What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
An update to Avaritia.
Bugfix: Sword of the Cosmos can now kill vampires

Change: Fractured Ores now disabled by default.

Addition: Extremely Primordial Pearl

Addition: Akashic Records
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RWTema with Dense Ores
RWTema said:
Dense Ores 1.8 Alpha
- Updated to 1.8.9 (previous versions configs and worlds are not compatible)

- Added Sparse ore variant, has only a 25% of giving an ore.

- Added Ore Overworld Deposits. Large structures of ore that contain large amounts of ore that generate very rarely on the surface.

and @AlgorithmX2 with Chisels & Bits
AlgorithmX2 said:
Chisels & Bits 8.0
  1. License Mod as LGPLv3
  2. Forge Requirement updated to
  3. MCMP Optional Requirement updated to 1.0.8
  4. Combine Localization into main repo.
  5. Added Bit Saw.
  6. Bit saw can saw normal supported blocks, as well as symmetrical chiseled blocks.
  7. Added Clear Bag Contents Button in bitbag gui.
  8. Improved performance of canHarvestBlock test.
  9. Added Undo + Redo
  10. Add Undo/Redo buttons to radial menu for those without keybinds.
  11. Added Chisels & Bits Clipboard Tab
  12. Added New Block Bit Tank
  13. Added Pick Bit Keybind
  14. Snow is now Chiselable
  15. Leaves are now Chiselable
  16. Sand is now Chiselable
  17. Dirt is now Chiselable
  18. Grass is now Chiselable
  19. Optimized Several Rendering Tasks
  20. C&B now detects users with low memory and accommodates.
  21. Optimized bit filtering for layers and types.
  22. Re-wrote Bit Storage format.
  23. New Storage format comes in two flavors, compact, and cross-world.
  24. C&B now converts the legacy format to the new format when loading data.
  25. Added Fluid Bits.
  26. Fluid Bits allow you to swim, drown, fish, and float boats.
  27. Fluid bits are aquired by putting a bucket of fluid in a the bittank, and extract the bits by right clicking, or by using a hopper or other automation.
  28. Bit Bags now have IItemHandler capabilities.
  29. Chiseled Blocks now block light when they are entirely comprised of NormalCube Bits.
  30. Chiseled Blocks now propagate weak red stone when they are entirely composed of NormalCube Bits.
  31. Persist Creative Clipboard Tab between session, even between worlds.
  32. Add Setting to enable/disable the above feature.
  33. Right click bit tank to remove bits.
  34. Shift right click bit tank to insert bits.
  35. Shift with empty hand to insert all bits into a bit tank.
  36. Use bucket to extra bucket of fluid, or insert a bucket of fluid.
  37. Optimized Chiseled block Collision/Occlusion Logic.
  38. Added Option for Creative Clipboard size.
  39. Blocks picked are added to the clipboard.
  40. Blocks broken are added to the clipboard.
  41. Added Option for bit saw durability.
  42. Model Generation is now capable of rendering block types with layers, such as grass, and some chisel variants.
  43. C&B now attempts to compress model data as it is generated to conserve memory.
  44. Reduced Memory Overhead of many model and chiseled block related features.
  45. Optimized Model Face Generation.
  46. Optimized Model Parsing Logic and look-ups.
  47. Dynamic Renderer now uses Forge FastTESR to remove TESR performance overhead.
  48. Fixed Not Clearing Model Cache on Resource Reload.
  49. Optimize conversion of blocks and make conversion of air almost free.
  50. Optimize Chiseled Block Property Updates.
  51. Reduce Memory Overhead of Chiseled Block Properties.
  52. Optimized Face culling look-ups.
  53. Added command "c&b.exportmodel" which dumps the item in the players hand as JSON into the system clipboard.
  54. Added an API for Bit bags.
  55. New API Method VisitBits.
  56. API method commitChanges now accepts parameter to disable update notifications.
  57. API can now convert Supported blocks into Bits without world.
  58. API can now use getBitsAsItem to request CrossWorld NBT.
  59. New API Method createBrushFromState
  60. New API Method giveBitToPlayer
  61. Added API For Undo Grouping.
  62. Refactored huge sections of the code base, and probably even more optimizations.

and @BlayTheNinth with Crafting Tweaks
BlayTheNinth said:
Crafting Tweaks 1.0.79
Added support for the 2x2 inventory crafting grid

Added counter-clockwise rotation (shift-rotate)

Added forced clearing (shift-clear), will drop items if necessary to clear the crafting grid

Added item spreading (shift-balance), will spread the largest stack in the grid into empty slots and balance the grid afterwards

Added compressing/decompressing of a whole stack by holding shift while pressing the Compress key

Added button tooltips (can be disabled in the config)

Moved Decompress to CTRL+Compress (it still has its own hotkey though, unassigned by default)

Fixed broken mod support

Fixed client-side balancing ignoring the last slot

Fixed compressing of 2x2 items not working in 3x3 grids

Fixed client-side compressing sometimes dropping the result into the crafting grid

and @CovertJaguar with Railcraft
CovertJaguar said:
  • NEW: Signal devices can now be named using the Signal Label item and Anvil. (contribution by Vexatos)
  • NEW: Disposal Track can be disabled with a Redstone Signal. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Switch Motor now has a button that will cause it to ignore Redstone signals. (contribution by wshadow)
  • NEW: Convert the Tunnel Bore into a multipart entity to allow for more fine tuned control of the collision box.
  • NEW: New Routing Table keyword: Loco. Returns true if the locomotive type matches "electric", "steam", or "none". Using "none" only
  • returns true if there is NO locomotive. (contribution by Cream-Tea)
  • NEW: Coal Coke torch recipe. (contribution by daniel)
  • FIX: Package correct RF API.
  • FIX: Fixed NPE when loading a world with a Personal Anchor. (contribution by Yopu)
  • CONFIG: Added H.S. explosion entity exclusion list. (contribution by Yopu)
  • API: Might possible break anyone using depreciated functions of the Signal API.

and @Blaez with SAO UI
Blaez said:
SAO UI 1.5
⦁ Completely rewrote the render code, providing performance increases and better compatibility
⦁ Added Boss health bar
⦁ Added Mount view and stats to character screen when riding a mount
⦁ Fixed a potential memory leak
⦁ Redone the menu listings
⦁ Added basic bauble support
⦁ New death particles
⦁ Item icons now appear on the SAO Inventory
⦁ Enchant effects are displayed on the slot for any item enchanted
⦁ Rewrote color states to be more dynamic as well as add methods for future api
⦁ Cleaned up events
⦁ Party invites fixed
⦁ New Aggro System
⦁ Infinate Scrolling of items in SAO Menu
⦁ Empty item subcategories wont appear anymore, making it easier to find stuff
⦁ UI now displayed air and mount jump (Only vanilla textures, but should be enough until the new UI is done)
⦁ Improved the SAO Font option


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Zulucap with Sheeeps!
Zulucap said:
Sheep are no longer satisfied with their boring lives on the surface and have begun exploring the caves and other dimensions of the Minecraft world. In their exploration they encounter valuable materials that rub off onto their wool, which can be extracted if you know how. On the surface and upper levels of caves you will find mostly iron and coal ore sheep, but as you dig deeper or venture out into other dimensions you will encounter sheep that have collected rarer materials.

