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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Jadedcat, May 31, 2013.

  1. Wraithflay

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    Aye, that works well enough as a kludge for the particles alone, but they're merely annoying to me and secondary to removing that blasted haste zoom. Still, thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Golrith

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    Here's a mod I'm looking for, which I think would be easy for someone who knows how to mod.

    A mod to make sapling drop rate and tree growth time configurable. There doesn't seem to be anything out there that can do this.
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  3. Qazplm601

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    you know, not everyone can play multiplayer, right?
  4. the_j485

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    But a lot do. You have to consider everyone.
  5. Zeeth_Kyrah

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    That's the basic idea for the Construction table in the mod I've been working on for a while (Ultratech). You start off with a basic construction table with a crafting grid that you can swap between square and hexagonal shapes. The upgraded version has two grids, and you can tell the first to output to a specific slot in the second. The advanced version has four grids. You'll also be able to tell each crafting grid whether to output to a side and/or an internal slot.

    I also already had mechas planned (4-5 blocks high), but I could see about adding a giant version, because Ultratech is definitely meant to max out the awesome factor when you go high end. Want to build a compact fusion reactor just to power your giant mecha? Why not go old-school with steam power just for fun? OKAY!

    I should mention, Ultratech is still in the design phase while I re-learn how to code (and WOW do I have a lot of stuff to make). I have some practicing to do before I'm ready to make mecha for you, but I hope to get there eventually.
  6. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    Yes, but no. There's a theory among game designers that helps explain this, exemplified by the Bartle Test. The behavior of different people in a game is based on why they play games. This is why some people LOVE Gregtech while others want Dartcraft, and a few try to combine them (or focus on mods they haven't yet played). It's why griefers exist, and why most servers ban them. It's why we have such huge arguments over which mods are the best.

    In short, not all games are meant for all players, and not all players are going to be happy with all types of games. So you should design the games you love, but also ask whether what you make is likely to work for other kinds of people and other situations. This is why ForgeCraft exists: so the work can be tested in a live situation, with people who play whole different kinds of games. Jaded builds BIG and LOTS, Dire is very community-focused, Soaryn doodles around, Aurey builds ideas ("I want a fast food restaurant! And a theater! And my house will be a big pink mansion!"), sometimes pranks get played and responded to. Then if you look at Mindcrack, they're all friendly, pranks are allowed (with rules for safety, like don't destroy someone's hard work and do identify who played the prank), and their latest modded server is PVP -- but again, with rules so players don't get overwhelmed and start hating each others' guts.

    But then I know some of you reading this have been on griefing servers where the whole point is to destroy someone's work, usually a copy of a world download. And that's another way to play, but I'm glad I don't have to build my house there!

    So yes, most people will want to play multiplayer. Consider it as an option, even if you don't play that way yourself. Then build the best game you can.
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  7. Qazplm601

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    I would play mp but my internet... Not everyone has good enough internet for multiplayer. I, for example get internet measured in the bytes sometimes.
  8. Lucky_strike_DXD

    Lucky_strike_DXD New Member

    suggested mod, more graphical options like optifine used to have(before it f*cked up with FTB)
  9. BreezyTaco

    BreezyTaco New Member

    The other day I was thinking about making an addon for TE called 'RF Solars' but then I remembered that I don't know how to code :/ the idea is that there is a leadstone solar made with a machine frame, a couple copper, a diamond block, two Quartz block, two hardened glass, and the coil for power generators. There is also a resonant solar panel made with a leadstone solar, 4 enderium ingots, a enderium block, two Diamond blocks, two hardened glass and a copper block. The leadstone one would produce 7 rf/t during daytime when it's not raining, the resonant one would do 21 rf/t during the same conditions. I would be more than happy to make textures for these if someone decided to make this mod
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  10. gwirk

    gwirk New Member

    Upgradable item sorting block.
    The way most sorting mechanisms work is by putting an item in a slot. Sometimes you can choose to ignore nbt or metadata but in most of the cases it is not enough.
    Each mod has its own way to identify items. There is no simple way to sort ores, logs, dust. Most of the time you have to put the full list of item you want to allow.

