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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @WolfieWaffle with Hardcore Torches
WolfieWaffle said:
Hardcore Torches 1.2
- Added config options!

- Duration for torches and coke torches

- Whether you can have lit torches in your inventory

- Whether you can use lit torches to light other torches

and @DrasticDemise with Terrain Crystals
DrasticDemise said:

Terrain Crystals allows players to construct large spike-shaped islands out of several vanilla biomes. Crystals can convert current biomes into new biomes as well as provide decoration from the respective biome.

Currently the following biomes are supported:

  • Plains - Can generate grass, flowers as well as Birch or Oak trees. - Converts the biome to Plains
  • Desert - Creates varying size of cacti and dead bushes - Converts the biome to Desert
  • Mesa - Creates an island of layered hardened clay of various colors as well as red sand and cactus - Converts the biome to Mesa
  • Taiga - Creates an island of dirt, podzol, coarse dirt and grass with spruce saplings on the surface. - Converts the biome to Cold Taiga (Allows snow)
  • End - Creates an island of end stone with ruin-like structures of obsidian spotted about. - Converts the biome to End
  • Nether - Creates an island of Netherrack, soul sand and gravel. Can spawn mushrooms if dark enough. - Converts the biome to Hell
  • Mushroom Island - Creates an island of Mycelium with red and brown mushrooms with a chance to spawn large mushrooms. - Converts the biome to Mushroom island
How it works:

  • A platform is generated underneath the player and blocks are generated in the world from the player one radius length away on all sides. Blocks will **only** be placed where air exists. It will not destroy any blocks if you accidentally cast it in an undesired location.
  • After a circle is created, the platform begins to expand downwards in a spike-like shape with random chances to generate extra blocks where they otherwise would not - this gives the island a random shape.
  • The surface is randomly distributed with various odds of decoration or blocks depending on the biome type chosen
  • Once the surface is placed, the biome is then changed to the biome type of the crystal respective to each surface blocks column. It does not change the entire chunk to the same biome. This lets you make really cool biome borders!
  • The biome will not update client-side until the player re-logs, however it is updated server side immediately.
  • Decoration and biome shifts only happen on newly generated surface blocks. Casting it without generating new surface won't do anything!
  • The item is damaged based on the number of blocks generated, not the number of casts.

Diameter, durability, decoration and biome conversion are all configurable in the configs giving pack authors the utmost control!

An example of how the island generates: https://gfycat.com/AdvancedImpracticalKookaburra

This mod is powered by Resonant Host - use promocode "drasticdemise" for a recurring 15% off!

and @MineWIZ with Block Explorer
MineWIZ said:
Block Explorer is a client-side mod that allow you to find block hidden deep under ground. Its based on gokiburikin's Block Seeker mod.

Press O key to open the gui.

To find out id and meta of block you want to find press L key and right click block.

and @JeffPeng with JMOD - The JavaScript MOD Loader
JeffPeng said:


JMOD let's you define simple mods without the hassle of setting up a Java development environment and compiling your mods each time you want to try a change. While you don't need to learn Java do write mods with JMOD, you need some basic understanding of JavaScript, however the emphasis definitely is on "basic".

JMOD excels at building "glue" mods for mod packs, which was its original purpose. It provides you with a multitude of tools to modify existing content in the game, like tool materials, block hardness, recipes or random chest loot. It also allows you to implement new items and blocks in an instant, most of the time with just one single line of code. All the content you add will belong to your own mod, rather than to JMOD or some other mod,. So if you want to go ahead and add a few new tools to the game, and some new metals, along with ingots and ores, including world generation - JMOD is for you.

However, if you want build more complicated mods, such that implement machines (will be features in a later version), custom overlays or altogether complex things that require to alter the game at a deeper level, JMOD is not what you want. While most of this probably is possible with JMOD, it would require to surpass JMODs easy-access-layer and mess with the underlying Java API of MinecraftForge and eventually MineCraft itself, and at this point JMOD's ease-of-use advantages are completely nullified, while the performance disadvantage of JavaScript over Java would still apply. If that is what you desire coding mods in Java is the best way to go. That being said, JMOD will at a later point allow the use of "plugins" which are basically compiled Java classes you can acquire and use with your mods.

If you desire a feature for JMOD please let me know and I will see if it is possible to implement.

Reference & getting started
A complete API reference will be available as a wiki soon™. You can get a pretty good idea of what you can do with it at the Survival Industry Github sources for the jmod si.core

Basically JMODs come in two flavours: As a directory or as a zipped file. Both versions need to have the ending ".jmod", and be placed in your mods folder. From there on JMOD will take care of the loading. The "mod.json" file is mandatory, as it provides the basic information for your mod as well as the script(s) to execute. Like every normal mod JMODs can contain their own textures and lang files.

Right now there is no version planned for 1.8.x, however if I see increasing demand I might put in the work for it.

There will be no version for Java 6 or 7 since the underlying Scripting Engine (Nashorn) is part of the Java 8 JRE.

Please keep in mind that this is alpha work, so the API is likely to change, bugs are almost guaranteed and I do not take responsibility for broken worlds - so please back them up!

Mod Packs & legal stuff

Permission is given to everyone to use this in their mod packs, no matter if private or public. As a courtesy I ask you to use the download from Curse Forge. Also I'd be happy to hear from you if you use this in a public pack.

JMOD is licensed under the MIT License, which gives you a lot of freedom with the software, including building your own versions and distributing them.
JMODs you write yourself are your own work and thereby your property. This means that everyone can (and hereby is encouraged to) distribute their JMODs if they feel they are useful under whatever license model they choose. However, I'd like to see you chose an OpenSource license model, such as the MIT License or LGPL.

Everyone is free to fork JMOD on github. I however do not guarantee for any pull request to be accepted. I have a very clear vision where I want the project to go, and until I declare a feature freeze I probably will not accept pull requests directly.


