What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Botania
Vazkii said:
Botania r1.8-249
  • The "LEAVE ME THE #%!& ALONE" update! Powered by the community's Pull Requests and TheWhiteWolves' help. Also the last "official" update. Unless it breaks awfully. In that case there'll be another to fix this one. Hopefully not.
  • Added back the config for passive flower decay. I don't care any more. You broke me, you win. Have your config back.
  • Added corporea support for Storage Drawers and the DSU API (used by JABBA too, and the TE Caches, I think) (Vindex)
  • Added Petite Clayconia. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Added quartz variants to the ore dictionary. (nekosune)
  • Changed how Pasture Seeds grow. I don't even know how they changed but apparently they did. (Michael Brenan)
  • Fixed accessories not rendering in the proper position. (Michael Brenan)
  • Fixed Botania axes not breaking pumpkins and other things of the sort faster. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • Fixed items that shouldn't be able to go in the Petal Apothecary being able to. (yrsegal)
  • Fixed Mana Tablets losing durability in a storage drawer. (Michael Brenan)
  • Fixed multiparts not working on servers. (yrsegal)
  • Fixed the marimorphosis having an inccorect vertical range. (Pikadude)
  • Fixed the Planestrider's Sash not resetting properly sometimes. (Michael Brenan)
  • Made the Terra Truncator better. Not sure how but I guess the algorithm is better now. (Michael Brenan)
  • Newly created Botanurgist's Inkwells will show the durability bar. (Rasheeq)
  • Slabs and snow now prevent placement by the Rod of the Shifting Crust. (Michael Brenan)
  • The Rod of the Shaded Mesa can no longer move some entities it shouldn't, like the Enderdragon, or Wither. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • (Internal) Baubles can now provide blocks for the rod of the Shifting Crust. (yrsegal).
  • [API] Added a blacklist for the Rod of the Shaded Mesa. (TheWhiteWolves)
  • [API] Disposable blocks are now in the API (TheWhiteWolves)
  • [API] Floating island types can be registered by addons. (yrsegal)

and @Loraanicus with Why Can't I Eat Saplings?
Loraanicus said:
Have you ever farmed trees? Have you ever wanted something to do with the over-abundance of saplings acquired from farming trees? Well look no further, because WCIES is here to help! This mod adds six new foods, one for each vanilla sapling. These include:

Bacon Oak Sapling Sandwich (or B.O.S.S.): Crafted with one cooked porkchop, one bread, and one oak sapling.


Spruce Sapling Salmon Chowder: Crafted with one cooked salmon, one potato, one bowl, and one spruce sapling.


Birch Sapling Sugar Cookie: Crafted with two wheat, one sugar, and one birch sapling.


Jungle Sapling Jambalaya: Crafted with one cooked chicken, one cooked steak, one bowl, and one jungle sapling.


Acacia Apple Pie: Crafted with one apple, one sugar, one egg, and one acacia sapling.


Dark Oak Sapling Shnickers: Crafted with one cocoa bean, one bucket of milk, one sugar, and one dark oak sapling.


All recipes are shapeless

If you want to see more mods in the future (and I have quite a few in mind), consider donating to my patreon at https://www.patreon.com/Loraanicus

Thanks and I hope you enjoy eating saplings!

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.25
Fixed heavy sieve generating output from ExNihilo's registry before MineTweaker ran

Added option to specify the sounds played from a chicken stick

Added chance to spanw a chicken from the chicken stick when breaking blocks (configurable)

Added option to define custom chicken stick names in the config file (per player or global)

Made sounds from chicken stick randomly play on right-click and attack as well.

Made chicken stick unusable by fake players.

Changed some default chances.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
The first beta of Deep Resonance for 1.8.9 has been released! The armor hasn't been ported yet but there is an RFTools screen module included (for measuring radiation) in case RFTools is installed. You need latest McJtyLib and ElecCore for this.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun and let me know if you find any issues. This is currently still beta.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @viniciuslrangel with Sigma
viniciuslrangel said:
PSI Addon that adds:


  • true/false constants
  • Logic gates
  • Ternary
  • Comparator
Flow Control:

  • While loop
  • For loop (and get the index)
  • IF statement
  • Sequence statement(Use with loops to increment output)

  • Set var
  • Get var
  • null constant
  • Cast to number and boolean

and @Vazkii with IKWILA (I Know What I'm Looking At)
Vazkii said:
This mod allows you to disable the tooltips of items or entire mods. This only disables the tooltips that the items add, not the name, attribute info or any info added by F3+H or that external mods add (like WAILA).




In the config, you can add items to disable, or entire mods. To disable items, add the full item ID (e.g. Botania:twigWand). To disable all items from that mod, just write the mod's ID (e.g. Botania). Just make sure you know what you're doing, or you might end up disabling critical information.

Source Code

and @Ollie_Lansdell with Practical Logistics
Ollie_Lansdell said:
Practical Logistics 0.1.1

- Inventory Monitoring, Slot Monitoring, Inventory Usage and Position Montoring for the Inventory Reader
- Tank Monitoring, Tank Usage and Position Monitoring for the Fluid Reader
- Inventory Reader and Storage Reader - Sorting options
- Inventory Reader - Extraction/Insertion in the GUI.
- Support for Big Reactors enabling, viewing of energy generated, fuel amount, waste amount, turbine speed etc.
- Greater support for Applied Energistics, view Item Types stored, Total Item Types, Total Bytes, Bytes Used etc.
- Greater support for Calculator, requires you to update Calculator also though.

- Nodes now act as cables, meaning you can connect multiple nodes in a string without the need for cables, warning this may break some setups you may already have in game.
- Inventory Readers & Fluid Readers no longer require an Interface to connect ot AE2 Networks, they can connect through controllers and basically every other block on an AE2 Network.
- Rewrite of Info Syncing code: screens are way less intensive for servers, mainly changed to accomodate the Inventory Monitoring without lagging.
- Item Routers: Now save their filters when dropped

- Sizing issues with Large Display Screens in some cases.

and @tterrag1098 with Ender IO
tterrag1098 said:
Ender IO
Henry Loenwind: Vat Recipe overhaul
Henry Loenwind: Removed Herobrine
Henry Loenwind: Reworked the magnet code
Henry Loenwind: Added blacklist feature to the mod item filter
XyxenGM: Fix no comparator signal on near-empty storage
Henry Loenwind: Wrap UUID
Henry Loenwind: Improve handling of single-input recipes
Henry Loenwind: Invalidate recipes where part of the input is missing
Henry Loenwind: Prevent outright crash when used on a kcauldron server
Henry Loenwind: Add support for soulbound items in a Galacticraft inventory
Henry Loenwind: Add options for Killer Joe on a non-PvP server
Henry Loenwind: Added config option for farm size
Henry Loenwind: Made Stirling Generator more configurable
TheTemportalist: Add ITool.canUse check
Henry Loenwind: Allow CapBanks to accept input from other capBanks
Henry Loenwind: Fix bad pixels in CapBank GUI
Henry Loenwind: Fixes for shears
Henry Loenwind: Prevent XP duping when converting into liquid
Henry Loenwind: Prevent Soul Binder from moving around liquid needlessly
Henry Loenwind: Fix for magnet hotkey trying to toggle the wrong item
Henry Loenwind: Typos in crash callable
Henry Loenwind: Don't crash on missing recipe group name
Henry Loenwind: Fix configurability of travel sources
tterrag1098: Remove method stripping on soulbound for a method that is in EnderCore
wilhelm: Extend German translation
wilhelm: ExperienceObelisk: Add missing tooltip
mirramax97: Update ru_RU.lang
mirramax97: Update ru_RU.lang
clay1994: Update zh_CN.lang
tterrag1098: Clean up pick block handling (see SleepyTrousers/EnderCore@77daaed)
tterrag1098: #2577 Fix issues with teleportation to/from The End
tterrag1098: Fix capacitor bank pick block
tterrag1098: #2807 Fix bugs with telepad formation
Henry Loenwind: Keep meta when dropping painted glowstone as item
Henry Loenwind: Try to prevent render errors from non-solid painted blocks
Henry Loenwind: Allow both Yeta Wrench mouse actions to be off
Henry Loenwind: Allow "gradle install" to install into local Maven repo
tterrag1098: #2766 Fix spinSpeed getting set ridiculously high on short teleports
tterrag1098: Remove telepad sound volume altering as it caused glitchy noises
tterrag1098: Rework telepad formation a bit. Now uses an explicit master state.
tterrag1098: Change formatter settings to allow longer comments
tterrag: Add issue template
tterrag: Update issue formatting and add note about "latest"
tterrag1098: Completely rework weather obelisk. GUI and recipes not final.


