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  1. Henry Link

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    Nothing... That is a just notice not an error. Basically, it is telling you the command for permsize is no longer used by java 8. But it is embedded in the launcher and you can't get rid of it if you use the twitch/curse launcher. So just ignore it.
  2. logo1213

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    when I try to load the beyond mod pack it says Error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded what can I do.
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  3. grandrolf

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  4. Everlasting2

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    allot java more memory in the mc launcher ur using
  5. z0mbat

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    So I just installed FTB Beyond and I also created my own modpack in the Twitch client.

    FTB Beyond: ~190 mods
    My pack: 122 mods

    With exactly the same video settings I get 250-300 fps in FTB Beyond and 80-100 fps in my modpack.

    That's super interesting. How are you achieving that? You must be optimizing the modpack somehow to do that?
  6. Henry Link

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    The better question is what mods do you pick? If you added things like BoP that explains a lot of it. Also, the FTB team deliberately removed certain items to prevent lag either FPS or TPS. Same goes for mods. They choose mods that were low lag and stable for the most part.
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  7. mrminesheeps

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    Idk where else to suggest this, but might I suggest adding Mekanism to FTB Beyond? It has a stable 1.10.2 release, and it's really quite nice. Many people on the server I play would love to see Mekanism in Beyond. It's a personal favorite, myself. It's not too heavy, either, soo :p
    Just a suggestion, since you've been pretty regularly updating Beyond with new mods for everyone to play with.
  8. Magzie

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    I thought they had it in beyond but took it out because of the crash issue with pipes.
  9. Hambeau

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    There's a whole thread where they discuss things like this over in "Ask a Simple Question"... They even get replies from pack devs as to why/why not a given mod is used in a pack. The category this thread is in (FTB News) is for news from FtB. :D
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    Does anyone know how I can add a mod to the server? When I add extracells 2 to the client it works fine in single player but of cause in the server it tells me the tooltip is missing which I assume that is because my friend doesn't have it installed. Of cause when we try to install it, it causes the server to crash.
  11. Hambeau

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    Try asking in the "Ask a simple question" thread in "General Chat"... This area is supposed to be for FtB news, and anyone who could answer your question almost certainly reads the other thread. (I don't play on a server, so I have no idea).
  12. Baenling

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    Hey guys, running v1.10.2 of Beyond and apparently machines don't work for Pam's Harvestcraft (eg Presser)- anyone else having the same issue, am I doing something wrong, and if it's not me, any chance this could be fixed? I GOTS TA JUICE
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    Bonjour, quelle est la version forge de ce modpack (FTB Beyond)?
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