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  1. Windstiller

    Windstiller Guest

    +1 Please add Mekanism in this Pack.
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  2. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    What kind of config options are you missing in TOP? I'm the author btw so if I can improve things that would be nice
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  3. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    what I like about WAILA is an ingame UI to change the GUI. I know that you can change the GUI of TOP aswell, but it's through the configs (which can be accessed through the mod config menu) and not directly and thus it takes a while to configure it all.
    throug the UI of WAILA you can also directly change the settings of the mod and the submods aswell and you can quickly see the result and change it again if needed.
  4. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Actually TOP has an in-game config GUI as well. First you can go to 'mod options' (standard forge mod options) and access many options there and secondly sneak-right-click the probe in your hand or type /topcfg to get a very easy config screen for some of the more basic config options.

    Also when you first create a new world you get a note that you can right click for config options as well. In that in-game config you can change the position, set a few styles and change size. All with a few clicks.

    I'm looking for a screenshot. hold on
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  5. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    I mean this config screen where you can change the position, the size and the style:

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  6. Darkly

    Darkly New Member

    one moment i thougt that galacticcraft was in the pack because of the cover picture :(
    now im sad :(

    FTB Pack + tfox Gamemode + Galacticraft = The Dream
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  7. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    that I did not know, thank you very much for informing be about this.
  8. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    DFQ.. is the Ender Quarry disabled by default this time around? Didn't see it in the list of "noticeable config changes", but also didn't see it in my JEI/NEI last night :( Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for this question.
  9. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    @Mr. Crain look for the quantum quarry instead. The mod author changed the extra utilities around a little bit and the ender quarry doesn't exist anymore.
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  10. lost_RD

    lost_RD New Member

    I'm getting crashes immediately upon world load.

    I would post this in the supposed bug tracker but there isn't a link to it in this forum post or in the reddit announcement post.
  11. DrParanoia

    DrParanoia Guest

    Check if enough memory is dedicated. If the memory settings are okay, see if something in the system is preventing Minecraft from using it.
  12. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    You might want to report it here: https://support.feed-the-beast.com/
  13. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Sorry to bother yaw again, but I took a look at the Environmental Tech Miner as well as the Quantum Quarry. They both mine from the "void". Again, DFQ, I assume this means there will be zero trace that a quarry had run its paces, and this was done to improve performance/rendering of those massive holes in the ground? I'll shut up after this question promise.
  14. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Was that in the top post anywhere? I didn't spot that! Also, is the link to the changelog in there? I'm hoping I didn't look too stupid asking that, if you take into account that I read the whole of the first post, including the spoilers, but only that...! :)
  15. zBob

    zBob New Member

    Changelog for 1.0.1 can be found here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-beyond/files/2389780

    Also if you scroll down you can view all the mods included and each one is a link to their curseforge page so you can learn more details about it.
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  16. The Doctor

    The Doctor New Member

    The Void Miner in ET "creates" ores. The idea is, it creates ores through the void. Just like MFR lasers. The Quantum Quarry mines in its own dimension, Dim -9999. People have said they have encountered ticklag in said dimension (bringing overall tick down). I personally haven't noticed any running 16 of them in another modpack I played. The difference is that the Void Miner can mine/create certain ores, found in JEI and the Quantum Quarry can get things like wood, sapling and what not since it mines an actual dimension. I believe both have been made with server performance in mind. The times of a BC Quarry mining a 64x64 area and having it fill with water because of user neglect is behind us.
  17. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    The RFTools Builder is still present though. That one can replace with dirt without block updates so that shouldn't be too bad
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  18. Mr. Crain

    Mr. Crain Guest

    Thank you kind Sir for the more than beautiful explanation!
  19. UrMagus

    UrMagus New Member

    So Twilight Forest is available for 1.10.2 and 1.11, and the biggest problem I have with the mod packs is that I run through all the tech and magic tiers pretty fast, and then I look for things to fight and there aren't any. I want monsters!!!! Twilight's bosses are just what I love, but there aren't many other mods that have big bads like that.

    Can we have a mod or two with the kind of creatures that make you look at your Draconic Sword and say "Where the hell is the chaotic upgrade already????"

    Also, I can haz Twilight? (not the vampire kind)
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  20. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Twilight Forest available for 1.10? I don't think so.
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