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Dec 24, 2013
Back to that other version briefly with BuildCraft 7.1.16 and Compat 7.1.4!

BuildCraft 7.1.16

Bugs fixed:
  • [#3254] Shutdown robots glitching through blocks in certain conditions (asie)
  • [#3253] Rare NPE in BlockGenericPipe with Logistics Pipes (asie)
  • [#3234] Engines don't properly power machines on multiple sides (asie)
  • [#3211] Knight Robots not dropping/unloading weapons (asie)
  • [#3159] Knight Robots not using the Attack Damage boost on weapons (asie)
  • [#3156] Achievement tab crash upon disabling certain items (asie)
  • [#3131] NPE in FacadeRenderHelper (asie)
BuildCraftCompat 7.1.4

Bugs fixed:
  • Fix Forestry plant handling not working in newer BuildCraft versions (asie)
  • Fix potential crash in Propolis pipes (asie)


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Gekoreivax with Geko's Lasers 2
Gekoreivax said:
Geko's Lasers 2 1.8.9-a0.2
If you're updating, you might want to disassemble and reassemble any guns, so that their stats are updated and recalculated!

  • Fixed machines not dropping themselves and breaking in one hit
  • Added heat to lasers. Heat is generated whenever a laser is used, and automatically dissipates.
    • If a gun overheats, it cannot fire until it completely cools down
      • The higher the heat of a gun, the higher it's heat bonus (up to x2)
        • The heat bonus affects:
          • Heat dissipation rate
          • Damage
  • Added Large lasers
    • These lasers can destroy a large hole. Hole size is based on the material of the matrix used
  • Tweaks to various stats
    • Cooldown is actually applied! The cooldown stat affects both how quickly the gun loses heat,
      and the amount of time between firing
  • Added the Shotgun Matrix, which can be used when crafting a Large Laser to give it a shotgun effect.
    • The number of pellets is based on the material of the matrix used
    • Shotgun lasers do not make a large hole when hitting blocks
  • Added config settings for shotgun modifiers. More config options "soon"
  • Improved tooltips
    • Added color to stats shown when holding SHIFT
      • Parts are shown when holding ALT
      • Matrix type of the gun is shown
  • Cleaned up log spam

and @BlayTheNinth with IRC Bridge
BlayTheNinth said:

If you enjoy my mods, please help me out on Patreon.

IRC Bridge is a Forge based server-side only IRC Bridge mod that will connect one or multiple IRC channels to a Minecraft server chat.

It is the successor to EiraIRC and this time, is founded on a few simple goals to keep its development on track.


  • Simple and fast setup via the /ircbridge command
  • Highly configurable through a single, documented config file
  • Server-side only IRC Bridge
  • Lightweight and backwards compatible: no external dependencies

  • Configurable IRC Connection (with SSH support)
  • IRC -> Minecraft Command Mappings (e.g. !tps)
  • Ability to have trusted users who are able to run op commands (e.g. !op kick StupidPerson)
  • IRC <-> Minecraft Formatting Translation
  • Customizable Message Formatting
Afterword on EiraIRC

Spoiler (click to hide)
We all know EiraIRC has become crazy bloated to the point where it simply wasn't fun developing it anymore.
It started out as a server-side mod for my Minecraft server back in Minecraft 1.5.2 (year 2013).
Then, client-side support was added (because why not? it wasn't hard to do, after all!).
Then, Twitch support was added (I mean, it does provide an IRC interface...).
Then, screenshot management was added (just...because it's cool).
Then... yeah. I think you get the point.

Making this mod server-side only brings a bunch of benefits. First of all, and IRC operators will probably like this,
it is impossible for people to configure their client-side IRC badly and spam channels with their death messages.
It also allows concentrating on things that are beneficial for a server-side environment in a clean code base that does
exactly, and only, what it should be doing. There's no need to spend time designing GUIs that are only ever used once.
The setup process can be designed under the knowledge that, with this mod installed, the user is most likely trying to
link an IRC channel to this server's chat.

That said, a separate client-side IRC mod is coming soonish - and at that point, we can erase the way too overly hated
EiraIRC from all our minds.

and @Speiger with IC2 Classic
Speiger said:
IndustrialCraft Classic (IC2 Classic for Short) is an industrial based mod that adds the Industrial Revolution to Minecraft:

Part of this is:

-Storing / Producing / Using Power to your advantage.

Ore Processing:
-Get effectively more Ingots out of your Ores.

More Tools:
-Making you a more efficient Person in: Mining, Foresting and building,

More Weapons/Armor:
-Making you a better fighter and let you protect yourself better.

-Allow you to get resources and process Items better.

Power Production:
-Allowing you to produce Electricity and use that instead of relying on Solid Fuel

IC2 Classic also implements some IC2 Addons to itself, like Advanced Machines and Compact Solars, with others are planned.

On top of that, it tries to support as many addons as possible, but also native compat to other mods:
Like BuildCraft, NEI (Not Enough Items), Tinkers Construct, Waila and a lot of others.

Compared to IndustrialCraft Experimental, IndustrialCraft Classic is based around the Original Concept and tries to keep to that, whilst also being casual player friendly without losing its main features.

and @Dark_Lizzy with Simple XP Storage
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
Requires: Forge 1.8 - or higher
Forge Version Info:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Confirmed to run on the following Forge versions:
1.8 -
1.8.8 - (compatible with Optifine!)
1.8.9 -
1.8.9 -

This mod provides a simple and straightforward way of storing and trading your "xp", which I will hereafter refer to as 'mana'.

This mod adds Mana Crystals to Minecraft. They are what you use to store mana ("xp") in.

Each Mana Crystal can store 7 mana. When a Mana Crystal has mana in it, it becomes a Charged Mana Crystal.

