What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @535 with In Case of Emergency
535 said:
Home Page

There's long been a desire for a "death mode" in Minecraft which falls somewhere between the default behavior of dropping everything on the ground and the keepInventory gamemode. Traditionally, this is done by storing all your items in a block with an inventory — a "death chest", a gravestone, or the like.

In Case of Emergency offers a new alternative, with cool new features:

  • ICE not only stores your items, but also their position within your inventory, allowing you to quickly re-equip everything, rather than having to pick it all up off the ground.
  • ICE understands Minecraft's team system, and can be configured to allow teammates to retrieve your inventory for you when it's too dangerous to get yourself.

and @BlayTheNinth with Kleetho
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod allows you to hold shift while breaking a double slab to only one half of it. The half that is broken depends on your position.

Supports Vanilla slabs as well as a few modded slabs and can be configured to support even more (as long as they use the default implementation).


Why? For the glory of Kleetho, of course. She suggested the name herself. It's very creative.

Supported Mods:

  • Botania
  • Applied Energistics 2
  • BiomesOPlenty
  • Forestry
  • Thaumcraft
  • Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Witchery

and @BlayTheNinth with Ad Aqua
BlayTheNinth said:
Day 26. Still no rain. My lips are dry. I'm thirsty... but not a single rain cloud in sight.

I'm starting to feel like I might have spawned in a desert biome. Or maybe the Gods of RNG have a huge grudge against me.


Free yourself from the tyranny of RNG! This addon to Ex Nihilo allows you to craft a wooden crucible, which, when filled with plants or fruits, will slowly extract the water out of them. The same will work within Ex Nihilo crucibles (however, those require clay, which usually requires water...).

Crafting Recipe


The crafting recipe uses the Ore Dictionary, so any logs or wooden slabs will work.

Default Configuration

By default, the Wooden Crucible supports all saplings and leaves (as long as they're within the OreDictionary), as well as cacti and apples. This can be configured and extended in the config file of the mod.

and @CrazyPants with Ender Zoo
CrazyPants said:
Ender Zoo
- Owl (model and texture by Inap)
- hunts spiders
- breed/tempt using spider eyes
- lays Owl eggs, used to making Potion of Rising

- Potion of Rising
- makes target players / mobs float upwards

- Added books for Withering and Decay enchantments to creative inventory

- #122 Fixed concussion creeper being able to teleport players bellow y level 0

and @Lothrazar with Cyclic Magic
Lothrazar said:
Cyclic Magic 1.3.0
- New inventory spell

- New long range building spells that use the inventory

- Some existing spells also work at long range now (up to 64 blocks) - the rotate and replace spells

- Inventory system lets you toggle the current passive effect - also with tooltips

- Some textures have changed

- No longer hit a crafting table, just use the inventory spell and use the buttons there

- Different wand types are purely cosmetic now

- Add tooltips to explain each spell in game

- Energy now regens even if doDaylightCycle is false

- Fix crashes on carbon paper spell use


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Jul 29, 2019
and @ShadowGamerXY with Hemomancy
ShadowGamerXY said:
This is a magic type mod in which you uses blood and mana to cast awesome spells!It has a lot of different spell combinations!

Is a work in progress mod, it has the core functions now I need to and more content. The original author was WayOfTime(1.8 version) that I ported to 1.8.9 and hope to continue the development!-THIS IS A 1.8.9 PORT OF WAY OF TIME'S HEMOMANCY MOD!


You just started a brand new world. Now you have a little bit of mana like every one else, but you want more you want to have the power to use that mana infuse it and make different spells. But to get the ability to cast spells you need more then just raw mana, you need blood. With blood you can mix the two to get the power that you need, but beware at the beginning you don't have enough skill to cast more complex spells who require more mana and blood. You will have to train and become a mage. With the power of spells you will be able to make your minecraft experience that much bigger.


WayOfTime source(outdated):


Follow me on Twitter for news and updates!

