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    We are very pleased to officially announce the release of FTB Beyond.

    FTB Beyond is the latest iteration of our kitchen sink packs, being the minecraft 1.10 upgrade to FTB Infinity. But it's no ordinary kitchen sink pack, we've tweaked and customized it into the classic FTB experience you know and love.

    Starting off, we have the latest version of FTB Utils.

    A revamped team GUI.

    Chunk claiming and server leaderboards

    We've completely redone ore generation.


    • AE2 meteors disabled
    • AE2 grinder ore double chance changed from 90% to 75%
    • Extreme Reactors fuel usage multiplier changed from 1 to 8
    • Extreme Reactors charcoal not smeltable into graphite
    • Extreme Reactors yellorite smelting to uranium disabled
    • Extreme Reactors requires hardened or reinforced glass instead of plain glass
    • Agricraft ore plants disabled
    • Agricraft weed spawn chance changed from 15% to 5%
    • Aroma's Mining World disabled grass on top
    • Aroma's Mining World regular day cycle enabled
    • COFH Core flat bedrock enabled
    • Environmental Tech per cell base rate changed from 80 to 72
    • Forestry disabled crafting of bronze
    • Forestry farms use a square layout
    • Railcraft disabled world anchors
    • Techreborn disable railcraft's iron nugget to steel nugget recipe
    • Techreborn disable gem tools and armor
    • Chest Transporter disable all transporters below diamond from moving spawners
    • Enderstorage change chest size from 3x9 to 6x9
    • Morpheus sleep percentage changed from 50% to 25%
    • Project Red minimum timer ticks changed from 4 to 20
    • Project Red volcano generation disabled
    • Quark colored beds disabled
    • Quark varied bookshelves disabled
    • Quark varied chests disabled
    • Quark varied trapdoors disabled
    • Quark chest buttons disabled
    • Quark inventor sorting disabled
    • Quark store to chests disabled
    • Quark armed armor stands disabled
    • Quark chickens shed feathers disabled
    • Quark convert clay blocks to clay disabled
    • Quark creepers turn red when exploding disabled
    • Quark deploy ladders down disabled
    • Quark endermen teleport you to them if you're in a 2 high area disabled
    • Quark glass shards disabled
    • Quark greener grass disabled
    • Quark sheep have armor while wearing wool disabled
    • Quark stair crafting makes more disabled
    • Quark better vanilla textures disabled
    • Quark panorama maker disabled
    • Quark sit in stairs disabled
    • Quark blazes spawn naturally in nether disabled
    • Quark generate clay underground like dirt disabled
    • Quark basalt disabled
    • Quark biotite disabled
    • Quark guardiands spawn in oceans disabled
    • Quark pirate ships disabled
    • Quark wraiths disabled
    • Translocator crafting grid disabled
    • Actually Additions experience solidifier disabled
    • Actually Additions black quartz generation disabled
    • Actually Additions lush caves disabled
    • Chisel bricks to mossy disabled
    • Darkutils portal charm disabled
    • Darkutils sleep charm disabled
    • Darkutils ender tether affects players disabled
    • Darkutils portal charm disabled
    • Gravestones death note disabled
    • MFFS chunkloader disabled
    • Multistorage linked ender chests disabled
    • Ranged Pumps use 1000 energy per block instead of 0
    • Steves Carts chunk loaders disabled
    • SuperCraftingFrame teleportation frame max distance changed from infinite to 128
    • TheOneProbe only needs probe item for extended info
    • Torch Master mega torch changed from 32 to 64

    • Removed solar flux reborn conduits
    • Add AE2 press recipes
    • Add AE2 skystone recipe
    • Remove ExU2 sickles
    • Removed flux storage blocks
    • Make ExU2 angel rings more expensive
    • Removed mob grinding utils iron spikes
    • Make DSU recipe more expensive
    • Make long fall boots more expensive
    • Remove multistorage enderbags
    • Make PSI programmer and assembler more expensive

    Get the pack now on the Curse app as well as the FTB launcher.

    We will start working on expert mode in the next few weeks.
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  2. SnowShock35

    SnowShock35 FTB Pack Developer Team Member FTB Pack Developer

    I guess you could say To Beyond and Infinity?
  3. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    Very nice, going to be playing this ALOT.
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  4. Ive been anticipating this pack! Its gonna be amazing now and when the game modes come out!
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  5. erasrhead

    erasrhead Guest

    Fails to install from curse launcher, error message 'File in manifest is not available from the server'
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  6. SnowShock35

    SnowShock35 FTB Pack Developer Team Member FTB Pack Developer

    Give it a few minutes or try restarting Curse. That should fix it. ;)
  7. Chronos_

    Chronos_ Guest

    Why bother adding Quark if you're just going to disable everything? :/
  8. erasrhead

    erasrhead Guest

    Woot that got it, SF3 its been real, but time to go Beyond!
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  9. henrytm82

    henrytm82 Guest

    Can we have a final mod list so we know what's in it? None of the pages I've seen so far have a list.
  10. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    The CurseForge page should have a list of dependencies.
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  11. Dejan Petrov

    Dejan Petrov Guest

    Add ProjectE mod and make recepi expencive :D
  12. Boqzo1

    Boqzo1 New Member

    I must ask, because in my experience 1.10.2 hasn't run the best for me in SSP even through my modpack development endeavors. How did you guys get this running so well? Like what did you do to debug and such? It would be wonderful to know so I could use such methods myself. :)
  13. Jake_Evans

    Jake_Evans Administrator FTB Map Builder

    There's a team of beta testers that have been testing stuff for quite a while now. And tfox works magic on packs anyway so both of those things = :D
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  14. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    There was a forge fix that made tile entities that weren't visible not render, so that helped frame rate a lot. I believe that version of forge is in FTB beyond.
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  15. Boqzo1

    Boqzo1 New Member

    That's the answer I was afraid I would get. I know it's been tested, but I want to know some of how they found out things that caused lag and how they fixed some of them.
    Yeah, but my pack is roughly the same size with a "similar" modlist, but it doesn't run as well as this even with the latest forge, which is why I'm just curious about the ways they did. :D
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  16. Magzie

    Magzie Well-Known Member

    Just got my new pc today for my youtube channel so I can play around with Beyond while a finish redownloading everything :)!
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  17. thunderbolt_6

    thunderbolt_6 New Member

    well, some missing mods :( (thaumcraft, twilight forest, alternate terrain gen, etc)
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  18. mallrat208

    mallrat208 New Member

    The inclusion of both MCMP and FMP is going be rather confusing as the two mods don't work together at all.
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  19. TheChance

    TheChance New Member

    So... any particular reason we don't have fast leaf decay? I'm loving the pack so far, and recording already, but after so many years with the leaves just dropping, having to climb the tree and cut my way down to get saplings is pretty obnoxious.
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  20. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    Last time I used it, it caused really bad tick lag whenever things were decaying.
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