To charge a Mana Crystal, hold the crystal in your hand and right click. This will put 7 of your mana into the crystal. Naturally, if you don't have 7 or more mana, nothing will happen.

To discharge a Mana Crystal, hold the crystal in your hand and right click. This will empty the crystal and give you 7 mana.

Mana Crystals can be stacked to 64 and can be carried on you and stored in chests just like any other item.

To charge or discharge a full or partial stack of Mana Crystals, hold the stack in your hand and press shift + right click.


Crafting Mana Crystals:
(1 Nether Quartz, 4 Lapis Lazuli)

Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (1.8.x only).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things)
Installing the mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.

Client/Server Info:
This mod will work on a client (SP) and on a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Additional Information:
Spoiler (click to hide)
  • One stack of Mana Crystals holds 448 mana. If you currently have no mana in you, this will give you 18 "levels".
  • Three stacks plus eight Mana Crystals will give you 30 "levels" if you currently have no mana in you.
  • In creative mode, you cannot charge or discharge Mana Crystals.
A Note on Nomenclature:
Spoiler (click to hide)
Why am I calling it mana? Because "xp" in Minecraft works like magical energy rather than experience. Mana is another word for magical energy.

I call it "XP" in the title only for clarity. Everyone knows it as "xp" because that's what Mojang called it.

To explain further:

Experience (xp) - skill or knowledge that you get by doing something.

Minecraft's "xp" gives you no additional skill. Instead, you make magic items with it. It does not make you personally better through doing things, it only allows you to make better equipment by enhancing it supernaturally.

Mana - a generalized, supernatural force or power, which may be concentrated in objects or persons.

Minecraft's "xp" is concentrated in you, and it is a supernatural force or power (you make magic items with it).

Therefore, a more appropriate term for it is "mana". Other terms would fit just as well, including just simply 'magical energy'. In fact, calling it "moj essence", or any other imaginative name you might think of, would be more appropriate than calling it "xp". At least it wouldn't make it sound like something it's not.

I bow low to Mojang's work, but this is one of their big bungles. It's just not an experience system that they ended up making. And yet, that is what they called it (and continue to call it). <facepalm>

Calling it "xp" is a colossal misnomer!

In the end, it is what it is and you can call it what you like. I'm calling it mana.

For an actual experience system, check out MCMMO.

Thanks go out to:Neale Gaming

Inspired by the thoughts of Rampheus as written in the comments section of my Worthwhile XP Bottles mod page on Curse.

All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute, link instead. Ok to include in modpacks. Not for profit, including via advertizing.

and many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many mods have been updated to 1.9
seriously, way too many mods to list


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @MrComputerGhost with Experience Rings
MrComputerGhost said:
Experience Rings

This mod adds three (3) rings to the game. Each of these rings allow you to pick up experience instantly in the nearby area.

These rings are:

  • Lesser Ring O' Experience - Small Radius (Found in Dungeon Chests)
  • Ring O' Experience - Moderate Radius
  • Greater Ring O' Experience - Large Radius


Note: This mod require Baubles

and @Corail31 with Recycler
Corail31 said:
This Mod was designed for my own needs, loving play with another mod (roguelike dungeons).

"Recycle" seemed more enjoyable for these dungeons to go down deeper.

It recycles most objects and makes a % material if the object is used.

NB: The mod need forge for 1.9

Detail of the mod in french (sorry!) :

Spoiler (click to hide)
Nouvel objet
X Pépite de fer
X Pépite de diamant
X Disque en diamant

X Recycleur

X Recyclage des armes/armures abimées en pépite
X Usure d'un disque dans le recycleur

Nouveau craft
X Pépite en Lingot

X Lingot en pépite
X Podzol (2 terres, 2 sables en croix)
X Argile (2 granit, 2 sables en croix)
X Toile (5 ficelles en croix)
X Cotte de mailles (lingots et barreaux de fer)
++ Recycleur (3 Pierres 3 Lingots de fer et 3 Pierres)
++ Disque en diamant (4 pépites de diamant autour d'un lingot de fer)