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings
  • NEW: Presence Footstep integration. Enhanced sound when walking around your world. Special mod support for Biomes O'Plenty and Thaumcraft.
  • NEW: Biome spot sounds. Special sounds will play depending on the player biome. Owl hoots at night, bison in the plains, rattlesnakes in the desert.
  • NEW: More blocks specific sound effects, such as bee buzz around bee hives.
  • NEW: Steam jets where water meets lava.
  • NEW: Dust motes can drop from ceiling blocks.
  • NEW: Player sound effects. These effects trigger based on action (crafting, bow pull, weapon swing) or condition (injured and/or hungry).
  • NEW: Configuration options for sound blocking and culling.
  • NEW: Weather in the Nether. When raining will get foggy, have red dust motes that fly around, and smoke particles will rise from the ground.
  • NEW: Potion effect overlay on the main player screen.
  • NEW: Configuration system so that modpack authors can configure additional block sounds and effects.
  • NEW: Automatic sound channel configuration. Increase the number of channels/voices the Minecraft sound system will use based on the capabilities of the underlying platform.
Make sure you back up any saves prior to installing this or any other mod update.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Just released a new version of RFTools 4.22beta22 (for MC 1.8.9):

  • Item module for screens should now work with inventories that only support the new capabilities.
  • Screen modules that show extra info should work again (i.e. showing RF, fluid amount, items in inventories, ...)
  • All RFTools blocks that have an inventory should now also work through the new item handler capability.
  • Ported the RF power relay back from 1.7.10.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
I released a bugfix version of 3D Maneuver Gear for Minecraft 1.8.9:

-FIXED: Recipes showing up multiple times in JEI
-FIXED: Cables not rendering correctly in first person

Also updated the description with recipes:
So I was bored and started working on this, one year later I was bored again and finished it.

This is my attempt on creating 3D maneuver gear in Minecraft, I wouldn't say it's a complete success, but it's not a failure either.

This mod doesn't seem like much, but I've put quite some effort in it, it has a fully functional dual wielding system (without any coremodding), bauble rendering system and some flawed vector math.

If you're interested on how it's done, or you think you know how to improve it, the code is fully Open Source and can be found on GitHub by clicking on 'source' on the banner above.

How to Use:

This mod requires Baubles by Azanor, to get started, first craft a set of Maneuver Gear and a Maneuver Gear handle. The maneuver gear is equipped in the belt slot and the handle is used to operate it, you'll notice that it is dual wielded.

left clicking operates the left handle, right clicking the right, not difficult to understand. Regular click swings the respective weapon, but it doesn't do any damage! That's right, you first have to equip a blade into the handle. Blades can be equipped on the handle by equipping them from your holster. You can visually see how many blades you have left in each holster and there is a tooltip as well.

To equip a blade from the holster ctrl + click (left for left handle/holster, right click for the right).

How do I get blades in my holster you ask? Craft a couple, and right click with a blade in your hand to put them in the right holster and shift-right click to put them in the left holster. Yes you can hit enemies with a bare blade, but you'll probably cut yourself.

Okay, now that you've got down how to equip blades and attack, let's talk about actually using the maneuver gear. Shift + click launches a grapple (again, left click the left and right click the right), a subsequent shift + click instantly retracts the corresponding grapple.

It is possible to start reeling in a grapple (and pulling yourself towards the hooked grapple) by holding the hotkey (default: 'z' for left and 'x' for right).

And that's basicly how to use the maneuver gear. Oh right I forgot, while wearing the maneuver gear, while holding shift and pressing space, instead of jumping you will vent gas out the nozzle on your back effectively trusting you in the direction you are facing.

P.S. You will take fall damage, a lot, that's why there is special impact compensating boots to reduce fall damage. Or you could use something else to prevent fall damage of course...



Known issues:

  • Grapples not latching, there is something weird going on in my impact code and I don't know what, will have to investigate. This is the major source of derpiness.
  • Spazzing out, when reaching the physically maximum possible retracting length of both cables, the allowed region where the player can be becomes smaller and smaller, as it becomes very small, a tiny change in velocity will alter the solution and it is possible that you start spazzing up and down, just stress the cables more or releas one of the cables, I'm not going to bother fixing this.
  • LAN: it does not work (for the host it does, for anyone else: nope). This is a consequence of Minecrafts weirdness when doing LAN, MinecraftForge doesn't have a way to deal with it and as a consequence neither has Baubles. I could put in a lot of effort to fix this, but I am not motivated to do so, if you are, I'll gladly take a look at your PR.
  • Textures. They're shit, I know, my apologies.

