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  1. the_j485

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    It would be easy to kill enough chickens. Have a massive farm leading to dispensers which hatch the eggs, and the chickens are eventually led to a lava blade or such. The products of these deaths would be stored in chests, excess of feathers and meat being incinerated or deleted in some other way. This would be completely automatable just in vanilla.
  2. Altblu

    Altblu New Member

    Pitch for the Sneaker mod
    Sneakers- Walk normally with sneak mechanics
    In FTB there a lot of items to help you build and survive, and I have yet to see a item (with somewhat limited mod exposure) that lets you benefit from sneak mechanics while walking normally. For instance if you walk to the edge of a block it wont let you go off of it unless you jump down but you will be able to go up and down slabs/stairs/ ladders normally.
    The idea of the mod is to add a pair of booties and a modifier for tinkers Exo-Armor Booties. The sneaker boots would be wool boots with a slime in the middle that has low durability and no armor value. The tinkers exo-armor modifier would be 2 green slime gems and 2 blue slime gems on either side of of the boots.
    I did ask mDiyo about the exo-armor add on but he said he considered the exo-armor a failed experiment and was not looking into armor,"armor is not my thing"". I do not know if he read the idea or not, but I would like that addon modifier.
    Thank you for your time I hope this gets made.
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  3. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    Exo-Armor is not from Tinkers' Construct, it's from Factorio. And I think it should be removed and made a separate mod, because Factorio has almost nothing to do with armor in the first place.

    That said, I like the idea of sneakers as shoes that let you stick to things instead of falling off. I don't like the idea that sneakers would slow you down.

    Maybe sneakers would give you the ability to never fall off a drop of more than a single block while walking, even off chests and multi-parts. That would correct a bug with transparent or non-full-block blocks that causes you to fall even when sneaking, while letting you walk around on hills and stuff normally. That way, the other functions of sneaking become important on their own: slower, more accurate movement, and hiding your nametag in multiplayer.
  4. Lucky_strike_DXD

    Lucky_strike_DXD New Member

    maybe an addon to T construct to add even more weapons and more Bridging in mods(like with Mekanism or with mods that add metals or materials that are not used yet)

    and more types of tools to use, because Endstone tools would sound cool :D
  5. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    One of these days I'd like to find enough free time to develop a "minions" mod, where testificates actually contribute something.

    Villagers would pathfind to various things:
    1) to workstations (Block near a machine), where their proximity increases the efficiency of some machines by X%. (Similar to how a RoC friction-heater buffs a furnace)
    2) To "kitchen" stations where they'd get fed. Their quality of food would improve the rate of step 1.
    3) To a "store" where they'd pick up various luxuries you mass-produce for them. Again, their happiness would increase the rate of step 1.

    Dunno if modders can influence villager pathfinding. Dunno if jacking into the efficiency of other mods' machines is hugely tedious.
  6. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    Endstone has the toughness of sandstone. If you go with the standard Minecraft tool set, they'd be crap. But uses for endstone and a few other lesser-used items would be nice.
  7. Altblu

    Altblu New Member

    For the most part, I just want shoes that lets me not fall off blocks, but doesn't hinder speed.
  8. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Partially true; Factorization has Exo-Armor, yes. So does TiCo with the Tinkerers Mechworks addon.

    Anyway, long time ago. Far far away.
    I thought I had seen a MC addon that let one reproduce a ender pearl with a slimeball in a TE3 Fluid Transposer(and maybe a TiCo casting table)...

    I found it again. Seems I had downloaded the mod and forget to install it.
  9. Lucky_strike_DXD

    Lucky_strike_DXD New Member

    did you ever play with T Construct?

    maybe add a a special Trait to the material(because its an endgame item)
  10. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Zeeth_Kyrah New Member

    Yes, I have. Endstone is normally meant to be an endgame material, but if you play with a modpack, TE lets you make it by infusing sandstone with resonant ender. That's how I got the endstone to put my ender lilies on, long before I went looking for a stronghold.

    In any case, perhaps endstone as a TiC material would have low durability, slow mining speed, and low strength, but adds a small chance of using silk touch or fortune on any block it mines. Even though silky jewels are fairly easy to get if you have an emerald, and lapis is common enough to waste (until Minecraft 1.8 gets released). But what about you, what trait would you give it?
  11. Lucky_strike_DXD

    Lucky_strike_DXD New Member

    something that would be Unique to Endermen or anything else that is in the end, maybe something like the power to do small teleports (max 10 blocks) but you will use a little bit of the durability(like 10 hits from a weapon)
  12. TheGreekMnan2