Nouveau recyclage
X 1 Roche (1 Pierre)
X 1 Pierre moussue (1 Pierre, 1 Liane)
X 1 Pierre taillée (1 Pierre)
X 1 Pierre craquelée, sculptée (1 Pierre taillée)
X 1 Pierre taillée moussue, (1 Pierre taillée 1 Liane)
X 1 Grès (4 Sables)
X 1 Quartz rayé ou sculpté (1 Quartz)
X 1 Granite poli (1 Granite)
X 1 Diorite poli (1 Diorite)
X 1 Adésite polie (1 Andésite)
X 1 Grès poli ou sculpté (1 Grès)
x 1 Purpur sculpté (1 Purpur)
X 1 Escalier (3 Dalles) (x Purpur)
X 2 Dalle (1 Bloc) (x Purpur)
X 1 Porte (2 Lingots ou Planches)
X 1 Barreau (3 Pépites)
X 1 Plaque de pression (2 Blocs ou 2 Lingots)
X 3 Barrière (4 Planches, 2 Bâtons)
X 1 Barrière en brique du Nether (1 Brique du Nether)
X 2 Bâton (1 Planche)
X 4 Planche (1 Bûche)
X 1 Trappe (3 Planches ou 2 Lingots de fer)
X 3 Tapis (2 Laines)
X 1 Coffre (8 Planches)
X 1 Etabli (4 Planches)
X 1 Fourneau (8 Pierres)
x?1 Enclume (31 Lingots de fer) (? enclume endommagée)
X 1 Table d'enchantement (2 Diamants, 4 obsidiennes, 1 livre)
X 1 Alambic (3 Pierres, 1 Bâton de blaze)
X 3 Pancarte (6 Planches, 1 Bâton)
X 1 Laine (4 Ficelles) (plus de couleur)
X 4 Torche (1 Charbon, 1 Bâton)
X 1 Torche redstone (1 Redstone, 1 Bâton)
X 1 Boussole (1 Redstone, 4 Lingots de fer)
X 1 Carte vierge (8 Papiers, 1 Boussole)
X 1 Entonnoir (5 Lingots de fer, 1 Coffre)
X 1 Canne à pêche (3 Bâtons, 2 Ficelles)
X 1 Carotte sur un bâton (1 Canne à pêche, 1 Carotte)
X 1 Seau vide (3 Lingots de fer)
X 1 Chaudron (7 Lingots de fer)
X 3 Echelle (7 Bâtons)
X 1 Montre (4 Lingots d'or, 1 Redstone)
X 1 Dropper (7 Pierres, 1 Redstone)
X 1 Porte armure (6 Bâtons, 1 Dalle en pierre)
X 1 Distributeur (7 Pierres, 1 Redstone, 1 Arc)
X 1 Lanterne de mer (5 Cristaux, 4 Eclats de prismarine)
X 1 Citrouille lanterne (1 Citrouille, 1 Torche)
X 1 Lit (3 Planches, 3 Laines)
X 1 Bouton (1 Planche ou 1 Roche)
X 1 Bâteau (5 Planches)
X 1 Jukebox (8 Planches, 1 Diamant)
X 1 TNT (4 Sables, 5 Poudres à canon)
X 1 Bol (3 Planches)
X 1 Tableau (8 Bâtons, 1 Laine)
X 2 Crochet (1 Bâton, 1 Lingot de fer, 1 Planche)
X 1 Levier (1 Bâton, 1 Pierre)
X 1 Piston collant (1 Piston, 1 Boule de slime)
X 1 Piston (4 Pierres, 1 Redstone, 3 Planches, 1 Lingot de fer)
X 16 Rail (6 Lingots de fer, 1 Bâton)
X 6 Rails de détection (6 Lingots de fer, 1 Redstone, 1 plaque de pression en pierre)
X 6 Rail de propulsion (6 Lingots d'or, 1 Redstone, 1 Bâton)
X 6 Rails déclencheurs (6 Lingots de fer, 1 Redstone, 2 Bâtons)
X 1 Pioche (3 Materiaux, 2 Bâtons)
X Arc, hache, pioche, houe, pelle, épée (suivant l'usure)
X 1 Flèche (1 Bâton, 1 Plume, 1 Silex)
X Armures (4 pièces)

This mod is really new, so bugs could exist. Feel free to contact me to correct any problems. (i prefer in french ;) )

I put the source code, so dont hesitate to help me to improve this mod ;)

To start :

with the crafting table :

- craft the recycler (cobblestone(0), iron ingot(1) => 000/111/000)

- craft diamond to 9 diamond nuggets

- craft a diamond disk (diamond nugget(0), iron ingot(1) => X0X/010/X0X)

put the disk in the second slot on the left top in the recycler (will be used with recycling actions)

put item to recycle in the first slot on the left top

click "Recycler"

NB : it recycles all the stack in one time ;) next releases 'll surely automatise this (like a furnace) (so it needs to have enough output slots too)

and @Ermans with Bottled Animals
Ermans said:

Original Post here: Bottled Animals minecraftforum.net

With this mod you can manage your animals like items. There are machines to kill/breed/ranch/etc... Say goodbye to noisy animals and have fun with Bottled Animals.

Spoiler (click to hide)




Source code : Github

For Info/Bugs/Suggestions/Wiki/Installation

and @Tuhljin with Automagy
Tuhljin said:
Automagy 2.0.1
The long process of bringing Automagy to Minecraft 1.8.9 and Thaumcraft 5 has begun. Many features are being more or less ported from previous versions of Automagy but there will also be changes and entirely new features.

This is a "work in progress" build. As is always the case when installing or updating a mod, it is recommended that you first back up your worlds -- especially with these early builds.

Blocks and items found in-game that are not listed in this log may be only partially implemented. Use them at your own risk.

- Ported:
-- Slivers of magic.
-- All variants of redcrystal, Waila provider for redcrystal.
-- Hourglass, magic hourglass, Waila provider for hourglasses.
-- Redstone inversion torch.
-- Remote comparator.
-- Crystalline eye.
-- Enchanted paper, bound enchanting paper, enchanting bookshelf.
-- Runic whitelist, runic blacklist.
-- Tally box, tally box lenses.
-- Vishroom stew. (No research or soup.)
- New:
-- Shear Seal and Advanced Shear Seal.
-- The direction tally boxes output redstone signals can now be changed using a wand. Multiple directions can be used. You can even output into the block it is reading from.

and @Sparkless101 with Custom Crosshair
Sparkless101 said:

This mod allow you to change the style of your crosshair.




Dynamic! (Try using a bow or sword!)

Works on servers!

By default press the GRAVE key to open the customize menu.


View all images on Imgur...

