[1.7.10] Regrowth - A WIP HQM pack - Now Listed!

Discussion in 'thephoenixlodge' started by thephoenixlodge, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Veriity

    Veriity Member

    I have no idea what is going on... when I loaded Regrowth this morning, it wouldn't launch. All kinds of texture and mod errors I've never seen before. I deleted and re-installed the pack, no luck. I tried playing only a single player game.. no luck there, either. Anyone else having this issue? I ran the game last night without any problems.
  2. Adagiovibe

    Adagiovibe Active Member

    Excuse the stupid question, but is it safe to assume that updating certain mods, like Botania would effectively break the quests in this pack? I'd like to give this pack a try but noticed that the Botania version is pretty old.
  3. Rivalyn

    Rivalyn Member

    In latest version of Regrowth, Botania is only 2 versions out of date and Vazkii updates Botania a lot. Shouldn't be a problem to update usually, unless you're using an ancient version of Regrowth.
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  4. Adagiovibe

    Adagiovibe Active Member

    I should have realized that checking the mod versions on the Google Docs page instead of simply checking the changelogs was utterly stupid of me. Thanks!
  5. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Anyone else haveing problems with the band of aura? thinking since i idle alot i use it to fill mana tablets or is that not how its used? I can't seem to get it to give any mana even after idling for like an hour.
  6. Kmad

    Kmad Well-Known Member

    Well, it works fairly slowly, and you need to be wearing it. Whenever I've used it in the past it has been enough to keep up with tool/armor damage, but not much else.
  7. BlueDragon_Ned

    BlueDragon_Ned New Member

    Torn pages not recognized in the questbook "what the world teaches", infusion stones from thaumcraft are not accepted by the auto work bench
    love to play this magic mods :) great mod pack
  8. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Ya works slowly i need get some terra steel to make upgrade version it says 2 great aura bands will fill a tablet in 2 1/2 hours which to me is when i normally do a check up. Any idea how to unlock thaumcraft quest line? While not good for crops atm i would love to get myself a golem farm wood and that without cost and be ready for when they do fix it for the crops.
  9. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    If you are wearing a sojourners sash, the mana used by the sash seems to be the same as the mana generated by the band of aura. So, you do not gain or lose any mana. Upgrading the band with terrasteel will give you a net gain of mana. If you are not wearing the sash and still not gaining mana, then I don't know, sorry.
  10. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    If you mean the infusion stones from magical crops, they will not work in an auto work bench. Something to do with it possibly being designed to not work with items that are not used up in the crafting process. You had to use buildcraft's advanced crafting table or automate crafting using other mods if you wanted to craft with infusion stones. However, the advanced crafting table could only be used in Regrowth versions prior to v0.8. In Regrowth 0.8, Buildcraft was updated to version 7 and the advanced crafting table has been deprecated so you can no longer create it. I only took a quick look but could not find a replacement in buildcraft for the advanced crafting table. Unless you find something I missed, and if you do please let us know, you will have to automate crafting with infusion stones with other mods. I haven't tried it with infusion stones, but you could try botania's crafty crate, thaumcraft golems, or blood magic's automated crafting system if you don't have applied energistics up and running, yet.
  11. PerrynKraft

    PerrynKraft New Member

    Were you able to figure out what happened? I am having the same issue. I have reinstalled and tried a new single player game, to make sure it wasnt an error in my backup/ saves and It crashes when loading the seed.
  12. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Didn't know the sash used mana now, never had before. Also anyone else have ideas on how to quickly get rid of water ponds? I thought there was a sponge or something i can use in botania but it must be elf lore or something because i can't find it.
  13. Mervyn

    Mervyn New Member

    The fix for the crashing problem is to change a line in the bloodarsenal.cfg file :

    "B:"Is auto-magic version checking allowed?"=true"
    "B:"Is auto-magic version checking allowed?"=false"
  14. OniyaMCD

    OniyaMCD Well-Known Member

    Ordinary Minecraft sponges can be found in coral beds. Nab yourself a Ring of Chordata and a Dive Helmet to find them quickly.
  15. Amadeus99

    Amadeus99 Well-Known Member

    The Rod of the Terra Firma can fill in ponds with dirt pretty quickly if you don't mind them being filled in with dirt. You will need to put a column of dirt down first so that it "knows" where to spread the dirt from if there isn't already dirt all around. However, it has a large radius and could extend dirt areas in places you didn't want or lower the land in areas you didn't want and it doesn't return any blocks that are destroyed when lowering land. Do not use any where near any dirt areas you don't want to accidentally change until you have tested and seen how it works. It will also fill in underground caves that you might not know about, so it might actually take a little bit before it gets to filling in the pond but all you are doing is right-clicking and holding so still a lot easier. ("a little bit" could be 5-20 seconds or so) Also note that it can use up quite a bit of mana. You can use it with the Rod of the Lands in your inventory and it will automatically create the dirt needed at an extra cost of mana. Or you can just have a bunch of dirt in your inventory.
  16. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Normally i just use crack sand since i run into water when i'm landscaping which normally ends with a ton of crack sand in my inventory anyway. Just wanted to know if there was a easier/faster way but oh well. Any suggestion tutorials on forestry farm? i think i know how it runs and that but wanna compare notes before i do something i didn't need to.
  17. MakakPL

    MakakPL Well-Known Member

    bug ? :
    my first mana setup :
    i went up to check it out and all my mana flowers are gone ( daybloom ) so now flowers
    despawn ?
  18. Everfreefire

    Everfreefire Active Member

    Yep. From what I am aware it was a change the mod-creator wanted. I believe Dayblooms, Nightshades, and Hydroangeas do it. All the free mana creators wither.
  19. SeaWind5982

    SeaWind5982 Member

    Maka only the passive mana gen flowers rot away flowers that take things like food,tnt, or fuels stay forever.
  20. balbo1221

    balbo1221 New Member

    thanks, this worked!

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