    TheGreekMnan2 New Member

    deep storage units for liquids
    nuf said
  13. BreezyTaco

    BreezyTaco New Member

    Gregtech quantum tank.... But then again, it's gregtech so it's very hard to make
  14. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    Xu drums
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  15. TheCupcakeisaLie

    TheCupcakeisaLie New Member

    Mod idea;
    An addon for TE3 that could add another "tier" per say, especially the engines. Perhaps a dynamo crafted with 2 Redstone frames (full), 3 enderium ingots, and some hardened glass with the existing engine of choice (reactant, steam, etc) that functions 25x the normal varient, power, fuel consumption, etc... Possibly another tier that is made with 2 reasonate cells, 3 enderium gears, and conduits? Maybe a ender conduit, that is made by with 4 Redstone conduits, shiny metal nugget, and 4 hardened glass that then have to be filled with 50 mb of resonate ender for a conduit that transfers 50k RF? And maybe a energy cell crafted with a resonate cell, 4 blocks if shiny metal, and 4 ender conduits that can store an obscene amount of RF. Just a random idea of mine.

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  16. kaiomann

    kaiomann New Member

    The point of this mod is to bake your own cake, more by actually baking it than just crafting.
    To start off, you craft a Stirring Bowl out of (mfr plastic? No idea). Then you place said bowl down and toss all bunch of things into it. Basically everything you need for a cake, so flour, eggs, milk, chocolate etc. You are free to decide! If you throw a lot of of chocolate in you get a very sweet cake, but you could also throw a bit of vanilla in. Maybe the amount of each recipe could be handle via metadata/tooltips, so that you didn't have to make a "hardcoded" cake consisting of exactly this amount of that.
    Anyways, once you threw all your desired ingredients in, you make yourself a beater to stir the things around. This is done by just smacking the bowl. After doing that for like 20 seconds you got yourself some lovely dough :) Shift rightclick the bowl to pick it up with the dough.
    Now to the actual cake making. First off you need a shape where you can pour your dough in. This is done in a Shaper, the only real machine in the mod. Basically it opens up a gui with a big square in the middle and a small slot for items in the corner. In the square you can draw the shape what you later want the cake to look like. After you're done drawing it shows you how much iron you need to build the shape (wouldn't be much, top would be like 8 pieces). The bigger the more iron needed. If you're happy with the shape, put in the iron and the shape will pop out. If you're not, well closing and reopening the gui will reset your drawing.
    Now that you've got your shape, let's fill it! But first you need a cake floor, simply put a cookie into the empty shape that you have placed on the ground. Then you rightclick the shape with the dough-bowl in hand to slowly pour the dough in. It could even allow for multiple layers of different dough. Or you could add strawberrys or other kinds of fruits inbetween layers, or even on top.
    When you're done pouring all your dough in, shift rightclick to pick up your now cake-filled shape. Simply put this into a cake furnace (well, there's another machine). The cake furnace has only 2 slots instead of 3. The top slot is for the cake and the lower slot for fuel. The cake would slowly bake in the top slot, and it could even burn if you forget it. So you gotta always watch for your cake that's baking. When you think you're done take it out of the furnace and place it on the ground. Last thing you need to do, take a pickaxe and smack the cake with it once to remove the shape.
    Now you finally got your lovely cake :)
    It depends on how big you made it (how big the shape was and how high you filled it), but each cake should consist of a lot of pieces, about 32 more-or-less. Each piece would heal you 2 chicken nuggets, and you can even eat cake when you're technically already full to fill up saturation.
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  17. Sigma85

    Sigma85 New Member

    Dont feel like going through all of these to see if it has already been suggested, and it is so specific I doubt if it IS already done I could find it, but here goes:

    Simple Bridge blocks: placable on water/lava surface (depending on material) like lilly pads, thin/flat like microblocks. Simple, not really neccessary. And probably not the best looking, but I do keep finding myself making lilly pad bridges all over the place and I am tired of running out of them and building an actual slab bridge or something is more time consuming. Being able to place directly on the water is so much easier. A wooden and cobble stone set about the thickness of a panel is just what I want...
  18. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    You could call it a pontoon, then there would also be a fire-proof pontoon. They would break or not place without connection to a solid block or another pontoon, kinda like IC2 scaffolds.
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  19. 1SDAN

    1SDAN New Member

    I've been recently thinking of mods that could add more depth to a Modpack I'm working on, and I came up with two things: An idea and a problem. I found that while configuring ores to spawn in huge but rare amounts create a larger gap between tiers, the flint tier feels like it appears too quickly.

    My idea is to create an early stone tier mod. It would block the breaking of all blocks by hand except grass, long grass, sand, dirt, clay not gravel, et cetera. However, configs are set up to allow for the changing of block hardness (after that of Iguana's Tweaks of course if installed). Your first goal will be to acquire stones to craft with. There are two types of stones: Smooth and hard.