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Jul 29, 2019
and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 2.0.0-19
- Fixed path blocks so they are actually craftable.
- Added gui stuff to enable priority in the item routing system: nodes with a lower value priority will be accessed first. (May be rotated in the future)
- Grayed out the currently active side's button in the item routers.
- Added Demon Pylon
- Changed behaviour of Demon Crucible
- Fully implemented the behaviour of the crystal growing process.
- A Demon Crucible will be able to syphon the demon will from the tartaric gems inside of its inventory - right click with a gem to place it into the inventory.
- The syphoned will from the gem will go into the chunk, staying in the air - it will not move to neighbouring chunks unless forced to do so through other means
- The Demon Pylon draws will in the air from surrounding chunks and puts it into its own chunk - this acts as sort of like a pressure system, where it will even out the will distribution, but only goes one way.
- The Demon Crystallizer takes 100 will from the air (need a demon crucible for it to work) and forms a demon crystal on top of it. There is a 10% chance that this crystal will be of a special type.
- The Demon Crystals can be mined in order to collect their crystals. These crystals can be used for crafting more powerful stuff. If you have over 1024 will on your person when you right click the crystal, you can harvest a single crystal instead of the entire thing.
- You can put the harvested crystals inside of a demon crucible. Each crystal is worth 10 will, so this acts as a way to semi-automate will creation.
- When a hellfire forge is inside of a chunk with demon will, it will fill its contained tartaric gem with will.
- Changed a few recipes (like the greater tartaric gem) to match this new system.

and @Emoniph with Intangible
Emoniph said:
Intangible 0.0.24
* Added the Soulbone Spear, that will convert bone drops to soulbone (it may do other things too, one of which may be a blatant re-imagining of a thing from another certain awesome modder :p).
* Minimum forge version raised to .1740 (to fix chariot player not standing issue and ItemStack capabilities not working)
* Breaking a soul well will now release up to 30 souls, and will prioritize higher value ones.
* Reaper could lose track of target and attack something else.
* Tendrils now gather XP.
* Increased the reach of some golem arms.
* Possessed horses will no longer throw the possessor.
* Fixed a possible crash given an unlucky combination of keyboard spell shortcuts.
* Disabling flight just before landing caused extreme fall damage.
* Fixed potential pantheon client crash when client sync took too long.
* Fixed potential crash when an invalid value for HUD anchor was set in the config file.
* Slingshot stopped working after events that caused MC to no longer allow motion = 0 (wat?)
* In SSP, piloted golems could disappear if ridden when logging out.
* Animated entities will no longer attack their creator if they damage themselves (via swarms or whatever)
* Glass blocks thrown by players will now melt in the world correctly without the need for a custom glass item (hopefully resolving any issues with mods that rely on in-world glass item entities ).
* Fixed a crash that could occur when placing crystal blocks with a wise stone block in a soul forge.
* Reordered creative menu items.
* Fixed crash when a circuit stamper TE is being invoked on an block fed by a piping system. I assume something is very wrong with the reporters world.
* Added config settings for adding a tick offset to start times of fast time deity effects to allow tweaking for mods that use modulo of time to trigger.
* Added book pages fore crystal blocks and armor.

* Fixed a doombolt oddness when logging out at the wrong moment in a zombie hoard.

and @InfinityRaider with AgriCraft
InfinityRaider said:
AgriCraft 1.5.0
-ADDED: Config option to render plants on crop sticks as a TESR (might improve FPS if you have FPS issues with large farms)
-ADDED: Config option to disable sounds when interacting with crop sticks (client side only)
-ADDED: Compat for Gany's Nether plants
-ADDED: Compat for Gany's Surface plants
-ADDED: Compat for Et Futurum plants
-ADDED: Compat for Calculator plants
-ADDED: Compat for Harder Wildlife plants
-ADDED: Mutation logic is now exposed to the API and can be changed or overridden
-ADDED: Right clicking a water pad with a shovel will now turn it back to dirt
-ADDED: A config option to only allow the creation of water pads while sneaking
-ADDED: Compat for Hydraulicraft harvesters
-CHANGE: Clippings can now be planted on cross crops (similarly to seeds)
-CHANGE: Removed the compat module for RotaryCraft as Reika will be adding this from his side (you might want to remove all your canola planted on crop sticks before updating)
-CHANGE: Changed the way strings are split in the gui to have better readability for chinese localizations
-CHANGE: ICropPlants from other mods registered through the API will now have a higher priority than ICropPlants from other mods registered within Agricraft's code.
-CHANGE: Wrote proper javadoc for the ICropPlant API interface
-FIXED: NPE when scanning the ore dictionary for fruits (Damn you null stacks)
-FIXED: Rare NPE when part of a tank multiblock is loaded, while the main component isn't
-FIXED: Rare NPE when breaking a tank while raining
-FIXED: Weird harvesting behaviour with Botania drum of the wild
-FIXED: Issues with witchery seeds
-FIXED: Wrong drops from Resourceful Crops plants
-FIXED: Sprinkler not spinning when particles are disabled
-FIXED: NPE when requesting documentation for the 'isAnalyzed()' method in the peripheral GUI
-FIXED: Peripheral dropping a regular seed analyzer
-FIXED: A bug where tanks and channels would void/dupe water when setup in certain a configuration
-FIXED: Crash where clippings would crash the client if the seed doesn't have any drops.

and @ReikaKalseki with DragonAPI, ChromatiCraft, GeoStrata, UsefulTNT, TerritoryZone, Void Monster, CritterPet, CaveControl, MeteorCraft, ExpandedRedstone, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, ElectriCraft, CondensedOres & LegacyCraft


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Nov 9, 2012
Tartarus.. I mean at work. Same thing really.
Changelog for the aforementioned Reika update. Source.
  • DragonAPI: Patched vanilla biomeID+128 behavior to only use proper biomes
  • DragonAPI: Biome ID +/- 128 conflict no longer exists
  • DragonAPI: Modified recipe handling, now properly logs when invalid recipes are registered
  • DragonAPI: ProgressiveRecursiveBreaker no longer drops some technical blocks
  • DragonAPI: Added PlayerNBT Command
  • DragonAPI: Added several events around attack and aggro behavior
  • DragonAPI: Added EnderAttackTPEvent
  • DragonAPI: Added Enchantment registration system
  • ChromatiCraft: Made crystal furnaces cheaper
  • ChromatiCraft: Each color of pylon now has a custom death message
  • ChromatiCraft: Portal recipe now uses Chromastone
  • ChromatiCraft: Energized core recipes now use gunpowder instead of firework stars
  • ChromatiCraft: Flower recipes now use OreDict leaves
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Ender Lock enchantment
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Aggro Mask enchantment
  • ChromatiCraft: Added Durability Leech enchantment
  • ChromatiCraft: Bonuses for charged crystal powered devices now substantially increase energy usage
  • ChromatiCraft: Runes are no longer explodable in the dimension
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed dimension structures self-destructing
  • ChromatiCraft: Heat Lily no longer burns items
  • ChromatiCraft: Element bulbs now generate on higher leaves
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed crash when disabling Biome FX
  • ChromatiCraft: Heat lily makes Coalescence Orchid produce smoothstone instead of cobble
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed Casting Table restart behavior if output is full
  • ChromatiCraft: Biome Painter can now make rainbow forests
  • ChromatiCraft: Upgraded dimension monument
  • ChromatiCraft: Fixed some dimension structure generation issues
  • Expanded Redstone: Fixed renderers for upwards-facing tiles
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed NEI Fermenter crash
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed Borer crash
  • RotaryCraft: Fixed AgriCraft Canola handling
  • ReactorCraft: Fixed some top textures for some items


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Jul 29, 2019
Pressure Pipes + Advanced Generators BETA for Minecraft 1.8.9
For Advanced Generators this is the first beta build for 1.8.9. Currently the only supported power system is the Official RF API. Mods using unofficial versions probably won't work.

For Pressure Pipes this is the second beta build, changes since the first one:
  • Fixed Hand Pump not working on vanilla fluid blocks
  • Fixed crash related to reobfuscation error in the API
  • Changed how the Configurator works internally
BDLib also had some fixes that affect both mods:
  • Fixed sensor modules outputing signal in all directions
  • Fixed Multiblock output module icons rendering in GUIs
  • Fixed garbled tooltips in some GUIs
Known Issues
  • Breaking particles for output blocks are drawn in funky color
  • No multipart support in Pressure Pipes for now (FPM is dead, MCMP support will be coming soon™)
Both mods should be fully functional. Please report any bugs, broken textures, bad rendering, etc. to the appropriate issue trackers unless they are listed above.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New versions of RFTools (4.22beta28) and Deep Resonance (1.1.4beta4) for 1.8.9:

RFTools 4.22beta28:
  • Added a new advanced powercell that can store 4 times as much RF (2000000) as the normal one and also has 4 times as much RF/t transfer rate per side (20000 RF/t)
  • Improved the textures of the powercells a bit
  • The powercells can now also charge items (like the coal generator) and do so much faster
  • The powercell tooltip shows how much can be stored in it
  • Some recipes in the manual show correctly again
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to use right click the redstone transmitter on another transmitter or receiver to copy the channel
  • Several recipes for the screen redstone modules (button, counter, ...) where missing

Deep Resonance 1.1.4beta4:
  • Radiation is now calculated based on the middle position of the player instead of the feet. That way blocking radiation works much better for standing behind a shielded wall which starts exactly at the feet of the player
  • The radiation suit is back but looks crap!
  • Crystals are now more friendly to rabbits and chickens
  • The lens no longer hurts the player
  • Updated Chinese translation (VictiniX)

Download RFTools: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools
Download Deep Resonance: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
and @Dark_Lizzy with The Lizzy Anvil
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
Requires: Forge 1.8- or higher (see Version Information below)

This mod adds a new anvil to Minecraft: the workshop anvil (a.k.a. The Lizzy Anvil).

The workshop anvil replaces the vanilla anvil for the purpose of renaming, repairing, and enchanting with books. The vanilla anvil still exists in the game but it no longer does anything but look nice and fall on things.

Modified Features:
  • Renaming is always free.
  • Repairing non-enchanted items is always free (except for the materials needed).
  • There is only a "level" cost when working with enchanted items or books.
  • There is no "prior work penalty". The cost to repair an item is based solely on the enchantments on it and never goes up unless you add more enchantments. This means you can repair indefinitely. But the more powerful the enchanted item is, the higher the cost to repair will be.
  • The cost limit has been removed. But if you prefer having a cost limit you can set one (see configuration options). A cost limit will have a different impact with this system though (see Feature Information).
  • The anvil never breaks! But if you want it to break you can make it so (see configuration options).
  • The repair bonus is increased from 12% to 24% to make it more worthwhile having an anvil around for repairs. If you don't like that value, you can set it to whatever you like (see configuration options).
  • The material cost is adjusted to match the amount needed to craft the items, rather than 4 for all items in vanilla. The material cost is the amount of ingots, etc., used to repair. The repair bonus applies to this as well (it doesn't in vanilla).
  • You can repair all damageable items using materials (see Feature Information).
New Features:
  • You can unenchant items (see Feature Information).
  • You can transfer enchantments from items to books (see Feature Information).
  • A heat source is required within 3 blocks of the anvil to be able to repair or enchant items on it (see Feature Information and Heat Source Placement). If you don't like that idea you can turn this feature off (see configuration options).
The Plain Anvil (Vanilla Anvil):
Crafting Recipe: (7 iron ingots)

The vanilla anvil still exists in the game as the Plain Anvil. However, it no longer has a repair inventory. It also has a new, less expensive, crafting recipe. Otherwise, the plain anvil behaves exactly as the vanilla anvil does (it is the vanilla anvil): when it falls it has a chance of being damaged and when it falls on certain types of blocks, like torches and redstone circuits, it destroys those blocks.

