What's new in modded minecraft today?


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of Immersive Craft 1.0.2 for MC 1.8.9:

Version 1.0.2:

  • Some fixes on sticks to avoid crashes
  • Added a key to support placing blocks too (default 'p')
  • Added a config that allows you to disable right-click in-world placement so that only the hotkey works
  • It is now also possible to place tools against the walls in the world (right click or 'p' button)

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/241268-immersive-craft

Have fun


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools Dimensions 4.21beta18 for MC 1.8.9:

  • Some fixes for early versions of JEI (newer version should be fine)
  • Worked around a problem with some fluids not having a valid name. This could cause crashes in the creative inventory
  • Added an API to access dimension information.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions

Have fun


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New release of RFTools 4.21beta15 for MC 1.8.9:

  • Ported the builder with almost all functionality from 1.7.10 to 1.8.9. The only thing not working is rotation. Normal move/swap/copy/quarry/void/build should all work.
  • Added a new powercell. This is both an energy storage solution as well as a way to 'teleport' RF power to other locations (with a small cost associated to that).
    • You can configure the sides of the powercell to be 'none', 'input', or 'output' (right click with wrench or set all sides at once with the GUI).
    • A powercell can be used locally (without inserting a powercard). In that case it just stores up to 500000 RF locally.
    • If you use a powercard then as soon as you insert it into the powercell the card will get a new unique ID. You can then put other cards into the right slot of the powercell GUI to copy that ID. If you then put those copies in other powercells they will share the same energy and form a multiblock. These other powercells don't have to connect. They don't even have to be in the same dimension (but read about the cost of doing that later). The total size of energy you can put in such a connected powercell grid is the number of cells multiplied with 500000.
    • If you have a connected powercell and then remove the card then it will retain it's energy (the total energy divided by the amount of blocks that the grid had before) and the energy that is now local will be removed from the grid. If you then re-insert the card the block will be added to the grid again and the energy that was local will be added to the grid energy.
    • Connected powercells have power transfer without cost. But as soon as the grid is disconnected in some way there will be a cost. This cost is calculated based on distance between connected subparts of the grid. For example, if you have 10 cells connected to each other and 1 cell a long distance away then extracting energy from that single block will be more costly then extracting energy from the 10 connected cells. The reason is that more power is stored in the 10 cells relative to the total amount so it can get to it faster if you extract it from there.
    • By default the maximum distance is 10000 blocks (transfer between dimensions is also capped at that distance). Distances bigger then that will not cause a bigger cost. At this maximum distance the cost factor is 10% by default. That means that if you have a single power block in the overworld and a huge collection of cells in another dimension then you will pay close to 10% extra for energy that you extract (it is not exactly 10% since the cell you have locally brings the cost down slightly).
    • Transfering powers over great distances works better in dimensions that are powered by RF. For that reason it is more efficient to have powercells in RFTools dimensions. If you transfer power from an RFTools dimension to the overworld the cost is half. If you transfer power between RFTools dimensions then the cost is only 25%.
    • Infusing a cell will further reduce the cost of transfering energy up to 50% (for a 100% infused cell). This infusion process has to be done on the cell from which you are extracting energy. The infusion levels of the other cells doesn't matter.
    • By default a powercell can output 5000 RF/tick per side (configurable). Infusing the cell to 100% will raise that to 7500 RF/tick.
    • Note about efficiency: a big multiblock with powercells spanning lots of dimensions and having hundreds of cells will keep on working even if most of those cells are not chunkloaded. You even have access to all the power in the grid without having the need to chunkload every part of the multiblock. Of course unloaded powercells cannot get new power themselves but they can get new power through other cells that are loaded.

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Azanor with Thaumcraft
azanor said:
Thaumcraft 5.1.5
- API: Added ore dictionary entries for vis crystal blocks
- API: additional methods for the new golem coloring mechanic
- golems and seals can now be assigned colors allowing you to limit golems to performing tasks from specific seals. See the thaumonomicon for details.
- use seal should be a lot less derpy when it comes to using items that can change in their inventory like buckets
- fixed seal filtering logic. The damage value and nbt checks were either reversed or not working for most seals. My bad
- aura nodes are now immune to explosions
- you can now navigate through the thaumonomicon recipe pages using the keyboard
- new essentia fx
- flux dust should now be easily harvestable with a shovel
- stabilizers can now only hold one node at a time - any others will be pushed away
- fix essentia mirror interactions with transfusers... again.
- when initially logging into a world you will now be able to combine aspect in the research table that already contained a note without having to remove and replace it
- magic and essentia mirrors will now build instability slower and will lose instability over time if not used
- fixed a major bug that was preventing certain things like flux events, seals etc. working in certain dimensions.

and @ZLainSama with OfflineSkins
ZLainSama said:
This mod allows you to show off your skins even if the server is in offline mode.