    I suggest a block working with 2 types of upgrade cards.
    The first one define the type of item you want to sort. The second one provide a support for a specific mod.

    Let say you want to sort bees. You put a bee sorting card in the "item card" slot
    The block, now, provides a specific GUI for bee sorting but you have no option to select bees yet.
    You, then put a Forestry card and a Extra bees card in the "mods" slot.
    You can now choose bees depending on the bees you discovered. You can also choose traits you want or not. And this for every ouput.
    An advanced version of the block could have different slots for each output allowing to sort different families of items.

    You could also sort ores by their material (copper, iron..) or their form ( ore, block, IC2 impure dust, Thermal Expension dust...) without worrying if it uses metadata, NBT or item id.

    Expending the capabilities of the block works by programming new mods cards. This way you could have a unified way to sorting complex items and it would be easy to add support for any mods as long as you know how NBT data is formatted.

    This would be independent of any type of pipe. But using the same API you could add this mechanism to existing pipe filter systems (buildcraft pipe, thermal expansion servo, AE bus...). Capabilities would be provided by cards and it wouldnt require any update.
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  11. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    yeah, I would love to have mipmaps back. Its the main thing that kept me in 1.4.7 so long. Minecraft looks like sandpaper without it.
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  12. K4b6

    K4b6 New Member

    I know how to code, but I have never made an addon before xD I'll check to see if I can make something for you tonight (2 hours from now)
    Just some IMO stuff
    I think this a pretty good idea, but it would be better implemented in 1.7 given that id's actully follow names(IMO)
    minecraft:Iron_Block or forestry:[Name]_Queen_Bee(Note this is probably not how she/he has the id's)

    right now the easiest way for someone to create the mod is to do it like nei does searching either way I would rather the nei way then only bees I had in my inventory at that time, but that is just me :p
  13. BreezyTaco

    BreezyTaco New Member

    Sweet, I made some textures the other day, they could use some tweaking but I have a general idea of what I think a cool look would be, they use the regular thermal expansion color scheme. I never expected anyone to acually care enough to try at making a mod from my idea, this just shows how awesome the ftb community is.
  14. K4b6

    K4b6 New Member

    So I am pretty positive I can do this now that I've seen his code.. so I'm going to ask a few questions,

    first one: Would you like it to be like the solar panel in vanilla (HalfSlab like) or a full block?
    Second one: what version of minecraft are you using I'm assuming 1.6.4, that is what I will be coding right now in, but just in case :D
    Third one: anything else you would like to see.. I can do almost anything, except entities, creatures are always a pain :p
  15. BreezyTaco

    BreezyTaco New Member

    Full block, 1.6.4(once 1.7 thermal expansion comes out could you update it?) and I don't know of anything else to add. Would you like me to start a mc forum page for the mod and I will make sure I mention your name a lot since you are coding it, or would you like to make the forum page?
  16. cobhalla

    cobhalla New Member

    Lies mod

    Make a lie with:
    Leaves, eye of ender, coal

    L for leaves
    I (eye)
    E for energy and blackness

    The mod uses lies and deception to provide several different buffs or debuffs to the player and his or her surroundings.
    The mod adds a basic lie which is used to make more useful lies which include:

    Hungry lie
    Combine a lie and a piece of food to double the amount of hunger gained by the food by 2x but decreases the saturation to 1/4 of its normal saturation

    Pretty lie
    Combines a flower with a lie to:
    Cause cows, pigs, and chickens to be able to breed again immidatly
    Causes the vilifiers to have a chance at making the price of what they sell go down (not below 1 emerald though)
    Can cause a dirt block to change into a temporary grass block for 1:00

    Researched lie
    Coal,written book, coal
    Bone meal, obsidian, paper

    When clicked on a villager, the villager will become a politician and if you give him gold ingots, he will pass out pretty lies to the villagers around him and slowly make the villagers like you and be more willing to trade with you longer (more times before the item trade runs out)

