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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Sky Noble, May 25, 2013.


Your opinion of Greg-Tech?

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  3. I can't decide!

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  1. Sky Noble

    Sky Noble New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Wanted to start a discussion on Gregtech - The mod that gives a struggle/challenge to FTB.
    What are your opinions on it, do you like or not, Why do you think the FTB Team added it in.
    Please comment below with your view along with any other opinions or what-not about it?

    My Opinion:

    What I think about Gregtech, well, its a mod that really changes parts of the game, while adding more complicated recipes replacing the much easier ones we had to start with. I know it different people have different opinions of it, some don't like it while others do? I kinda think its good because it adds a challenge to the game instead of making things easy. Without it, there'd be no struggle and with no struggle comes no Feed The Beast!

    Example of how Gregtech changes stuff:

    Gregtech enabled:

    Gregtech disabled:

    3 Flint, 2 Cobble, 1 Machine Block and a Electric Circuit!

    So that's what I'd like to know - Your opinions/views?

    (Just in case, I'm playing FTB on the Ultimate Pack!)

    Sky Noble
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  2. Riuga

    Riuga New Member

    Its good in general IMO. Needs more ways (or at least better ruby:chrome ratio) of making chrome.
  3. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    To repeat what I said earlier: I like that GregTech adds a lot of stuff 'to do' to FTB. What I don't like is the tediousness of the crafting which tries (and fails) to increase 'challenge' by just making stuff last longer. So unfortunately I can't vote on your poll because it's missing the "both" option :)
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  4. Harros

    Harros New Member

    It's personally funny to me when people talk about hating Gregtech saying its "to hard" most of his steps such as gathering chrome from rubies is tedious not hard and I think people confuse these two terms sometimes tedious means doing something repeatedly hard is trying to knock off a horn from the ender dragon with a bow. Personally I enjoy Gregtech I like its multiple EU generation methods and its machines such as the industrial blast furnace makes steel faster than the Railcraft blast furnace I then use the steel for tracks so in general I like Gregtech.
  5. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    I am sorry to say, but come on, another one of these topics? just the how manieth topic is this...
  6. Brainz

    Brainz New Member

    To me its great because it means i cant endgame in a few days, the only thing i dont like is some of the very pointless machines you can build and the repetitive-ness sometimes observed. Though
    what i do is setup the resources for a project i plan to do in the future in advance, so i dont get pissed off and cheat myself some resources mid way building something advanced xD

    so eh for me 6.5, maybe 7/10 for greg :p
  7. Runo

    Runo New Member

    Gregtech is awesome. Its the only mod that really makes full use of the resources you can gather from mass quarrying. The drawback is that it essentially requires that you mass quarry, which has the potential to trivialize some of the other mods.
  8. Hyperme

    Hyperme Popular Member

    Gregtech fails to understand why Minecraft is easy, then fails to make it hard.

    Why? Time is infinite internally, all other resource limits are a function of time spend. Gregtech mostly adds more time costs. This means costs become external to game environment.

    This makes Gregtech bad.

    Thus ends game analysis for today.
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  9. Sky Noble

    Sky Noble New Member

    Great answers! :)

    Continuous topics and debates is what makes the FTB forum a community and not just a website!
  10. RichardG

    RichardG New Member

    Fighting blazes to make a quarry makes little sense.
  11. Sky Noble

    Sky Noble New Member

    I know right! :)
  12. giesergast

    giesergast New Member

    the hing i dont like about gregtech nothing bad i dont want to hate i mostly like it BUT it also interferes with other mods to much like i wanna do a playtrough while mostly using bc and thermal expansion and i build up some of that stuff and then i just want to make a quarry to use the mj but then i see you need a diamond drill wich requires 2 titanium ingots i look at titanium ingotss and i need a industrial blast furnace to make it wich sucks cuase it is exually aquite advanced machine in ic2 so i got to go really deep into ic2 to make something bc this way it forces you to go a certaint way wich is the gregtech route when i wanna go into ic2 i really love the mod but when i cinda wanna avoid it i basicly cant
  13. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    Early game, I hate gregtech, it makes EVERYTHING harder, mid game is intresting, end-game is just mad(EDIT: mad in the good way :)).
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  14. Sky Noble

    Sky Noble New Member

    I agree with both of you as I am just starting out and quite new to FTB, that's partly one of the reasons I keep posting topics all the time lol!
  15. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech New Member

    Be warned this thread will most likely be locked if people start flaming which is most likely to happen
    I like it btw :p
  16. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    You are certainly the one that should not be around here...