Getting Started

Step 1:

You must first collect the raw material from the sheep. This can be done in the usual way, by killing the poor sheep (what did he ever do you?) or, once you have collected some iron, by crafting shears and shearing them. Unlike normal, boring sheep, you get fleece from shearing sheep which must first be cleaned before it can be used. To wash the fleece you need to craft a washer with various pieces of wood and a bucket. Fill the washer with water, then use a piece of fleece on the washer to get ore wool.

Crafting a Washer


Step 2:

Congratulations! You now have some ore wool. You may use this for decoration if you wish, but to really make use of it you must first separate the ore from the wool using a separator. Crafting the separator will require a furnace, some stone and slabs, as well as an iron ingot. The separator must be powered using some form of combustible fuel in order to process the wool which you do by inserting it into the input slot of the separator. The result of the process is pure wool and ore residue which can be burned in a furnace to create useful materials.

Crafting a separator


That's all there is for now, but more plans in are the works for additional enhancements to the mod including config options, modded ore types, and other compatibility with other popular mods.

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.75
Hotfixed crash on dedicated servers

Fixed Iguana Tinker Tweaks disabling ExCompressum tools

Added upgrade slot to Auto (Heavy) Sieves

  • Enchanted Book (Fortune) will give a luck boost based on enchantment level
  • Enchanted Book (Efficiency) will give a speed boost based on enchantment level
  • The enchantment level has a chance of decaying over time as it's being used
Added temporary speed boosts to Auto (Heavy) Sieves by right clicking them with food (based on food stats)

Added Auto Sieve (normal version of the Auto Heavy Sieve)

Added environmental conditions to baits

  • No player in a range of 24 blocks around the bait
  • At least one block of water in a range of five blocks around the bait
  • No more than two baits in a range of five blocks from each other
  • No more than two animals in a range of ten blocks around the bait
  • A minimum of ten blocks from the animals’ natural habitat.
    • Wolf, Cow, Pig, Chicken, Sheep: Grass, Saplings and Trees
    • Ocelot: Jungle Trees, Jungle Saplings, Vines, Water Lilies
Added additional NEI support for Ex Nihilo

  • Composting
  • Barrel Recipes.
Added Sheep Bait (forgot that one).

Added wood chippings to the ore dictionary (dustWood) and registered all other dustWood items to the composting registry.

Added some Waila support (Baits & Auto Sieve).

Changed Auto Compressed Hammer & Auto Heavy Sieve to accept I/O from all sides.

Changed recipe of Auto Compressed Hammer and Auto Heavy Sieve to use steel if available.

Changed Auto Heavy Sieve recipe to resemble the new model.

Fixed pixel errors in compressed hammer graphics.

Fixed Auto Compressor being unable to compress dust.

Fixed fluid texture of wooden crucible if no solids are inside.

Fixed hard dependency on CoFH Core.

Fixed Broken Comprilla and Evolved Orechid not appearing in NEI.

and @Levi_Kornelsen with Alchemic Ash
Levi_Kornelsen said:
In this mod, you'll create slime, feeding it sugar, meat, eggs, and seeds to multiply it. You might use that slime to create life, crystallize it for light, and use those crystals to travel to a peaceful, empty realm. You'll burn some slime to alchemic ash, and multiply that ash through heavy furnace use. You'll sift and combine ashes to create bales of cinders, blazing sheaves, and inferno blocks. You'll expose the burning ash to various materials, creating more valuable ones (but cooling the ash in the process). Iron, gold, even diamonds can be created in this way. With these materials and the experience from smelting operations, you'll be able to enchant and brew with ease. You may even decide to spend the time to build automatic generators for lava or for these new blocks, making ongoing use easier over time.

A few fairly generic "mod recipes" are bundled with this mod because they work especially well with the content, though they aren't strictly speaking part of the overall progression. These are as follows:

  • You can smelt rotten flesh to create leather.
  • You can smelt cooked chicken to create bones.
  • You can craft a grass block:


First off, you're going to need some slime. Since this can be tricky, and I want you to be able to get rolling right off, I've added a couple alternate ways to get it - culture it from eggs, or from rotten meat, by feeding it sugar:


Once you have slime, you can multiply how much you have by feeding it! This is a shapeless craft - one slime and one of whatever you're feeding in the crafting grid, and either two or three slime will result. You can feed sugar, rotten flesh, eggs, fish, and alchemical ash (we'll get there) to slime.

Slime can also be used to spoil meat, which is useful if you're looking to make leather. Craft one slime with one raw meat of most vanilla types (beef, chicken, pork, rabbit), and you'll get rotten flesh. This can then be smelted for leather or fed to your slime.

By crafting an empty bottle, a slimeball, and an enchanted book together (a shapeless recipe), you dissolve the magic into the slime and catch it, resulting in a bottle o' enchanting. This is an easy way to get at least a small return back on your dud enchants.

Rather than turning living things into slime, you may want to turn slime into living things. To do this, you'll need two eggs, six slime blocks, and an item that's attuned to the mob in question, like this (yields two spawn eggs):


Other eggs are made by swapping out the feather. Use raw beef for cows, raw pork for pigs, wool for a sheep, a bone for wolves, a fish for ocelots, an emerald for villagers, and mushroom stew for.... Anyway, only friendly mobs can be created in this way.

Slime can be crystallized! Put nine blocks of slime in the crafting grid, and they'll condense into a crystal block. Crystallized slime glows, making it a handy lighting block, but it can't be "uncrafted" back to slime.

If you smelt a block of crystallized slime, you'll get a smaller crystal that's a key to a side world. Build a portal frame out of crystallized blocks, click with the key crystal, and you've got a portal to...

The nowhere is a dimension that's void, bright, foggy and entirely peaceful (it's a mushroom biome). There's an ender-style floating island of rock at 0, 0, with the ground at about height 60, if you want a solid mass where you can build a castle, garden, or... Whatever you want. These coordinates apply to the overworld too; the dimensions overlap one-to-one for the most part, which may be useful.

Smelt a slimeball, and you'll get alchemic ash. If you smelt that ash, you'll get a bale of ash. That ashen bale can then be broken down (in the crafting grid, or by placing and breaking it) into nine ash items, which can be smelted again for nine blocks, and... You get the idea. Lots of fuel makes lots of ash, which is good, because you're going to want a lot.

If you sift (craft) nine ashen bales together, you get a cinder bale; the hottest of the coals from those ashes. Nine cinder bales gets you a blazing bale, and nine blazing bales gets you an inferno bale.

Over your use of the mod, you may very well want to make many inferno bales, so let's get the basic math straight up front: One inferno bale: nine blazing bales: eighty-one cinder bales: seven hundred and twenty-nine ashen bales. If you're going to really dig in, you're going to want a fair number of furnaces and a pile of fuel (or a lava lake), so you can smelt many full stacks simultaneously.

