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    Ideas for scrap?

    Wooow, How can you be low on space?? Its not like a minecraft world is small
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    Red power tubes of cobble

    Im playing with gregtech. What do you mean? I think Gravel and Dirt is not worth saving either
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    Red power tubes of cobble

    I dont understand why people is keeping cobble from quarries. I void all cobble , dirt and gravel from quarries instantly, I dont even send it to my sorting system.
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    Lava - Centrifuge setup

    How do you get all the netherrack? quarry in the nether? Awesome setup btw
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    Oh, Thats a big problem you got there, little fella
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    We should be able to ride in pipes.

    No, But we do! :p
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    We should be able to ride in pipes.

    Then we could experience (BC) sorting&processing systems as our stuff does I have always wanted to be an Iron Ore :D
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    What's the performance typically like?

    With the specs in my signature, I get about 30-50 fps in my base but that might be cause I have ALL my stuff in one place. All machines, Contrapions and such. When I restart im gonna spread out a little more, And thus getting more fps. (btw, I get about 150 fps in vanilla)
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    What can I do with all this lava!!

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    I'm sorry to sound impatient, but...

    What? So 1.4.7 worlds wont be compitable with the 1.5 pack? (Just noticed I turned into a "Active Member", Awesome :) )
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    Setups/Contraptions to build that produces something

    Forgot to mention that I have 4 Zombie pigmen soul shards, One for Gold, Diamond , Iron and Enderpearls (dont wanna bother with endermens) using autocrafting tables and minium stones. The Quest ram thingy is something im gonna work on! ITNT machine is not something I need since I way a AE...
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    Setups/Contraptions to build that produces something

    Im getting closer and closer to restart of my world (as I have meantioned in other threads) but Im decided to keep going for as long as I can. Right now Im out of ideas of stuff to build. I want to build some cool setups/contraptions that produces something. What already have: Farms with all...
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    Pixelmon in FTB?

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    What's wrong with my age? (mystcraft)

    And where can you find this age folder? I looked in my FTB saves. (är du svensk btw?)
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    Make me a starter kit

    Found a few interesting maps in the map section, but I think I would rather spawn some items in. This is the best list so far :)