Spoiler (click to hide)

Spoiler (click to hide)


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Jul 29, 2019
and @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:

Quark is a fully modular mod with the objective of improving the vanilla gameplay experience. In other words, I would call it "what I would add if I was hired at mojang - the mod". Modules can be turned off and all features can be turned off individually. Some even have more in-depth configs.
The following hierarchy is module > feature


  • Dispensers Place Seeds
  • Obsidian Pressure Plate (detects players only)

  • Hardened/Stained Clay Tiles
  • Reed Blocks
  • Sandy Bricks
  • Thatch Blocks
  • Stone Bricks for the 1.8 worldgen stones
  • Vanilla Stairs And Slabs
    • Stone (stairs)
    • Granite
    • Diorite
    • Andesite
    • End Bricks
    • Prismarine
    • Prismarine Bricks
    • Dark Prismarine

  • Lit Redstone Lamp
  • Blaze Lantern

  • Creepers turn red when their fuse goes off
  • Entities are immune to arrows fired by their rider
  • Chickens shed feathers
  • Glass drops shards
  • Looking down a ladder while not moving or sneaking makes you go down fast
  • Recipe to convert slabs back into blocks (dynamically generates)
  • Potions and Minecarts are stackable
  • Stairs make 8 rather than 4 (dynamically generates)
  • Recipe to convert stairs back into slabs (dynamically generates)

  • The Elytra can be dyed
  • Recipe to duplicate fireworks, like the one for banners

  • Basalt rock in the nether
  • Clay generates underground like dirt

Source Code

If you have any problems with the mod or just want to contact me, you can find me on Twitter (@Vazkii) or IRC (#vazkii on irc.esper.net).

and @Soggy_Mustache with SoggyMustache's Transportation Mod
Soggy_Mustache said:
SoggyMustache's Transportation Mod will add in a bunch of new ways to move around your minecraft world. The vehicles are the red bike, blue bike, pickup truck, car, and motorcycle I will add in more. each thing can be crafted see images.


THIS MOD WAS MADE BY Soggy_Mustache All Rights Reserved ©Soggy_Mustache

My in game name is SoggyMustache

Website: http://Soggymustache.tk

and @ckhgame with Village Box
ckhgame said:
Follow us:



  1. 30+ new professions of villagers with unique trading lists and skins.
  2. profession upgrading system
  3. upgrading villagers to have:
    • new weapons and armors
    • cool magic items
    • tables and chairs
    • new fruits, food and drinks
    • new paintings
    • ....
  4. more professions and new features are coming!
  1. install forge (recommended version: 1.8.9 - )
  2. put the jar file on mods folder
  3. run minecraft to play
How do I get my first villager?

You should find a villger with following steps:

1. craft a mailbox by using recipe: 1 any plank + 1 paper ---> mailbox

2. craft an invitation by using recipe: 1 paper + 1 ink + 1 feather ---> invitation

3. Put the mailbox in somewhere of the world, then hold a invitation and right click on the mailbox.

4. Wait for a while, you will receive a letter, right click the letter and you can find a approve button on it.

5. Click the approve button, a villager will appear in front of you :)

I can't upgrade and trade with a villager!

You need to make a home and move the villager in before trading and upgrading with him/her;

How to build a valid house for villagers?

minimun requiments of a valid house:

1. the roof should be fully covered

2. the villager should be surrounded by blocks (at least 1 tile height) on xz-plane (y is the height)


How to get coins?

There a several ways to get coins in the game

* destroy blocks (grass, stone, dirt, tree...)

* kill mobs (zombie, skeleton...)

* Alchemy Pot

What is Treasure Hunt Level?

A higher treasure hunt level will help you get more coins

What if one of my villagers was killed by mobs/myself/my stupid buddy?

Don't worry, dead villagers will revive after a short time.

How to use the Alchemy Pot?

Put the pot in the world and fill it with water. Toss any item into it, it will consume the item and occasionally pop coins.

Looking for beta feedbacks

Village box is still in beta now, so please send me your comments/issue reports/cool ideas, they are very important to improved the mod.

New contents

We actually have some ideas that haven't implemented, so new features/professions/items/blocks are coming with updating.

and @raoulvdberge with Refined Storage
raoulvdberge said:

Refined Storage is an Applied Energistics style mod for Minecraft 1.9.

Refined Storage gives players access to all their items at once.

These items are stored safely in one of the many storage capabilities the mod offers.


Recommended mods to use with this mod (important!)
This mod is not meant to be played standalone.

Following mods are recommended:

  • JustEnoughItems (JEI) for recipes
  • A mod that generates RF, because every Refined Storage system needs RF power
The controller
The block every Refined Storage system will need is a Controller. It is the heart of the system.

It requires RF to function (there is a creative version of this block that contains infinite energy).

Warning: don't connect 2 Controllers on the same network, bad stuff will happen ;-).

To connect various machines together to form a system, you have to use cables.

Grid and Crafting Grid
These 2 blocks give the player access to their items. The only difference is that with the Crafting Grid,crafting can be done at the same time.

In the Drive the player can store 9 Storage Cells. On the Storage Cell the items are stored.

A priority can be set here for all the Storage Cells in the Drive.

Storage Blocks
These are similar to Storage Cells, but can be placed in the world as blocks.

Priority can be set here too.

Storage Blocks also have the unique ability to whitelist or blacklist certain kinds of items.


External Storage
This block acts similar to Storage Blocks and Storage Cells in the Drive.

The system will use the items from an inventory in front of the block instead.

This turns blocks from your system to real blocks in the world.

This destroys blocks in front and puts them in the system.

The Detector emits a redstone signal if a certain chosen block or item is above, under, or on the specified amount in the system.

This block imports items from an inventory into the system.

The player can select a whitelist or blacklist and choose to compare on NBT and/ or damage.

This block exports items from the system into an inventory.

The player can select a whitelist or blacklist and choose to compare on NBT and/ or damage.

Wireless Transmitter
To access your system anywhere (in a certain range) one can make a Wireless Transmitter.

The player binds a Wireless Grid to the transmitter and can then reach the system anywhere.

The transmitter needs Ender Pearls to function though.

This block is used to craft certain items in the mod. It has to be connected to a network.

Use of JustEnoughItems (JEI) to see the recipes is strongly recommended.

Coming in the next version (0.4)
This block acts as a cable, but, can be used disabled or enabled with a redstone signal. If it's disabled, all the machines after the Relay are disconnected.

This block accepts items via any input (pipes, hoppers) and puts them in the system.

It can also keep a chosen item available at all times in it's internal inventory.