The Workshop Anvil (Lizzy Anvil):
Crafting Recipe: (1 undamaged plain anvil, 2 blocks of iron, 6 iron ingots)

The total iron used to make a workshop anvil is the same as in the original vanilla anvil recipe (31 ingots).

The workshop anvil is what you use to rename, repair and enchant items on. It has the same inventory gui as the vanilla anvil and can do all the same things, and more. Only the costs and limitations are different. It also behaves a bit differently as a falling block.

Spoiler (click to hide)
As a falling block, the workshop anvil behaves differently from the vanilla anvil in a few minor ways (one reason I left the vanilla anvil in the game). When the workshop anvil is dropped on circuits or torches it does not break them. Instead, it drops itself as an item. Also, the workshop anvil is never damaged when it falls. The 'damage type' of the workshop anvil is different as well. This probably only affects death messages (i.e. "<player> was squashed by a falling anvil"). So, plain (vanilla) anvils are for dropping on heads and workshop anvils are for working on.

Version Information:
This mod requires Forge version 1.8- or higher to run, but has only been tested on Forge versions 1.8- and 1.8.8- (the latter is also compatible with Optifine!). It may run on later 1.8 compatible versions as well. If you find that it doesn't work properly on a particular version of Forge that is later than the aforementioned versions let me know and I can see about making it work with that version (at this point I will only be doing this for 1.8.x versions of Minecraft).

Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (not confirmed to work on later 1.8.x versions, but likely to).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things I'm sure)
Installing The Lizzy Anvil mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.
Done! Run Minecraft and you can say hello to your new workshop anvil... The Lizzy Anvil. :)

Client/Server Info:
This is a client-side mod, but it is designed to also work on a server. Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect. The config values for the server will be used by all connecting clients. If you have this mod installed on your client and you connect to a server that doesn't have it you will not be able to use the vanilla anvil. Simply uninstall this mod, reconnect, and everything will work normally again.

Mod Compatibility:
This mod is likely to be compatible with other mods that work on the same version of Minecraft and Forge and also do not modify the anvil in any way. However, this mod has not been tested with any other mods to confirm this.

If you find bugs, please let me know.

Feature Information:
Modified Features:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Cost Mechanics:
Each enchantment has a cost-per-level value. The enchantment value is the cost-per-level times the level of the enchantment. When you enchant an item with a book on the workshop anvil it costs the enchantment value. When you repair an item, the cost is the total enchantment value for all the enchantments on that item. If there are no enchantments, there is no cost. The cost never goes up unless you add enchantment value to the item. When you combine two enchanted books together the cost is the lower of the two enchantment values on the books. When you combine two enchanted items together the cost is the value of the enchantments on the resulting item. Enchanting items with books and combining books together are considerably less expensive than combining enchanted items together. Renaming items never has a cost, even if the item is enchanted.

The costs for enchantments are based on the vanilla values with adjustments to make them fit this mod's repair system. They are also adjusted individually to fit my perception of actual in-game value. They represent a fair cost system overall, but your perception of actual in-game value may differ. You may also want repairing to require more or less grinding. With this in mind I have made the costs individually configurable. You can change them to whatever you like (see configuration options).

Cost Limit:
The cost can never be "Too Expensive!". If you prefer a cost limit, you can set one (see configuration options). The cost values used in this mod would never exceed the vanilla cost limit, but I removed the limit for those who would like to increase the enchantment costs (also configurable). The impact of increasing the costs with a cost limit in place, or having a cost limit lower than the vanilla value, is that you will have a limit on how many enchantments can go on an item. The level cap will serve as a limitation on how powerful enchanted items can be. Keep this in mind if you configure the enchantment costs yourself or use a cost limit lower than 40 (the vanilla value).

Anvil Breaking:Anvils don't break! But then, you also can't really stack 64 anvils and carry them around either. Still, I never liked this aspect of the anvil. It just seems like a cheap way to make players use up iron. Either way, I give you the power to choose whether it should break or not in your world (see configuration options).

Repair Bonus:
The repair bonus was raised from 12% to 24%. This tends to save you just under an ingot for pickaxes and a bit more for the various armours. I did this to make it more worth going to find an anvil to repair your item on rather than just making a new one. You can change this value to whatever you want (see configuration options).

Material Cost:
The material cost is the amount of materials (iron ingots, diamonds, leather, etc.) it takes to repair an item. On the vanilla anvil this was 4 for all items. On the workshop anvil it is based on the amount of materials used to make the item in the first place, with a bonus per material used based on the repair bonus.

Expanded Repairable Items:
All items that are damageable can be repaired using materials. This adds the following items to the list of repairable items.
New Repairable Items - (repair material):
Hoe - (the material it is made of)
Shears - (Iron Ingots)
Bow - (String)
Flint and Steel - (Flint)
Fishing Rod - (String)
Carrot on a Stick - (a new Carrot)

(let me know if I missed any)

New Features:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Place an enchanted item in the workshop anvil with a piece of redstone and you can remove all enchantments on that item for a cost of 1 "level". If you want to remove only one enchantment you can rename a piece of redstone to the name of the enchantment you want to remove (without the level numerals, case is ignored) and it will only remove that enchantment. This costs 1 "level" also. If the name does not match an enchantment on the item it will not do anything. To unenchant an item completely, the redstone must be unnamed*. If you would like the unenchant item to be something other than redstone, you can set it to the item ID of your choice (see configuration options). The usefulness of this feature is limited, but there are some cases where it can come in handy, such as when dealing with mutually exclusive enchantments.

Transferring Enchantments:
Place an enchanted item in the workshop anvil with a normal book and you can transfer the enchantments on the item to the book. This costs the total cost of the enchantment(s) transferred. If you want to transfer only one enchantment you can rename a book to the name of the enchantment you want to transfer (without the level numerals, case is ignored) and it will only transfer that enchantment. If the name does not match an enchantment on the item it will not do anything. To transfer all enchantments the book must be unnamed*. The enchanted item and any enchantments not transferred will be destroyed in the process. As with unenchanting, this feature has limited usefulness, but there are a few cases where it'll be exactly what you want to do.

*Unnamed items have no 'custom name'. If an item has a custom name, the displayed name is italicized. To remove a custom name, put your item in the left anvil slot, delete all the characters from the text field, then pick the item up from the output slot. The item will now be unnamed.

Heat Source Requirement:
The workshop anvil (optionally) requires a heat source within 3 blocks for you to be able to repair or enchant items on it. This is intended to make the anvil require a forge for full functionality like the enchanting table requires a library. The heat source can be fire or lava, and there must be a clear path between the anvil and the heat source. You do not need a heat source to rename items or to work exclusively with books, only to work with damageable items. Enchanting a damageable item with a book does require a heat source. Again, this feature can be easily turned off if you don't like it (see configuration options).

Heat Source Placement:

Spoiler (click to hide)

The image below shows the range of blocks that a heat source must be in to provide heat for the workshop anvil. This is 3 blocks in "taxicab" distance. Lava must be on the same level (y coordinate) as the anvil or one level lower. Fire must be on the same level as the anvil or one level higher.


There must be a clear path to the heat source (nothing solid in the way). The idea is that you need to heat up your tool/weapon/armour to work with it and need easy access to the heat source from the anvil. Most blocks that are not full blocks, such as torches, redstone wires, slabs, etc., won't block access to the heat, but all full, solid blocks, and a few blocks that are nearly full blocks, like stairs, will. Glass and fences do block access to the heat source. You'll have to try other blocks to see if they block access or not. Some things that block or do not block access may be illogical. This is something that I expect could use some improvement. Let me know if you find a block that doesn't seem to make sense for this.

In order to check whether a heat source is accessible from the anvil, place a damageable item in the left slot of the anvil inventory and any item in the right slot. If the heat source is not accessible you will see the message, "No Heat Source!". If you have set the configuration options to not require a heat source you will never see this message.

Configuration Options:
Spoiler (click to hide)
The configuration file can be found in ...\.minecraft\config after running the game once with this mod installed.

For your convenience, the five "General" options below can be set in-game from the mod configuration menus:

In-Game Configuration Menus:

Main Menu-> Mods-> The Lizzy Anvil-> Config Button

Pause Menu-> Mod Options-> The Lizzy Anvil-> Config Button

The mod options button in the pause menu may not work on all versions of Forge.

General Options:
1. Set Break Chance Percent: (0-100) 0 = will never break; default: 0 ; vanilla = 12
2. Set Repair Bonus Percent: (0-100) default: 24 ; vanilla = 12
3. Set Cost Limit: 0 disables the cost limit; default: 0 ; vanilla = 40
4. Set Unenchant Item ID: a valid item ID (dec), default is Redstone
5. Set Heat Requirement: true or false; default: true

Enchantment Costs Per Level:
The enchantment costs can be configured in the config file (there is no in-game menu for this).
Change the costs to whatever you like, but keep the following in mind:
-Minimum acceptable value is 1. If 0 or less is used, the cost will be 1.
-The cost is per level, so a cost increase of +1 can have a small or large impact, depending on max level.
-Go to Minecraft Wiki/Enchanting for enchantment level information.
-Higher costs may result in limiting the amount of enchantments an item can have if the cost limit is enabled (default is no cost limit).

