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FTB One Infinity Hard Mode:

The FTB One Infinity Hard Mode celebrations continue through this weekend! Like the previous five days, we’ll be linking to streams and recorded videos created by some of the players on FTB One. If you’re interested in getting a good sneak peak at Infinity 2.0.0. before it’s release later this fall, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest broadcasts.

For the full player list, as well as a full description of the event, click here.

FTB Trials – Episode 1 Submissions Closed:

Just a reminder that October 1st was the entry deadline for the Trials online tournament! Over the next few days, we’ll be reviewing the entries and posting up the final results.

Stay tuned!

New Listed Pack : Banished

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve added another listed pack to our Third Party tab on our launcher. Please welcome DrasticDemise’s Banished, everyone!

Banished is a magic-themed, HQM-powered, dark fantasy modpack. As you explore a twisting world of infinite caverns and all-consuming darkness, players can build up resources and increase their chance of survival with powerful tools and weapons. The pack also features a robust progression tree with a strong Aura Cascade backbone and core gameplay mechanics tied to HQM’s Reputation system.

Banished is currently listed on the FTB Launcher in the Third Party tab as well as on Curse Voice. You can learn more about Banished in DrasticDemise’s forum topic here.

New Staff, New Website, and More

We’ve got some additional exciting news: our family is growing and things are changing! Here's a quick word from FTB...
Hello hello!

There's been some rumblings afoot – a server somewhere, somehow, got ahold of Infinity 2.0.0, also known as Infinity Hard Mode! Gasp!

This magical server, full of equally magical individuals, is known as FTB One, the Feed The Beast team’s not-so-secret private rig. In celebration of Hard Mode’s upcoming release, we’ve teamed up with some visual creators in the community to bring a bundle of streams and videos right to the Internet equivalent of your doorstep. Season 2 of FTB One has just begun, and these folks have a whole server of surprises to enjoy! For those interested in Hard Mode themselves, consider this as a hefty sneak peak!

Below is list of participants who’ll be (attempting to) survive:

FTBOne Season 2 | Infinity Hard-Mode

Streamers (Twitch)




This week, we’ll be promoting their streams and video releases on our Twitter as well as our forums, so keep a lookout! You might see some things that'll surprise you.

Infinity Hard Mode (2.0.0) will be dropping publically later this fall.
Did you miss us? Of course you did!

Pack Updates:

Got a few oft-requested updates here for you!

FTB Departed, our dimension-shifting pack, received its 1.3.0 Beta update this Saturday. This version includes updates to many core mods including Advent of Ascension, Harvestcraft, Botania, Tinker’s Construct, and many more.

You can read the changelog here.

And for our intrepid adventures, FTB Horizons: Daybreaker got a new transmission- I, er, mean update- in the form of Recommended 1.2.0. This version should address a common crash complaint and includes a whole new set of mod updates.

You can read the changelog here.

Additionally, Infinity got a small bee-themed updated in preparation for the upcoming Hard Mode. You can read this update's changelog, Version 1.11.2, here.​

FTB Trails - Episode 1 Online Tournament:

Just a reminder that our online map tournament, FTB Trials: Episode 1, is close to wrapping up! Submissions are due by October 1st at 11:59PM EST. Like previously stated, late entries will be turned away.

If you’re interested in submitting or simply wish to see more information on the challenge, you can click through here.​

Town Hall Q&A Recap:

This last Saturday, FTB and Curse hosted a special edition of our Town Hall broadcasts to answer some community questions about the future of both organizations as well as discussing some upcoming projects. The stream was hosted by FTB Founder slowpoke101, FTB Pack Lead tfox83, Director of IT Kaelten, and Twitch...​
From last week:

In case you didn't catch that, FTB will be hosting a special broadcast at the end of the month! This special edition of Town Hall will held on Saturday, September 26th at 3:00PM EST over at the Official Feed The Beast Twitch page. FTB Founder slowpoke101 and Lead Pack Developer tfox83 will be joining Kaelten from Curse Gaming to host a Q&A session.