And added some screenshots:






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Jul 29, 2019
ProjectE 1.1.4 "ALL THE BUGFIXES \o/" for Minecraft 1.8.9 is now live on the Curse Client and at: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/226410-projecte/files

###Version 1.8.9-PE1.1.4
* NOTICE: When reporting issues on the tracker please be sure to tag them as 1.8
* FIXED: Compatibility issue with Chisel. Chisel mapping support has been temporarily removed
* FIXED: Compatibility issue with Thaumcraft
* FIXED: Pedestal TESR issue
* FIXED: Crash related to enchantments
* FIXED: Null itemstack error with some PE tools
* FIXED: Crash when changing collector inventory


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @gcewing with ArchitectureCraft
gcewing said:
ArchitectureCraft provides a wide variety of good-looking architectural features including sloped roofs, glazable window frames, arches and other rounded blocks, classical pillars and entablatures, and railings for balconies and stairways. ArchitectureCraft blocks may be made from almost any vanilla material and many materials added by mods as well.

and @allaryin with Fairy Factions
allaryin said:
Fairy Factions
This is an authorized update of KodaichiZero's old Fairy Factions mod, ported to 1.7.10 from the author's original 1.2.5 code.

For details on the original scope of the mod, see the old locked MCF thread. I will create a new thread, etc... when the mod leaves testing.

GitHub: https://github.com/allaryin/FairyFactions (PR's and bug reports welcome!)

Whoa, seriously? It's back? For real? How did this happen?
Seriously for real. The old mod is coming back, and I am going to make sure it doesn't die again.

Backstory time. My daughter was a massive fan of the Fairy mod back when I introduced her to it during MC1.2.5. For years now, she has bemoaned its disappearance from our servers - and has occasionally asked me if I could write my own version. Two years ago, we got as far as writing up some design notes and building a rudimentary 3d model of a fairy - but nothing worth getting excited over. I had to abandon the project because real life caught up with me and that abandonment has always bugged me.

In mid-November 2015, I saw Kodaichi post something on a forum somewhere (I forget where) and decided to contact him about the mod. I gushed like a fanboy, told him my sob story, and begged permission to try to update the mod as a Christmas gift for my kid. He totally caved to my persuasive powers (ie, was actually completely cool with the idea) and agreed to let me take a whack at reviving the mod.

I had the code in hand the following day and worked furiously on updating things right until Christmas Eve - by which point I had an 85-90% functional version of the mod that I was able to show to a very happy little girl. That last 10% is the hard part, but I've finally knocked out two showstopper bugs and am comfortable revealing things to the public.

What happens next?
I'll be releasing alpha/beta builds of the mod for a bit until it is 100% feature compatible with Kodaichi's last public release. Once that happens, I will increment the version number and declare it stable. The instant the new mod is declared stable, I will begin porting it over to Minecraft 1.8/1.9. No new features are planned for the 1.7 port - just core functionality. Once the mod is ported and stable on MC1.8/1.9, I will be consulting our old plans for improving the mod and taking community suggestions for future development.

I have uploaded the source code (both old and new) to GitHub.

We are licensing the remake under Apache 2.0, which basically guarantees that if I ever get hit by a bus or give up on it or whatever, people will be able to resume work without much difficulty. The only thing that isn't being opened up to the public (and which isn't technically coming along with this update of the mod) is Kodaichi's original fiction surrounding the fairies in question. I will be developing new, compatible lore as appropriate.

His official statement on the subject:

"I grant Ammon Lauritzen [Allaryin] permission to use the source code and imagery of my Fairy Factions mod in whatever way he chooses, but reserve the right to ask him to cease any activities involving my intellectual property in the event I deem it necessary, which may or may not potentially include future projects involving the character designs used in the original Fairy Factions mod."
- KodaichiZero (Nov 13, 2015)
So yeah. He keeps the IP for a project he's doing in Unity, and we keep the mod. Everybody wins :)

How can I help?
You can help most by communicating with me.

Let me know if you try out pre-release builds of the mod. Tell me what's broken for you. If you're a developer, you can always submit PR's on GitHub - I'm usually good about responding to patches quickly. I don't have any immediate needs for artists, and I have existing go-to contacts within the modding community - but I'm more than willing to talk to anyone who wants to help.