Other Stuff:
Lizzy's Notes and Commentary:

Spoiler (click to hide)
The vanilla anvil always seemed to me one of the most badly designed elements of Minecraft, along with their experience/level system that's nothing like an experience/level system and their enchantment table that feels more like it belongs in a casino than a library. So, since the anvil seemed the easiest of these to modify, it was on the top of my list when I decided I wanted to make a Minecraft mod. The anvil behaviour I designed aims to alleviate some of the more frustrating, demotivating and work-penalizing aspects of the vanilla anvil, the "level" system, and the slot machine (enchanting table).

The main theme of the anvil behaviour provided by this mod is that only anvil operations involving enchantments have a "level" cost. "Levels" work more like mana/magical energy than like experience levels in Minecraft. You make magic items with it and it doesn't make you personally better, like real xp levels would. Thus, working with non-magical items should not cost "levels".

The cost of repairing a magic item is based on the value of all the enchantments on the item, not how many times you've repaired it (that would be silly ;P). The only time the cost to repair goes up is when you add more enchantments. This means you can repair your magic items indefinitely. The cost, however, isn't cheap when you have a lot of enchantments on an item.

With this mod's cost system, you only have to spend time in the casino (library) with the slot machine (enchanting table) when you want a different or new magic item (like when you're starting out... or when you die in lava DX)... or when you feel like gambling. Really, if your're lucky you might get an Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Fortune III pickaxe for 3 "levels" from the slot machine, and that has a repair cost of 20 "levels" with this mod. Jackpot! But if you're not lucky you may have to enchant and combine dozens of books to get that pickaxe and that will likely end up costing considerably more than 20 "levels". So you may still want to go to the casino and try your luck, but with this mod you don't always HAVE to. Personally, I've never much liked gambling.

I also wanted to give Minecraft players (myself in particular) more freedom to manipulate the enchantments that come out of the slot machine (enchanting table). So I added a few features that allow the player to do some rearranging of enchantments, namely Unenchanting and Transferring. They don't have a broad range of usefulness, but they do come in handy in a few circumstances.

As with the vanilla anvil, pay attention to your output. The vanilla anvil allows for redundant operations, with a cost. I cleaned that up when you're enchanting an item with a book (the cost will reflect only what has been added and the output will be empty if nothing was added), but when combining two items or books the output can still be redundant and have a cost.

This mod is complete and functional (barring any undetected bugs), but it could surely use some improvement in some places. I am open to suggestions. An updated version is likely to be made if significant improvement solutions come to light, or if any bugs are discovered.


Spoiler (click to hide)
Neale Gaming - The most comprehensive Minecraft modding video tutorial series on YouTube that I am aware of.
MrCrayfish - Has a few very good Minecraft modding video tutorials and a cool Model Creator program which came in handy for retexturing the workshop anvil.
BedrockMiner - Helpful written tutorial series!
Jabelar - Many pages of very valuable information on modding Minecraft, covering most topics, if not all. An excellent resource!
vdvman1 - Author of Better Anvil - Looking at the open-source code for Better Anvil helped me with a few things, though I ended up doing my modifications quite differently (1.8 is quite different).
The folks who made Forge - this kind of goes without saying, but you deserve some recognition too.
The folks who talk about Forge and Minecraft modding on the forums - I've been reading your posts. Many of them have been helpful.

Thank you!

and @FusionLord with TomTom
FusionLord said:
This adds a gps arrow to minecraft to help you navigate your world.

The arrow will disappear after 3 seconds of being within 3 blocks of the destination.


/tomtom <x> <y> <z> [display text]

/tomtom clear

/tomtom edit

This command allows you to move the gps arrow.


Spoiler (click to hide)
* @Param mod Your @Mod.instance object.
* @Param player The player we are setting the gps for.
* @Param pos The destination position.
* @Param text The short description of the destination

public static void sendTomTomPos(Object mod, EntityPlayer player, BlockPos pos, String text)
NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
tag.setLong("location", pos.toLong());
tag.setLong("uuid-most", player.getUniqueID().getMostSignificantBits());
tag.setLong("uuid-least", player.getUniqueID().getLeastSignificantBits());
tag.setString("text", text);
FMLInterModComms.sendRuntimeMessage(mod, "tomtom", "setPointer", tag);

and @MattsOnMc with Difficulty Locker
MattsOnMc said:
Difficulty Locker allows you to lock the difficulty of multiple worlds separately in versions pre-1.8 where this functionality has been built into vanilla.


What does Difficulty Locker do?This mod adds a lock button to your game options screen that when pressed on will lock your world's difficulty and will only be able to unlock again on change of the mod's config.

HELP I can't change the difficulty of Minecraft when no worlds are loaded!I did this on purpose since the button had no use anymore.

I found a bug in the mod, where can i report it?I created a repository on GitHub to keep track of the bugs in this mod, you can find it here:


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @belgabor with Chisels & Bytes
Belgabor said:
Chisels & Bytes
Chisels & Bytes is an addon for Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2. The mod allows you to export a Chisels & Bits block as a descriptive file for the OpenComputers 3d printer and works client-side only.

Since the 3d printer is available in OpenComputers for Minecraft 1.7.10, this mod allows you, within limits, to port your Chisel & Bits creations back to 1.7.10.

This mod requires Java 8.

After installing the mod, hold a Chisel & Bits block in your hand and (by default) press the Next/Page Up key. The script will be copied to your clipboard and can be directly pasted into the in-game OpenComputers Editor or, out of game, into your favourite text editor for adjustment. The data is formatted for use with the print3d program available via the OpenComputers package manager oppm.


  • By default the OpenComputers 3D printer only allows 24 shapes. The mod tries to minimize the number of shapes, but complex blocks will probably go beyond that easily. The limit can be changed in the OpenComputers configuration file (maxShapes in the printer section).
  • If you port a design to 1.7.10 you will probably have to manually adjust the textures in the file.

and @Lunatrius with Tracer
Lunatrius said:
The mod allows you to track entity movement (excluding players). Can be used to debug various contraptions (TNT cannons, falling sand entities, etc).

  • Just drop the file into your mods folder. That's it.
Crash Reports, Translations, Suggestions
Trace color, thickness and delay can all be customized via the standard GUI config. All command have autocomplete (press tab).

  • /tracer register <entity-name> - start tracking all entities of the specified type
  • /tracer unregister <entity-name> - stop tracking all entities of the specified type
  • /tracer clear - stop tracking all entities (excluding newly spawned ones)
Modpacks: you can freely include any of the mods in your mod pack if the modpack is free (public or private). Mentioning me as the author is appreciated but not required.
Youtube/Streaming: you can monetize any videos you produce with the mod.

and @cyrilgenin with Electrical Networks Manager
cyrilgenin said:
this mod add electrical management ingame


Logic Machine Frame




RF Switch




Flux Meter:




RF Storage Info:


and @BlayTheNinth with KleeSlabs
BlayTheNinth said:
KleeSlabs 1.2.9
The half that is broken now depends on which half of the block you are looking at instead of on your position.



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BluSunrize with Immersive Engineering
BluSunrize said:
Immersive Engineering 0.7.2
- Last update for 1.7, hopefully!
- instead of adding it to every entry of the changelog: A lot of these fixes were done by malte, cheers to him for that =P
- added computer support for capacitors
- added damage multiplier config for the railgun
- added ITool interface allowing the skyhook and other items to go into the Toolbox now
- added concrete, tile and hempcrete slabs
- added biodiesel as valid fuel for railcraft boilers
- added the ability for the drill to take other fuels
- added a blacklist for fluids the jerrycan can accept
- changed barrels to autooutput on the bottom upon placement
- fixed conversion issues within the arc furnace
- fixed connectors receiving too much power when connected to IC2 machines
- fixed metal press being terrible with sized-input recipes
- fixed lots of NEI crashes
- fixed illegal connections of wires
- fixed rendering of the Metal Press multiple times and it's functionality
- fixed lots of other rendering issues
- fixed multiple things around computer compat, I don't understand half of it, honestly =P
- fixed charging station being derped
- fixed a dupebug
- fixed blastfurnace crashing when a recipe misses slag
- fixed villagers buying metadata emeralds
- fixed drill animations
- fixed drill ignoring hardness of neighbouring blocks
- updated zh_CN.lang


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Jul 29, 2019
Totemic 0.6.5 is there, with minor improvements. Changelog:
  • Some lexicon pages are now prioritized, i.e. they show up at the beginning of the list of pages
  • The Ceremony HUD now uses textures rather than hardcoded colored rectangles. As a result, it can now be customized by resource packs.
  • Made Zaphkiel Waltz effect longer and more intense
  • Reduced Totem Torch hardness
  • Fixed cedar bark not regrowing
  • Fixed weather changing too soon after Rain or Drought ceremony
  • Fixed cedar sapling dropping wrong metadata
  • Adjusted perspective of some item models
  • Added a work-in-progress new boss, Baykok (can only be spawned via eggs for now and has no model yet). Stay tuned for the next update (hopefully).
  • Added chylex's Java 8 checker - trying to run with an earlier Java version will now display an error message
  • Now uses Forge's update checker
  • Updated Forge to version 1722
  • Added support for variable number of ceremony selectors (currently unused)
  • Removed uneeded tile entity from Totem Torch
  • Removed unneeded description packet from Drum
  • Removed unneeded model code for models that are now JSON
  • Replaced some GL calls by GlStateManager
  • More changes to API
It took a while since the last release because stuff was happening, exams and a new computer, and Sunconure11 is taking longer than expected to make the model for the new upcoming boss, who will probably be in the next release.