Hot alchemical ash is reactive; it tries to mimic and improve on things it's exposed to, using up its heat as it does so. So, if you place a heated bale and right-click it with one of several items, you receive a different item spawned by the ashes - Click an inferno bale with redstone dust, and it'll give you a block of iron... But it'll turn back to basic ash as it does so. Some such creations are strong choices, some are seemingly, all vary in value according to your circumstance. Creating your first Netherwart from an Inferno Bale is a great deal when you just plain can't find a Nether Fortress; doing it when you have some Netherwart is ridiculous.

Here's a table of what gets you what:


The bales can also be used as fuel, and put out more heat than they took in. A cinder bale is good for fifteen smelts, a blazing bale is good for one hundred and fifty smelts, and an inferno bale for fifteen hundred smelts. If you're looking to automate the whole process, playing on a skyblock map, or primarily seeking the smelting Xp, this may be well worth taking advantage of; if not, lava is usually a better bet.

It's possible to improve the efficiency of the crafting process, which is probably good news if you're thinking of making a bunch of inferno bales. A cinder wand, placed in the middle of the crafting grid, counts as one of your blocks of ash when creating a cinder bale - and isn't used up by the crafting. To create one, surround a stick with eight cinder bales.

To do the same as the cinder wand, but with regard to crafting blazing bales, surround a bone with blazing bales to make a blazing wand. Finally, for that last step up the chain, an inferno wand is make by wrapping eight inferno bales around a blaze rod - an item reserved for the truly hardcore furnace-stoker.

Once you have your first inferno block in hand, you can start adding automated help to the process, eventually removing the furnaces from the equation completely (except when you want the Xp).

A single inferno bale wrapped in cobblestone gets you an ash smith - a block that infinitely spawns ashen bales in the spot on top of it if there's nothing there. With an ash smith, you can skip the furnace for minor projects, and may decide to incorporate it into your furnace routine.

Put an ash smith in the centre of the crafting grid, place an inferno bale above it, and fill the rest with cobble to get a lava smith, which does just what an ash smith does, but with lava. Remember to put it in a hole!

To advance further, you can craft nine ash smiths together for a cinder smith, nine of those for a blaze smith, and finally (for the truly mad) nine of those for an inferno smith. A cinder smith will serve most usual needs quite adequately with a little spadework; however, for those that insist on wearing diamonds and jumping in lava from time to time, or who are striving for even stronger items provided by a different mod, or simply won't settle for anything less than the strongest option, such upgrades may be a necessity.

And that's the mod!

If you have any questions, find any bugs, or would like to discuss it, please visit the thread on the forums. I'll be happy to give any help I can.

and @Silly511 with View EMC
Silly511 said:
View EMC is a bridge between Waila and Project E, allowing you to see a block's EMC value just by looking at it. However in the future I am going to add many more useful things, such as see how EMC a energy condenser has in it and how much EMC you have in your personal pool.

You are free to use this in any modpack, as long as you give credit to Silly511 and provide a link to this page. Please post any suggestions or bugs you find on my github page.


This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License. You are free to include this mod in any modpack as long as you follow the guidelines of this license. It can be found by clicking the image below:



Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New releases of McJtyLib, RFTools and RFTools Dimensions for 1.8.9:

RFTools 4.22beta30:

  • Fixed the average power calculation when having a mixed advanced/non-advanced powercell multiblock
  • Show ownerinformation now for powercells in WAILA tooltip
  • Sneak-wrench a smartwrench in select mode on a powercell will dump where all the blocks are. This is handy for finding out where all the power is going
  • Keep statistics on insertion/extraction from a cell. Every powercell now keeps track of how much energy it has received or send out (from that block). This is also shown when dumping statistics.
  • Added protection when swapping out screen modules (wrong data for the given module). This could cause crashes
  • RF/t (and other per tick calculations) for the screen modules are now much smoother and work better when multiple persons are online
  • The RFTools shield is back. Block mimicing and colored shields are not yet done. So for now you can only get the white transparent looking shield and an invisible shield. All other features work (that includes building shield shapes with templates, using the shape card, killing mobs, ...)

RFTools Dimensions 4.22beta26:

  • Some crash fix for null fluid with fluid absorber.
  • Several fixes to the manual
  • Fixed a problem where in recent versions of Forge Chunk.setChunkLoaded() has become client-side only. This could cause crashes when entering dimensions
  • Ported the Phased Field Generator. Now you can survive for a short while in unpowered dimensions
  • Fixed a bug in the dimlet workbench where the tooltip would occasionally not match the dimlet under the mouse (fix needs McJtyLib beta8)

Download McJtyLib: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233105-mcjtylib
Download RFTools: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools
Download RFTools Dimensions: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Player with FastCraft
Player said:
FastCraft is a sophisticated mod which improves the client and server performance significantly without any game play changes. FastCraft is useful for anything, even fast PCs and servers benefit.

The mod is optional on both server and client, meaning that it can be installed on both server and client, just the client or just the server. Even mismatched versions between server and client are fine. It is recommended to always use the latest version on both sides however.

FastCraft doesn't require any configuration since it is supposed to be fully transparent to the user. To install FastCraft just drop it into your mods folder with Minecraft Forge installed.

Optimizations/tweaks FastCraft applies are very broad and include the following:

  • FPS improvements (client), benefits depend heavily on PC, mods and the world
  • TPS / simulation improvements through faster code and better algorithms
  • Lag spike elimination from world generation, light calculations and chunk loads
  • RAM savings of around 200 MB for a decent amount of mods
  • Faster chunk loading (client/server) and rendering (client)
  • Faster game startup
  • Minor network bandwidth reduction in some scenarios
Note that even if you may not notice any immediate effect, FastCraft does a lot against lag spikes that may only happen sporadically or with specific setups/builds.

Due to bugs there can be rare instances where FastCraft actually slows the game down, in this case please contact me so I can eliminate these issues. I also release preview builds of FastCraft frequently, try them if you experience issues or want to help development.


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Jul 29, 2019
I have had the fov change disabled for awhile in a personal mod I play around with, but after seeing some desire for a 1.7.10 version, I figured I'd throw something together.
Fov Control

By default this will disable any fov change entirely. You can tweak 4 fov changing modifiers to your liking using the in-game config editor or by editing the config file.

This should be a client-side only mod, but I haven't setup a dedicated server instance to confirm it isn't causing any problems.



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Jul 29, 2019
and @Dark_Lizzy with Stackable Stews
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
Requires: Forge 1.8 - or higher
Forge Version Info:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Confirmed to run on the following Forge versions:
1.8 -
1.8.8 - (compatible with Optifine!)
1.8.9 -
1.8.9 -


This very simple mod makes Mushroom Stew and Rabbit Stew stackable to 16.

Enjoy the stew!


Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (1.8.x only).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things)

Installing the mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.

Client/Server Info:
This mod will work on a client (SP) and on a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

Thanks go out to:Neale Gaming

All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute, link instead. Ok to include in modpacks. Not for profit, including via advertizing.

and @Dark_Lizzy with Worthwhile XP Bottles
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
Requires: Forge 1.8 - or higher
Forge Version Info:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Confirmed to run on the following Forge versions:
1.8 -
1.8.8 - (compatible with Optifine!)
1.8.9 -
1.8.9 -

This mod makes XP Bottles drop more XP, making them more worthwhile to buy from villagers.