    Deadly lie
    Bone. Flesh, bone
    Flesh, lie, flesh
    Bone, flesh, bone

    This is more or less a tool that can be used 10 times and when you right click either a skellington or a zombie it will become your ally until it dies and it will attack other nearby enemies

    Lie surrounded in gold nuggets
    Can be given to an angry pigman to appease their rage and pigmen in the nether will not attack you again unless provoked again
    Also works on iron golems if you anger one

    Those are the lies you can make up and there are also a few items you can make to help you out

    This is a little bit more complicated and requires a few parts

    X, head (zombie or skellington), x
    Stick, sack o'fellings, stick
    x, stand, x

    The sack o'feelings
    String, wheat, string
    Wheat, corrupt heart, wheat
    String, wheat, string

    Corrupt heart is a lie surrounded with rotten flesh

    The stand
    X, stick, x
    Oak half slab, oak plank, oak half slab

    The decoy, when placed, will attract all nearby enemies to itself and enemies in the vicinity will loose interest in you completely. So all enemies will go attack the decoy instead of you
    The decoy will have a fair amount of damage it can take and you can equip armor on it to make it last longer, when placed it occupies the two blocks on top of the block it is placed on like the player does and will render armor if it is equipped.

    You can put a stack of cactus in a slot in the GUI of the decoy to cause it to do damage to anything attacking it and it has a 50% chance of using up 1 cactus every time it is attacked, it can be fed by pipes in the bottom to keep a steady supply of cactus

    (Possibly have an upgraded one with glass legs to hold lava for a fire effect as well)

    The corrupted heart has extra uses as well
    If you kill 100 wither skellingtons with it in your inventory it will turn into a withered heart which will protect you from the wither effect but will take durability damage (high durability 500+)
    (Repair enchant will be enabled if thaumcraft is also installed)
    Once you kill one wither slellington it will change from a corrupted heart to a withering heart with a counter as well

    If you similarly kill 50 sheep with a corrupted heart, it will turn into a smooth heart and then into a soft heart which can restore hearts by holding right click and healing you and damaging the item, repair will also be allowed but it will be 20 times slower

    A few more lies for trolling on MP servers

    Fake diamond
    Lie and cyan dye make a block that looks like a diamond block but when mined it drops a stack of cobble instead

    Deceptive lie
    Lie surrounded with glass panes
    This lie acts as a mimic block and mimics the texture of the block it is placed on, this block has no hitbox and therefor can be passed through on any side
    Good for traps and hidden rooms

    Creeper block
    Lie and tnt will make a block that when given a redstone signal causes a hisss and a boom and causes a player to take damage BUT it does not actually cause an explosion so it is a harmless prank that dosn't ruin expensive equipment so it is a good prank in a mine with trip wires and such
    Can be crafted with a deceptive lie to make a deceptive creeper block which will again mimic the block it is placed on

    Come work for the CobbleCo
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  17. Karn1v3rus

    Karn1v3rus New Member

    So heres my idea:

    Making the overworld and the nether connected as one world, seperated by layers of obsidian with deposits of bedrock. If a nether portal is made, it transports you to an inversed over world, it is generated the same as the over world but is supposedly on the opposite side of the world (Like layers of a cake). This over world will also have a nether connected by layers of absidian.

    Both worlds have a stronghold, each with a seperate portal and their own ender dragon (The portals after killing the ender dragon of that world take you to the spawn of that over world). The neder dragons drop ender hide, each dropping 50 pices (incase it is being used on a server) An ender dragon baby spawns when the successor is killed, it grows up if you feed it ender juice (As seen below). Each ender dragon drops its egg like usual but the egg is in two halves, one half in one end, one half in the other (The eggs can be mined), you craft these toggether in a special crafting table (Which will be mentioned down below) to produce the 'egg of karn' (cheesy right xD). This spawns a new boss that is harder to kill than two enderdragons and a wither combined, this is without the new craftable armor, sword and bow (Again see below). This boss spawns waves of mobs and can call upon lightning and explosions as well as blocking out the sun with black clouds (dissperced by speciam tool (See below)).