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Jul 29, 2019
New version of Binnie Patcher fixes a bunch of things, with help from Mezz finding bugs :)
  • Fixed crash with mutlifarms in garden mode
  • Fixed crash when electrical stimulator circuit boards are inserted where they shouldn't go
  • Fixed apparent crash right clicking on a lab stand without Buildcraft or the BC API installed
  • Added ISocketable support so electrical stimulator circuit boards shouldn't be able to go where they shouldn't, with Forestry at the very least
  • Prevented unnecessary recipe registration of unobtainable combs
  • Added explicit crash when it's run without Binnie's Mods installed, should deal with obscure crash reports from trying that
  • Made a Github project to put issues on, especially long term ones that were always in Binnie's Mods so they might actually get fixed
  • Made a Curse project so that people can get updates easier if they want


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Jul 29, 2019
Updated AbyssalCraft (1.7.10) (1.8.9) to 1.9.0:
  • Added missing page to the Potential Energy section of Ritual Information (mentions how monoliths are created)
  • Darklands Villages should now have Darklands Oak Pressure Plates and Darkstone Double slabs (instead of the vanilla equivalents)
  • Anti-Spiders are now hostile during night again
  • Fixed the third person rendering of some blocks (large upside-down models when held in third person)
  • The Dreadlands Infused Powerstone now has a model (semi-temp if I can get the OBj one to work, otherwise permanent)
  • Fixed the Abyssal Stone Slab and Darklands Oak Slab not rendering correctly when placed
  • Depths Ghouls, Abyssal Zombies and Lesser Shoggoths should no longer spawn at Mushroom Island Shores
  • It's possible to enter Cha'garoth's lair again (minor derp in the code)
  • Fixed some Necronomicon Pages with the wrong text
  • Added a config option that allows you to change how Evil Animals spawn
  • Disabled any test code in the Materializer that could trigger a crash (since it's incomplete)
  • Fixed bug related to crafting recipes involving upgrading Necronomicons/Crystal Bags and using Upgrade Kits
  • Lesser Shoggoths outside of the Overworld should drop the correct item when killed now (applying metadata to the dropped item)
  • Spectral Dragons should now be easier to hit without getting hit from them
  • Spectral Dragon spawn rate has been reduced to the lowest possible (encountering one now should be very rare, unless another mod tweaks the spawn rate)
  • Darklands Oak Slabs are no longer treated as stone
  • Added a config option allowing you to toggle whether or not Liquid Antimatter should disintegrate any item dropped into it
  • Crystallizer and Transmutator automation works correctly again (output slot is depleted from the bottom)
  • Leaves, Saplings and Logs should be treated as such by other mods now
  • Liquid Coralium shouldn't spread into ocean biomes when told not to
  • Remnants should now stop attacking whatever angered them when the anger timer runs out (and they don't slow the game down while they're angry)
  • The Crate now renders when placed
  • Replaced the Fist of Cha'garoth spawner block with a J'zahar spawner block
  • J'zahar has increased in size
  • If a Spectral Dragon dies while Asorah is draining it, Asorah won't take explosion damage
  • Any item placed on a Ritual/Sacrificial Altar or Ritual/Energy Pedestal will also render for other players
  • The smoke projected when a ritual is performed also renders for other players
  • Shoggoth Lairs should now longer spawn in biomes registered to the BiomeDictionary as the "WATER" type
  • The Staff of Rending will now continue to drain energy when the right mouse button is pressed
  • Shadow Fragments/Shards/Gems now spawn in dungeon/mineshaft/pyramid/stronghold chests
  • The Shard of Oblivion now requires 4 Shadow Gems (previously 8)
  • Remnants can now open doors
  • Added the Temple of J'zahar (generates in Omothol)
  • Added the City of Omothol
  • Updated the Omothol Progression section of the Necronomicon
  • Added Essence of The Gatekeeper (replacement for the Oblivion Catalyst in the Abyssalnomicon recipe, dropped by J'zahar)
  • Staff of The Gatekeeper is now created through a ritual (instead of dropped by J'zahar)
  • Added a Minion of The Gatekeeper spawner block
  • Potion of Annihilation and Potion of Dread Plague can now be brewed again
  • Remnants and Minions of The Gatekeeper no longer despawn
  • Spawn rate of Remnants and Minions of The Gatekeeper has been heavily reduced (quite rare now)
  • Minions of The Gatekeeper now has a 10% chance of dropping Ethaxium Ingots (while Eldritch Scales are the regular drop)
  • Now runs on Forge
  • Added missing page to the Potential Energy section of Ritual Information (mentions how monoliths are created)
  • Darklands Villages should now have Darklands Oak Pressure Plates and Darkstone Double slabs (instead of the vanilla equivalents)
  • Depths Ghouls, Abyssal Zombies and Lesser Shoggoths should no longer spawn at Mushroom Island Shores
  • Fixed some Necronomicon Pages with the wrong text
  • Added a config option that allows you to change how Evil Animals spawn
  • Disabled any test code in the Materializer that could trigger a crash (since it's incomplete)
  • Lesser Shoggoths outside of the Overworld should drop the correct item when killed now (applying metadata to the dropped item)
  • Spectral Dragons should now be easier to hit without getting hit from them
  • Spectral Dragon spawn rate has been reduced to the lowest possible (encountering one now should be very rare, unless another mod tweaks the spawn rate)
  • Darklands Oak Slabs are no longer treated as stone
  • Added a config option allowing you to toggle whether or not Liquid Antimatter should disintegrate any item dropped into it
  • Replaced the Fist of Cha'garoth spawner block with a J'zahar spawner block
  • J'zahar has increased in size
  • If a Spectral Dragon dies while Asorah is draining it, Asorah won't take explosion damage
  • Any item placed on a Ritual/Sacrificial Altar or Ritual/Energy Pedestal will also render for other players
  • The smoke projected when a ritual is performed also renders for other players
  • Shoggoth Lairs should now longer spawn in biomes registered to the BiomeDictionary as the "WATER" type
  • The Staff of Rending will now continue to drain energy when the right mouse button is pressed
  • Shadow Fragments/Shards/Gems now spawn in dungeon/mineshaft/pyramid/stronghold chests
  • The Shard of Oblivion now requires 4 Shadow Gems (previously 8)
  • Remnants can now open doors
  • Added the Temple of J'zahar (generates in Omothol)
  • Added the City of Omothol
  • Updated the Omothol Progression section of the Necronomicon
  • Added Essence of The Gatekeeper (replacement for the Oblivion Catalyst in the Abyssalnomicon recipe, dropped by J'zahar)
  • Staff of The Gatekeeper is now created through a ritual (instead of dropped by J'zahar)
  • Added a Minion of The Gatekeeper spawner block
  • Remnants and Minions of The Gatekeeper no longer despawn
  • Spawn rate of Remnants and Minions of The Gatekeeper has been heavily reduced (quite rare now)
  • Minions of The Gatekeeper now has a 10% chance of dropping Ethaxium Ingots (while Eldritch Scales are the regular drop)
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @P3pp3rF1y with Reliquary
P3pp3rF1y said:
Added Reliquary chest loot it's pretty rare but still some mob drops and some lower level items will spawn, can be turned off in config
Added Waila support for Apothecary Cauldron and Mortar and for Altar of Light, and there is an optional config to make these collapsed if the player is not sneaking
Added crafting recipes for mob drops. These are optional and turned off by default.
Added config for mod makers to allow disabling mod items and blocks, also removes recipes where the disabled ones are used
Added config to allow disabling mobs dropping the mob drops. By default they drop them and when turned off these would still exist for crafting purposes.
Added Thaumcraft's nitor as one of the default heat sources for Cauldron (of course only when TC is in the pack)
Added facing implementation to Mortar so players can now position the pestle the way they want

Fixed augmenting of potions to only do so where it makes sense - no more night vision 3, blindness 4, ...
Finally fixed splash potion particles when it hits an entity (also the code is now much simpler than it used to be)
Cleaned up JEI descriptions

and @lumien with Dimension Rules
Lumien said:
In vanilla minecraft gamerules are defined / configured globally, this mod allows you to configure them separately for each dimension. Therefore you can for example disable mob spawns in one dimension but keep it enabled in a different one.

Even after you install this mod by default all dimensions still use the same rules, to change that you have to use the /gameruled command added by this mod.

  • /gameruled [dimension] list
List the rules and their values that are currently set in the dimension specified, also tells you whether the dimension has seperate (custom) rules or uses the default ones.

  • /gameruled [dimension] get <gamerule>
Returns the value of the gamerule in the dimension.

  • /gameruled [dimension] set <gamerule> <value>
Sets the value of the specified gamerule to the specified value in the specified dimension, if the dimension wasn't using custom rules till now, after using this command it will.

  • /gameruled [dimension] reset
Resets the specified dimensions gamerules to the default ones.

The dimension parameter is optional in every command, if you don't specify it, it will use the dimension the user of the command is currently in. Not all gamerules work perfectly with this mod, for example "commandBlockOutput" does not work due to the way minecraft checks for it. The "default" rules are still modified using the vanilla /gamerule command. This mod is not required client side & is fully functional when only installed on the server.