In vanilla Minecraft, the amount of XP you get from an XP Bottle is way too low. They're simply not worth buying for 3-11 emeralds. You can too easily get more XP for your effort doing other things. I made this mod to fix this imbalance and make XP bottles worthwhile spending emeralds on.

With this mod, the average amount of XP produced by each XP Bottle is increased by 3, 6, or 9 times, depending on your preference. You can set the worthwhileness level to Low, Medium or High in the configuration options.

This mod doesn't make XP Bottles drop massive amounts of XP, it just makes them drop more... hopefully just enough to make them Worthwhile!

See the Information section below for specific data on how much more worthwhile Worthwhile XP Bottles makes XP Bottles. ;P


Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (1.8.x only).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things)

Installing the mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.

Client/Server Info:
This mod will work on a client (SP) and on a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect. On a server, the amount of XP dropped by XP bottles will be based on the server config values.

Mod Compatibility:
This mod should be compatible with other mods that do not use or change the thrown XP Bottle entity. However, it has not been tested with any mods made by other people.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Configuration Options:
Spoiler (click to hide)
The configuration file can be found in ...\.minecraft\config after running the game once with this mod installed.

The Worthwhileness Level of XP Bottles can be set in-game from the mod configuration menus, or in the configuration file.

In-Game Configuration Menus:

Main Menu-> Mods-> Worthwhile XP Bottles-> Config Button

Pause Menu-> Mod Options-> Worthwhile XP Bottles-> Config Button

The mod options button in the pause menu may not work on all versions of Forge.

Worthwhileness Level:
Low = 300% more worthwhile
Medium = 600% more worthwhile
High = 900% more worthwhile
Default is Medium

If changing the configuration file manually, note that the configurable string ("Low", "Medium", "High") is case sensitive. If the value does not match one of those three strings the default value will be used.

Information on Worthwhile XP Bottles:
Spoiler (click to hide)
The data below shows specific information about the worth of Worthwhile XP Bottles. The vanilla values are included for comparison only.


Thanks go out to:Neale Gaming

All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute, link instead. Ok to include in modpacks. Not for profit, including via advertizing.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Psi
Vazkii said:
Psi beta-20
  • A Vector Ruler without a defined vector with both source and destination will now convert the coordinates of the source into a vector instead of returning (0, 0, 0).
  • Added a coordinate indicator to the Programmer GUI.
  • Added a recipe to swap a CAD's colorizer by crafting it with the CAD. (yrsegal)
  • Added a Secondary Operators group. The group includes: Square, Cube, Power, Square Root, Logarithm, Ceiling, Floor, Round and Constant: e.
  • Added armor slots to the CAD Assembler.
  • Added Detection & Dynamism pieces. Selectors for a block's existance or solidity, and the amount of items in an inventory stack. Also a trick to change which slot is used by block placing tricks.
  • Added keybinds to upload a screenshot of a spell to imgur (Ctrl-Shift-Alt-G) and to share it on reddit (Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R).
  • Added Memory Management pieces that allow for spells to store presistant data in the CAD.
  • Added Selector: Eidos Changelog, which lets you get the position the caster was X ticks ago.
  • Added the ability to add comments to spell pieces by using Ctrl-D.
  • Added the ability to view a spell piece's tooltip without hovering over it by using Alt.
  • Bosses are now immune to spells.
  • Buffed the stats of T2 and T3 CAD Cores.
  • Fixed spell stats being able to be overflowed twice to create ridiculously powerful spells that cost virtually nothing.
  • Fixed the Programmer GUI not registering keys being held down (like backspace). (yrsegal)
  • Fixed the Psi bar spazzing out if you have a spell in your exosuit leggings.
  • Fixed tools not being able to break some things they should. (yrsegal)
  • Fixed Trick: Smelt Item being able to dupe items if multiple are used in one cast. (yrsegal)
  • Increased level cap to 28. The player's Psi energy is still capped at 5000, so there's a "soft cap" of 25. When you reach that level you get a message telling you about it.
  • Made Add Motion a bit more expensive, because people keep finding exploits with it.
  • Moved Min/Max operators to the new Secondary Operators group.
  • Optimized spell JSON output. Exported spell JSON is now a lot smaller. Old ones will still work, but the new format won't work on older versions. (comparison)
  • Runtime spell errors now come with information on where the error happened in the spell.
  • Trick: Add Motion now needs to propel you upwards to negate fall damage again. Basically the same as before.

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.88
Added Uncompressed Coal.

  • Eight tiny pieces of coal that each have enough fuel time to burn one item only.
Added flowers to the default wooden crucible registry.

  • You will need to reset your wooden crucible registry by removing it from the config file or add the new entries manually.
Added some more WAILA support.

  • Heavy Sieve now shows progress
  • Wooden Crucible now shows contents
Fixed durability of the Compressed Crook only being half of what it's supposed to be.

Fixed the Botania integration removing Botania's flowers from the NEI item list.

Fixed animal baits only working correctly for wolves and ocelots (environment conditions were never met for others).

Fixed fake items spawning when making clay in a wooden crucible.

Fixed Wooden Crucible eating up items even when it's already full.

Fixed Wooden Crucible only filling up halfway.

Fixed animals turning into Compressed Animals on chunk-loading, even if they were spawned before already.

Fixed power bar in machines being empty in the GUI even when there's energy in the machine when playing in Multiplayer.

Fixed enchanted books being unable to be placed into the Auto Sieve upgrade slot.

Changed enchanted book slot icon in Auto Sieve GUI to be a normal book. It's easier to tell what it is and people will likely figure out it needs to be enchanted by themselves.

and @MickKay with Scenter Mod
MickKay said:
Use the Scenter mod if you want to find (scent out) hidden ores in Minecraft.



  • With the Scenter mod you can easily find nearby ores like coal, iron, diamond, and more.
See the Scenter Mod homepage for more info.

and @Dark_Lizzy with Stackable Potions
Dark_Lizzy said:

Minecraft Version: 1.8.x
Requires: Forge 1.8 - or higher
Forge Version Info:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Confirmed to run on the following Forge versions:
1.8 -
1.8.8 - (compatible with Optifine!)
1.8.9 -
1.8.9 -

Makes potions stackable by condensing them and putting them into more easily carried vials.

Adds the following items to Minecraft:

    • Condensed Potions, which are stackable to 4. One for each drinkable magic potion.
    • Potion Condensers, which allow you to condense potions.
    • Glass Vials, the container you put Condensed Potions into.

To make a Condensed Potion, you need to build a Potion Condenser. Then you put any drinkable magic potion into a crafting table with a Potion Condenser and an empty Glass Vial. The result is a Condensed Potion of the same type.

Condensed potions have the exact same effect as the corresponding regular potion. Once a potion is condensed, its effect can no longer be altered a brewing stand. Make sure the potions you condense are the final product you want.

Potion Condensers have durability, like tools, and can be used 16 times before breaking.

All drinkable magic potions are condensable, including the bad-effect ones. Condensing a bad-effect potion has no purpose I can think of, but they are included for thematic consistency. Splash potions cannot be condensed.

The purpose of this mod is to make potions in Minecraft more useful by allowing you to carry more without using up all of your precious inventory space.

