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  • If a "Wiki Team" member demands an "autocorrect" in browsers - that person should reconsider if the Wiki-Team is really right for her.
    As of just a minute ago - I am considered a well-known member of this community. Yay me! xD
    I cant login to Resonant Rise. This pisses me off. Because I hat bugs I can neither explain nor fix. -.-
    The higher your postcount gets, the more useless and stupid posts you will make. It's a bull or rule or something. ;)
    Since Adeptcraft is kinda anabiotic, I'm looking for a new server with two free spots. Whitelisted Ultimate preferred. :)
    I consider Chocorate to be an "AdeptCraft" stalker, that's seriously pissed that he isn't let in there. >.>
    MM is a little bold at times. And I'm not sure I like that tone of her. Meh, prolly just me.
    There are quite a lot "Well-Known Members" in this forum, that REALLY should take their chill-pills.
    I COULD have replied a second time to the complaining posts about the RC textures of JSTR... but I preferred not to. But seriously... geez!
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