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Jun 20, 2017
Mar 21, 2013
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FTB Modpack Dev Lead, Male, from Los Angeles, CA

Team Member FTB Pack Developer

Going to be away at PAX East from Mar 5th-10th. I will fix things when I have time or when I get back. Mar 5, 2015

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Jun 20, 2017
    1. Sugam49
    2. Reliikgaming
      Hi tfox hope all is well! I have a quick question on thumbnails for youtube vids, im starting a new series on Infinity Skyblock and want to include the logo for the pack on my thumbnail but cant find a decent version of it in google images - is there another place I can get it from do you know? Hope this is ok to ask here :)

      Thanks in advance
    3. Pyure
      Your admin god duties are spamming me in the new posts view. Cease and desist. When you're done.
    4. Kurenai633
      Hey man! I've been wanting to create a forum to see if someone could help me with a minecraft problem I've encountered, however there is no option there for me to create a forum.
    5. Adam Contardo
      Adam Contardo
      Did you make the scripts for IE:E. I want to know if I can use a modified version them in a pack that I am creating. The pack is focused on Advent of Ascension but with most of the IE:E mods as well. I've worked very hard to build this pack, and it's now close to a releasable build. If you grant me permission to use them , I would be submitting it to FTB for review in 1 or 2 weeks. Thank you for your time.
    6. mikel213
      fix a recepi for lzh condesators not how to craft them but how to charge/cool them down
    7. CroGamerPro
    8. CroGamerPro
    9. GingerMiner101
      Hello I got a new laptop and it won't load up evolved Pack doesn't load, gets stuck but doesn't crash and I tried without fastcraft same results here is the log please help
    10. SweatyCheddar
      Please can you post the modpack used by Syndicate in Mianite Season 2 for public use? :)
    11. andrew henson
      andrew henson
      hello Tfox83

      i would like to bring to your attention a server on the infintiy pack which is selling items for real life money, these items being player anchors and AE2 items which break terms and conditions they have been shut down twice for selling items and the server is called sernedipity

      thank you for your time

      Andy Henson
    12. Mojoran
      Hey Tfox83,

      In FTB Infinity has been a lot of changes, one of them being Thaumic Horizons being removed. This is quite sad for me and my question to you is if could add other Add ons for Thaumcraft, like Automagy into FTB Infinity. Playing with Thaumic Energistics is really fun but it makes everything very easy to handle. And it would be really fun to get some other Addons to play with.


    13. Dafriz
      i am having issues with the FTB modpack The Dark trilogy it freezes on the loading screen at in bar top to bottom
      loading- initializing minecraft engine 3/7
      redering setup - loading blocks texture 7/9
      texture creation - uploading gl texture 3/3
      1. Dafriz
        the only way to get past it is to pull my saves out and put them on my desktop then uninstall the whole pack then re-install it. then i have to put the saves back in to not lose my saves.
        Do you think others may be having the same issue?
        if so when can this be fixed?
        Jul 31, 2015
    14. WaffleMonkey
    15. StarParadox
      if you are can you have a look at mine?
    16. StarParadox
      our you still having a look at the submitted privet modpacks?
    17. Solarstrike
      Nice cool new avatar!
    18. GeneralZinn
      Not sure who i would go to about this but I found a dupe issue that i need to report its with the direwolf20 current pack
    19. Puretic
      Your profile picture makes you look like ridgedogs long lost brother
    20. Oraia
      Hey tfox83 ! Just to know if my modpack appliaction was refused. I posted it on Sunday, and someone answered very quickly, asking for some permissions. I got the permissions, added RotaryCraft, but it didn't get any reply; even if there are currently 7 total views .I know that some pepole are still at the PAX, so maybe I'm wrong and I just didn't realize you have tons of applications you need to reply to...
      1. tfox83
        The Team is working on them as fast as they can. @Watchful11 is working on expanding the 3rd Party Team as we speak.
        Mar 12, 2015
      2. Oraia
        Yeah that's it I just didn't realize you had a lot of work... Sorry :/
        Mar 13, 2015
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    Curse, Inc & FTB Employee