Glass Vial:
(2 Glass Blocks)

Glass Vials are what you use to carry your Condensed Potions in.

Potion Condenser:
(1 Glass Bottle, 4 Glass Vials, 1 Blaze Powder, 2 Ice Blocks)

Potion Condensers allow you to condense potions. They have durability, like tools, and can be used 16 times before breaking.

Condensed Potion:
(1 Potion, 1 Potion Condenser, 1 Glass Vial)

Condensed Potions are stackable to 4 and have the exact same effect as the uncondensed version.

Installing Forge:

  1. Go to minecraftforge and find version 1.8- or 1.8.8-, or later (1.8.x only).
  2. Download the installer.
  3. Run the installer and install the client.
  4. Run Minecraft once after installing Forge (this creates the 'mods' folder, among other things)
Installing the mod:

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Open your .minecraft directory and place the mod file in the 'mods' folder.

Client/Server Info:
This mod will work on a client (SP) and on a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Thanks go out to:Neale Gaming
The Grey Ghost

All Rights Reserved. Do not distribute, link instead. Ok to include in modpacks. Not for profit, including via advertizing.


Mod Developer
Dec 24, 2013
Sorry to interrupt your 1.8 party, but a new release of BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.7.10 is out! 7.1.15 brings a few nice bugfixes. Download it here.

  • Added netherwart support for harvesting. (smbarbour)
  • The Advanced Crafting Table is back. (asie)
Bugs fixed:
  • [#3216] Repair recipe auto workbench fail (asie)
  • [#3174] Lava in tanks emits light level for the whole tank (asie)
  • [#3168] Client-side crash with invalid pipe wire item (asie)
  • [#3166, #3157] NPE in Fillers (asie)
  • [#3148] NPE upon invalid stripes pipe retraction. (asie)
  • [#3134] NPE in PipeTransportFluidsRenderer (Geforce132)
  • Apparently, Logistics Pipes and BuildCraftCompat combined cause a CoFH API not found crash. Install CoFHLib as a workaround.


Mod Developer
Dec 24, 2013
Sorry to interrupt your 1.8 par... Wait.

BuildCraft 7.2.0 Beta is out for 1.8.9, and so is Compat 7.2.0. It mostly works, but breaks oil and fuel from 7.2.0-pre worlds to ensure (future - waiting on Forge fixes) compatibity with 1.7.10 worlds. Download it here.

BuildCraft 7.2.0

NOTE: This changelog is likely incomplete. There have been a lot of little changes in the mod which may not have been caught properly.

  • Ported to Minecraft 1.8.9. This took a lot more effort than we ever expected.
  • Detailed client-side configuration - lets you change a lot of client-side options. Advanced users only! (AlexIIL)
  • Rendering
    • Builder now shows if a blueprint or template is inserted (AlexIIL)
    • Clear lenses now use a water texture (AlexIIL)
    • Engines are now a static/dynamic mix, meaning they are less FPS-taxing (AlexIIL)
    • Laser beams now have a wider minimum size, improving far away lasers (AlexIIL)
    • Pipes are now shaded properly - yay for ambient occlusion! (AlexIIL)
    • Power in pipes is now animated, showing its direction (AlexIIL)
    • Slight tweaks to many textures across the mod (asie, AlexIIL)
    • Things now have somewhat more 3D models (gates, docking stations, builders, fillers at least) (AlexIIL)
    • The Builder has an icon showing if a gate has turned it off. (AlexIIL)
    • The Filler has an icon showing if a gate is locking the pattern, or if it is in a different mode to normal. (AlexIIL)
    • The entire frame for the quarry is now transparent, matching the texture of the frame block (AlexIIL)
    • The quarry frame lights properly depending on the light value of the block each part is in (AlexIIL)
  • Transport
    • Gates now let you drag and drop triggers and actions! Lists of them are available to the sides (AlexIIL)
  • Support for Minecraft's statistics system (AlexIIL)
  • The deprecated (pre-BC 7.0) version of the List (asie)
  • The Recipe Packager and Stamping Table. They may come back in a different form (asie)
BuildCraftCompat 7.2.0
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.9, which means the compatibility list has been emptied!
  • JustEnoughItems support for the Assembly and Integration Table (asie, AlexIIL)
  • Ported MineTweaker, WAILA and Iron Chests support (asie)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.92
Added Mana Sieve

  • Botania-powered Sieve as an alternative to using the Mana Fluxfield.
Added Bat Zapper

  • It zaps bats. Right click to use.
Added a message upon placing a bait, letting the player know about the environmental conditions.

Fixed compressed babies uncompressing into adults.

Fixed unnecessary chunk updates.

and @bluedart with FullThrottle Alchemist
bluedart said:

Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. Turning eggs into diamonds, however, is entirely possible.

FullThrottle Alchemist is the official successor to DartCraft, and creates a system by which things can be transmuted into other things. The mechanics behind this are an extrapolation of what the fictional scientific art of alchemy from FullMetal Alchemist would be like in the real-world, ported to Minecraft. Several aspects of DartCraft see their return, such as shearing cows, packs, clipboards, item cards, bombs, storage units, and many more! There's also plenty of new content as well! FTA adds nothing to world generation, and is not likely to ever do so.

For more information, please see my official website: www.ftamod.com.

If you want to support me and keep me working on this, become a Patron!

Check out my YouTube and Twitch channels as well!

and @voltnincs with ForgeAnalytics
voltnincs said:
I've been working on a very simple, transparent and open Analytics mod for Minecraft to allow the community to openly gain inside into the versions of Minecraft out there. The mod strictly respects Snooper settings.

The mod allows custom mod integration for other mod makers to send in their own data.

The data collected by the mod:

  • SessionID - Random identifier created with SecureRandom and SHA256 iterated 5 times. Value is reset every time the game restarts.
  • AdID - Random identifier created with SecureRandom and SHA256 iterated 5 times. Value is constant for each Minecraft instance. The value is computed on first run of Minecraft with the mod installed.
  • JavaVersion
  • Allocated Memory and Max memory
  • Minecraft Version
  • MCP Version
  • Forge Version
  • Active mod count, total mod count
  • ModPack - custom value defined in forgeanalytics.cfg allowing modpack creators to identify their packs.
Each individual value is individually opt-out-able by the user by going to Mods -> Forge Analytics -> Config

This view also shows a snapshot of what data and their values is sent.

Source code and public dashboard to be released very shortly.

and @Pavoreality with Paddle Boats
Pavoreality said:
Hello everybody!

This is a very small mod that adds three new boats into your world.

These are the white swan paddle boat, black swan paddle boat and dragon paddle boat.

Hope you enjoy :)




and @Pavoreality with Exotic Birds
Pavoreality said:
The Exotic Birds Minecraft forum page contains a lot more information: Minecraft Forums

This mod adds in 36 different species of birds to your Minecraft world!

These include:
Gouldian Finch


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Turkey with WitherCrumbs
Turkey said:
Simply use 3 HeadCrumbs Skulls to create withers with the skins of your favorite minecraft players!

This mod requires HeadCrumbs!!