Played the mod?
Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

and @Watschman with Ghostwatch
Watschman said:
Ghostwatch - watch or be watched

This is a Mod which allows Serveradmins to protect their server but still let people watch what players are building.

The Mod will detect every player on a whitelist in the config file and let them build normally in Survival.

If a Player not on the config whitelist joins the Server, he will be invisible, invulnerable and has the ability to fly, but he will not be able to break, place or interact with anything even the chat window won't open for them.

This is an alpha mod and currently in a testing phase.

It may cause crashes to your server but I would appreciate it if you submit any bugs and issues related to my mod into my issues tracker in github: https://github.com/Watschman/Ghostwatch/issues


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
and @Cyanobacterium with Additional Loot Tables
Cyanobacterium said:
This simple mod loads loot tables from the config/additional-loot-tables folder. The loot table definitions must be stored in the format config/additional-loot-tables/MODID/XXX/YYY.json where MODID is the mod ID or name, XXX is the loot event type (either chests or entities), and YYY is the loot category (e.g. simple_dungeon.json). You can also add custom loot tables this way by using any folder name in the place of MODID.

and @Time6628 with WitcheryCommand
Time6628 said:
An addon for Witchery that adds a command to change a player's vampire/werewolf level.

Command: /wcmd <vampire/werewolf> <level 1-10> [Player]

Things to know:

  • If no player is specified, it will set the level of the player who sent the command.
  • If you specify a player, you must be in the same world/dimension as them.
  • The command sender must be opped.

and @alkinister with Simply Warp
alkinister said:

This is a mod that I began writing that is designed to create a good way to warp yourself around. This mod is currently in alpha, and I will be implementing a ton more features such as the ability to teleport blocks/tile entities, power, and items.

This mod is in alpha and is subject to frequent updates.


Spoiler (click to hide)
Warp Drops (Placeholder Name and Texture):
This item is used as fuel for the personal warper and creates 32 per recipe. The personal warper will use one of these every time you warp.


Personal Warper (Placeholder Texture):

This item is used to set and warp to your favorite locations. To use this item right click while standing in the location, you want to set the warp to. Then when you want to warp back to it you right click again, however, you must have a warp drop in your inventory as fuel. If you run out of warp drops, you will be able to warp one more time, but it will destroy the personal warper.


More To Come:

Spoiler (click to hide)
- Person Lock Upgrade - this item will be used to make sure that only you can use your personal warper so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands if you die.
- Multi Warper - an item that will allow you to combine all your personal warpers into one as well as storing your warp drops to help save inventory.
- Red Warp - A easy to use wireless redstone system.
- Item Warper - a block that will attach to any inventory and allow you to efficiently teleport items around.
- Entity Warper - a block that will teleport any entity that stands on it to the given location.
- Power Warper - be able to wirelessly transport power such as RF between machines.
- Block / Tile Entity Warper - A system that will allow you to teleport any blocks, tile entities or structures.

- And much more to come


Spoiler (click to hide)


Mod Packs:
Feel free to use this mod in any public/private mod packs. However, I would appreciate a notice if you do end up using this mod in your pack (Not a requirement).


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @bougar with ShoulderSurfer
bougar said:
ShoulderSurfing is a mod originally created by sabarjp which I adapted to version 1.9 whose objetive is replace the default third person behind-the-body view (F5 key) with a more traditional "over the shoulder" view.

Next I left you the link to the owner explanation of the mod.

Original Link

My github project:


and @Cream_Tea with Railcraft Cosmetic Additions
Cream_Tea said:
Railcraft Cosmetic Additions

This mod adds cosmetic pieces to the mod 'Railcraft'.

The mod currently includes:

  • 3 New Signals
    • Semaphore
    • Semaphore Repeater
    • Banner Repeater
  • 4 Railway Signs
    • Whistle
    • 5MPH (Slow)
    • Limited Clearance
    • Limited Refuge
  • 2 Platform Pieces
    • Standard Section
    • Edge Section (Rotate-able with gap)
  • 1 New Track
    • Track With Grass Growing Over It
This mod is currently intended for creative use only.

There are no recipes as of now, so you can only get the cosmetic pieces through the creative menu.

You may include this in your modpacks, however I advise not to as this does not fit with survival type mods since the pieces are not craftable.


Railcraft or above.

and @Kashdeya with Simple Upgrades
Kashdeya said:
Adding a little extra to vanilla minecraft.


Spoiler (click to hide)
  1. Knife - Used to make bacon from pork chops.
  2. Juicer - Used to make juices from fruits.
  3. Hammer - used to make Chain Plates.
  4. Chain Plates - used to make Chain Armour.
  5. Growth Crystal - used just a like a sprinkler from 1.7.10, covers up to a 9x9 farm.
  6. Lamp Block - made with a torch and glass.
  7. Colored Lamps - made with a torch and any color of glass block.
  8. Charcoal Block - can be made with 9 charcoal and can be uncrafted back into 9 charcoal.
  9. Wooden bucket - can only be used with water.
  10. Scrap Metals - when uncrafting horse armor you get scrap metals which can be turn back into ingots in furnace.
  11. Diamond tipped hammer - used to make crushed obsidian
  12. Rotten Leather - crafted with rotten flesh and cooked to make leather.

Spoiler (click to hide)
1. Name Tag

2. Leather

3. saddle

4. Horse Armour

5. Cobwebs

6. Sponge

7. Ice

8. Packed Ice

9. Chest x4 - can now be crafted with logs.

10. Real stone tools - must use stone instead of cobblestone to craft weapons and tools.

11. Uncraftable horse armor.

12. Craftable Endstone.

13. Obsidian Ingots.


Spoiler (click to hide)
1. Bacon

2. Cooked Bacon

3. Monster Jerky

4. Toast

5. Fried Egg

6. Cook Mushrooms

7. Bacon and Eggs

8. Apple Juice

9. Carrot Juice

10. Cactus Juice

11. Watermelon juice

12. Slim Juice

13. new bread recipe.