    Smooth Stones drop primarily, but still rarely from Sand while dropping from dirt at an even lower rate. I'd say on average it'd take about 5 or 6 sand blocks until you get a Smooth Stone and about 11 or 12 for dirt. Rough Rocks however are found primarily, but yet again rarely from dirt, with it dropping from grass at a lower rate, and sand quite far behind that. The rate I think would require about 4 of 5 dirt blocks to be broken, 8 or 9 grass blocks or 13 or 14 sand blocks. Sand, dirt and grass blocks are nerfed to only drop 3 piles of it's respective substance when broken by hand, taking a 2x2 recipe of said piles to make said blocks. Grass and long grass however drops 2 and 1 grass piles, respectively. These piles can be eaten for about 5 seconds of saturation. While it may not seem like a lot, the reason is that it's not supposed to be an active thing. Instead, it will tide you over during night. As zombies now can 2 hit KO you and Skeletons now can kill you in 4 arrows. Plus, creepers will explode at places that can create an opening for mobs to get to you. (all mob changes are configurable, off by default)

    Speaking of mob changes, Wild Chickens now run from you with cat AI. To get a Tamed Chicken, you must get it from an egg. Also, Cows, Pigs and Sheep have the AI of Wolves, and all four of them will become hostile if you get too close to them. The only way to tame them now is to wait for a baby to be born, (two are born about every 4 days from wild packs) separate the baby from the pack, and take him in as your own. However, you must not attack a baby's pack while it's with them if you wish to tame them. So I suggest making a pitfall trap. (Crafted with grass piles in a 2x1 area, crafts one pitfall) Animals treat Pitfall traps as full blocks, however when stepped on they break and drop nothing. After separating the baby from the pack, feel free to kill said pack. These changes are also configurable.

    Animals will now drop carcasses, which can be refined later on. But right now they can be eaten for:
    • Cows: 6 hunger Points (3 icons) and 1 minute of saturation.
    • Sheep: 5 Hunger Points (2 and a half icons) and 45 seconds of saturation.
    • Wolves: 4 Hunger Points (2 icons) and 1 minute and 30 seconds of saturation
    • Pigs: 3 Hunger Points (1 and a half icons) and 30 seconds of saturation
    • Chickens: 2 Hunger Points (1 icon) and 10 seconds of saturation.
    Additionally, Cows and wolves have 1 baby each birth, Sheep have 2, and Pigs and Chickens 3. These changes, like those before, are configurable too.

    These rocks have special values in their tooltips that range from a value of 1 to 5 for hardness and strength, these are used both when "crafting" them and for their outputs. Values of 1 are worse than and are much more common than the better and rarer stones of value 5. I'd say a value of 2 would appear on average by the time you have 7 stones with a value of 1, tier 3 appearing by 7 tier 2 stones, tier 4 appearing by 6 tier 3 stones and tier 5 appearing by 5 tier 3 stones, this is more scaled to a server environment as to encourage stone trading in the early game.

    By placing two stones next to each other on the hot bar and right clicking with one in your hand, you will attempt to knap the stone. Knapping is an ancient technique used for crafting stone tools, and thus is used for crafting stone flakes and cores here. The process is as follows:

    The smooth stone's hardness is checked against the rough stone's strength, and the strength of the smooth stone against the hardness of the rough stone. The higher the smooth stone's hardness is and the lower the rough stone's strength is, the higher the chance of success is. The Rough stone is always consumed in the process, however the smooth stone isn't always consumed.

    This is where the second portion of the check comes in, the strength of the smooth stone is then compared to the strength of the rough stone, and if the smooth stone's value is higher, it has a chance to survive the crafting. More so the higher above the opposing value it is.

    The result will then be one of the following:

    • Failure: Two piles of gravel
    • Okay: A pile of gravel and 5 stone fragments, can be used as arrowheads in arrow crafting
    • Good: A Stone Flake and 2 stone fragments
    • Great: Two Stone Flakes
    • Perfect: 1 Stone Flake and a Stone Core

    Stone flakes take on a valuing dependent on how successful the crafting was. Good Results yield a stone with a randomized hardness and strength that adds up to 2, 3 or 4. The original rough stone's values also affect this. Great Results yield values that add up to 5 or 6, again affected by the original rough stone's value, and Perfect Results yield the values of 7 or 8. Stone Cores will take on the attributes of the rough stone used to craft it. The Stone Core can then be crafted with a smooth stone in order to try to craft a stone flake of a value of 9.

