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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    Ok... So you just do it everywhere!!!!!!!!
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    Goodbye... For now.

    Sweetas You should learn English then? Drugs are Bad I don't do Drugs. Not for a long time now. Your Pic reminds me of Alar!
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    Goodbye... For now.

    Wow! Good on your Old's for going down that road! The fact they are so missing "so much" is pretty much irrelevant. So Long As "You" are the "Responsible One!" Oh but.... Your Old's might just have a few clues! Oh NVM old people don't know anything Ay! The fact that the Young keep ripping the...
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    What is "Too Much Grinding?"

    Ok Quick read of OP. What is too much Grinding! EASY! DON'T Install Mod's Vanilla Minecraft you should do.
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    None of the 1.6 mod packs will work help plz (MCVersion annotation)

    Windows 7 and above is weird when you Run things from the "Desktop" and Or "Program Folders". If they are not professionally created. Create a Folder in your C: <drive> Call it something like FTB Download the Launcher to that Folder and Run it from there. Set Options to download to that folder...
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    Mods that are prone to lag the server?

    Baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others. Paranoia is not paranoid if it's actually happening, I hate how people use this word to disguise what is actually happening! Politicians have been doing it for years! What is a Virus? Oh forget it your paranoid!.... How many Viruses...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Excellent! Thank You. I should have taken a longer look! Always the way... when you know what your looking for its so much easier. Thank god for more knowledgeable people than I.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Ello All, I had a quick look at configs but couldn't see anything regarding HUD's. Is it yet possible to move either the PowerSuit HUD or the Wand HUD (Thaumcarft) to a different area of the screen? Like AM2 can. Tired of trying to read wand charge lvl's through Powersuit HUD. I am using DW20...
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    Ahh... Left Handed. I get it now. Least you cant smudge anything with a keyboard! ;)
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    AE System Gets Stuck Trying to Make Advanced Alloy

    Have experienced the same problem when making mixed metal ingots. Seems to me the AE system was getting stuck due the number of uses on the IC2 hammer. My AE system knows how to make the hammer but making another and throwing it in the AE system seemed to fix where it got stuck.
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    Do you use enough Brain Power..

    Sorry off topic.. But Hanging out for a decent movie and this looks good. Love Scarlet but don't think blonde suits her.
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    Well that's just really random! l is way to far away from wasd. Are you using the arrow keys to move your char?
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    Best way to start A new world.

    Or This...
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    DW20 pack, massive lag only in my small base?

    The bigger the Texture pack the more Ram needed! I use was running it on 6gig of ram and when it slowed down bumped it up to 12gig. I still get dips in fps though. perhaps we should all play it at 16bit textures...
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    Best way to start A new world.

    Not a fan of manual mining! It's all about the resources... Quarry asap. How many diamonds? 14? While finding the 14 diamonds you should gather enough to make a thermal, Planter, Harvester, Steam Dynamo powering the Furnace, Planter and Harvester to make power for your IC2 Gen.