Example withers:

Spoiler (click to hide)


and @Tmtravlr with Not Enough Potions
Tmtravlr said:
Hi everyone!

This mod adds recipes for the Potion Core potions. It adds a mortar and pestle and a mixing cauldron block to use in making the new potions. There are also recipes for the vanilla potions that don't have recipes like haste and saturation.


You can use the mortar and pestle block by placing an item in it then right clicking to grind the item. The granite mortar and pestle can only handle recipes that take 20 grinds or less, so it can't grind up things like obsidian, diamonds and nether stars. You'll have to make the diamond tipped one.


The mixing cauldron is used to mix potions. You can use it anywhere, but it works twice as well when placed above a fire block. You can use it by placing 3 potions in it, then clicking the cauldron until it mixes. If you got the recipe right, the color will change to the color of the result.


This mod also changes the way the brewing stand renders so it shows the actual potions and item in it.

You can modify, remove, or add recipes for the brewing stand, mortar and pestle, and mixing cauldron, as well as crafting table and furnace using the config files. Here are the recipes:

Mortar and Pestle:

Spoiler (click to hide)

Sugar Cane + 3 grinds = 1 Sugar


Bone + 4 grinds = 3 Bonemeal

Blaze Powder:

Blaze Rod + 8 grinds = 2 Blaze Powder

"Uncrafting" Glowstone:

Glowstone + 16 grinds = 4 Glowstone Dust

"Uncrafting" Sea Lanterns:

Sea Lantern + 16 grinds = 4 Prismarine Shards and 5 Prismarine Crystals

Ground Orchid:

Orchid + 4 grinds = 1 Cyan Dye and 1 Ground Orchid

Withering Powder:

Wither Skull + 20 grinds = 2 Withering Powder

Obsidian Dust:

Obsidian + 100 grinds = 1 Obsidian Dust

Nauseous Powder:

Poisonous Potato + 6 grinds = 1 Nauseous Powder

Nether Star Dust:

Nether Star + 40 grinds = 3 Nether Star Dust

Ender Powder:

Ender Pearl + 10 grinds = 1 Ender Powder

Prickly Powder:

Cactus + 6 grinds = 1 Prickly Powder

Essence of Sunlight:

Sunflower + 6 grinds = 2 Yellow Dye + 1 Essence of Sunlight

Gold Dust:

Gold Ingot + 16 grinds = 1 Gold Dust

Diamond Dust:

Diamond + 100 grinds = 1 Diamond Dust

Emerald Dust:

Emerald + 60 grinds = 1 Emerald Dust

Mixing Cauldron:

Spoiler (click to hide)
Rabbit Stew:

Mushroom Stew + Minced Rabbit + Minced Vegetables = Rabbit Stew

Haste Potion:

Swiftness + Swiftness + Strength = Haste


Instant Health + Mushroom Stew + Mushroom Stew = Saturation I

Saturation I + Rabbit Stew + Rabbit Stew = Saturation II


Minced Golden Apple + Minced Golden Apple + Instant Health = Absorption

Health Boost:

Absorption + Instant Health II + Instant Health II = Health Boost


Regeneration + Experience Bottle + Experience Bottle = Repair


Milk Bucket + Bless + Bless = Cure


Milk Bucket + Curse + Curse = Dispel


Swiftness + Nausea + Nausea = Spinning


Combustion + Explosive Mixture + Explosive Mixture = Explosion


Explosion + Resistance + Resistance = Burst


Strength + Strength + Night Vision = Archery

High Step:

Jump Boost + Jump Boost + Reach = High Step


Shattered Prismarine Crystals + Instant Harming + Water Breathing = Drowning


Random Teleport + Random Teleport + Nausea = Disorganization


Spinning + Disorganization + Disorganization = Perplexity


Charged Mixture + Explosion + Combustion = Lightning

Solid Core:

Weight + Resistance + Resistance = Solid Core

Brewing Stand:

Spoiler (click to hide)
There are a lot of them... I'll just list the main recipes, not the ones with redstone, glowstone, and gunpowder.

You can make all the potions splash with gunpowder, and try adding redstone to extend and glowstone to amplify like vanilla potions.


Obsidian Dust + Awkward Potion = Resistance


Diamond Dust + Awkward Potion = Reach


Diamond Dust + Health Boost = Revival

Random Teleport:

Ender Powder + Awkward Potion = Random Teleport

Spawn Teleport:

Emerald Dust + Random Teleport = Spawn Teleport

Surface Teleport:

Essence of Sunlight + Random Teleport = Surface Teleport


Withering Powder + Awkward Potion = Wither


Rotten Flesh + Awkward Potion = Hunger

Fermented Spider Eye + Saturation = Hunger

Mining Fatigue:

Fermented Spider Eye + Haste = Mining Fatigue


Ink Sack + Awkward Potion = Blindness


Nauseous Powder + Awkward Potion = Nausea


Essence of Love + Awkward Potion = Love


Extension Catalyst + Awkward Potion = Extension


Prickly Powder + Instant Harming = Recoil


Ground Orchid + Awkward Potion = Antidote


Nether Star Dust + Antidote = Purity


Clover + Awkward Potion = Chance


Gold Dust + Chance = Bless


Nauseous Powder + Chance = Curse


Fire Charge + Awkward Potion = Combustion


Nether Star Dust + Awkward Potion = Inversion


Fermented Spider Eye + Archery = Klutz


Jump Boost + Slimeball = Launch


Fermented Spider Eye + Jump Boost = Weight


Spider Leg + Awkward Potion = Climbing


Fermented Spider Eye + Repair = Rust


Fermented Spider Eye + Resistance = Vulnerability


Glowing Feather + Awkward Potion = Slowfall


Fermented Spider Eye + Slowfall = Levitation


Spoiler (click to show)


Spoiler (click to show)


First install Potion Core. Then install this mod in the same way.

Yes, this mod is allowed in modpacks. Just link back to the curse or minecraftforum page, and list me as the author!

Enjoy the mod! =D

and @Chocohead with ASP + GS Patcher
Chocohead said:
I got bored with all the issues with Gravisuite and Advanced Solars having broken recipes, and although there are many ways to fix them, there are other underlying issues in Gravisuite like most of the items having broken localisation, it hacking it's way to get key bindings instead of using the rather convenient IC2 API functions and the missing texture issue of block_side.png.png. It was good enough as time as any to use ASM, so I made a "simple" one class mod to fix them.

All the recipes using components that should expect damage value 1 now do, as well as fixing all the localisations to be correct, such as item.itemCoolingCore.name (at least as correct as the lang file goes). In case that wasn't enough, there should be no issues getting the IC2 mode switch, alt and boost keys, especially if changed after a world has been loaded. The Sonic Launcher's name is also hardcoded for en_US to fix that too, you can translate it into your own language and add it to the lang file as item.sonicLauncher.name, although it seems a little WIP so you're not missing out if you don't. The relocator block has the double .name fix applied as well (or should do at least), and the texture fix for it.

There is two versions of the Patcher, one with hover fix and the other without. The one with the fix causes the Advanced Jetpack and Advanced NanoSuit to no longer fall when in hover mode (like IC2's native Jetpack), whilst the one without does not cause this (natural GraviSuite). This is the only difference between the two.