    The results will then be one of the following:

    • Failure: Nothing
    • Okay: One Stone Flake of a value of 7 or 8
    • Good: One Stone Flake of a value of 7 or 8 and a stone core
    • Great: One Stone Flake of a value of 9
    • Perfect: One Stone Flake of a value of 9 and a Worked Stone Core
    Process follows the rules of the first.

    A Worked Stone Core can finally be worked in hopes of a value 10 stone flake (again combined)

    So why work so hard to get such flakes you ask? Well, that is because the higher the hardness and strength values are, the higher the mining speed/damage and durability are for the crafted items, respectably. So what do we craft? These:

    The Handaxe is your first scraping tool and is crafted from a single stone core. So what is a scraping tool you may ask? Well, scraping tools are precision devices used to tear the outer layer from certain materials. For example, by scraping a nearby tree via right click, one can remove it's bark for use in the crafting of weak armors if it's oak or spruce, keeping fires alight if it's birch, or making a new type of string if it's basswood (a new type of wood added by the mod) It is also used later on once we acquire wood. It also acts as a weapon, dealing 2 extra points of damage at the expense of 1 heart of damage per successful attack. This is due to the rough and jagged surface of the Handaxe cutting into your hand. Believe me, I've made these before and even hitting couches while holding these hurts.

    Basswood Fibers are the new string we talked about, and they are made by crafting a basswood bark two times, once to separate the inner bark from the outer bark, and again to cut it into 5 of said Fibers. These act as an alternative to string, but cannot be used for bows due to their low recoil and are instead the only types of 'string' that is viable for making a mesh, which we will get to soon. Another type of string are young roots, which are rarely found from dirt blocks (takes on average about either 2 or 3 or 5 or 6 blocks to be broken). Young roots also can be eaten for 2 hunger points (1 hunger icon)

    Another tool made from flakes is the Hako Knife, this is basically a tiny hatchet the size of a knife. While it is less effective at attacking than a Handaxe, dealing 1 extra damage instead of 2, it does not hurt you on use. It Also allows you to now break leaves and Pam's Harvestcraft wild crops, along with letting you break long grass faster. Yes, grass actually takes a while to break here, because now seeds can be eaten for 1 point of hunger (half a hunger icon). The Hako Knife is built with a stick or bone in either the bottom left or right corner of the crafting grid, a Stone Shard at a position diagonal from it, and any type of 'string' (except string ironically) in the two remaining spaces.

    Using basswood bark when crafting a Hako Knife increases it's mining speed while using young roots increases it's durability by 2 points each. The Hako Knife has a base durability of 11. Attacking uses up 2 durability while breaking leaf blocks reduces it's durability by 4 everything else reduces as normal. Sticks are found quite rarely from grass blocks, (about 1 for every 11 or 12 grass blocks on average) while 1 bone is dropped whenever you eat an animal carcass. Sticks increase it's mining speed while bones increase it's durability by 2.

    So, how else do you get sticks? Saplings of course! Each sapling can now be crafted into sticks at a 1 to 1 ratio. Once you get enough sticks, you will be ready to make a mesh.


    More to be added later
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  20. Sigma85

    Sigma85 New Member

    Somewhat inline with the above post, I am wanting...well:

    I am wanting a tougher survival mod, I have seen a handful of unfinshed and unupdated ones. Some old ideas I like I wont really go into, but things like needing an axe to chop trees, and getting sticks from breaking leaves, knapping, that sort of stuff. Like TFC except not overhauling EVERYTHING so its more compatible.

    My newer idea is a new furnace system: different "furnaces" for different needs. An early furnace just for food, a campfire. No furnace anymore. Instead, a kiln for firing bricks and other pottery like things, like water vessel, since thirst is now a thing. Bricks have to be made in this kiln. Using bricks, one builds a multiblock forge, this is what is used to smelt ores. It has to be at a certain temperature to get ores to smelt and loses that temp without fuel, takes about 800 (?) ticks to reach that temp. You can also build a clay oven for cooking food slightly faster, but also cook several food at once.

    A similar block is also needed to create charcoal now, place 10 logs at a time, no less (but maybe more ?) and they take about 5-10 mins IRL to make a random # of charcoal from %80 -%120 of the number of logs used. I know this is all very similar to TFC, but I just want a slimmed down version I can use with all my other mods, and I dont hate "magic block solutions" like some people for these things...

    Also, I want to get rid of stone/wood tools and have only flint tools until one finds iron. Flint doesnt frop from mining gravel like normal. It is acquired through a sieve, dropping gravel onto the sieve destroys it, but has a (?)% chance to give flint. (JUST like maricutures dirt/bait/sifter).

    Im sure if someone took the time to actually code such a thing, more ideas would make their way into this future mod anyway, but like anyone else creative and in love, more will come to me and i could go on and on...but i wont...
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