What's new in modded minecraft today?

Discussion in 'Modded Minecraft News' started by Yusunoha, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. the_j485

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    Heh that's fair enough. We'll be glad to have back an experienced player, we've precious few as it is.
  2. Cordex97

    Cordex97 New Member

    AE2 Rv1 Alpha Build 11 - 1.7.10

    • Added Feature: #0633 - You can now Color the screen of the Security Terminal, Crafting Monitor and ME Chest.
    • Fixed Bug: #0613 - interface bug when crafting large quantities of items
    • Fixed Bug: #0648 - Color Applicator knocks of Facades
    • Smart cables color update revisited!
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  3. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

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  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Love that colored-hex-on-black texture.
  5. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    Xycraft makes me feel awesome, because I can make two mods before it's finished, but then I see the renderer and cry a little.
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  6. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    I can't wait. I feel 1.7.10 down the line.
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  7. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    I feed 2.10.32 down the line. :/
  8. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

  9. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    isn't that in the same week that Half Life 3 gets confirmed?
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  10. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    I have looked at journey map (albeit not extremely close) but my experience thus far is it was much more resource intensive and the benefits that mapwriter DOES get when coupoled with opis make it well worth using. Just wish it had those other two items.
  11. Mevansuto

    Mevansuto New Member

    It is very resource intensive, but I've felt since the 4.0.0 update it's been the superior minimap mod. It only lacks the lightweight of Opis/Mapwriter and Opis' ability to detect TPS problems and other Opis things.
  12. dmillerw

    dmillerw New Member

    This simple mod allows players and server owners to fine-tuned control over Minecraft's day/night cycle by being able to control how long each cycle lasts.
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  13. ollieread

    ollieread New Member

    Hai, what do you mean by overhaul by the way? As in, overhaul of the default minecraft mechanics?
  14. jokermatt999

    jokermatt999 New Member

    I could see this being amazing with Blood n Bones. You get a little bit of time to set up, and then a massive, hour long siege. It would be insane.
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  15. xbony2

    xbony2 WikiWorker Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev

    Will Eloraam release RP3 before Soaryn releases Xycraft!?!? Find out on next episode of modding drama!!!

    Awesome IC2 update in the meantime. Anyone remember the ChargePads addon? This shit is awesome, it's animated and stuff.

    (The solar panels are from another mod, I'm using them to get power)
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  16. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    I've noticed that the player needs to be standing almost directly in the center of the pad in order to charge. Personally, I think it should activate if the player is anywhere on top.
  17. dmillerw

    dmillerw New Member

    Silly IC2
  18. xbony2

    xbony2 WikiWorker Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev

    Incorrect, it seems as it works anywhere, as long as you are on the block, see pic.
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  19. Fixided

    Fixided New Member

    Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10!
    Version Checker 1.1.4 by @Dynious
    Lot's of lil updates:
    Pam's DesertCraft & Pam's Mob Drop Crops
    ForgeMultipart Intergration
    ZZZZZ Custom Configs
    Another One Bites The Dust
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  20. Trailmix23

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