Any bugs or crashes that involve Advanced Solars or Gravisuite should be reported here if you've got the mod installed, as anything wrong with the ASM will still have a stacktrace from those mods. There is also the chance that there are other bugs anyway, and I can always (try) fix them if I can replicate them

For those wanting to use it in Modpacks:
If it's a private pack, have fun, optionally tell your fellow pack users how in awe you are of the patcher. If you're not though, that's fine.
If it's a public pack, saying you're using it in the thread is nice so I can get an idea of where it's being used, but you don't have to explicitly ask my permission to use it. And you too can optionally tell your pack users how in awe you are if you want to.

and @Tmtravlr with Potion Core
Tmtravlr said:
Hey everyone!

This mod contains a whole bunch of potion effects that I plan to use in some other mods! There is no way to get the potions besides the creative menu in this mod, but check out Not Enough Potions, which has recipes and new brewing mechanics.


There are quite a few added potion effects, including:

Slowfall - Slows your fall and prevents some fall damage at level 1, and all fall damage at level 2.

Levitation - Forces you to float upwards - similar to the 1.9 potion.

Trueshot - Increases projectile damage (like how strength increases melee damage).

Klutz - Decreases projectile damage (like how weakness decreases melee damage).

Vulnerability - Increases all damage to you (like how resistance decreases all damage to you).

Recoil - Reflects a portion of damage back to the attacker.

Drowning - Makes you only breath underwater.

Weight - Negative jump boost; makes it so you can't jump up a full block.

Step Up - Increases your step height so you can step up a full block.

Reach - Increases your reach distance.

Climbing - Lets you climb walls like spiders.

Corrosion - Damages your armor and held item (except for gold items/armor).

Repairing - Repairs your armor and held item.

Extension - Prevents one other potion on you from ticking down per level. Essentially doubles the length of another potion on you.

Solid Core - Gives you knockback resistance.

Flight - Lets you fly like in creative mode.

Random Teleport - Teleports you to a nearby location.

Surface Teleport - Teleports you to the top surface block.

Spawn Teleport - Teleports you to your spawn point if you stand still with it for 10 seconds.

Combustion - Sets you on fire.

Lightning - Strikes you with lightning.

Explosion - Explodes you.

Burst - Creates an explosion at your position that doesn't hurt you (only your enemies), and doesn't do block damage.

Revival - If you die with this effect on, you will revive with 2 hearts per level.

Launch - Shoots you up into the air.

Love - Causes breedable entities to breed with eachother.

Disorganization - Shuffles your inventory

Spinning - Causes you to spin uncontrollably

Perplexity - Reverses your controls so forwards is backwards, sneak is jump, etc.

Cure - Clears all bad potion effects from you.

Dispel - Clears all good potion effects from you.

Antidote - Prevents you from taking poison damage.

Purity - Prevents you from taking wither damage.

Chance - Gives you one random potion effect per level for a minute (or instant if it's an instant effect).

Bless - Gives you one random good effect per level for a minute (or instant if it's an instant effect).

Curse - Gives you one random bad effect per level for a minute (or instant if it's an instant effect).

Inversion - Inverts all potion effects on you (like regeneration -> wither, strength -> weakness, etc.).

This is a regular mod; just install forge and then drop this in your mods folder! If you don't know how to install forge, there are many tutorials out there.

Yes, this is allowed in modpacks. Just link back to curse or minecraftforum, and list me as the author.

There is an old beta version for 1.7.10. I don't plan to update it further, but it's there if you really want a version for 1.7.10.

If you want to use this mod in one of your mods, you can load it as a library by:

Spoiler (click to hide)
  • Going into the Files on curseforge, and clicking on the file name you want to download it for
  • Scrolling down to the related files on the bottom.
  • Download both the deobf and sources files.
  • In your forge dev environment, create a libs folder.
  • Drag both files into the libs folder.
  • If you are using eclipse, go to the libs folder, right click on the deobf file, and click Build Path -> Add to Build Path
  • It should now be loaded at the bottom of Referenced Libraries.
  • Try to open a class, click Add Source, and point it to the sources file.
  • It should now be loaded as a library.
Enjoy the potions!


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of Deep Resonance 1.1.4beta17 for MC 1.8.9 with lots of changes:

1.1.4beta17 (MC1.8.9):
  • The purifier will now only extract the liquid (200mb) from the tank when it actually does the operation as opposed to taking it out immediatelly, then waiting, and then purifying. This prevents the problem that the tank seems to contain 200mb less then it should be and also prevents possible liquid loss when breaking the purifier.
  • Changed the purifier to purify to slightly above 85% to cope with rounding errors. That way you can now set the valve to 85% to extract the liquid once the purifier is done with it.
  • Changed the purifier so that it consumes a bit more of the filter if the purity is near 85%. Previously it was consuming far too little.
  • Got a new crystal model that looks more 'generated'. This is now used for crystals that are generated by the player. The original model is used for crystals that can be naturally found in caves.
  • The crystalizer renders more nicely now.
  • The old /drgen crystal command has been renamed to /drgen spawncrystal. Added a new /drgen crystal command that can generate any crystal. The command will also show the amount of radiation that the crystal will give if it is attached to a generator.
  • Added a new /drgen showradiation command that will add debug blocks in the world to show the level of radiation
  • Fixed a client-side problem with the generator sound looping in some circumstances.
  • Many radiation related configuration changes:
    • The radius of radiation is now also based on efficiency (not only strength and purity)
    • The strength of the radiation is now logarithmic so that purities near 100% are also usable.
    • Reduced maximum radiation.
    • Increased maximum radius.
    • Made 100% purity crystals still produce some radiation. The radiation levels are very low and easily shieldable with a single wall of obsidian or dense obsidian.
    • Increased the level at which poisoned dirt is generated from 200000 to 300000.
  • Radiation shield blocking now actually works properly.
  • Added a versioning system to the configs so that it is now possible to let DR itself refresh the configs when a lot has changed. So be careful: this versions all config changes that you did will be overwritten.
  • Fixed a problem where some small amount of liquid could get lost if the total amount of liquid in the multiblock tank was not divisible by the amount of blocks. For example, if three tanks contained 100mb of liquid then when the chunk is reloaded (because you exit the game or go away from the place) the tanks would contain only 99mb liquid (3x33). Now one tank will be filled with 34mb and the other two 33mb so that you will get 100mb again.
  • Fixed a potential liquid loss problem with the tanks.

Download: http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233398-deep-resonance

Have fun!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @The_Fireplace with Command Keybindings
The_Fireplace said:
Ever get tired of having to re-type a command every time you want to use it? Those days are over! Now you can simply set up to 2 commands you want bound and the keys to bind them to, and you can use them instantly, just by pressing the key. And the best part? This mod is client side only! This means it doesn't have to be installed on the server in order to work, and you can use it when connected to any server.

and @Aroma1997 with Uncomplication
Aroma1997 said:
You want the EnergyNet of IC2Classic or want recipes to be easier, but you want the new Features of IC2Experimental? Then wait no longer. This addon is for you then.
As the name of this addon says, it UNcomplicates stuff.
You know that many of the recipes are more complicated than they could be?
This addon solves this problem. It removes exactly one layer of complexity.
Instead of using iron/copper/bronze/tin plates in recipes, you can just use iron/copper/bronze/tin directly.

