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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Sky Noble, May 25, 2013.


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  1. dgdas9

    dgdas9 Popular Member

    GT is not funny. He's mod is cool. He's not.
  2. Vauthil

    Vauthil Professional Lurker Retired Staff

    Luckily we're just going to discuss his mod and not him here, as we all got to discuss him ad nauseam last week. =)
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  3. DerelleBot

    DerelleBot Member


    I wouldn't make something like that up. There was a post on the news page of the FTB launcher. The link on that post brought me to this thread. I could be wrong now, but I don't think so.

    The news post seems to have since been removed. I suppose because it is no longer necessary to discuss GregTech for the purpose of deciding on inclusion in the modpack.

    It appears that the actual GregTech discussion in this thread has almost completely died out. I personally wouldn't be opposed to this thread being locked. GregTech doesn't deserve even this much attention. lol IMO
  4. netchip

    netchip Member

    Stop with this quarry BS. Just use Snap & Box script. Also, you can disable most of the nerfs Greg did. I'd disable this new idiot iron axe recipe and the matter fab.

    It's reasonable IMHO to have an expensive quarry, tho I had it within 4 hours with 4 MFR farms running producing biofuel.

    GT isn't hard, it isn't tedious, it's about engineering and automating things.

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  5. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    it may be reasonable indeed, but i`d like to have a reasonable recipe as well.
  6. netchip

    netchip Member

    You could breed titanium bees, too. If you want easy quarries.

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  7. Aubinator

    Aubinator Active Member

    I personally love it, though I know of many people on the Aubi-Server that curse every time they try to craft something. I suggest 2 versions:

    FTB Standard
    FTB Ultimate

    Where standard version doesn't include the recipe overwrites while the ultimate has gregtech take over!
  8. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    its not abut titanium in particular
  9. Xeonen

    Xeonen Active Member

    You can turn every pack into Grape Pack, just use quadruple condensed cobblestone instead of cobblestone and always use a wooden pick, you won't notice a difference.
  10. LordBufu

    LordBufu Active Member

    For a person only doing single player stuff this is indeed an option, when going into server hosting and you have to deal with the player side getting the files they need to see the recipes used on the server its a whole other ball game.

    If i have to change the config to what i like it to be at, i have to upload it and make sure the people that download it know where to place it so they can see the recipe's in NEI properly. Witch in many cases isn't that easy nor handy to do, not even to mention pack updates and changes in those config files.

    Gregtech would be a lot more fun if the client read the server its config files in case of Multiplayer, and in case of single player just the local config files. It would solve a lot of these discussion about gregtech being cool or not, and i don't see why this hasn't been done yet, nor do i see what is keeping developers from making a system like this for FTB. Then again im also not a coder nor programmer so i have no idea how hard or easy it is, but as an idea it sounds prity damn simple tbh and a lot easier then making 2 versions of each pack that has gregtech in it.

    Gregtech is cool from my PoV because it extends on a modpack that is not that complex, and makes it a long term project to work on instead of a 1/2 week grind to get a nuke reactor going and then be bored out of your mind cause you have everything you need basically.

    Also i like the plate bender a lot, that machine make so much sense to me its almost a crime, i wish the assembly machine had sorted crafting time to match with the bender but i recon that is gregs logic to delay end game stuff.

    And last but not least, i like the suggestion made here about having more Tier related recipes in Gregtech, solar panel for example are my favorite. Now instead of making solar farm every one and his mom just goes for lava power and ignores solar until very late game (simply because the cost + effort Vs rewards are out of balance now thank to some changes made to the recipes by gregtech). If only that advice would get to the proper source and be worked on, it would improve a lot of balance between the modes offered in the mod.

    Anyways good to see there is still a discussion topic open about this, hope people can keep it normal so it stays that way.
  11. netchip

    netchip Member

    I don't play on public servers, so I think I can talk easier about this, indeed.

    I don't even play FTB, when I'm gaming just on my server. However, when I go at public servers, I *do* use FTB and go with DW20 pack. Just because I like playing without GT, too.

    I think GT makes the game more enjoyable when you know what's the best thing to do, and know the other mods. Especially Extra Bees is good one, with MFR, AE and TE.

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  12. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    Something interesting I found out: what's the difference between combining 4 coal and an iron ingot to make steel dust, then cook in a furnace to get steel (I think it's universal electricity's recipe) and to make an industrial blast furnace, use... some coal and ton of time to get steel? You use the same amount of materials to create it, you just waste time creating the machine and waiting for it to make steel.
  13. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    well, second option uses less coal, so there is the difference.
  14. netchip

    netchip Member

    If you throw the steel dust in, you get GT steel dust back iirc.

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  15. Malexion

    Malexion Active Member

    Interesting mod, but he went about adding difficulty the wrong way.

    You can add difficulty by adding more content to spend time on, not requiring you to spend more time on content.

    Its a careful balance of time, dragging on the process to make a few simple machines doesn't add anything fun.

    Adding machines, blocks and items along the way for fun, makes the path more interesting, and keeps people from being greeted by a cliff rather than a hill.

    Though some people like grinding, and so that is their thing and this mod will suit them perfectly well.

    I would really love to see a mod that creates competition to his *difficulty adding* though, one that actually goes out of its way to you know, ask the mod authors if they can leave a switch in their api to toggle on difficulty or actually consults the mod authors at all. Just something that goes about it in a manner that takes into consideration more than just one play style, not everyone is a grinder, there are adventurers, creative builders, magic lovers and fighters among FTB players as well and I would love to someday see a mod-pack that can get them all to work together.
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  16. dgdas9

    dgdas9 Popular Member

    Nope, it was linked to the one made by Jaded
  17. eric167

    eric167 Well-Known Member

    since were talking GT, HOW do i disable some of these insane recipies? i can live with them, but id rather not have to.
    and if involves the config option "tooeasymode=true", THAT makes the bronze ingot w/ copper/tin ingots give 111.
  18. Siro

    Siro Well-Known Member

    Quake 3 did this (and would even download the mods on the server) over a decade ago. I'm surprised this isn't done more often. At any rate, it would have to happen at the mod loader level because you'd want to make sure all the mods' configs match whats on the server. Forge already identifies if you're missing a mod the server has, it doesn't seem like a big leap to also identify mismatching configs and add a download option (for the config only because of distribution issues); but this is ultimately up to the people that make Forge.
  19. untoast

    untoast New Member

    Gregtech is a great mod, let me get that straight. It adds a TON of new stuff to IC2, and adds a few easier recipes for otherwise harder to get items. The endgame in it is just amazing, and that fact that it can make power armor not dirt-cheap is fantastic. BUT. The mod does severely wound one part of minecraft that we all love. GregTech sort of REMOVED the sandbox feel of minecraft. Say you want to do something really cool, such as build a massive castle out of expensive materials, or with modpacks, make a simple automation system. GregTech forces you to play IC2 to a great extent, and it wears down on you, especially after the plate update. It puts a lot of stress on you. In my personal opinion, if I was in the mood to play hardcore grindy tech things, I would go for GregTech straight away. But most of the time, I don't.

    TL;DR Great mod, I love it, but it removes the sandbox feel of Minecraft.

    What are your thoughts? Agree/disagree with my opinions, post here.
  20. Vauthil

    Vauthil Professional Lurker Retired Staff

    untoast, your post has been moved into this thread as this is basically the thread for this stuff and we don't need yet another one.

    Thanks. =)

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