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  1. MakakPL

    MakakPL New Member

    ok upgrade time More Power :) ( before full auto thermalily ) :
  2. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Hope you have more than 1 spreader, or you're just gonna be wasting fuel ;)
  3. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 New Member

    I would use 4 spreaders with 4 flowers all connected to a 4 dropper with coke blocks. i find i can normally fill a pool in about 8 blocks per flower. which is nothing if you have a couple of ovens working on coal blocks. How would you suggest automating thermal lily? i know i can produce lots of lava but never actually automated it for lilies before.
  4. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    As far as magical routes go, Blood Magic has a ritual that spawns lava. On the technical side, it's possible to pipe lava into a Flood Gate from buildcraft, and have it placed into the world automatically. I'm using the flood gate myself. Definitely need to make sure it is in a confined space though, or you could end up flooding your base with lava.
  5. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 New Member

    Oh of course i would build a small area to gather in a pool than use nodes to transfer to another area. Wandering if there is a way to locate liquid over dimensions? I know ender tanks not in this modpack anything close to it? What do i need to unlock the thaumcraft section i would love to get some items from it to make my life easier.
  6. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Afaik, there's no way to transfer liquids over long distances besides pipes, tank carts, or moving it by hand. You can make your own lava with fire essence in a smeltery though ;)

    As for unlocking Thaumcraft, you can make the Thaumonomicon and Iron capped wand easily enough, but to go further you'll need treefyd seeds from witchery to craft a greatwood sapling.
  7. Ozzymud2

    Ozzymud2 New Member

    My favorite of the 2 methods is the Serenade of the Nether, use 8 floating thermals around it and stagger planting times you can get by with 2 spreaders, so that only one flower is out of cool-down at a time.

    I just need to find an easier method then pushing coven witches across the map to the well of suffering. Without a lasso or safari net it is a pain :p

    Both methods using floaters or not can be placed in a 3x3 hole as to not worry about flooding the base with lava.
  8. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    I have mine set up similarly, though I have 1 spreader per 2 thermalilies. Staggering their placement is all well and good, but you lose that staggered timing as soon as you reach capacity in your mana pools.
  9. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 New Member

    true coven witches are a pain but why do you need to get them to a well of suffering? make a diamond dolly and take up some witch spawners easy as pie while keeping the useful coven witches alive.
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  10. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Fire Essence Farm, with harvesting robot, spectranthemum, and daffomills
    Pipe from Lava tank to Flood Gates
    Thermalily setup. I have two of these running concurrently.
    Smeltery, converts harvested fire essence into lava. This fuels in turn fills the lava tank, the smeltery fuel tank, and the generators to power the harvester bot.

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  11. Sungak

    Sungak New Member

    I'm curious why you'd need one spreader for a pair of thermalillies? One normal spreader (with a composite lens) is working just fine for 10 in my setup (need to bump it to 12 at some point), though my mana needs went down drastically once I stopped using it for RF.

    I re purposed the pit I had my original 'Hydro' Tower in; its now a one-level thermalily system, fed by a dedicated fire seed farm that I'm spreading nearby. A Mariculture smelter is doing the lava work, in turn fed (for now) by the natural gas picked up in another quest; it can switch back to lava easily enough, or just collect more gas.

    For RF power, I decided to take the Fuel route. There's a massive oil well near my base - so far I've collected or processed the equivalent of two OpenBlock Barrels, and that's only taken care of the stuff above surface level (!). That should take care of my nominal power needs for the foreseeable future, even with AE running. Three combustion generators running the core power seems to do fine (180 RF/t), and I can double that if needed. Still need to figure out a buffer system for 'big burst' stuff like the lasers.
  12. Fumblemore24

    Fumblemore24 New Member

    I am having problems with Botania and mana generation. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. The dayblooms and nightshades don't detect the spreader, and i'm not generation any mana into the pool or the spreader its self. If anyone could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated. IbwFEdm.png RMYevxt.png
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  13. Rivalyn

    Rivalyn New Member

    Flowers link to spreaders when they're planted, but won't link to new spreaders that are placed down afterwards. Shift-right click your Wand of the Forest on the air to put it in bind mode, then Shift-Right click a flower and then the spreader to link it to the spreader.
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  14. Sungak

    Sungak New Member

    On a later-game note, what unlocks the Certus Certification now? I've unlocked all the quests in the 'tech' page now (after removing my player.dat for upgrading from 0.7.4), and that's the only thing missing I believe.

    Not a biggie at this point - I had already grabbed the essence a while back - just wondering what I may have missed. I had no Mekanism items (or barely any tech really), so I knew this was relatively safe to upgrade. :)
  15. Fl3x

    Fl3x New Member


    I'm having an issue with agricarnation. They not seems to be working. Here's my setup, something wrong...? Does anyone having the same issue?
  16. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Is it linked to the mana pool? If not, you can shift+right click the flower and then the pool to link them.
  17. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    My Thermalilies tend to run all at once, at this point, and I've observed that my spreaders aren't able to keep up with production of more than 2 at a time. I made that call when I saw (using my wand) that both the mana pool and one or more of the linked flowers were completely full on mana during a burn phase. With the extra mana spreaders, I'm able to ensure I get 100% of the mana produced by the thermalilies during their uptime. I find I need quite a bit, since I'm terraforming (cracked sand > dirt) a large area with my rod of the lands + rod of the shifting crust. So far I've terraformed a ~400x500 block area, and I intend to keep that going for a good while. It's always interesting to get back to base and see my 15 or so formerly full mana pools at 1/5 or less each.
  18. Fl3x

    Fl3x New Member

    Yes they are linked, they are full of mana but don't want to spent it ^^
  19. Kmad

    Kmad New Member

    Hmmm... I'm not sure what's the problem then. I've never used agricarnations myself.
  20. Warplord

    Warplord New Member

    New agricraft is here! Golems work JUST FINE now! Awesome stuff!
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