    New items:
    Armor, Armour is 10 times as durable as diamond and protects player twice as much as diamond, gives all beacon effects and some potions when in sunlight (All crafted in a special crafting bench):

    (Helmet ~ Helmit of sight)

    Ender hide / nether star / ender hide

    ender hide / (blank) / ender hide

    (blank) / (blank) / (blank)

    (Chestplate ~ chestplate of the devines)

    Nether star / (Blank) / Nether star

    ender hide / Nether star / Ender hide

    Ender hide / Nether star / Ender hide

    (Leggings ~ Leggings of the blessed)

    Ender hide / Nether star / Ender hide

    Nther star / (Blank) / Nether star

    Ender hide / (blank) / Ender hide

    (Boots ~ cossy socks)

    Nether star / (Blank) / Nether star

    Ender hide / (Blank) / Ender hide

    (blank) / (balnk) / (Blank)

    The divine's Crafting alter, used to craft all tools and armor of the modpack, crafted as so:

    Diamond / iron ingot/ diamond

    Ender pearl / book case / Ender pearl

    obsidian / Enchanting table /obsidian

    Tools ~ Not too special, pick will mine obsidian, a little faster than diamond tools but last as long as iron tools, New level 30 enchantment that only works on these tools called 'Karnish' (Will prolong durability to that of twice i diamond tool


    Diamond / Obsidian / diamond

    (Blank) / stick / (Blank)

    (Blank) / stick / (Blank)


    (Blank) / Diamond / (Blank)

    (blank) / obsidian / (Blank)

    (Blank) / stick / (Blank)


    Obsidian / Diamond / (blank)

    Diamond / stick / (Blank)

    (Blank) / stick /(Blank)


    Diamond / obsidian / (Blank)

    (Blank) / stick / (Blank)

    (Blank) / Stick / (Blank)

    Egg infuser ~ To be used to create egg of karn:

    eye of ender / ender hide / eye of ender

    obsidian / enchanting table / obsidian

    obsidian / obsidian / obsidian

    Ender juice ~ To be fed to baby ender dragon for it to grow big:

    (In potion thingy)

    Nether wart
    Magma cream
    ender pearl

    That is my idea, sorry if it was a bit long, i just wanted to put together a good idea for a mod
    If you do plan on using this for a mod pack, please ask me for any information on [email protected]

    Thanks, karn
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  18. chocolatelover13

    chocolatelover13 New Member

    I had an idea to add diamond chickens to FTB. Here are the details.

    1. The chance for the diamond chicken to spawn is 1/100. This is for when they spawn naturally and when two normal chickens are bred.

    2. Diamond chickens can breed with each other and a diamond chicken can breed with a normal chicken. It's 1/100 chance that two chickens will have a diamond chicken baby.

    3. Diamond chickens look exactly like normal chickens.

    4. There is 1/10 chance that when you kill a diamond chicken you get a diamond feather.

    5. Every hour a diamond chicken will lay a diamond egg. Diamond eggs are different than diamonds.

    6. You can only get diamond eggs and diamond feathers from diamond chickens.

    7. you can't spawn diamond chickens in single-player or multiplayer creative.

    8. You can turn diamond eggs into diamond. Once you have turned a diamond egg into a diamond, you can't turn it back into a diamond egg. You turn diamond eggs into diamonds by smelting them with coal in a furnace.

    9. If you put a "Diamond Feather" On the center-left of the crafting table, and a "Diamond Egg" in the center-center, and another "Diamond Feather" on the center-right. This will give you unlimited flying and it will make you look like a chicken. Flying is not based on energy, you can fly for forever.

    10. A backpack option may need to be created so you can put the wings on your back and fly. Or you could just put the wings on the chest-plate option, but still allow both the wings and the armor to be put on the chest-plate option.

    This is just an idea that I thought would be cool, and if it helps get this idea into the game please change anything that you don't like, and if you want to please give me your opinion on this idea.


  19. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Jesus christ that would be OP.
  20. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    It would pretty much not even effect your game because
    • it requires a lot of work to breed that many chickens
    • the rng is so against you
    • even if you get that 1/1000 chances are you probably wouldn't even realize

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