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    Also what mods do you recommend for a 1.7.10 Survival single player, my friends coming in 1 month and we enjoy to play a Modpack but I want to make one for us?
    Hello Iskandar I just want to ask you something, I've played Crash Landing a bunch of time really enjoying it, but I was just wondering one thing... How did you make it possible to run 99 Mods without Minecraft lagging and glitching, if you would be so kind to please tell me I would really appreciate it, I have 32 mods and it's lagging really badly :(
    Nothing special. If you are talking about 1.10.2 lagging, turn off mipmapping. It'll freeze for a few seconds when you do that, so just be patient. That should fix it, or at least help
    Thanks, I am using 1.7.10 but it lags so bad anyway I can make it less saggy with 32 mods on it?
    Someone has posted Crashing landing on the Technic Launcher. It didn't have your name on it so I was posting to make sure you know this?
    I'm aware it happens. Every so often I go through and get those removed.
    Hey, just thought ide let you know that you can use the etching acid water source as a refill source for bottles without any side affects, i dont know if this is intended or not but thought ide just point it out for future reference (crash landing) other than that the modpack is great, been playing it for 4 days now on the same map.
    I found your post on Runecraft for FTB unleashed, and knew I saw your name somewhere, did some digging, and you were on the Runecraft Official Forums (the Bukkit plugin)! This is a hello from the newest lead developer of Runecraft! :)
    Hi, I saw in the middle of a thread it was mentioned that a pneumatic craft plastic caused a crash. If it wasn't raised, it was grey plastic that crashes my game. Even if you try to use 3 grey and 1 of another. Or in my unfortunate case try to out it in a auto packager. Instant crash every time I try to load the game now. Much sadness.
    *BUG* If you place a block of mob essence and you click on it with a glass bottle you get water,
    If you put in your invetory crafting "table" a glass bottle in the bottom right and your camel pack with a bottle of water it count for 2 water bottle
    Hey Iskandar. I've played your modpack Crash Landing a lot and I love it! Recently, I started a new world and played. It is perpetual day. This takes most of the fun out of it for me. Is that supposed to happen?
    **BUG** I have recently discovered that Slab Furnaces from Tinker's Construct, according to Enviromine count as a large source of heat when they are on the lower half of the block regardless if they are smelting or not, and when they are on the top half of the block, they make no heat regardless if they are smelting or not.
    Hi, I am looking to play through your crash landing pack, so that it runs smoothly on my PC I am looking to remove some of the mods, would you mind giving me a list of the mods that are essential for the world itself to run (i.e. chisel, for structures)
    I recently downloaded your mod pack crash landing through the FTB launcher but every time i click launch it just crashes. did i do something wrong?
    Iskandar, I was wondering if you want an occasional assistance with creating quests (specifically the glacial precipitator one). I could get the backstory and a reward/requirements for a quest or two. Just want to help. Let me know.
    Oh, wait. The Glacial Precipitator has already been implemented. Forget that part.
    **Important BUG** Able to obtain unlimited water via r-clicking an empty bottle on a witch water source block. Similar exploit as the water sprinkler from openblocks.
    Also the same one with Mob essence.
    i have a possible exploit. I have a video i taped on my test world. Basically if you level a shovel up to level 3 and put a lava crystal and max lapis on it it will more then double ur metal dust out. I 'll post my video link and if you think it is an exploit i'll take it down. PM me.
    Hey great work on the game Crashlanding, i think its the only game I've played that i keep dying just after the first or second nights lol damn creepers. but that the best bit learning from the mistakes. Have you changed the transfer node?
    i want to setup my cobble gen with a transfer node to a chest but nothings working.
    Hey There Iskandar i was just wanting to know if you had any idea on why i cant download the pack it says error downloading the pack after it does the download?
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