That's right! The time is almost upon us-- join us tomorrow at 3:00PM EST over on Twitch for our very special Town Hall broadcast. In order to get to as many questions as possible, our veritable website wizard Captainnana has created a submission form so we can easily and swiftly answer queries on stream. If you've got a burning question on your mind and don't wanna risk it getting lost in chat, we suggest using to following link:

Curse Q&A Question Form

On a side note, we'll be delaying FTB Weekly News to Sunday in order to cover all additional items that will be brought up on stream.

Hope to see you there!
And here we are again! Lots of new stuff coming down the pipes!

Pack Updates:

Now that we’re all wound down from PAX, we’ve got a nice handful of pack updates for you!

First off, FTB Infinity had its 1.11.0 build pushed to Beta this week. This update introduces new mods such as EnderCore and Brandon’s Core and provides updates to Buildcraft, Draconic Evolution, Immersive Engineering, Railcraft, and many more. Underneath the hood, 1.11.0 also contains some future groundwork for the 2.0.0. update to be released later this year.

You can find 1.11.0’s changelog here.

Our Direwolf20 1.7.10 pack also received a fresh coat of paint in the form of TWO updates this week: the 1.7.0 Recommended update and the 1.8.0 Beta update. Both releases contain primarily mod updates with 1.7.0 adding in McJtyLib and 1.8.0 containing updates to many mods including, but not limited to, PneumaticCraft, RFTools, FunkyLocomotion, Industrialcraft, and Blood Magic.

Like always, you can find both 1.7.0’s and 1.8.0’s changelog here.

Both updates are publically available. You can download Infinity and Direwolf20 1.7.0 off of Curse or the FTB Launcher.​

Future Updates:

We’ve also got some new packs and big updates cooking behind the scenes. Our newest bouncing bundle of joy, Relentless, has recently entered private testing this week. What’s in it, you might ask? Well, we don’t wanna spoil the surprise, but it’s something that’s been requested for quite some time...

Our other big release, Infinity Hard Mode, is currently undergoing heavy development.

And speaking of Hard Mode...​

Infinity Hard Mode:

As you’ve probably heard by now, Infinity will be receiving an update that greatly expands upon the pack’s...​
I have been getting a lot of questions about this Infinity Expert Mode so hopefully this will clear some confusion. Also please keep in mind Infinity Expert mode is not released to the public yet and I do not have a hard ETA in place yet.

So about two months ago I wanted to develop a new modpack for Feed The Beast that had a longer play life and a sense of forced progression without the need of a guide to have to constantly refer too. I started choosing mods for this pack and even sent out a few surveys to the community to get a feel of what you all wanted in a modpack, and the answer always comes back to a vast majority wanted a mixture of tech and magic mods so they can do what they want and play with others on a server that have a different play style than they do. So of course I started choosing mods and before I knew it had a base pack that I could launch and create a new world, however this was the easy part. Next came custom configs/recipes to make things a bit harder. I started on the custom stuff and realized the mod list was extremely close to Infinity which is quickly becoming the most successful pack in FTB’s history. So I set back and thought about things for a bit and I decided why make a pack to compete with Infinity, why don’t I take my resources and time and make Infinity better! This is how Infinity Expert Mode was born.

I then reached out to a few mod developers for some answers on how to make this possible. My requirements were that the player could toggle between normal and hard within the same or existing worlds. Also I wanted the client to be able to connect to a server that is in hardmode then connect to a server that is in normal and not have to reboot nor input any information. Also I wanted the player to be able to revert their world at any time back to normal mode in SSP or SMP without breaking things. Once this was a possibly we rolled with the idea. A mod was developed called FTB Tweaks (Authors name will be released at time of...
...Is not actually full of news this week! Surprise!

Player Survey:

Feed The Beast would be greatly appreciative if our players could fill out this short survey on how we're doing and what we can improve on. In order to keep the group running in tip-top shape, we occasionally like to gather data on user experiences. Our download analytics and web traffic can't tell us everything, you know.

So if you have a moment or two, please consider filling out questionnaire linked below. Thank you, folks!