In case of your normal skin doesn't load, you can add your/others skin in the generated folder (.minecraft/cachedImages/skins), named after your username and ends with .png. This way the mod will use the provided file to load a skin for your/others character.

[This can be turned off] Crafatar will also be used to provide skins when normal skin doesn't load.

This mod is Client-Only, you don't need to install on server.

This mod was developed before SkinPort but it has been rewritten using codes from SkinPort.

There might be some bugs, reporting them to me is appreciated.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Minor PSA: if you're having trouble accessing the (Official) FTB Wiki, it's because Gamepedia is currently upgrading the wiki software to the latest version. It'll alive and kicking again hopefully within a day or so.
Update: Most major issues are resolved. The only remaining major issue from this that I'm aware of is an issue with our OreDict extension's parser, which should be looked at soon :)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @NextInima with KoRIN DungeonBuilder
NextInima said:

Hey there !
I have a new Mod for you guys.
With this Mod you can build your own Dungeon! for your Advanture map...Server....or just for fun in Singleplayer!

All you need is Creative Mode.


Spoiler (click to show)

Infomation about the Mod

I give the signals the names.... A and B!! ;D
The A signal activate blocks so they can do thinks.
The B signal deactivate blocks so they redo thinks or just sleep.

Player guard
A block who will look for other players and send one A signal who activate other blocks, if no player is in range he will sind one B signal,
if you send a A signal to the block he will go in sleepmodus and he will do nothing, if you send a B signal he will start with the search.

Transform Block
(A)He send a B signal
(B)He send a A signal

Trap Block
(A)He spawn a trap across from the side where he is triggerd
(B)He despawn the blocks across from the side where he is triggerd
He get the texture from the block over it.

Time Block
(A)He stops the signal and send it after 2s
(B)He stops the signal and send it after 2s
Important: the block send the signal one block higher as the incoming signal!

End Block
(A) Block the signal
(B) Block the signal

Door Block
(A) Spawns a Door from the block over him, or just stone if there is no block over him.
(B) despawns the Door
Important: You can change the direction if you power him through a other side

Chest Block
(A)Copy the Chest overhim 3 blocks higher

Lobby Block
The block will look for guards at the first start, he will save the ground who run in the dungeon, also he despawn all mobs in the area
In the config you can say if the dungeon Lobby only open if the player who want to join the dungeon need to be in the same team!


the Mobs spawner will now trigger after the spawnd monster are death.

Spoiler (click to show)


for Infos about this mod or our other mods visit our Forum


Upcoming Features




DisappearingBlock is done

AppearingBlock is done

GustofWIndBlock is done



and a Wiki (work in progress)




Spoiler (click to hide)
MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
MOJANG - Mojang AB
OWNER - Hansdekip, Original author of the MOD.

Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft ("]http://www.minecraft...copyright.jsp"]http://www.minecraft...a]copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


2. USE
Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:
Dynamic Surroundings

  • NEW: Block step sounds that can play when a player walks on a block. Configurable by author using the Block Registry system. As a result wood planks can squeak, gravel has gravelly sounds, and stone has an occasional stone kick.
  • NEW: Fake player biome called "Player". Sounds can be attached to the player that will play based on various conditions. As a result a heartbeat sound will play when player health is <= 40%, and tummy rumble will play when hunger bar is <= 40%.
  • CHANGED: Tweaked fog mechanics to be more friendly with BoP biome effects.
  • CHANGED: Fog density for various biomes have been lessened.
  • CHANGED: One master volume scale control rather than a bunch of individual ones. Was getting unwieldy not to mention didn't cover block sounds authors may create. The default setting will cause all sounds to play at a lower volume than before.
  • CHANGED: New water drop effect - no longer has an reverb/echo.
  • CHANGED: New jungle sound - sounds better in a play loop.
  • CHANGED: Damage/heal popoffs will no longer display if > 32 blocks from the player, and will not always "stack on top" of the display.
  • CHANGED: Damage/heal popoffs for the player will not longer spawn in their field of view.
  • CHANGED: Longer sound fadeout for biome background sounds.
  • CHANGED: Biome spot sounds will be randomly "placed" around the player rather than spawning directly on the player location. Gives a bit more texture.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Updated AbyssalCraft (1.8.9) to 1.9.0-pre-3:
  • Removed all Transmutator/Crystallizer recipes involving Water of Lava (in block forms)
  • Fixed bug where some text in the Necronomicon didn't display
  • All explosives explode again
  • Fixed the third person rendering on all tools and weapons (swords are held by the hilt etc)
  • Fixed crashes related to missing classes (file paths to come Thaumcraft interfaces have changed, and I was checking for the old path)
  • The Depths Helmet overlay is displaying again
  • Fixed a glitch where walking into blocks that aren't full cubes would cause entities to suffocate
  • Monolith Disruptions shouldn't crash the game (and they work a bit better now)
  • All custom block and item models are now used (but the Staff of The Gatekeeper, the Cudgel and the Dreadlands Infused Powerstone currently has no models)
  • Added a JEI (Just Enough Items) integration (does exactly everything the NEI integration did)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Purplicious_Cow with Custom Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:
Custom Pets 1.0.0
Release Notes 1.0.0 for 1.7.10

