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    If you wanna tell someone you've seen the same thing they just posted, POST A LINK! send them to a clear answer to their problem instead of starting with sass.
    Btw that only reason I even knew anything about Tesla and Edison is because I read Tesla: Man out of time. And your forum pic is awesome, I thought I was the only guy that watched the old Superman cartoons lol.
    Just noticed your post on the Builds Using Redwoods topic, wondered if you still have screens of your base. I was thinking of using one to make a base like yours, with tinkers stuff in one room, magic stuff from Thaumcraft in another, and ore berries in a third room, with the fourth holding an essence berry farm (for unlimited essence, fueling an autospawner).
    The autospawner spawns Wither Skellies so I can have unlimited Wither Skeleton skulls, necrotic bones, coal and bones(for bonemeal). Combined with the near unlimited supply of natura heat sand and tainted soil, this means unlimited Withers and thus unlimited nether stars.
    Hey, hello.
    I'm sorry for contacting you like this but could you please take a look at my reply over the "Direwolf20 1.7.10 released" thread?
    Thank you!
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