There is also a config option to replace IC2's Energy-Net with IC2Classic's Energy-Net.
What this means is basically, the Energy Distribution will be exactly as it is in IC2Classic, but you will have all the features of IC2Experimental.
The E-Net is exactly like it was in IC2 before Experimental (1.6.4 and earlier).
What this means:

  • You have energy packets again.
  • Cables vaporize, when you put too high of a voltage through.
  • Machines explode, when you feed them with an improper voltage.
  • Transformers are *not* useless anymore.
  • This also works with addons.
For more information and support, please view this Thread.

and @boni with Tinkers Construct
boni said:
Tinkers Construct 2.2.0a
Hotfix: Crash when hovering over liquids in the smeltery GUI while the smeltery is empty

Alpha build, several things changed. This is basically a release candidate for a full release for MC 1.8.9. Remember to report bugs on the Issue Tracker.

Requires Mantle 0.9.0 and Forge 1761

There were changes to spawn logic for blue slimes. It might be that already generated slime islands in old worlds wont spawn them anymore.


  • Magma Slime Islands
  • Magmaslime Matherial
  • Clay Casts (single-use, tool parts only)
  • Liquid dirt and molten clay
  • Plate and Gear Casts
  • Fancy Item Frames

Old but new:

  • Fortune-Autosmelt interaction is back and enabled by default
  • Mattocks
  • Silktouch, Beheading and Necrotic Modifier
  • Stone torch, stone ladder, wooden rails, punji sticks
  • Alubrass (if Copper and alumin(i)um are present)

  • Changes to spawning on slime islands
  • Tweaks to materials
  • Reinforced gives 15% now
  • Paper heads give 1 Modifier
  • All wood parts give ecological now

  • Fix a severe issue with congealed slime where xp orbs could cause lag
  • Fix Smite/Bane of Arthoponds not scaling correctly
  • Fix some traits and modifiers not working correctly with the cleaver
  • Remove Cobalt/Ardite dropping XP
  • Fix ° character not showing up in JEI

and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.6.5
  • Added: Rainbow Lamp
  • Added: Redstone Activator
  • Added: Advanced Redstone Interface
  • Fixed: Entity Detector & Potion Vaporizer not dropping their inventory when broken
  • Fixed: Quartz Glass being destroyed by water
  • Fixed: Redstone Update issues with the Redstone Interface
  • Fixed: Block Breaker crashing when broken while mining
  • Fixed: Block Breaker not realizing it should start breaking when first placed in front of a block
Screenshots and Explanations

Due to me changing some stuff with the Redstone Interface all Redstone Interfaces in your world will vanish.

and @Azanor with Thaumcraft
azanor said:
Thaumcraft 5.2.2
- new stuff

- 9 coins can now be crafted into a gold bar

- totems now properly count all chunks in their inner and outer range as eligible

- possible fix for golems with the hauler tag occasionally getting stuck holding a ghost item.

- when sprinting while flying with a thaumostatic harness, vis usage will be greatly increased.

- fix for infusion crafting speed modifiers (from upgrades and altar types) not being applied

- changed the way revelations in the outer lands is gained. It is now a secondary research, but should be a lot less buggy.

- the Warping effect on gear will now also increase the time it takes for warp events to stop happening after warp is gained.

- fixed the recipe for sustaining ring enchantment to use the proper metadata value for the water breathing potion. The MC wiki lied to me :(

- the dioptra now emits a comparator signal based on the aura levels for the current chunk (based on which crystal is placed inside)

- fiddled with grapple focus syncing a bit. The grapple head might now shift position slightly while you are being pulled as the client and server catches up to each other, but it won't seem to connect to empty air anymore or give 'false' connects.

- by default filtered seals will now be in blacklist mode and a completely empty white list will not allow anything through (currently empty white lists act like empty black lists which is counter to how most other mods work)

- fill seals can now be set to only fill a container if it already contains an item like that

- empty and provider seals can be set to always leave at least 1 item of a type in their container

- several small tweaks and bugfixes


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
and @PeeGee85 with Minecraft Worlds mod
PeeGee85 said:
Minecraft Worlds mod 1.0.5
Be sure to also download TCEE 1.0.5.!

MCW and TCEE Version 1.0.5

As of version 1.0.5 MCW and TCEE are officially out of beta! Ofcourse there may still be some occasional bugs but MCW and TCEE now have all the functionality they need to serve their respective purposes. Users can now import and generate existing TC configurations and biome packs with TCEE and TC or MCW. CustomObjects and BO2's now work for MCW so all the trees, rocks etc will show up properly. This means that MCW will finally be able to compete with all the other biome mods out there. Be sure to grab an awesome biome pack! (for instance https://sites.google.com/site/biomebundle/). Text instructions for importing worlds and biome packs with TCEE are included with the download.


- CustomObject() has been fixed for MCW, this means that BO2's and BO3's added as CustomObject() to the ResourceQueue of biomes will spawn just like in TC. This means that many of the available biome packs for TC will now work for MCW as well since their trees, rocks etc now spawn correctly. There are some limitations to BO2's and BO3's however (32x32 size limit and some branching BO3's won't work), a log message will appear if a BO2 or Bo3 could not be loaded.

- All BO3's added using CustomObject() will spawn using the TC rules for BO3's, all BO3's added using CustomStructure() will spawn using the MCW rules for BO3's.

- Fixed a number of crashes related to creating sky worlds and placing structures in them. Sky worlds should now be much easier to make!

- Fixed a number of crashes due to invalid configurations, BO2's and BO3's etc. MWC should be more stable and forgiving now.

- Fixed the spawning behaviours for cacti, plants, ice spikes and some other resources. These resources should now spawn with frequency and density similar to TC.

- Fixed some bugs in the smoothing area code, should look a little better.

- Fixed several small bugs and crashes


- Added an "import world" function to TCEE so that users can import existing worlds and biome packs. Users who have configured their world with a text editor can now import their settings into TCEE.

- Changed the behaviours for single-biome biome groups and removed some of the naming restrictions. This should make working with biome groups much easier.

- Added "Canyon world", "Floating island world" and "Sky world" pre-sets, removed a few redundant pre-sets. Also improved nearly all existing pre-sets for clarity.

- Updated and fixed a number of schematics and BO3's (see last edited date to find out which were updated in case you don't want to re-upload them all, be sure to copy main BO3 file + its subdirectory).

and @hexosse with WorldEditCUI Forge Edition
hexosse said:

This mod provides a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time. It allows you to work more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection and is especially useful when working with Polygon, Convex Hull and Cylinder selections.

WorldEditCUI was originally written by lahwran, it was subsequently maintained by yetanotherx, and is actually maintained by Mumfrey for the liteloader version. WorldEditCUI Forge Edition does exactly the same as WorldEditCUI but for forge 1.8.9


Display your WorldEdit selection instantly in-game


To install the mod:

  1. Download and install the latest forge 1.8.9
  2. Download the latest version of the WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition and copy it to your mods folder.