I am especially looking forward to being able to see the mod translated into other languages - and will definitely be soliciting help when the time comes for that.

I am most accessible on IRC (Esper) at #MCUpdater, but will also usually see PM's via Curse/MCF in a reasonable amount of time.

Known Bugs
The features that are either broken or missing of which I am aware at this time are:

  • All messaging and nametags have broken color codes.
  • Once you pick up a fairy, it is remarkably difficult to put it back down without logging out of the game.
  • Worker AI is unreliable.
  • There is no rename gui.
  • There is no localization - it is all hard coded in English.
Additionally, the mod has not yet been tested on servers, so... YMMV :)

and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod adds compressed hammers for the default Ex Nihilo hammer materials (wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond), which can be used to smash compressed cobblestone into nine pieces of gravel. The same works for compressed gravel and compressed sand.

It works with Extra Utilities' compressed blocks by default, but can be configured to work with any block.



The same recipe works for the other main materials of hammers. Materials can individually be disabled in the config file, e.g. to disallow compressed wooden hammers.

Default Configuration

By default, Extra Utilities' compressed cobblestone, gravel and sand are supported.

The format for entries within the Smashables list in the config file is as follows:


Chance and luckMultiplier are floating point values; 1.0 is 100%, 0.0 is 0%. The default luckMultiplier used by Ex Nihilo for ores is 0.1f, however it is only necessary if the chance is below 1.0.

Here's an example for dirt being broken into two diamonds at a chance of 1% and a luckMultiplier of 0.1.


and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 2.0.0-18
- Fixed issue with lava crystal working even their is no LP available.
- Added upgrade trainer
- Fixed step height issue with C&B stuff. Apparently step height is now 0.6 by default instead of 0.5.
- Added Ritual: Song of the Cleansing Soul to remove Living Armour upgrades from the armour.
- Added Ritual: Ritual of Living Evolution, which is used to set the living armour's max upgrade points to 300.
- Added Ritual: The Timberman to cut down trees. Requires a chest on top of the MRS in order to collect the drops from harvested trees.
- Added Ritual: Hymn of Syphoning, which syphons up fluids around it in a 16 block radius and puts the fluid in the tank above it. The tank above it must have at least one bucket of the fluid you want to syphon inside of it.
- Added Ritual: The Assembly of the High Altar, which places runes and blocks from the inventory above it in the world in the form of a blood altar. Autobuilding altars~
- Added Ritual: The Gate of the Fold.
- Added Ritual: The Filler. Places blocks from the inventory on top of it in the world.
- Added Ritual: Le Vulcanos Frigius

- Added tooltip to living armour to show the current upgrade points of the armour.
- Added recipe for the training bracelet. Combine in an anvil with an upgrade tome to set it as the upgrade to train.
- Ammended range of Zephyr ritual
- Fixed Green Grove ritual
- Fixed Crusher ritual so it didn't break everything at once.
- Removed the FOV effect from the Quick Feet speed upgrade.
- Minor work on the Demon Crucible.
- Crucibles now fill the tartaric gems of close-by hellfire forges
- Fixed rituals not correctly re-activating when taking off a redstone signal after reloading the world.
- Added Teleposition Sigil, which teleports the user to the bound Teleposer.
- Added Transposition Sigil, which picks up the block clicked on including the NBT of the given tile.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @superdextor with Lots of Things
superdextor said:

Welcome to the Lots of Things (LOT) Mod. This mod adds a whole array of Items into Minecraft! Including Guns & Weapons, New Ores and Tool Sets, Healing Items, Explosives, and Much Much More! Now with Rainbow Boxes.

Modpack Permission

If you what to use this mod in a modpack send Me a private message with your modpack's name, a link to the modpack's main page and that proper created is given to superdextor and Think Big Corp for creating the mod. unauthorized usage in a modpack will be takin' to the full extent of the law.

© Think Big Corp 2016


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @masa with Item Scroller
masa said:
A small, client-side mod that allows moving items in inventory GUIs by scrolling the mouse wheel over inventory slots with items in them.

This is basically what NEI (and some other mods) also do/did, but separated into this tiny mod (since in Minecraft 1.8.9+ JEI is now usually used instead of NEI).

