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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Jadedcat, May 31, 2013.

  1. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat New Member

    Since people keep sticking mod creation suggestions in the wrong places , here's a spot. Go wild have fun. Be polite and no fighting. I'm not going to make them. I have no idea if any mod author will. But if you want to ramble about what you think would be cool mods that don't exist this is where to do it.
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  2. vasouv

    vasouv New Member

    Alright, I'll start with something I think doesn't exist (at least I haven't found anything when googled).

    A mod that just adds tanks for liquids, like the ones from Railcraft or Xycraft or even Buildcraft. But just the tanks.

    Why I am suggesting this? Simply because I'm not quite interested in the content Railcraft and Xycraft adds but I like the tanks they introduce. Buildcraft is fine but I prefer Thermal Expansion which doesn't have any large tanks for storage. I don't like installing a mod to use just a couple of items, so I'm pretty much at dead end.

    I don't know if the mod will gain much popularity but I'm probably not the only one that would like a feature like this one.
  3. Beleriond01

    Beleriond01 New Member

    Right Folks,

    Since this thread now exists I figured I'd post my idea here as well.

    Basically, one of the things I find missing in MC, especially for cool and creative builds, is atmospheric lighting possibilities. I know that RP2 adds the very nice (inverted) lamps which definitely are a huge step forward but merely "tiered" lighting is missing. Here are the details of what I'd love to see in MC:

    - tiered lights; 3 tiers of lights with the lowest tier being slightly better than torches and which are quite cheap to make. Highest tier lights are relatively expensive and a capable of producing much more light (thinking in terms of the wrath lamp).
    - light dimmers; as in real life you may want to dim the lights in certain areas for aesthetic purposes.

    Now the trick in my idea is that all these items require some kind of power (EU, MJ, etc.) in order to function. It wouldn't make much sense for a light to be dim-able without having some kind of power circuit connect to it, which is essentially my problem with RS signals and lights.

    Obviously, the power consumption of each tier of lights should be more than the previous tier but all the power costs should be relatively low seeing as it's only lighting and not a machine that needs lots of EU/MJ to make something.

    I haven't fully thought all the ins and outs through but I hope this idea could be picked upon by a modded since I cannot code at all.vheck, I don't even have a clue whether my idea is even possible.

    I any modded is interested in this idea and would like to ping pong some ideas about it back and forth then please drop me a forums message.

  4. Harvest88

    Harvest88 New Member

    How about compact and/or bigger multiblocks, from Steam Boilers to Coke ovens cause it's a pain in the rear to setup 600+ coke ovens and automate them all.. I also would wished that you could make bigger boilers cause I don't like having 25 max sized boilers roll boiling and much rather have like 5 bigger versions or something. Even if it's only quarter the number like I could live much better with 150 coke ovens at quad the speed or output every 180 seconds. By either having to make them bigger and/or higher tiers of blocks.
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  5. MadHax

    MadHax New Member

    i know of a cctv mod but is outdated (i think) but a cctv mod would be so cool
  6. Harvest88

    Harvest88 New Member

    But the more dimensions the more CPU and Ram power you need for a server but whatever you could disable it anyway.
  7. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    And why would not I just spam torches?...
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  8. Harvest88

    Harvest88 New Member

    Yea no one like "fueled" lamps when you can make a piece of coal/charcoal make 4 torches that "burn" forever. Where as you lights will burn via a coal/charcoal every minute or so.
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  9. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Fueling special expensive lamps has no point when you can use torches

    Smart trolling:-D
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  10. Harvest88

    Harvest88 New Member

    Exactly, Now if they caught mobs on fire then it's would be worth the hassle. Too bad lumaitors don't do that.
  11. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Adding features to that special lamp would make it worth, i think...

    E.g.Mobs catching fire while on top of your lamps!

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  12. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    I'd like to see a block that acts like a deployer and block breaker in one block. Could work off multiple inputs, signal strength, or just toggle by input. Not sure which would be easiest to make, but it sure could make some frame builds simpler.
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  13. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

  14. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    Apparently the new xycraft (that's not out) will have dim-able lights. And the light will able to have any color, not just the 16 basic ones.
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  15. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    extend the build limit to 512 (just like it works now, unless you don't build inside the loaded part of the chunk, it won't load) but without changing worldgen.
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  16. Anton Kuris

    Anton Kuris New Member

    Well, my idea is simple - doors.

    Think not just of doors, but of an alternative way of coming through walls. I've seen in Direwolf's LP Series that he had trouble going through the door because of his Modular Power Suit. I now there is a Portable Hole from ThaumCraft, but my idea is not a portal, but some kind of wide door or something)

    Anyways, think of something))
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  17. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    well, phantom warded blocks from thaumic tinkerer act like warded blocks for everything, but for you, is just air that you can walk through
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  18. altalt667

    altalt667 New Member

    I have been thinking about coding this for a couple weeks but lack time.

    Cuisine Craft:
    *** A complete overhaul of food in Minecraft

    Cows, Pigs and Chickens now drop carcasses. These can be cooked as is or cut into different cuts of meat and then cooked.

    New Machines:
    - Gas Stove
    - Electric Stove
    - Convection Oven
    - Commercial Pastry Oven
    - Cupboards, Counters and Sink (Multiblock) (For storing utensils and preparing meals)
    - Grill

    New Items:
    - Butcher Knife (Used for carving meat and as a Iron Sword)
    - Mixing Bowl
    - Rolling Pin
    - Pots
    - Recipe Book (Starts out Empty and fills up as you make more dishes

    New Food:

    - Wheat + Bucket of Water (or placed in counter with mixing bowl and water supply) --> Dough
    - Dough --> Uncooked Bread (Loaf or Buns)
    - Dough + Sugar (With Cake Tin) ---> Cake Dough
    - Dough + Pasta Machine --> Uncooked Pasta
    - 1 pork carcass would give pork ribs, pork tenderloin, pork chop and bacon. Each of which can be cooked separately
    - 1 cow carcass would give several cuts of beef
    - 1 chicken carcass would be able to be seasoned and cooked as is or cut to get wings, thighs and breasts
    - Use Xycraft corn for creamed corn or grind it for cornmeal (made into cornbread) or extract it for Corn Syrup (Liquid Sugar)
    - Different combinations of meat + spices or vegetables + spices give more food points (or saturation) (eg. High Glycemic index foods give more immediate food but less saturation) or short term potion effects
    - Coffee (Gives short speed boost and mining speed boost for 30 seconds)

    New WorldGen:

    - New Seeds:
    ----- Sugar (Separate from Reeds)
    ----- Pepper
    ----- Salt (Either isolated from boiling water or filtered from sand)
    ----- Other Spices
    ----- Tomatoes and other vegetables and Fruits
    - New Villager:
    ----- Gardener
    ----- Trades for spices and for recipes and gives emeralds for good dishes
    ----- Has Small Garden near house with Spices, Vegetables
    ----- Has some kitchen equipment to "borrow" inside

    Suggestions are welcome!!!
  19. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    thaumic tinkerer's tool dynamism table.
    I wanna see a turtle/deployer use an axe of the stream properly.
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  20. Betadan

    Betadan New Member

    Personally I would like to see a mod that adds another set of channels for Tesseracts. Said channels would be semi private, perhaps password protected or tied in to Grief prevention/ World Guard / Towny. Or you could just add a players IGN to a list of allowed users. This way you can share tesseracts with others but not have it completely open. And now that they are releasing a TE based API this may be possible.
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