"Custom Pets Full 1.0 Release"

New Features/Updates:

  • Cards now drop by killing mobs in certain biomes, and under certain conditions, see here for more: http://www.creeptech.net/images/cp/cp-card-abilities2.png
  • Sneak + Right Click now enables AOE Abilities to affect players
  • You can change Card Drop Types in the config (other option is based on mob-health only)
  • Pet now shows who designed it on rollover (can be turned off in config)
  • Lowered the volume of the Randomizer and Winner Sounds
  • Lower the drop rate of cards
Bugs Squished:

  • Achievement ID conflict with Project E now fixed, and mods are now compatible
  • Changed Custom Pets special Damage Boost Potion ID to prevent conflict with ‘Mining Fatigue’
  • Fixed Fireball so it shoots properly (credit: @swordtoface)
  • Fixed Custom Pet GUI fonts so they don’t squish other fonts in other GUIs (credit: psycoe11)
  • Fixed Uppercut to work properly when Strength Boost enabled (credit: @PopularMMOs)
  • Fix bug where Pet was still hungry and eating when not in hotbar (credit: GodricTheMighty)
  • Fixed Regen Level III to properly give healing effects (credit: GodricTheMighty)
  • Fixed Typo in ‘Mega Jackpot’ Achievement (credit: @SUPERgraduation)

and @TiTi with r2s Radio
TiTi said:
r2s Radio 1.1.0 Beta
  • BIG changes (optimizations/debugging/functionality)
  • added new item (radio receiver) will be used for the recipe
  • added the ability to play radio streams (mp3)
  • added M3U reader (URL) W.I.P:custom name is not shown
  • added options menu and change mouseOverHelp
  • added file explorer you can now select your folder link from in-game
  • added (memory) to buttons will now see if ex: shuffle is true
  • fixed lag spike when placing new blok and having big playlist
  • fixed crash skipping to last when smal list les then (10)
  • fixed crash when random skipping and having small list
  • re-fixed crashing when no folder location is given
  • reworked the config-file handeling when newer version
  • AND many more (invisible) stuff done


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Pressure Pipes 1.3.0
  • Added Tank Access Port – allows input/output for the same block – intended for use with ExtraCells fluid storage bus and similar mechanics
  • Fixed multiple issues with OpenComputers integration, should be fully usable now
  • Added fluid flow counts to Data Port API (thanks habnabit)
  • Pipe Sensors can now be accessed by computers (thanks habnabit)
Minecraft 1.8.9 beta

Beta builds of Pressure Pipes for Minecraft 1.8.9 are available from CurseForge and Jenkins.

This port have been a pretty monumental effort and there are still small bits of stuff to finish and bugs to fix. I did update/rewrite pretty much all of BDLib code so future ports of my other mods should be much much easier. Advanced Generators will be the next mod i’ll start working on once i’m done fixing the remaining issues with Pressure Pipes.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Aesen with Neoteric
Aesen said:
This is an early alpha of Neoteric. It may eat your laundry, boil your cat, fry your air conditioner, or create a blackhole over your CPU. You have been warned.

Neoteric is a mod that runs extremely early in Forge init, before all other mods, to allow you to do some early checks. Currently, the only check is whether or not your session is valid. Planned checks include checking if any mods need updating, among other things.

The same jar works on 1.7.2, 1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.8, and 1.8.9. Yes, it's magic. 1.7.2 is untested, and is only supported because why not.

Do as you wish, as long as you credit me and link back to this page. Hack it, chop it, mince it, decompile it, redistribute it, put it in your modpack, feed it to your cat. Doesn't matter.

and @BlayTheNinth with StepAssist Control
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod adds a keybind to toggle the step assist functionality provided by mods such as Botania's sashes or Tinkers Construct's Traveller's boots. It is unbound by default as to not confuse people who are unaware of it, so you'll have to go bind the key in the Minecraft Controls menu yourself.

It does *not* add step assist on its own.

It's meant to allow people to disable step assist for when they don't need it, as it can get in the way of building quite easily.

The mod only needs to be installed on the client.

and @MC_Pitman with Biome Bundle
MC_Pitman said:
First of all - disclaimers out of the way: This is my first ever attempt at releasing something like this and this is a first beta of any kind and is still a work in progress. Things are going to change and due to the nature of Minecraft world generation; updates and future patches will likely not work well with existing worlds so expect to have to start a new world every time you update to the latest version of Biome Bundle.