See you next week!
Though PAX Prime may be over, the event continues! FTB Trials: Episode 1 - The Sentencing [ONLINE CHALLENGE] begins now!

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand our event locations, Feed The Beast is opening up a global time-trial tournament for the FTB Trials map that debuted at PAX Prime 2015.

For those interested in competing, participation is simple: starting immediately, players can download an updated copy of Episode 1 from the FTB Launcher or Curse Voice. From there, speedrunners can record a video of their fastest times completing the challenges and submit it to this topic in the form of a YouTube video. At the end of the competition on October 1st at 11:59PM EST, the fastest verified, legitimate time will be awarded prizes provided by Curse! Easy!

Submission Form:

Additional Information:
  • You may make additional attempts and submissions at this challenge. If you do, please create a new post.
  • Submissions are due by October 1st at 11:59PM EST. Please submit your run to this topic before then. Late entries will be turned away.
  • This competition is open globally. However, please be aware that some locations may restrict prize availability.

Specifics will be confirmed at a later date.
  • Please use full video for submissions. Pictures/slideshow submissions are not allowed.
  • Please do not edit or add elements to the video that may hinder the visibility of the game feed.
  • Please submit YouTube links only. If an attempt was made on a stream, please crop the run and mirror it onto a YouTube...
PAX Prime 2015 Wrap-Up:


This past weekend saw Seattle take on the Beast with the PAX Prime 2015 FTB Tournament, the latest entry in our continued presence at PAX PC events. On Saturday, roughly 100 players decided to brave the elements and take part in the first episode, titled The Sentencing, of our ongoing challenge map series FTB Trials.

Using logic, quick-thinking, and even quicker keystrokes, participants were tasked with navigating a series of puzzles and accomplishing physical feats in order to escape an isolated island prison. Each player was also linked to a timer; escaping lockup was just one part of the challenge. How quickly a user could complete the objectives dictated their rankings within the tournament. The fastest times reaped more rewards.


Over the course of two hours, contestants maneuvered their way through the map, eager to secure faster times and thus top slots. High-end gaming peripherals like Audio-Technica gaming headsets and Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboards were on the line. Those who completed the challenge often opted for another go and a chance to refine their runs.

In the end, a handful of challengers were able to secure sub 12-minute runs. Of those, three players grabbed the top spots of the event, some even my mere seconds: imhAlt, ilovebobbi, and MrEnvelope snagged first, second, and third places, respectively. Once again, congratulations!


We also made sure no one walked away empty-handed. Even outside the top echelons of the leaderboard, all participants, regardless of rank, were gifted exclusive Feed The Beast PAX t-shirts, Curse memorabilia, and vouchers for free subscriptions to Curse Premium.

We would like to thank our gracious partners Curse for sponsorship and prizing, community members Hiyori,...​


This weekend, Feed The Beast will be hosting our challenge map tournament series at PAX Prime in Seattle. Episode 1 - The Sentencing will be the first in a growing family of maps, currently identified as the Feed The Beast Trials, developed for the tri-annual FTB PAX tournaments. Participants will be invited to attempt to complete a plethora of herculean mod-based challenges in order to snatch victory from the looming jaws of defeat.

Your objective? Escape.

The tournament is currently scheduled for Saturday the 29th in the afternoon at 3:00PM before the CurseForge dinner with a trial run being conducted on Friday around noon. The tournament is open to all registered PAX Prime attendees (with valid Mojang accounts) and admission will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For this tournament, Curse has provided us with some incredible prizes including high-end gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets, limited-edition FTB Tournament shirts, and vouchers for Curse Premium.​

FTB Meetup:

Feed The Beast will also be hosting a small meet-up on Friday outside the main entrance of the convention center at 1:30PM. FTB team members tfox83, watchful1, BigBadChris, Fireball1725, and progwml6 alongside some additional members of the modding community will be around to hang out and say hello. As we will be outside the venue, PAX tickets will not be required to attend.

Be sure to follow the official FTB Twitter Account as well as the team member's personal accounts for more precise times.

Official FTB Team Twitter
tfox83's Twitter
watchful1's Twitter
BigBadChris's Twitter...​