Spoiler (click to hide)
  1. Golden Shears
  2. Diamond Shears
  3. Reinforced Diamond Shears
  4. Reinforced Diamond Pickaxe
  5. Reinforced Diamond Hoe
  6. Reinforced Diamond Shovel
  7. Reinforced Diamond Axe
  8. Reinforced Diamond Sword

Spoiler (click to hide)
1. Can turn on Food info, This shows the heal amount and Saturation amount.

2. Notch Apple, You can now craft the notch apple.

3. Almost all Items, Food, Blocks, Tools and Weapons can be turned off in the config File.

4. you can adjust Burn times for Charcoal Blocks, Paper, Bowls, Ladders, Wooden Pressure Plates and Signs.

If you have anything you think would be a great addition to the mod please let me know.

and @CovertJaguar with Railcraft
CovertJaguar said:
  • NEW: Added Auto-Coupler Mode to Coupler Track. Any cart that passes over this track will couple to the next cart it collides with. (contribution by Cream-tea)
  • NEW: Add support for IC2 Classic. (contribution by Speiger)
  • CHANGE: Reworked harvest tools for the entire mod. Tracks and related blocks are by default harvestable by the crowbar instead of pickaxes. Other blocks are either axe or pickaxe depending on material.
  • FIX: Signals and Boxes now use a TESR for rendering the lights, resulting in less render refreshes. (contribution by Vexatos and Player)
  • FIX: Fix OreDict tag in Tin Plate recipe. (issue #781)
  • FIX: Fix issues with server/client sync of filtered Carts.
  • FIX: Only cache Tile Entities located in the same chunk as the cache. Should resolve untold issues with Signals and Multi-Blocks.
  • FIX: Improve High Speed explosion logic to take into account the comparison of Train objects. Might result in less unpredictable explosions.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE in Anchor Chunkloader code caused by mismatched worlds.
  • API: SignalBlock was moved to the API so that addons can create new Signal blocks.

and @Creysys with Guide Book
Creysys said:
Guide Book

I wanted to play Thaumcraft with just a few mods so i made a quick modpack and started playing.

Wanting to craft some drawers i quickly realized that playing without NEI is kinda hard because me and the internet didn't know the respective recipes.

And this is the result: A book that shows crafting recipes!



Discuss on minecraft forum

and @MineWIZ with Xp-Stacker
MineWIZ said:
A simple mod about stacking dropped experience orbs together in order to reduce the client fps drop and server load.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
It's That Time again, I've made another random mod! (It's just a class picker that lets the server admin define classes which then prevent people from crafting recipes outside of their class!)
I've got plans to add more features, but for now I have a stable 1.9 release and a 1.8.9 (Working slightly better) release (Both require Minecraft forge!). My thread:


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Jul 29, 2019
Caughtsome chat from King lemming during soaryn's stream about updating Thermal Expansion to 1.8.

KingLemmingCoFH: I am currently packing and running around like a crazy person or I would also say hi on TS ;)
KingLemmingCoFH: Right this second? No, because I'm going to be in Hawaii for a week :D

KingLemmingCoFH: Have I been working on it? Yes. But 1.8.x+ fucked everything
KingLemmingCoFH: Sooooo
KingLemmingCoFH: Expect TE to lose a LOT of blocks and features.
KingLemmingCoFH: And expect it to take a couple months
KingLemmingCoFH: Machines, Devices, Dynamos, and that may be it
KingLemmingCoFH: All of the TF metals are staying

KingLemmingCoFH: Hardened glass is moving to TF as well as rockwool

KingLemmingCoFH: Tesseracts are being removed completely
KingLemmingCoFH: They need a full rework and their own mod
KingLemmingCoFH, way too buggy?
KingLemmingCoFH: They're not buggy at all
KingLemmingCoFH: But they *will* be in 1.8+
KingLemmingCoFH: Due to world threading

KingLemmingCoFH: Well, the unfortunate reality is that I just don't have the time I used to (girlfriend and job will do that)
KingLemmingCoFH: So seriously, it'll be a couple months

KingLemmingCoFH: I've rewritten a lot of Core/TF already but the rendering in particular is uh...awful
KingLemmingCoFH: and hey, this is a chance to redo a lot of things I've been meaning to ;)

KingLemmingCoFH: dunno @CyberGoblin - we'll see. Might call it 5. Might not ;)

[Last bit is about what version number Thermal Epantion will be. TE4 or TE5
And TF means Thermal Foundation]


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Jul 29, 2019
and @The_WeatherPony with Mo' Villages
The_WeatherPony said:
Mo' Villages is a WorldGen improvement mod that makes villages generate in more biomes and with more biome variants.


This line of Mo' Villages is derived, with permission, from Pigs_WTF's version.

and @SteampunkRBot with Simple HP Bars
SteampunkRBot said:
Just a mod that adds a simple HP bar above entities within 5 blocks that have less HP than their max. Because a few people I know wanted this, so yeah.

and @MineWIZ with Entity Explorer
MineWIZ said:
Entity Explorer is a client-side mod that allow you to see entities through walls.

Press I key to open the gui.

To find out id of entity you want to find press K key and right click entity.

and @Der_Fidelis with myBiomes
Der_Fidelis said:
The myBiomes Mod

Have you ever wanted to take out some of the biomes that you just can't stand or add some new ones that Notch simply refuses to add no mater how much you tweet him? Well fear no more, for now you can! The myBiomes mod can not only do all of those things but is also extremely compatible! Have fun!

Requires Forge API.

To use, just place the jar in your mods folder and then select "myBiomes" as the world type during world creation.

