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    Manufactio - Minecraft/Factorio hybrid

    Don't sweat it, since a player is still able to craft the preheaters. While we're at it, the Building Gadget does not recognize (or recognizes them wrong) the Hardened Stone and Bricks - it considers them as "air" / unselectable. I suppose that's either on Building Gadgets' side, or the way the...
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    Manufactio - Minecraft/Factorio hybrid

    Same result: (single image)
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    Manufactio - Minecraft/Factorio hybrid

    Hi, just a quick question. Yesterday I pushed research to open up the preheaters for the Improved Blast Furnace. After unlocking them, my game states that either the Coppercoil block or the External heater/Replacement of this in MF (Can't check which one it was, am afk at the moment) is still...
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    Something The Modding Community "Ruined"

    If you happen to find out that something is not working the way it was intended, you either scrap it or change it. Which is a good thing. Not..really. More like "Doodle God meets Minecraft meets Thaumcraft Research". "TC 3.1 - Discovery": "TC 3.1 - More on research"...
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    Something The Modding Community "Ruined"

    Rumor has it, that most of the stuff that made TC2 that awesome (never played it myself, just keep reading this everywhere^^) is, in one way or another, going to be re-implemented in TC3. But again, that's just what one can hear through the grapevine.
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    Something The Modding Community "Ruined"

    I agree. =) Which is such an annoying method that even the modauthor himself scratched the whole thing and developed a completely different research system for his mod. ;)
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    Broke my turtle

    Hum.. CTRL+T should terminate running programs but not restart the OS. Have you tried that?
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    RP2, will there be an update?

    MFFS3 has got you covered: :D
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    An alternative to uncrafting table?

    Do note, from Beta 0.1.19 and further, the force sticks are crafted like every other stick in the game: With force planks instead of "up to Beta 0.1.18 and before", where indeed Force Logs were used.
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    Adblock vs Pay2Sub - Your thoughts?

    The "Allow non-intrusive advertising" and the filter list behind it was found out to be filled up with ads and sites that are belonging to the Adblock network - there's quite a bunch of articles about how nearly 99% of all ads that are considered "non-intrusive" by said filter in one way or...
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    Mismatching ID's

    You'd have to edit the ID's in question into a range where they do not interfere with each other anymore?
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    What exactly does EE3 do?

    I'm not quite sure - but wasn't it so that the Glass Bell also had the ability to let light emitting blocks.. well, emitt light while placed inside?
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    ME Network questions

    I would probably go the "Proximity sensor" route. Have those sensors buried near all the needed access points. Each "sub base access" only activates the part that you are currently at and turns off the power when you leave. When at the "main base access", the sensor buried there would activate...
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    Decay vs Thaumcraft

    See, I have this really indepth reply prepared, that answers your question with all the details, but see, I'm really WAY too busy right now, so I can't post it.
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    What is life without GT?

    You're right, his message was written a bit irritating. But a simple search would've given you tons of threads (not older than a week) where you could've chimed in to and have your opinion voiced. I wonder, where did that "official GT discussion thread" go - or was it closed due to the usual...