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    Looking for some mods (again)
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    Preferred dungeon mod?

    Runic Dungeons . enough said
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    Aroma1997 Backup System

    try allocating more RAM to the server
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    [1.7.10] Equivalent Energistics - Autocrafting with EMC!

    just so you know Mordenkainen is currently working on EMC Drives in which you'll be able store EMC in the system and use it directly
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    EnderIO Confing

    what exactly are you trying to to do ? do you want EIO machines outputting IE ores/ingots/nuggets/dusts ? or do you want EIO machines to use IE ores/ingots/nuggets/dusts ?? if it's the later then there is no need to because IE ores/ingots/nuggets/dusts are in fact in Ore Dictionary
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    [1.7.10] Equivalent Energistics - Autocrafting with EMC!

    why not store them in something like MFR DSU or a JABBA Barrel ?
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    Bug Ender IO visual bug

    manually update to latest beta version which i believe is 421
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    EnderIO soulbinder

    EIO adds Soul-Bound enchantment which does the exact same thing as Ars Magica Soul Bound to get Soul-Bound either enchant Vanilla Golden Tools & Armor with 30 levels in MFR Auto-Encahnter/Vanilla Enchantment Table until you get it then rip it off using MFR Auto-Disenchanter or combine Ender...
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    Problem with MPS Addons

    update MPS to the latest version manually , as of the latest version MPS Addon is now integrated in it Recipes must be installed separately if you are running a server or playing single player! Put them in the config folder...
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    Grinder item problem

    Metadata AKA Damage value when set to Ignore it will extract/insert all the matched item in the filter regardless of it's damage , for example all damaged or non-damaged bows , armor pieces ... etc NBT Tag is mainly used for enchantment books , you see all enchantment books in MC are just a...
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    Grinder item problem

    route them to Extra Utilities Trash Can first (with EIO conduits you can increase the priority) PS : you can put a Filter in the Trash Can & you can even put a Filter inside a Filter , in your case make sure to enable Ignore Meta Data & NBT Tag which i think is done by crafting the filter with...
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    BC Pump not working

    try to move it to a different location it might have drained all the lava within it's' range or your lava storage method has been filled to the max
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    /Home mod?

    /setspawn point ? enable LAN then turn it off after using the command
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    Infinity Draconic Evolution - Chaos Dragon (last update) Draonic Bow with Power 5 should be enough but you need to destroy all the crystals first & heads up he has 2000 health now (before it was 500)