Um das zu nutzen, stelle einfach die jar Datei in deinem Modsordner und dann wähle "meineBiome" als Welttyp während der Weltschöpfung aus.

Yo mod reviewers. I need a new video so if you make one I might feature it here! Please review me!

Deutsche Rezensenten, ich brauche auch Videos auf Deutsch!

and @elucent with Arcane Arts
elucent said:
This is the first release of my magic mod, Arcane Arts.

Currently, the mod features the following:

  • Break down items and blocks into their component elements!
  • An alternate potionmaking system designed to make potions more practical and accessible early-game!
  • Charge items with powerful elemental forces!
  • Item recipes randomized depending on the world seed, forcing you to experiment to perfect creating items!
  • Mid-to-end-game weapons!
  • Unlimited duration potion effects! (they go away on death, it's not that OP)
  • Balanced item duplication!
Now, before you download this mod, you should know that it is Heavily WIP. This release is just to get the mod out there and let people try it out. I'm not totally satisfied with many of the mechanics, it hasn't really been playtested, and it could have errors I either didn't see or don't have on my current setup. If you have any concerns or complaints, let me know in this thread, message /u/Elucent on reddit, or leave something on my GitHub (I have no idea how to use GitHub, so I'm only partially sure that you can leave messages for people). Also, if you have a cool idea for a mod feature, just let me know and I'll strongly consider adding it to the mod!

You might have noticed that there's no enthusiastic "in-game documentation" bullet point on that features list, and that's because it doesn't exist. I'm trying to figure out a good way to add one so that it's not annoying, but also not a typical encyclopedia of all mod features. Instead, I've put together a full tutorial on the mod as it stands in this google doc. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Anyways, have fun!


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014


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Jul 29, 2019
I have updated some of my mods.

Additional Resources
Work around resource access issue in 1.9.
0.1.2 for MC1.9

Port to 1.9
* The audio should only play while on the game over screen.
* Further fixes to sounds.json file
0.6.0 for MC1.7.10
0.6.0 for MC1.8.9
0.6.0 for MC1.9

Better Builder's Wands
* Fix modes not changing when keybind pressed.
0.5.2 for MC1.9

MFR-MagicalCrops Compatibility
Update for new magical crops.
0.1.2 for MC1.7.10

Port to 1.9
Fix a bug with multiplayer chat.
0.31.5 for MC1.9


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Jul 29, 2019
First 1.9 port of AbyssalCraft released:
  • Demon Animals now have a 50% chance of not burning when spawning in the Nether
  • Added a mimic fire (exstinguishes after 6 seconds, can't be sustained by netherrack)
  • Integrations no longer need to be registered (added a plugin annotation that allows for 100% soft dependencies)
  • Fixed animations for the Dreadium Samurai Armor (arms should move correctly, and armor renders correctly on Armor Stands)
  • Improved the buttons in the Necronomicon GUI (they don't overlay anymore, and a transparent gradient displays on a button when hovered over)
  • Fixed potential crashes related to CraftingStacks where the recipe uses the OreDictionary
  • Automatically fetched crafting recipes will now also fetch the output quantity from the recipe
  • Sacthoth no longer spawns in the Dark Realm
  • Added a Misc Information section to the Necronomicon (displays things not mentioned anywhere else, among them crafting recipes)
  • The range from J'zahar in which you need to be in order for him to drop his essence has been increased to 32 blocks (previously 10)
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.9 (there may be bugs left from the port)
  • All boss health bars now uses the new system (and they also change color depending on how much health the boss has)

This is probably the fastest port I've done so far, and it should be very stable (hence why it isn't tagged as alpha nor beta). But as always, there's probably some bugs, but nothing game-breaking, I hope.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Pauljoda with Third Person Elytra
pauljoda said:

With 1.9 and the new Elytra, I found it was way more fun to fly in Third Person, but didn't want to have to manually toggle between first and third person every time I wanted to fly. This is a client side mod that does just that, when using the elytra, it will automatically switch you into third person to enjoy flying. When you land, it will put you back into whatever mode you were in. Works client side, so you can even use on vanilla servers and on servers with it installed.

Video Demonstration

and @Konlii with Finger in the Wind
Konlii said:
This is a TerraFirmaCraft Mod. It will not work without that mod installed.

Every time I have to hit F3 to check the temperature, I feel like I am pulling a digital thermometer out of thin air.

So I made this mod to display the ambient temperature and rainlevel in a line of text at the top left-hand side of the screen.

The text is written without any numbers, so you might get something like:

"The air feels cold and dry"


"The air feels nice"

and @Vazkii with Quark
Vazkii said:
Quark beta-2
- General: Added support to the building bricks mod.
- General: Fixed the "Dyable elytra" feature being listed in both the Vanity and Tweaks modules.
- Building: Added Bark Blocks.
- Decoration: Added Paper Walls.
- Decoration: Added Varied Trapdoors for all wood types, thanks to reddit user /u/Martwaza for the textures! This feature also allows trapdoor crafting to output 6 rather than 2.
- Tweaks: Added "Jump boost allows to step up 1 block.
- Tweaks: Added "Knock on doors", you can knock on people's doors by left clicking with an empty hand.
- Tweaks: Added a tweak for dragon's breath to not leave behind a bottle when brewed.
- Tweaks: Removed the ability for potions to be made stackable, because vanilla minecraft is retarded and is literally coded to prevent any stackable item to enter the brewing stand inventory.
- World: Added a tweak to make guardians naturally spawn in the ocean.
- World: Added mushrooms spawning in swamp biomes.

and @LatvianModder with FTB Utilities
LatvianModder said:
FTB Utilities 1.0.18
  • New Guide, Server Info
  • New FriendsGUI
  • Player server settings moved to FriendsGUI
  • Bugfixes