.1+.

and @BloodNBonesGaming with Advanced Spawn Control
BloodNBonesGaming said:
With more and more mods adding new mobs, it becomes increasingly difficult for Modpack creators to find a balance between them. Advanced Spawn Control is a new tool for modpack creators to define the spawns of the various mobs to their ideals for the modpack they are creating allowing for a more in depth feel in their designs.

Features in Advanced spawn Control include dimension specific lists that allow diversity based on biome, entity type, and specific entities in a blacklist and whitelist format. We will add more features based on user feedback (please use the issue tracker for feedback) and internal needs. Please refer to the wiki for documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your mods in a modpack?

You may not redistribute any mods from Blood N Bones Gaming on any site in any form except as part of a compilation (modpack) distributed through CurseVoice or another accredited launcher such as FTB or ATLauncher. If redistributing as a compilation on a launcher other than CurseVoice, the description of the compilation should clearly display the names of the mods in use, credit Blood N Bones Gaming as their author, include a link to http://www.curse.com/users/BloodNBonesGaming/projects, and not violate any other author's licenses.

Blood N Bones Gaming reserves the right to change or revoke redistribution privileges without notice. BlockPhysics is a GPLv3 project and you may redistribute it freely within the scope of its license.

I messaged you about…

The BloodNBonesGaming account on Curse is used only for showing ownership of our projects to the team. Chances of getting messaged back from that account is pretty slim.

I have a (bug)(idea)(etc) for your mod (x).

Please use the issue tracker listed on the Curse page for each individual mod.

The mod crashes whenever I load Minecraft.

All of our mods require BnBGamingLib to be installed with them. This is a common code library we use on all of our projects. Get it at http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/229587-bnbgaminglib

Are you looking for new team members?

Of course! We will be looking for builders, coders, wiki writers, and pack creators fairly soon. Feel free to message Eyamaz with examples of your work and we will look at it.

Do you have an Assets Package for Let’s Plays or streamers?

Not yet, but it is planned. At this time, streamers and youtubers may reuse art assets only for the express purposes of being utilized within a video or stream that features the use of one of any of the works by Blood N Bones Gaming. Use of any artwork beyond this limitation is restricted without prior approval of either Eyamaz or BigBadChris and will be determined on an individual basis.

Blood N Bones Gaming reserves the right to change or revoke the privilege of utilizing any artwork or other assets at any time without notice.

Is there a way to help support Blood N Bones Gaming?

There are several ways you can help out the team!

  1. Word of mouth is one of the best advertisers. If you like our work, tell people about it!
  2. Using our projects in a modpack on CurseVoice is a great way to help support the team. Every download gets a little bit of RP spread among the team helping them out financially!
  3. We have shirts and artwork available at https://society6.com/eyamaz that help us both financially and letting people know about us. Wear them at all the ‘cons and events!
  4. Want to make a donation? Head on over to https://patreon.com/eyamaz where you can gain access to the private server and test early project builds!

Money earned through society6 and patreon are being used to fund future projects and do not directly support the team financially.

and @anthonysheets with Easy Breeding
anthonysheets said:
Easy Breeding adds the ability to breed animals (excepting Ocelots and Wolves) by tossing their breeding food on the ground near them.
This allows very simple automated animal breeding with only vanilla tools.

This mod can be installed on client or server side only.

Thanks to-
Flowerchild and BTW for the inspiration
Gigabit101 for help with the update to current