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  • Not sure who i would go to about this but I found a dupe issue that i need to report its with the direwolf20 current pack
    Hey tfox83 ! Just to know if my modpack appliaction was refused. I posted it on Sunday, and someone answered very quickly, asking for some permissions. I got the permissions, added RotaryCraft, but it didn't get any reply; even if there are currently 7 total views .I know that some pepole are still at the PAX, so maybe I'm wrong and I just didn't realize you have tons of applications you need to reply to...
    The Team is working on them as fast as they can. @Watchful11 is working on expanding the 3rd Party Team as we speak.
    Yeah that's it I just didn't realize you had a lot of work... Sorry :/
    Going to be away at PAX East from Mar 5th-10th. I will fix things when I have time or when I get back.
    Hey Hey, can u please enable TC Tome of Knowledge sharing in TDT Pack .. there is no recipe, but we are playing it on server, so we wanna share our researchers .. thanks
    in TDT pack can u please enable TC Tome of Knowledge Sharing crafting - not having this recipe makes playing on servers in teams useless as we all have to do all research from zero to end....
    Can you add this:


    To the forge microblock config file? It allows the decoration blocks from big reactors and enderio to work with forge microblocks.
    Loving The Dark Trilogy modpack. Quick Question though @tfox83, could you please add Mekanism (and its expansions (Generators, etc.)) to The Dark Trilogy to add to the progression of the tech tree as it adds another layer of complexity with its gases and liquids? Also 'cause it's a pretty cool mod to add a pretty freaking awesome modpack =D
    Since we're past the 48 hour mark I unstuck the Resurrection app thread. Let me know if it's good for a lock or if you want it back up to sticky status for a bit longer.
    No, that was perfect, thanks again!
    Hey i am really enjoying beta testing and i am interested in becoming an official FTB beta tester and help beta test other packs as well so is it possible if so would you point me to someone to contact about it? thanks
    Hey, Wanna help rushmead on project he is working on? its a new third party modpack that I originally posted as an idea but he is working on it atm.
    No sorry I have enough going on atm.
    just wanna let you know we have a update for our modpack ive been trying to bump my post but the double post thing stops me and ive been waiting since Thursday so if you could just check it out it would be great C: thanks!
    Sometimes I get busy in life and cant get to all of them right away, but bumping your post only puts you to the front of the list, I work from the oldest post to the newest when updating.
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