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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Feed the Beast, Mar 6, 2017.

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    Oh, also, I love your mod packs. I'm running a few servers at home through my provider's router using No-IP to point a domain name at me. I've got a few friends playing on them and we use Discord for chat. Mining and building has gotten me though a lot of life crap, so I just wanted to say thank you to the FTB devs and all the mod devs.

    Except Gregtech. He sucks. Where's all the iridium???? </troll>
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    @CoolSquid, is minecraftred another one of those janky repost sites that nobody should ever, ever use?

    UrMagus, read the first comment in the comments section of that page :p
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    I did not know fake news existed in this community like that. I have only one response:

    No memes
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    Ah brill, thanks @zBob! Hmm I think a link to the changelog should be on the first post, because people wouldn't necessarily think to look there - or even know there was one; I know I didn't!
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  9. Anyone seeing a sever lack of Lapis in the pack. Been mining about 7 hours and no Lapis yet could just be unlucky but
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    Yeah, It would help if your guys actually gave us a list of the mods.
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    A lot of the credit goes to forge and the developers, but I do spend a fair bit of time profiling and disabling things that are not needed that yield a significant performance boost or changing certain particle affects that will not be missed, and so on.
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    WAILA gave us a lot of crashes during testing and support was almost non-existent at that time so we moved over to TOP by McJty.
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    rftools' builder has a quarry card, if you prefer old school quarry mechanics feel free to use that in the mining age :)
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    Lapis is meant to be "rarish" as its not heavily used, but its there :) Didn't want it to be too easy to get Fortune III on your TiC pick day one!
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    The mod devs of ProjectRed are working to come up with a solution to re
    The ProjectRed devs are working on a solution to this, but it is complex and may take some time.
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    But what about Mekanism, BOP, Magicka?
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    Another stupid question, and I wouldn't ask a "why don't you have XXX mod in the pack?" question if it weren't for it being Biome's a Plenty that I'm asking about, which I thought was kinda a standard one to add first to any given pack. So, no biomes?
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    You can add Realistic Terrain Generator. Server-side only so it won't affect any client joining.
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    Well you can always add these yourself. But I know for a fact the both Mek and Ars are little on the buggy side. Which is probably one of the reasons they were not included in the pack.
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    Anyone keeping a tally on the number of people who ask for their favorite mods to be added in the first 24 hours of the pack being released?

    I have a lot of (fake) money on this.

    Guys, if your favorite mod isn't in the pack, its almost always going to be because of a performance/stability problem, or because there's another mod that does most of the same stuff.

    (Granted I'm a bit surprised as BoP myself but I'm guessing its got issues)

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