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Introducing new mod packs live for beta testing on the FTB Launcher. You can get the codes here


FTB Unleashed is our new all purpose modpack. The latest news on the included mods can be found here.

FTB Unhinged is a new modpack that has been built in consultation with GregT from gregtech. This is a more focused pack aimed at giving users a new kind of challenge. Mods in this pack have been set to hard mode.

The latest list of mods for Unhinged can be found here.



An all new modpack for 1.5.2 designed be the awesome Direwolf 20 based around his experiences on the Forgecraft server. A full list of mods for this pack can be found here.

These packs are currently all designed for use with Minecraft 1.5.2.

Mod pack updates to follow shortly
We heard that some of you would like some FTB wallpapers, well that is exactly what our awesome graphic designer BigBad has done!


Above ground downloads:

Below ground:

Alternate logo location:
Above ground: 1920x1080
Below ground: 1920x1080

No logo:
Above ground: 1920x1080
The wiki has been opened up for anyone who wishes to write articles. After verifying you email you can start creating articles. Once approved by a staff member the articles will be readable on the main wiki site.

Apparently there is some confusion as to which wiki is meant. The Official Wiki is the one that has finally opened. Also to clear up some other confusion, there are no ads on the official wiki. If you are seeing ads, its not the official wiki.
Today we fixed the order of the modpacks to make more sense in terms of what people use so don't me alarmed if you have problems finding your modpack it is still there it's just in a different place in the list!
I am proud to announce that a new Texture Pack is now available on the launcher.

This Texture pack is the John Smith Technicians remix, and it is currently available for Ultimate, Mindcrack and Direwolf20.

Go download it and try it out!
Here is a screenshot and video from the new launcher.

This launcher is in development and is expected to be released with the 1.6 minecraft update.


I just wanted to put up a quick update with regards to the very latest news of the upcoming pack releases. Please note that from this point on all of these posts come with the following disclaimer.

* This outlined timeline is our current estimated time for release. No promises are given or guarantees offered. These are the timelines we hope to achieve, however sometimes unforeseen events prevent us from achieving these goals.*

Having said that, the final versions of 1.4.7 Ultimate, Direwolf20 and Mindcrack packs are in final testing right now. Essentially these contain several mod updates to their final 1.4.7 versions and in the case of the Mindcrack pack the mod Bibliocraft will be added in. Unless something critical comes from somewhere, the next updates to any of these packs isn't expected until several weeks after the release of 1.6 at the earliest. These updates should be on the launcher for open testing in the next 24 hours and pushed to recommended a couple of days after.

Final testing for the 1.5 pack will take place Monday, however this shouldnt need to take more than a couple of days and we currently expect it to be available on the launcher sometime next week. The initial pack is expected to release on 1.5.1 initially and be updated to 1.5.2 as and when mod updates permit. This will remain something of a preview pack for the duration of 1.5 with the aim of moving it to recommended sometime during the 1.6 Minecraft cycle although it is to early to say on that.

Once that is complete, work will then start on a new pack entitled Magicworld 2. This is a featured follow-up to Magicworld. This pack should be much more focused than the first Magicworld pack with some of the old techy mods that were in Magicworld removed and some nice new mods added in. There is no mod list for this pack available as we are still confirming some of the mods. I cannot give an eta on this yet as there are a couple of pack critical mods that are not yet ready for release...
We are currently looking for a graphics artist, this is someone who can work the with launcher and web teams on drawings that are required for the Feed the Beast branding, if you think you are interested apply by going to the following link: APPLICATIONS CLOSED

Be aware that no one at FTB gets paid, everything we do is voluntary including this post.

Closes on the 00:01 5/5/13 BST
Hello everyone! I am captainnana one of the web developers here at FTB, today we have joined facebook, google and may other sites in adding two factor authentication to our site.

Enabling two factor authentication is easy:
  1. Install Google Authenticator on your phone
  2. Hover over your username in the bar above the bar above (be sure you are signed in) and click on two factor authentication. Add a new key
  3. Enter a description for your key.
  4. Open the Google Authenticator app.
  5. Tap menu, then tap "Set up account", then tap "Scan a barcode". (Alternatively you can enter the code manually)
  6. Your phone will now be in a "scanning" mode. When you are in this mode, scan the QRCode
  7. You now have two factor authentication enabled on your account; whenever you login in future you will need to open up the app and enter the code for Feed The Beast
If you have any issues with our site not recognising the key then click menu, settings, time correction for codes to ensure that your device is in sync.

Why do I want this?

Simple answer – It increases the security of your password so if your password were to be known by a third party (bad guy) then they wouldn't be able to login without the code from your phone as well.

Long answer – There are many ways that a miscreant could get a hold of your password, they could get it from a key logger on your computer, a phishing attack or a database hack on our servers. We take every measure possible to ensure that our servers don’t get hacked however it is always best to prepare for the worst for this reason we take several measures to make sure your passwords are secure. When you signup and enter your password we hash the password using SHA256 twice using a salt:

sha256(sha256(password) . Salt) - this is a one way hash this means that we do not know the password that you entered we can just check if your input the next...
I am pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with the team behind the Denial Esports team to form a partnership which will enable us to create and host official FTB tournaments. These tournaments are aimed at both online events and via LAN at Computer Conventions. Initially work will start on a new single player Time Trial Map and also a Team Based Survival map using mods. We hope to have the first online event sometime in the next few months and the hope is that we can do a second tournament at Pax Prime (although this is not yet confirmed). A lot of the tournament details will be found on both this website and the Denial Esports website although the actual tournament details will be found on the Denial Website.

I am also going to have a section created on their forums which will allow people to have input and submit ideas for these tournaments. I would like to be able to encourage as many people as possible from the community to help with not just ideas behind the map but also get involved with Map Design and Map builds for those people with the required skills. More details about this will be out soon.

Although Denial Esports is a new team, they have already established themselves in a few different esports and just like the early days of FTB when we formed a partnership with Creeperhost, It is not a groups past I am so much interested in as much as their plans for the future and whether or not they have principles that are compatible with out own. Hopefully this can develop into a long friendship that provides benefits to both sides.

Please take the time to spend a couple of miniutes to take a look at their website and maybe bookmark it for future use if you are interested in taking part in either single player or team tournaments.

Click here to visit Denial Esports.