Note: Some other mods also add the same functionality. You don't want to have multiple mods installed and doing this at the same time.
Mods that add this functionality in Minecraft 1.8.9, that I know about: Mouse Tweaks, Inventory Sorter.
So don't install this mod if you have one of those installed and the scroll functionality enabled in them.

Note: The mod is a client-side only mod at the moment (version 0.1.0).

Mod packs/permissions
  • Mod packs: go ahead!
  • Re-hosting the mod file otherwise is not cool, mmkay?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BlayTheNinth with Crafting Tweaks
BlayTheNinth said:
Crafting Tweaks 3.0.51
Added counter-clockwise rotation (shift-rotate)

Added forced clearing (shift-clear), will drop items if necessary to clear the crafting grid

Added item spreading (shift-balance), will spread the largest stack in the grid into empty slots and balance the grid afterwards

Added compressing/decompressing of a whole stack by holding shift while pressing the Compress key

Added button tooltips (can be disabled in the config)

Moved Decompress to CTRL+Compress (it still has its own hotkey though, unassigned by default)

Fixed client-side balancing ignoring the last slot

Fixed compressing of 2x2 items not working in 3x3 grids

Fixed client-side compressing sometimes dropping the result into the crafting grid

and @FireBall1725 with Graves
fireball1725 said:
Graves 1.8.9-b41
* FireBall1725: (2016-02-21 19:49:05 -0800)
Added gravestone locations to log

and @Vazkii with Psi
Vazkii said:
Psi beta-15
  • Added an indicator to the tooltip of any spell pieces added by potential addons.
  • Added Block Conjuration tricks: Conjure Block, Conjure Light, Conjure Block Sequence.
  • Added Flow Control pieces: Sleep, Die, Evaluate, Sneak Status and Constant Wrapper. Also includes Min/Max operators.
  • Added Operator: Focused Entity, which lets you get the entity an entity is looking at.
  • Added Smeltery tricks: Smelt Item and Smelt Block.
  • Added the Psimetal Exosuit armorset, Exosuit Controller, Exosuit Sensors and the Exosuit Casting group.
  • Added Trignometry operators, Pi, and Dot Product.
  • Added two new spell bullets: Charge and Mine. Added a Spell Detonator item for the Charge Bullet.
  • Capped the amount of Psi you can have to 5000. If you go above level 25 you'll still have 5000. Furthermore the maximum regen you can have is 25 Psi per tick.
  • Fixed Break Block tricks breaking liquids.
  • Fixed Constant: Number pieces crashing the game if a spell is imported with invalid json.
  • Fixed Eidos spells messing up if you die in the middle of their execution.
  • Fixed null entities sometimes getting picked up by selectors somehow and crashing the game. I think.
  • Fixed setting the Psi Master keybind to a mouse button crashing the game in the bullet selection radial menu.
  • Fixed tools desyncing on levelup.
  • Fixed Trick: Torrent being able to place water in the nether.
  • Fixed tricks that place blocks not updating the inventory stacks properly in the client.
  • Fixed white lines in the CAD models.
  • Improved UX for the Spell Programmer:
    • Ctrl+arrow keys shifts the spell around.
    • Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V work as Copy/Cut/Paste.
    • Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y work as Undo/Redo.
    • Enter can now open the piece selection panel. If you're in the selection panel and have only one visible piece (because of searching), you can use Enter to put it in the board.
    • If you have the piece selection panel open, you can use Esc to close it instead of closing the whole interface.
    • Number keys + arrow keys let you change the values of spell parameters using your keyboard. Double tap the same key to disable a parameter (if available).
    • Searching for a number in the piece selection panel allows you to place the respective Constant: Number piece directly from there.
    • Spell name field is no longer force selected (no more v spam for direwolf :<).
    • Tab changes your cursor between the text box and the spell grid.
    • The arrow keys can be used to change the selected position.
    • You can search for "in:(type)" or "out:(type)" to get pieces that take a specific data type as input or have it as output.
    • (If you're on Mac, use Cmd instead of Ctrl).
  • Loopcast and Circle Spell Bullets can no longer be put on anything that isn't a CAD.
  • Made Trick: Strength more expensive. Same curve as Regeneration and Resistance.
  • Moved Eidos Manipulation to level 24 to accomodate Exosuit Casting.
  • Projectiles now remember the context of when they were created (by a tool), so pieces like Selector: Block Broken will work on non Normal bullets.
  • Psimetal tools now only regen if you're above 50% Psi.
  • Raised level cap to 25.
  • Removed the "Psi Beta | Not Final" indicator from GUIs. The mod is still beta, but this doesn't need to be there any more as it's not as early.
  • Rewrote Alternative Casting a bit to accomodate for the new bullets.
  • Selector: Attack Target now also works with Projectile Spell Bullets and returns the entity the projectile collided against.
  • The parameters for Operator: Vector Construct are now all optional. Any non set values default to 0.
  • Tools can also be right clicked on a Spell Programmer to set the bullet in them, similarly to a CAD.
  • Tweaked more spell piece icons.
  • Tweaked the texture for the Introduction GUI.
  • When you select an item with Spell Bullets, the type of bullet is now displayed above the name alongside with the spell's name.
  • You can now move, sprint, sneak and jump while in the bullet selection radial menu.

