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  1. DrParanoia

    DrParanoia Guest

    Well I use Mekanism only for power conversion and fluid/item transporters ^^ I did add it myself, though making steel is kinda difficult now since you need smeltery for that :D

    Also I'm asking about Magica, Mekanism and BOP just so I know what problems I should expect if I add them myself :/
  2. MikkelRH

    MikkelRH Guest

    Why not Mystical Agriculture/Magical crops? :p
  3. Boqzo1

    Boqzo1 New Member

    Ah alright cool. Thank you for the response. Might I ask what you used to profile? Did you use that vanilla thing or a different program?
  4. UrMagus

    UrMagus New Member

    Would it be bad to put my own (fake) money on this, then whine about other obscure and bug ridden mods not being added even though they are the awesomest in the world and the pack is utter shite without them?
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  5. Alcheya

    Alcheya New Member

    1.10 combat is so broken. I played 1.10 on sky factory 3, but barely fought anything until I was geared out. Playing now, actually having to fight mobs, it feels like overkill. I died ~20 times trying to get my stuff back from a ravine I ran into while mining. A shield helped, but it was still rough. And those ember guardian guys are OP as hell.
  6. Tyrindor

    Tyrindor New Member

    No Mekanism really is despressing, the fact it's in the "lite" pack but not in the full pack is puzzling. I was really hoping Mekanism would be the late game expert mode ore processing setup.

    Erm.. I don't think you understand how the new combat works... If you are just spamming your sword you are going to do basically 0 damage. Maybe watch a vanilla video on it, cause it's not broken at all.
  7. Alcheya

    Alcheya New Member

    Yea, I figured that out in sky factory. I mean the mobs feel really overpowered in general.
  8. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    Mekanism was removed because it has issues (performance and otherwise) and the developer is at college and too busy to fix/update his mod right now.
  9. TheBrain0110

    TheBrain0110 New Member

    Yeah, the BoP is the most glaring omission for me too. Yes I can add RTG server-side, and I do, but it still doesn't give as nice and varied world results without more biomes to work with. I'd like to start setting up a world for a Beyond server, but I can't really do chunkgen without it...

    And if I add BoP myself, then getting my friends to join becomes more complicated too, since they can't just "Install FTB Beyond and be done".

    As an aside - is it allowed to make a custom modpack on Curse that calls FTB Beyond as a dependency, and then just includes a few additions / customizations? Just for a small private server for friends. Or what would be the best way of distributing a slightly-tweaked pack that isn't a big hassle for users?
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  10. Cakx

    Cakx Guest

    Hey there, congrats to the release! Really thank you for the hard work! :)

    Could someone of the content creators answer me why "Roguelike Dungeons" is not included?
    I'm just wondering. Is it realated to balancing issues or does it just not fit the flair of Beyond?
    I added the mod by myself, with a decreased spawnfrequency for more balance. No Problems so far.

    Also why is there no biome changing mod like Biomes O' Plenty or so? Any issues with that?
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  11. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Need Magic! rofl More Magic. not those tech mods that try to act like magic cause they're jellie!
  12. FusedComic

    FusedComic Guest

    How do you install it?
  13. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    go to curse app, find beyond, and click install. On the ftb app just click install on the beyond flag.
  14. Sean_Jones

    Sean_Jones New Member

    My favorite change of all.
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  15. Aivorys

    Aivorys Guest

    Cacophonium is only made with brass?
    Okay, makes sense.
  16. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    actually it isn't that big of a help. At the start to make the mod for repair in TiCo you need a bookcase and 10 levels a pop. unless there is another use fore moss. The recipe is super easy. I mean there are wood shears for the vines.
  17. Sean_Jones

    Sean_Jones New Member

    I particularly like the change because it was left in Infinity Evolved: Expert. If it's changed for Beyond, I'd bet it'd be that way in any future Expert mode.
  18. TheChance

    TheChance New Member

    There's a mod list in the Curse launcher on the pack's page, under "Changelogs," and also for every other FTB modpack on their pages.

    There is also a mod list here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-beyond/relations/dependencies

    ...as well as for every other FTB pack ;)
  19. Ryleem

    Ryleem Guest

    Any reason why the PSI CAD assembler is so absurdly expensive? (3 end crystals, 2 dragon eggs, etc.) I hadn't played with it before, and was looking forward to playing with it. I have to "beat the game" a few times before I can even START it... :(
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  20. CompassRose

    CompassRose New Member

    Noticed the ore gen of Cobalt and Ardite has been tweaked significantly. It's much easier to get. Makes it viable to repair cobalt heads on tools until you can get 5 reinforcement mods on them, making them unbreakable. Is that why tinkers xp was tweaked as well?

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