Feel free to add this mod to your modpack

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.41
Added Auto Compressed Hammer

  • ...if CoFH Core is installed
  • uses RF to hammer compressed blocks
  • it looks pretty cool
Added Auto Heavy Sieve

  • ...if CoFH Core is installed
  • uses RF to sift compressed blocks
Added Auto Compressor

  • ...if CoFH Core is installed
  • uses RF to compress items into blocks
Added Evolved Orechid

  • ...if Botania is installed
  • mimics the Garden of Glass Orechid for non Garden of Glass world types
Added Broken Comprilla

  • ...if Botania is installed
  • compresses items into blocks
  • magic-only variant of the Auto Compressor, can be automated using only Vanilla and Botania
Added Double Compressed Diamond Hammer

  • ...if Tinkers Construct is installed
  • adds "Smashing II" modifier to tools that allows smashing of compressed blocks
  • can not be used for hammering itself
Added animal baits for cows, pigs and chicken

  • works exactly like the existing ocelot / wolf baits
Added additional compressed blocks

  • Compressed Cobblestone (if ExtraUtilities is not installed)
  • Compressed Gravel (if ExtraUtilities is not installed)
  • Compressed Sand (if ExtraUtilities is not installed)
  • Compressed Dirt (if ExtraUtilities is not installed)
  • Compressed Flint (Zeek forced me to do it)
  • Note: Restore the default registries for the Smashables and the Heavy Siftables by deleting them from the config file to enable those for the ExCompressum compressed blocks if you don't have ExtraUtilities installed and want to use those instead
Added creative tab for Ex Compressum

and @zero__fall with Modular Tools
zero__fall said:
Modular Tools introduces a self-balancing mechanic, allowing you to customize your tools using a compromise between upgrades and downgrades. Each upgrade and downgrade has a number of points associated with it, and you must "balance the equation" for the tool to work. Shift+Right-Click the tool to access the GUI. There is a number in the center of the GUI that will tell you if the points are too high or too low.



  • This mod is still in development. I will continue balance recipes and points. I will also add a configuration file soon.
  • Upgrades and downgrades can have the following traits:
    • Maximum: Some modifiers have a maximum number that can be used in 1 tool
    • Exclusivity: Some modifiers cannot be used together (example: Speed Upgrade and Speed Downgrade)
  • When the tool breaks, you do not lose it. It just becomes unusable until it is repaired.
  • You can repair the pickaxe by putting it into a crafting table with Iron Ingots.
  • Right now, the only tool is a Modular Pickaxe. I plan to add more tools and modifiers soon :)
  • Most downgrades have negative effects, but there are some that have expensive recipes instead (targeted for later-game use)

and @Thor12022 with Cobble Popper
thor12022 said:
The Cobble Popper will generate cobblestone when adjacent to Lava and Water source blocks.

The cobblestone will be popped into the air if not extracted with a hopper or pipe.

A Redstone signal will disable the Cobble Popper

The rate of cobblestone generation and the velocity of the popping are configurable.

The default rate of production is 1 cobblestone/sec per lava-water pair.

Demo (with more fun configs):

Minecraft Forum Thread

Feel free to use in modpacks; notification is appreciated, but not required.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Azanor with Thaumcraft
azanor said:
Thaumcraft 5.2.0
- API: addition to the seal filtering api involving having filters with stacksizes>0
- API: added methods to allow checking of redstone signals for seals.
- many non-wand items powered by vis no longer recharge themselves from the aura. They can hold much more charge than they could before, but require a recharge pedestal (or vis amulet) to recharge.
- the vis amulet no longer has an internal store of vis. Instead it acts as a portable recharge pedestal for any 'rechargable' item worn (armor, baubles) or held in your hotbar.
- added a hud element to clearly indicate the charge levels in items. If the charge level remains constant the hud elemenent will hide itself after some time to reduce onscreen clutter. There is a config option to change where on the screen the hud is displayed.
- added blast resistant property to some golem materials
- golems placing blocks via the use seal will block themselves from placing it a lot less now
- block breaker seal will now be able to properly filter things like logs
- block breaker, harvest and lumber seals now check their area 5 times faster
- chain lighting focus and arcing enchant will now ignore friendly entities you own
- changed the way elemental tools work behind the scenes and also altered the abilties some of them had. This is still a WIP.
- added a revised infusion enchantment system based on adding unique 'enchantments' in line with elemental tool abilities.
- node merging will now only happen serverside and not cause odd desync issues
- goggles of revealing now require brass in their recipe as intended. The have been repairable with brass instead of a gold for a while now, but looks like I missed the recipe.
- gears and plates are cheaper to craft now.
- getting to the simplest golems will no longer require scanning something that isn't extremely obvious.
- golems can now be dyed light blue
- seals can now be set to deactivate if they recieve a redstone signal
- harvest seal will now attempt to till soil if it was farmland previously, but has turned into dirt
- the store seals can now be set to infinitely fill (like they currently do) or only fill up to a specific amount in white list mode.
- provide seal should definitely only take a single item now when you have that setting ticked
- fixed the oh so incredibly bugged essentia crystalizer. It was using crazy amounts of vis since it was still thinking it was in TC 4 and getting fed CV
- fixed pech mage trading crash bug
- pechs now only trade for things worth at least 2 lucrum
- wand textures should now properly update when resourcepacks are loaded/unloaded
- fixed a huge bug that meant that aura recharge and pollution events where ignoring the world they happened in and just happened in whatever dimension processed them first - usually the overworld.
- eldritch portal should be visible again
- thaumcraft mobs now have aspects again
- made scattershot frost focus a bit more effective at short range
- flammable things are now flammable
- vis crystals are now more limited in their spread - only 4 'generations' of growth can occur from a central crystal before spread stops. This is still a fairly large patch, but will prevent caves from being completely overrun by crystals on servers.
- brain in a jar now retains its xp when picked up
- added brass lid braces. Placing these on a warded or void jar will prevent essentia being placed in or drawn from the jar by transfusers or infusion crafting

and @ewyboy with Ore Tweaker
EwyBoy said:
Ore Tweaker is a really small well written utility mod with a jar size of less then 12KB that allows you to take control over the vanilla ore generator, You can disable and change the rules of how ores spawn. This is a awesome tool for map creators and modpack developers aswell as the regular Minecraft player.

  • Disable vanilla ore gen
  • Disable underground dirt, gravel, andesite, granite and diorite
  • Replace it with your own custom ore gen
  • Minimum spawn level
  • Maximum spawn level
  • Minimum vein size
  • Maximum vein size
  • Spawn rate per chunk
How to use:
  1. Drop mod into your /mods folder
  2. Run Minecraft with the mod in the folder
  3. A config file for the mod should now be generated
  4. Open the config named OreTweaker at /config with any text-editor
Disable Ores:
  1. Find the ore you want to disable [Example: Diamond]
  2. Set "Disable Diamond Ore" = true
  3. Save config
Custom Ore Generation:
  1. You MUST disable the vanilla ore generation before you can add an custom ore generation!
  2. Find the ore you wanna add a custom world generation to after you have disabled the vanilla ore generation for that ore [Example: Diamond]
  3. Set "Custom OreGen: Diamond Ore"=true
  4. Add a vein spawn rate
  5. Add a maximum vein size
  6. Add a minimum vein Size
  7. Add a maximum spawn level (Y-Level / Height)
  8. Add a minimum spawn level (Y-Level / Height)
  9. Save config

Want to do a modspotlight? Just send me a link to it afterwards and I put it up here at the modpage!

Modpack:You (user of this mod) has my(EwyBoy's) permission to use this mod in any private & publicly distributed modpack.

Live development: The mod is being developed live at my twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/ewyboy

You can find me on twitter:



New Member
Jul 29, 2019
and @Dark_Lizzy with Mana Well
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version:
Requires: Forge 1.8 - or higher
Forge Version Info:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Confirmed to run on the following Forge versions:
1.8 -
1.8.8 - (compatible with Optifine!)
1.8.9 -
1.8.9 -

"XP" and "levels" in Minecraft work nothing like XP and Levels in any other game (video, tabletop, or otherwise). Instead, "xp" and "levels" in Minecraft work like a resource that you can collect and use, and it's a resource that you use to make magic items.

Therefore, what Minecraft calls "xp", I call magical energy (a.k.a. mana), and what Minecraft calls "levels", I see as levels-of-mana (like stacks of mana I guess, which, oddly, take more to fill the more you have).

So, with that in mind, I introduce... the Mana Well:

A mana well slowly gathers mana ("xp") over time. When a player touches it, all the mana within is released for them to collect.

It is only found deep within the earth, in amongst the bedrock, where it draws magical energy from the nothingness of the void.

After being emptied of its contents, a mana well becomes dormant for one Minecraft day. During this time it becomes a 'mana sink' and can drain mana from the surface world. Standing too close to a dormant mana well puts you at risk of having some of your mana ("xp") sucked away. Never stand directly on a dormant mana well!

After this dormant period, it begins generating mana again. It takes an average of one Minecraft lunar cycle for a mana well to fill up to its optimal absorption rate limit (indicated by a red spot in the centre of the well). It still generates mana after reaching this point, but at a reduced rate, and the fuller it gets the slower it generates mana.

At the optimal absorption rate limit, a mana well contains 560 "xp" or more.

This mod is intended to provide players with an extra "xp" source to help alleviate the constant need to grind for "levels". However, mana wells are rare and can be rather hard to find, and digging around bedrock level has its perils (lava). You have to work for it!

Mana wells are also indestructible, so you can't take them home with you. Additionally, mana wells tend to attract witches, who also want the mana for themselves. Don't let them steal it!

~Inspired by Dungeon Keeper's mana vault.

Mana Well at each visible stage of fullness (empty to optimal absorption rate limit):


Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (1.8.x only).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things I'm sure)
Installing the Mana Well mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.

**Starting a new world is recommended as mana wells will only appear in newly generated terrain.**

Client/Server Info:
This is a client/server mod. It will work on a client (SP) and a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

Mod Compatibility:
This mod adds one block to the world, so it is likely compatible with other Forge mods. However, it has not been tested with any mods made by other people.

Always back up your world before loading it with new mods installed.

If you find any bugs related to the mana well, please let me know.

Additional Mana Well Information:
Spoiler (click to hide)
Mana Well Generation:
Mana wells generate at level 1 to 4 in the surface world. This puts them in amongst the bedrock. They have a 1 in 64 chance of being generated per chunk, making them quite rare. On average, there will be one per 128 x 128 block square area.

Mana Generation:
Mana is generated every 'block tick' (see Minecraft Wiki/Tick). The amount of mana generated depends on how much mana is in the well. The optimal aborption rate limit is 560. Before reaching that limit, the amount of mana generated is 1-7 per block tick. Once that limit has been reached, the amount generated is halved. This new, sub-optimal, absorption rate has a limit as well. Once that limit is reached the amount generated is halved again, and so on until the rate of regeneration becomes virtually nil.