    Just because you are a fanboy, no offense thought
  17. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech New Member

    I'm hardly a fanboy. Just because I love it doesn't mean I agree with everything it has in it, although that statement is probably going to start a flame war so don't reply. But I'm just as entitled as anybody to post here about my thoughts on something
  18. dgdas9

    dgdas9 New Member

    When your name is "I love (insert favourite mod/game/console)" then I automaticly think you are a fanboy.Thanks for clearing that out.

    Don't know if uou notice, but I'm not replying(LOL)
  19. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech New Member

    I wish people would use the search function on this site[DOUBLEPOST=1369517605][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I got it ;)
    Also for some reason RichardG's content was blocked from me?
  20. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    I've got mixed feelings about the pack, with the caveat that I'm just getting started on recent modpacks in Minecraft.

    At the high end, it's a very good setup. While the tech tree really needs some equivalent to Thaumcraft's manual, especially with all the multiblock structures, there's a clear system of progression that provides significant rewards without seriously trivializing other mods. The underlying concept -- that IndustrialCraft2's fab puts a hard limit on use of vanilla components as a limiting tool -- is not entirely bad. There are actually reasons to consider a nuclear power plant, or mess around with Railcraft, instead of just hooking up an Advance Solar Panel or Magma farm and calling it a day. It's gotten me to explore a number of machines and concepts that I'd never have messed around with, otherwise.

    A lot of the pieces are very nice. The Rock Cutter on its own gets rid of a huge number of wasted enchant books worth in the mid-game. Nuclear power provides a good bridge between always-on positive-energy loops (or cheese like lava farming). Its generators fill a big gap in EU production from fluids, and there's starting to be enough automatic machinery to have entirely EU-based industrial blocks.

    On the other hand, it doesn't work terribly well at the low end. A lot of design decisions are based around reducing access to resources and especially renewable resources, which is to some extent necessary to avoid the Giant Solar Farm issue that plagues base IndustrialCraft. On the other hand, it does this by raising them up the tech tree, rather than increasing their costs to match the value of the machine. The Solar Panel, for example, gets a lot of flack, because people love renewable power, and GregTech puts it fairly far out of hand. But it's not costly to make -- three glass, eight coal, a pile of flint, and two tier 2 circuits aren't exactly bank-breaking, and the device can repair for those direct costs pretty quickly. It's costly to set up, especially if you use cheaper tier 2 circuits, requiring a huge level of infrastructure, which means it's only less available to the people who would only use one or two. Higher tier Solars complicate the issue further, especially as GregTech's very own Geothermal Generator makes near-infinite energy available as soon as the player hits the Nether -- if you don't have a pile of Silicon Cells or a Fab, you simply can't make these things, but if you do have the setup to power and supply that, you can make so many that it trivializes even thorium nuclear plants.

    Some of the matter is a psychology issue, rather than a game balance one. GregTech makes the Macerator require diamonds and glowstone and lapis, because doubling metal resources is an incredibly valuable thing. But because you can't unsmelt ore if you burn excess, this means that optimal play involves diving for diamonds and obsidian at the very first opportunity, because every ore you smelt before making a Macerator is a major waste of very valuable resources. In solo or small server play, that actually ends up cutting out a number of lower-tier IndustrialCraft items from ever being meaningful, except for as components to large machines. I'd gotten four stacks of iron ore before getting my first few diamonds, so the iron furnace sat like a bump on a log until it was part of an induction furnace (and for optimal play, probably never should have been placed). And the Macerator exists in the first place because IndustrialCraft provides a big sink for metals that vanilla (or other mods that add ores) never needed. In the long term, this isn't really a balance issue, since late-game resource generation is too much faster than early-game, but it does encourage bad player behavior.

    And then there's stuff that's just stupid. The Diamond Grindstone recipe provides two grindstones per one diamond and four diamond dust. Costly, since the Industrial Grinder needs many Grindstones, but it's a very valuable and late-game machine so that makes sense. But the industrial grinder needs /three/ of these items, aka, an odd number or a number /not divisible by three/. Similarly, the cupronickel heating coil makes multiples of three of an item that you need four to produce. Moreover, there aren't any other machines that need these components, and most players won't want to make multiples of these machines unless they blow the first one up. Gregtech's not the only place this happens (RedPower's frustrating use of microblocks is arguably worse, since it's not always obvious when a slab can be uncrafted into an ingot), but it's a frustratingly poor decision.

    It also doesn't play terribly well with some Forestry stuff, since they're pretty much the only relevant thing that uses bronze. The degree this is relevant mostly depends on your world's oregen config -- IC2 default is reasonably copper- and tin-heavy, and has enough to spare that the bronze casings aren't too costly, but the Forestry (and thus many modpack) settings put out a lot less, enough so to leave people copper-starved unless and until they build an assembly table. I'd rather he have reduced the Centrifuge yield by default, rather than have that as the config file result, especially since that acts as an additional EU sink.

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