and @boni with Tinkers Construct
boni said:
Tinkers Construct 2.1.0
Requires Mantle 0.8 for MC 1.8.9!

Beta release, there are bound to be some bugs.

This Update contains several big changes compared to the last Alpha. It also contains several API changes/breaks.

Textures also have been further optimized, so that less are needed.

  • Materials provide stats and traits depending on which role they fulfill when building a tool. So far they can be used as tool-head, handle or accessoire/extra-part.
  • Materials and modifiers have been rebalanced
  • Tool stat calculation changed, they're calculated similar to old TCon again: Similar parts are averaged, durability is multiplied by handle modifier, handle-durability applies after all other calculations
  • Tools can be repaired with all materials that are used for the toolhead now. Efficiency may vary depending on the impact the part has on the overall stats. In any case, using multiple materials to repair at the same time wields more durability repaired.
    Example: A hammer made out of two ardite plates and a cobalt hammer head can be repaired with both cobalt or ardite. If both cobalt and ardite is used to repair at the same time, you get more durability back compared to repairing with ardite and afterwards with cobalt or vice versa.
New Materials:

  • Paper is back. A paper head gives 2 modifiers, any other paper head 1. Be careful though: Tool parts can only be replaced if there are enough modifiers left after the replacement
  • Firewood: Gives Autosmelt


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Jul 29, 2019
Don't think this was mentioned yet, so here's a new mod by bilde2910, Adequacy, that tells you whether your Java is up-to-date enough to run your Minecraft mods!
What is it?
Adequacy is a simple Minecraft mod that checks whether or not the installed Java runtime is recent enough to be able to run the game with the installed mods. If it's not, a warning message will appear with a prompt to download the latest version.



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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Vazkii with Psi
Vazkii said:
Psi beta-16
  • Added "Selector: Nearby Smeltables" to Smeltery.
  • Added the ability search for "_(name)" or "(name)_" on the Spell Programmer to find pieces that end with or begin with the name, respectively.
  • Added the Vector Ruler and "Selector: Ruler Vector", it allows you to define vectors in world. Check out the new (last) paragraph of Alternative Casting, because I couldn't find a better place to sneak it in.
  • Fixed a crash if you go below Y=0 or above Y=255.
  • Fixed Block Conjuration tricks using seconds instead of ticks.
  • Fixed Trick: Move Block being able to move Bedrock.
  • Fixed Trick: Smelt Item eating up items.
  • Rebalanced the stats for Trick: Smelt Item.
  • The Backspace key can now be used instead of the Delete key on the Spell Programmer.
  • The piece you have selected in the programmer GUI will now show up at the top.
  • Tweaked icons, again.
  • Tweaked the "you can only have one CAD" message.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @RaiderofRamen with Magi's Ascension
RaiderofRamen said:
Magi's Ascension 0.0.1A1 (ALPHA) for Minecraft Forge 1.8.9

Some useful and powerful spells for the budding Magi.

Description: You have discovered a way to create a wand imbued with natural magic. This magic wand can cast three main types of spells. The first type of spell applies an effect directly to you. The second type shoots fiery sparks from the tip of the wand and apply an effect to objects or creatures it meets. The final type seeps from the wand an binds itself to any objects or creatures you are facing.