The best time to harvest from a mana well is when it reaches its optimal absorption rate limit (i.e. when you see the red spot in the centre of the well). The brightness of the glow in the centre of the mana well indicates progress towards reaching this limit.

When a mana well generates mana it makes a faint sound (the XP orb sound).

Dormant Mana Wells:
Mana wells become dormant for one Minecraft day after releasing thier contents. During this time they become 'mana sinks'. When a block tick occurs on a dormant mana well, the nearest player within 4 blocks, if any, will be drained of 7-14 mana ("xp"). Any player standing on a dormant mana well will be drained of that random amount every 0.15 of a second that they remain on it (that's 6.67 times per second).

Witches are attracted to mana wells, as they desire the mana for themselves. Each block tick there is a chance that a witch will spawn within 16 blocks of a mana well. This chance is greater the more mana a well contains, and it is also greater the higher the game difficulty is. Empty mana wells do not attract witches. Spawning witches obey the basic spawning rules that other mobs do, including that a light level of 8 or higher will prevent them from spawning.

Witches are the only creature other than a player that can take mana from a mana well. If a witch steps on a mana well, it will empty the well. A witch that empties a mana well will also become empowered for a time, making it much harder to kill. The amount of time depends on the amount of mana that was in the well (seconds = (80 + mana in well x 2) / 20) . A mana well with 560 "xp" in it will empower a witch for 60 seconds. During this time they will emit pink potion effect particles.

Acquiring Mana Well Blocks:
Mana wells can only be aquired from the creative mode inventory. Mana wells placed by a player at level 5 or higher will be inactive as they will be too far from the void to absorb mana. Inactive mana wells are completely inert; they do nothing and remain empty. Naturally occuring mana wells always generate close enough to the void to be active. Mana wells placed in dimensions other than the surface world will be inactive regardless of the level they are placed on. They simply don't work in dimensions other than the surface world.

Other Notes:
Mana well blocks are indestructible, like bedrock.
Mana wells emit light unless empty. The brightness depends on how full they are.
A player in creative mode cannot be drained of mana.
A player with 0 "xp" will not be adversely affected by a dormant mana well.


Spoiler (click to hide)
Neale Gaming - The most comprehensive Minecraft modding video tutorial series on YouTube that I am aware of.
MrCrayfish - Has a few very good Minecraft modding video tutorials and a cool Model Creator program.
BedrockMiner - Helpful written tutorial series!
Jabelar - Many pages of very valuable information on modding Minecraft, covering most topics, if not all. An excellent resource!
The folks who made Forge - this kind of goes without saying, but you deserve some recognition too.
The folks who talk about Forge and Minecraft modding on the forums - I've been reading your posts. Many of them have been helpful.

Thank you!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @abecderic with Clay Bucket
abecderic said:
Getting Started

Craft an Unfired Clay Bucket from three pieces of clay and then smelt that bucket to get a Clay Bucket. A Clay Bucket can hold water and lava but will crumble in your hands once you've poured lava out.


Now you might be saying: "But abecderic, I already have a clay bucket! Iguanas Tinker Tweaks adds one." If you have Iguanas Tinker Tweaks then this mod is not for you. But if you don't have it and want a clay bucket... well, here you go.

Modpack Policy

You can use Clay Bucket in your modpack, but monetization is not allowed.

and @DarkTemplarX with Cobbleworks
DarkTemplarX said:
The summary pretty much says it all. Cobbleworks adds one block to the game, which generates cobblestone. Big deal - we've seen this a dozen times in a dozen mods.

Why is Cobbleworks different then? The upgrades!

The Cobbleworks block can be upgraded to increase the speed at which the block generates stuff.

Now, this mod doesn't aim to set world records on how fast you can generate cobblestone.

Notice how i said "generates stuff." The upgrades allow for the block to generate more than just cobblestone. For instance, the first one adds smoothstone, sand, and glass. Eventually you'll even get dirt, which everybody hates collecting lots of.

The Cobbleworks block is basically an all in one factory for producing everything cobblestone related.

Of course, if you don't want a mountain of glass, or anything else in particular, you can disable each block individually in the GUI.

and @plusplus_Farore with Insanity:Assorted Magics
plusplus_Farore said:




Potion Extension

It is magic mod consists Spell book, Pottery, Alchemy, Spirit tool.

There are various effects in the magic that can be exercised by the spell book.
Those that attack the enemy skip arrows and, or strengthen your body's ability, ... or to at once growing around the crop and, if it is a more advanced, you can replicate the item.
You can get spell book in the "Sealed Library" that is generated in the basement of the Overworld.

In the pottery, you can create a pot of various patterns and sizes from clay.
Pot has been created, you can sell at a price (MP).

In the alchemy, on the basis of the items that were collected by the adventure, you can create a new item.
Formulation of the items in the "alchemy" is, quite different from the typical craft system, you can create an item that has the effect of their favorite ingenuity.

By proceed with each element of Insanity, it will be able to create a spirit tool.
spirit tool, a weapon that was literally pregnant with spirits, you have to talk to the player has the intention.
To grow by spirits weapon goes with, improved basic performance, and, you can obtain a variety of special effects.

As a new status, it will be added to sanity and the magic level.
Sanity will continue to decrease by touching the magical elements, mad and reduced more than a certain value at a time, and death if to 0.
Magic level represents the Ned of the magic of handling, we will up by touching the magical elements.
Maximum sanity is, it will continue to decline along with the magic level increases.

It will be sealed library as a new structure is created.
In sealed library it is underground, will be generated as a small room of the closed wooden.
Inside there is a magician bookshelf, you can find a case book of undeciphered from their bookshelf that is equipped with a monocle.

Book of undeciphered, you can try to decipher the right-click Press and hold in the state equipped with a monocle.
If successful in decoding, along with the book obtain a constant magic experience value will change to decipher already.

Some of the book there is a Spell book that has been described in terms of magic, magic can be exercised at the right click when it is decrypted already.
Magic of exercise method There are two types, regular and chant carried out in the right-click Press and hold, there is a chant destruction carried out in the shift right click.
Cast Discard you can use the magic immediately but, and down the success rate of the magic, there is a disadvantage, such as the effect of the magic fall.

With the introduction of the NEI recipe confirmation will be easier.

and @OyunKorucu with Ottoman Slap
OyunKorucu said:
This mod has 2 basic items.

"Hand, Ottoman Hand"

With this mod you can make yourself a Ottoman hand and kill enemies with one slap.


Fun Fact:

Ottoman Soilders was slapping and hitting their hands to rocks, marble and woods to make their hands callused.

So they don't feel any pain and hit as much hard as they want.

Crafting Recipes:

Hand [SHAPED RECIPE] : You'll put these following items on top of each other. [Leather, Flesh, Bone]

Ottoman Hand [SHAPELESS RECIPE] : Crafted with these items. [Gold Block(3), Red Wool, Hand]




Will add slap sound effect.


Right-Click to slap your foes.

and @Purplicious_Cow with Inventory Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Inventory Pets 1.4.0
Release Notes 1.4.0 for 1.7.10/1.8/1.8.9



  • Increased speed, health, attack of Dungeon Guards (spiders, zombies, blazes)
  • Bed can check if all players asleep first (if set in new Config) (Credit: zsashas)
  • Added new Config for cooldown timer for Juggernaut, and Illuminati Cooldown can be set from 0 to 5 minutes. (Credit MonsterBeez)
  • Added new Config for Juggernaut to set Shield Wall Duration (1-3 minutes)
  • Added new Config for Illuminati to set Invisibility Duration (1-3 minutes)
  • There are now Permanent alternate nugget recipes available. This will enable nuggets recipes to work along mods that cause recipe conflicts. Basically, Just Add Dirt™. Examples:
    • Obsidian + Dirt Block = 9 Obsidian Nuggets
    • Iron Ingot + Dirt Block = 9 Iron Nuggets
    • Etc.
Bugs Squished

  • Really, truly, and thoroughly squished the bugs associated with the Chest Pet, Double Chest Pet, and Feed Bag on multiplayer/server
    • All Chests/Feed Bags will be automatically updated to new versions and old chest contents will be transferred over to the new chests
  • Ocelot now scares Creepers properly in 1.8 and 1.8.9
  • Spider no longer gives you fall damage after much climbing. Hanging on wall now also properly resets fall height. (Credit: eni91, TrebliG07)
  • Loot Pet drop code completely rewritten to work with pesky mods/ modpacks such as OreSpawn
    • Loot should properly double after attacking any mob from any mod
    • Drops from mining should also properly double regardless of mod or dimension
  • Pingot now Auto-Extracts without causing durability damage when Pets Must Eat = False in Config (Credit: Willasaurusrrex)
  • Purplicous Cow has been nerfed (yes, I know). Still gives you regen, but at a much slower rate (Credit: @SSundee, @joonatoona, @Kehaan)
  • Squid no longer flies or goes at ridiculous speeds when it rains. Also Squid must be under water to receive speed benefits (Credit: @EmporourPenguin
  • Project E Repair Talisman no longer repairs Inventory Pets (Credit: OracleofWuffing)
  • Dungeon spawner blocks no longer tick if they are on chunk boundaries (was a problem for servers with limited boundaries). (Credit: Time6628, NEXUS2345)
  • Fixed potion effect display flicker on 1.8 and 1.8.9 when viewing inventory

and @Xcytress with Advanced Factory
Xcytress said:

Advanced Factory

So many mods, so many machines. But the most important achievement of modern industry is still missing: sustainability. Recycling is one of the most value things in real life as in minecraft. Using renewable energy sources helps to cut down on fossil and therefore hard to come by resources.

Now you can improve your minecraft factories to a hole new level! Make use of more stuff you find, like used armor and tools. Recycle stuff you dont need anymore. Generate power with sun and water. It's up to you!

