What's new in modded minecraft today?

Discussion in 'Modded Minecraft News' started by Yusunoha, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Generally what overhual means is a mod that takes over the whole game and doesn't leave room for any other mods. EX pixelmon, divineRPG (Eternal Islels not so much)
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    No, that's not an overhaul, that's a total conversion, like TerraFirmaCraft. An overhaul rebuilds a particular system within the game to basically give it different mechanics.
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    those remind me of the i in Pixar getting crushed by the lamp.
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    AE2 RV1 Alpha build 12
    • Fixed Bug: #0659 - WAT can't Autocraft
    • Fixed Bug: #0655 - ME Controller works as an inventory
    • Added Priority Gui to ME Interface ( part and block version )
    • Fixed bug with crafting calculation assuming partial resources for a task that was not executed.
    • Crafting with multiple recipes for the same item now uses the priority from the interfaces.
    • Crafting Grid now ignores CPUs that have are inactive.
    • Fixed several bugs to do with multiple recipes being available for for the same item.
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    i thought we decided on a weekly cycle for these?
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    Well, 7 days did pass in Mercury.

    Edit: Lol, Sanatic. Simultaneous quoting and liking.
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    There's no way to actively enforce that.
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    ... EE3 has things besides minium stones?
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    new day, new update, with today @Benimatic with Twilight Forest
  15. NJM1564

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    A lot of what was in EE2 is going to be incorporated into EE3. Modified for balance of coarse.
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    All aboard the hype train. Choo-choo~.
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    I have no idea what that video was supposed to be demonstrating. Goggles attract creepers??

    But I like the simpsons reference.
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    They don't attract creepers, this is just a teaser video for a mod I've been hyping here.

    Sent from my angry toaster to distract him from destroying the planet. Some appliances just want to watch the world burn.
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