Issues: Leave any bugs or suggestions on the issues tab above.


Completed: Casting system, basic spells, and JEI integration

To-Do: More spells, implement and tweak "costs", other types of magic.


- Emoniph for creating the ever amazing Witchery mod which served as major inspiration.

- Vazkii/Botania for helping me understand overlays a little better.

- Azanor for the b-e-a-utiful particle textures.

Terms and Distribution

This document is Copyright © (2015) the intellectual property of RaiderofRamen (hereafter referred to as Owner). Any attempts to publicly distribute the Owner's material or mirror this mod page without placing a web link to it will be met with legal action. The only exception would be for use in a mod pack.


and @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.6.3
  • Added: Spectre Key, Ectoplasm & Spirits (Allows you to access your own private room from anywhere)
  • Added: Rain Shield (A block that removes rain particles & sounds in its radius, also prevents fire from extinguishing)
  • Added: Block Breaker (A simple block that breaks blocks in front of it, acting like it is using an iron pickaxe)
  • Changed: The Lava Charm bar is now rendered in a way that should prevent conflicts with other types of "bars"
  • Changed: Ectoplasm texture
  • Fixed: Analog Emitter gui being to small for the buttons
  • Fixed: Potion Vaporizer crashing when used near bedrock or the top of the world
  • Fixed: Trying to place Nature Core in impossible places (Caused crashes in Skyblock type maps)
  • Fixed: Being able to use Instant Potions in a Potion Vaporizer through hoppers
  • Fixed: Bean Stalks making their growing sound even if they stopped growing
  • Fixed: Crash when putting an "empty" entity filter into an Entity Detector
  • Fixed: Dupe Bug using shift clicking in the gui of an Entity Detector
Wiki: Wikispaces



and @BlayTheNinth with Ex Compressum
BlayTheNinth said:
Ex Compressum 1.1.18
Added animal baits for wolves and ocelots

  • Will result in a wolf or ocelot spawning outside of it's natural habitat (biome) where the bait was placed after a while (as long as no player is too close)
  • Spawn chance can be changed in the config, 0.05% per tick by default
  • Can be disabled in the config individually
Added Wooden Crucible

  • Extracts water out of plants (saplings, leaves, cactus, ...) as an alternative to rain
  • Taken from Ad Aqua, Ad Aqua is discontinued in favor of Ex Compressum
Added Heavy Sieve

  • Allows sifting of compressed blocks to save time (by default 4x loss of efficiency/block)
  • By default only works for manual use, fake players must be enabled in the config
  • Configured to automatically register Ex Nihilo siftables at a rate of 5x the rewards of a single block by default
  • Can be configured to add further heavy siftables
Added NEI Compatibility

  • Compressed Hammer
  • Heavy Sieve
Changed recipe of Compressed Crook to require a 3x3 grid and resemble the original recipe


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
and @Furgl with Baby Mobs
Furgl said:
Baby Mobs 1.3
  • Baby Zombies and Baby Pig Zombies now have special abilities:
    • Baby Zombies spawn riding Zombie Chickens
    • Baby Zombies will convert a Chicken to a Zombie Chicken if it is not riding a Zombie Chicken
    • Baby Pig Zombies spawn riding Zombie Pigs
    • Baby Pig Zombies will convert a Pig to a Zombie Pig if it is not riding a Zombie Pig
  • The default spawn chance of Baby Spider Jockeys has been reduced
  • Baby Wither Skeletons now release smoke and disappear when attacked in creative mode as well
  • Baby Creepers’ explosion sparks now still give off smoke when particles are turned to minimal
  • 1.7.10 only: Baby Skeletons now ride on Baby Spiders properly
  • 1.8 only: Baby Creepers now release sparks at a normal velocity when exploding
  • 1.8 only: Baby Guardians now try to ram players when attacked out of water as well as in water

and @ZAZPRO with Baubles Stuff
zazpro said:
Baubles Stuff 2.0
-New item creation system. It means that previous one will disappear!

-Brand new crafting system!

-New upgrades.


-Version checker.

-Upgrade Extractor.

-Bug fixes.