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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Jadedcat, May 31, 2013.

  1. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    It changes a couple of interfaces, but it's not a total conversion. It's still Minecraft, just with building tools.
  2. CarbonBasedGhost

    CarbonBasedGhost New Member

    It really doesn't change anything in survival and the building tools are just creative building tools (there not real tools just commands EX. /set square 45 56 minecraft:stone)
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  3. LordSlyFox

    LordSlyFox New Member

    After checking it out I saw it and love it, but it could use some more things like customized logs and and wailia.
  4. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    The VoxelBox is a server themed around massive, high-quality builds using vanilla Minecraft blocks and structures. They rarely use texture packs (if ever), so customized or mod-only stuff is not really part of their FTB modpack. That said, if you want to add those things, what's stopping you?
  5. CarbonBasedGhost

    CarbonBasedGhost New Member

    You could easily add those!
    They practically always use texture packs. We already went over the fact that there is not normal modded MC stuff hence
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  6. LordSlyFox

    LordSlyFox New Member

    Well maybe I will haha ;D Though at this I don't even do much vanilla anymore I mostly do agrarian skies.
  7. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    @joshie could you add ways to make thaumcraft arcane work table recipes into the mine tweaker addon you made?
  8. joshie

    joshie New Member

    It's on the todolist. I believe there will be native support for thaumcraft in minetweaker in the future anyways. But i'll do it in the meantime :p
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  9. FastTquick

    FastTquick New Member

    It would be cool to see a mod that introduces mechanical power generation into Minecraft again. Anyone remember the Better Than Wolves mod? It was a mod made by FlowerChild that introduced mechanical power generation into Minecraft using wooden gearboxes, axels, gears, windmills, and more, plus a whole load of other things on top of that. Sadly, it was also a mod that was infamous for being "incompatible with everything" since it had no official Forge compatibility whatsoever. I have not seen another mod anywhere that reintroduces concepts like that ever since. Especially after seeing new mods like Hydralicraft and Pneumaticraft, it would be so great to see a new mod that reintroduces mechanical power generation like that once more.
  10. CarbonBasedGhost

    CarbonBasedGhost New Member

    BTW still exists.
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  11. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Rotary Craft by Reika.
  12. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    BTW is still around, still mostly incompatible as far as I know.
    RotaryCraft does it.
    Ultratech's steampunk tier (Tier 1, mechanical power) will be that.
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  13. Sigma85

    Sigma85 New Member

    Resonant Induction !
  14. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    There's a modjam mod that douse that too.
  15. CarbonBasedGhost

    CarbonBasedGhost New Member

    Oh ya and Mdiyo is releasing something like that for Tinker's Construct (Or another one of his mods). He said it is kinda themed off of BTW power generation and adds windmills and uses for the mechanical energy you generate.

    Plan for some mechanical mod IN GIF FORM!!!!
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  16. NJM1564

    NJM1564 New Member

    I remember him mentioning that in one of his videos.[/quote]

    Edit: Fixed.
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  17. CarbonBasedGhost

    CarbonBasedGhost New Member

  18. RavynousHunter

    RavynousHunter New Member

    I'm working on a proposal for a mid-to-late-game Thermal Expansion add-on I'm calling "Nanotech." As the name implies, its all about using nanites for everything from farming to advanced automation to armour, tools, and even weaponizing (and later militarizing) them. You can even use certain nanite clusters themselves (as opposed to purpose-made items) as high-quality, energy-using tools. Imagine being able to use little, nanoscopic machines to do things like generate power more efficiently (and get more of it), and even literally deconstructing your enemies. If at all possible, I'd like for there to even be nanite-based body augmentations like an Active Threat Response (ATR) module that acts like the Thorns enchantment, or even turning your body into a living RF battery.

    I've got a lot more body modifications listed than I thought I'd make up...a module that dispenses stimulants (not an actual item...maybe) into your virtual bloodstream making you run and mine faster, one that makes your skin harder (+4 armour points), one that heals you 2 points every 5 seconds, infuses your melee attacks with the fury of nanotechnology (+6 melee damage), gives your attacks a kinetic boost (as Knockback II), and even a logistical support module which uses nanotech and the power of enderportation to access any inventory that your nanites can access...and do so from anywhere at any time!

    Of course, this shit would be very expensive, and some would require some form of RF-based battery, either internal (yes, my proposal contains an upgrade to do just that) or external from which to draw energy.

    I'm not sure if I, personally, have the ability to design such an expansive...expansion, but I'd like to have it out there for any enterprising developers to look at and see if it catches their eye, ya know?
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  19. FastTquick

    FastTquick New Member

    I have never seen anyone take on making a nanotech mod let alone one that's an add-on for Thermal Expansion. I guess it has something to do with a concept like this could potentially be OP if authors are not careful. I am very intrigued by the idea myself. If it turns out to be possible, I would love to see some demonstrations and spotlights on your work sometime soon. I also would eventually like to see cross-compatibility with other mods compatible with TE like Big Reactors and Gendustry.
  20. Arkandos

    Arkandos New Member

    Sounds very much like a terrafirmacraft compitable with other mods. I like it

    Sounds like a nice idea. But from what I recall, this kind of refueling had to be removed from the computercraft API. Might have changed now, but thats what I recall
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