Advanced Factory adds a few machines and generators to enhance modern minecraft industry. Like the recycler, which can break down many, if not all, items crafted with wood, metal or even diamonds. Or the solar panels, providing basicly free energy, as long as the sun is up. Or you have a good light source near by. But see for yourself and explore completly new ways to build your base and factories!

Forge or newer
CoFH Lib or CoFH Core for 1.7.10

Regarding Mod Packs:
DO NOT include this mod into any mod pack yet. Its a Beta Version and it might not stable!
I will give permission for mod packs once I release a stable version, until then, I forbid to use my mod in mod packs.


Spoiler (click to hide)
Alpha v0.0
- Created mod.

Beta v0.1
- Replaced both Shredder and Deconstructor with the Recycler.
- Rewritten the recipe algorithm, so it could analyze more complex recipes
- Added basic NEI support

Beta v0.2
- Fixed display bug
- Added more intelligent ore dict handling
- Got rid of empty recipes
- Recipes with tools will now be ignored
- Can now handle multiple recipes for a single item
- Added more metals
- Made available for public testing!

Beta v0.2.1
Small mistakes, big problems:
- Fixed missing copy() call on recycler, causing weird scrap output on damaged items (keeps changed stacksize on recipe)
- Fixed config calculation error. I meant 20/100 not 100/20... huge difference!

Known Issues
- None vanilla scrap metals seem to not work properly

- Pellet engine burns fuel even though internal storage is full

Submit Feedback!
To improve this mod, I need your feedback! If you find any bug or problem, let me know. If you enjoy this mod, let me know.
In case of error or bugs, please provide detailed information about what happend. Always include information about other mods you use and/or the mod pack.

Mini Wiki

Spoiler (click to hide)
The Recycler

Spoiler (click to hide)
This single machine took me more time to code then the rest of the mod. On the first look, its not that fancy: Put an item in, it will be destroyed and you'll get the three most present materials back in scraped form. Wood will become wood dust, metals will become metal scrap and diamonds/emeralds will become shards. These parts can be put together in either the compressor (dust and scrap) or the crystallizer (shards).

Whats really the "magic" about this block? Well, when you start up your game, this mod will analyze all "classic" crafting recipes (those you create on a workbench) and sum up every item you use to create anonther. Then it will create a recycling recipe based on that. Even if you use an item to craft an item to craft an item to craft an item, the algorithm will try its very best to drill all recipes down to the very basic materials. This means, that even new recipes, added by other mods, will be analyzed and scrapable.

Recycable resources

Spoiler (click to hide)
Any kind of wood can be recycled to wood dust. One log will generate 8 dust, a plank 2 dust, a stick 1 dust etc.

Nickel / Ferrous
Platin / Platinum / Shiny


The Compressor

Spoiler (click to hide)
This machine uses heat and pressure to form undefined metal scrap back into a useable ingot form. It could also be used to create wood pellets, a cheap and useful fuel.

The Crystallizer

Spoiler (click to hide)
This machine creates the perfect conditions for crystalls to grow and could be used to reassemble crystall shards or create new crystalls.

Solar Panels

Spoiler (click to hide)
Kind of self explaining. If they have light, you will get energy. More light, more energy. All solar panels require sunlight to create max energy, but the will work with artificial light sources, just not that good. Red particles will indicate them working. Or you could look at the gui.

Basic Solar Panel
Kind of cheap and easy to make. Will provide basic power but you might need a dozen of them to provide sufficient power to your machines.

Advanced Solar Panel
More expensive, but also higher power output. The power to material ratio might not be ideal, but it takes up fewer space.

Resonant Solar Panel
If you plan on using solar panels under non optimal conditions, you might want to choose these. Average power output, but less affected by low light.

Water Turbines

Spoiler (click to hide)
Cheap and easy to make, but the trick is to set them up right.

Water Turbine
Creates power when water flows on top. The more the water is falling down, the more energy you will get (1-10 blocks). You could build a dam!

Marine Turbine
Creates power from waves and waterflow. Needs two blocks of water in front of both turbine sides to work proper. Ideal to place in a lake or sea.

Pellet Engine

Spoiler (click to hide)
The more classic energy source: you can burn any solid fuel to get energy. But wait, there's more! This Engine can burn fuel in two slots at once. Doing so will result in a more efficient process and give you a 25% energy boost while both slots burn fuel.


© Xcytress 2015-2016 - This mod (modification/plugin/patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod"), by the terms of http://minecraft.net/terms are sole property of the mod author, Xcytress (henceforth "Owner"). It may only be distributed by the Owner. It may not be mirrored or reposted without advance written permission of the Owner. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off the Owners Mods are strictly forbidden without advance written permission. This mod is not open source. All rights reserved

More Legal Information:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Parts of this mod may be based upon code from other authors (APIs). As far as these APIs are included in this mod, they are © by their respective owners and may have their own license.

CAUTION! This mod is provided 'AS IS' with no warranties, implied or otherwise. The Owner of this mod takes no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use or misuse of this mod. As most mods, it alters more or less fundamental parts of the game. Therefore Minecraft or parts of it may not work with this mod installed. Again: All damages caused by the use or misuse of this mod fall on the user!


Thanks to Team CoFH for the RedstoneFlux API!
Thanks to ChickenBones for the NEI API!

The copyright text is based on Purplicious_Cow's, 'cause its damn good =) Thanks for the reference ;P

and @14mRh4X0r with VanillaIRC
14mRh4X0r said:
Reliable IRC for your (snaphsot) server!

What does it do?
It’s quite simple – this little mod adds IRC to your server. Due to its small code footprint, it’s easy to update this mod for every release of Minecraft, even snapshots!

Only one command for now; list, who or players lists the players on the server.

When you first start the server with the mod, it’ll create a config file and exit. This config file is in JSON, and has several options:

  • "bot_config" - This is where the configuration for the bot itself resides. For more options, see the PircBotX javadoc on Configuration.Builder.
    • "web_irc_enabled" - Indicates whether to connect through a WEBIRC interface. When in doubt, leave as false
    • "name" - The nick of the bot
    • "login" - The ident of the bot
    • "real_name" - The “real name” (a.k.a. gecos) of the bot
    • "server_hostname" - The hostname of the server to connect to, e.g. "irc.esper.net"
    • "auto_join_channels" - The channels to join when connecting. format: "#channel": "key"
    • "nickserv_password" - The password to authenticate with NickServ. When in doubt, leave as null
    • "auto_reconnect" - Indicates whether to automatically reconnect to the server if the connection dies
  • "prefix" - The prefix for the commands. For example, using "." here makes the command to list the players .list
  • "show_no_such_command" - Whether to show the “No such command” message on invalid commands
  • "privmsg_format" - The format used to show ordinary messages in Minecraft. This uses the new chat format in JSON (see this page). The tokens {user} and {message} will be replaced with the nick and message of the sender, respectively.
  • "action_format" - The format used to show action messages (/me does stuff) in Minecraft. It uses the same system as "privmsg_format"
Simply run this jar instead of the minecraft server.

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.54
Added Wood Chippings

  • Obtained from smashing wood logs with a hammer
  • Can be composted into dirt in a Barrel
Added new model for the Auto Heavy Sieve

  • It looks super cute now
  • The tiny human will randomly pick a skin of one of my Patreon supporters upon placement
  • The tiny human also has a chance of being Runew0lf to officially make up a Rune in a Box™
Added Compressed Mobs

  • Mobs have a small chance to spawn as "Compressed" mobs (chance configurable)
  • Compressed Mobs will split into nine of their type upon death (number configurable)
  • By default works on most Vanilla hostile and passive mobs (configurable)
  • Split-on-death only happens if killed by a non-fake player (to not mess with automatic mob farms)
  • Split-on-death can also be prevented by killing the mob with a Silk Touch tool
Changed Auto Compressor, Auto Heavy Sieve and Auto Compressed Hammer to stop when they run out of space (instead of spilling items on the ground)

Rebalanced a bunch of defaults (delete the affected lines in the config to regenerate or change manually to adapt)

  • Auto Heavy Sieve now takes 80 RF/t by default
  • Auto Compressed Hammer now takes 120 RF/t by default
  • Auto Heavy Sieve now provides 6/9 of the resources from compressed blocks by default
Allowed wooden crucibles to fill up from rain (optional)

Fixed wooden crucible speed option to once again be a floating point value (like it used to in Ad Aqua)

Fixed auto compressed hammer not rendering the hammers on the inside when in inventories

Fixed compressed hammer durability not decreasing on the server / resetting when opening a GUI

and @pifou92000 with Improving Minecraft
pifou92000 said:
This mod offers a lot of features, sorted by categories. You can enable/disable any feature in the config file.

Mod features:

Farming and breeding:

Spoiler (click to show)

Mobs and drops:

Spoiler (click to show)

Enchanting, repairing, brewing:

Spoiler (click to show)

New items and crafts:

Spoiler (click to show)

Miscellaneous improvements:

Spoiler (click to show)

Additional options (disabled by default):

Spoiler (click to show)

Mod reviews:





Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Just released Deep Resonance 1.1.4beta11 for MC 1.8.9:

1.1.4beta11 (MC1.8.9):
  • Needs latest ElecCore (version 240)
  • Doubled natural crystal spawn rate. They were a bit too rare
  • Decreased the rate with which 'liquified crystal' is consumed by the laser
  • Made the purity setting in the valve set to 84 by default so that it doesn't accidentally let RCL through after initial placement
  • Made it so that very low levels of radiation have no effect anymore. Previously even a value of 1 radiation would alreasy cause hunger. That way the suit can actually nullify radiation and the shielding is more useful too
  • Elec332 and me fixed some very serious tank issues that could come up if you used multi-block tanks. The contents/max contents would very often be wrong depending on circumstances

Latest ElecCore is required!

Have fun!