What is Biome Bundle?
Biome Bundle is a set of configuration and structure files created to work with Terrain Control, without it Terrain Control will generate a vanilla world and without Terrain Control, Biome Bundle would do nothing. Biome Bundle is essentially a biome/terrain and object/structure pack which creates randomly generated worlds that are completely customised. The content in Biome Bundle consists of 5 main parts:

Custom biomes and terrain
Custom objects (trees, rocks, etc)
Custom structures (Dungeons, ruins, etc)
Custom ore generation
Custom mob spawn rules in some biomes

The main reason for making a completely custom world generator like Biome Bundle using Terrain Control is not only because Terrain Control is open source and really powerful; but also because with no knowledge of Java these biomes can be added to, edited, stolen and otherwise abused by the community in any way shape or form. Literally everything in Biome Bundle has been made with no Java coding whatsoever. Terrain Control allows, through the editing of various config files:

Control of horizontal and vertical noise of terrain generation
Control of terrain height and volatility per biome
Control the size of biomes, oceans and rivers
Many options for caves and canyons
Control over vanilla structures like mineshafts, strongholds and villages
Full control of ores, plants, dungeons, ponds and more
Custom trees and other objects (BO2 and BO3)
Block replacement
Visual settings like custom foliage colors (TerrainControl client required)

First beta available for download in the files section

For installation instructions head here:


If you have any other questions or suggestions for Biome Bundle or want to keep up with the latest news, head over to the subreddit:


If you are interested in Terrain Control and biome creation try the official Terrain Control forum at forum.mctcp.com

FAQ for things like running Biome Bundle server side only, mod compatibility and other common questions here:


Happy exploring!

and @koganinja89 with WorldTooltip
koganinja89 said:

A very nice mod that will let you view the tooltips of the stacks on the ground. It will also add Not Enough Items information if that mod is installed, and Waila information if that is installed as well.

Stack sizes are easily viewable.


Any item, any mod, will display anything that NEI would display.


and @koganinja89 with ClosedCaption
koganinja89 said:

A mod that adds closed captions to Minecraft.

There are some pretty cool features of this mod, especially in conjunction with my other mod BattleText. This mod was created specifically for the hearing impaired who have a rather hard time playing a video that doesn't already have closed caption support. I hope this mods helps you. And it's even great for the non hearing impaired!

Here are some of the essential features of the mod:

and @koganinja89 with BattleText
koganinja89 said:

The BattleText mod is a great addition to any modpack or play-style. It gives a very minimal approach to floating combat text. And works extremely well with my ClosedCaption mod.

The essentials:
Without ClosedCaption also installed every hit or heal is displayed as a simple floating text that falls from the mob.


In conjunction with ClosedCaption mod:

and @koganinja89 with ScreenSize
koganinja89 said:

A great utility mod that will help you change your resolution both in fullscreen and windowed!

The default key to access the gui is the + on the number pad; this is a configurable key.

Press it and you are greeted with this gui:


The errors are actually helpful:



New Member
Jul 29, 2019
and @Lemon with Lemon's Simple Teleporters
Lemon said:

Lemon's Simple Teleporters adds a craftable teleporter block to quickly travel your world!

How to use this mod:

To begin, you will need to craft an "Ender Crystal" by heating up an Ender eye in a furnace


With this crystal you can sneak right click a block to create a link at a position you would like to teleport to.

You will now need to craft a "Teleporter" in a crafting table


Place this Teleporter on the ground and use the Ender Crystal you made earlier in it by right clicking with it in your hand. You can freely take the crystal out and put it back in.

Now you have a working teleporter! You can now step on it and sneak to be teleported to the position you linked the crystal to.




What is this black smoke?

When holding a linked Ender Crystal, smoke will appear on the block that it is linked to, simple switch to another item to stop the smoke.

Can I use this mod in my modpack?

Yes, as long as you provide a link back to either this page or the Minecraft Forums page and appropriate credit is given.

Can I host this mod on my website?

No, the only place to download this mod is this CurseForge page or the Minecraft Forums page.

Can I make a video about this mod or with this mod in it?

Yes, you don't need to ask.

If you find a bug or glitch, or if you're unsure about something, please ask.

and @BlipBot with BlipBot Interactive
BlipBot said:
Interactive livestreaming for Beam streamers
This mod allows viewers in your Beam livestream to affect you while you are playing Minecraft, by spawning in items, splashing potions, spawning mobs, striking lightning, and many other ways. All the possible ways of helping and hurting you are completely custom; you can configure exactly what your viewers can do and how much it costs. The mod comes with many standard options (such as giving random items, potions, healing, XP, explosions, etc.), though custom commands can also be specified.

Your viewers can do this by spending your BlipBot chat bot's in-chat currency through the !spawn command, so your viewers get rewarded for being active in your channel. If you would like to take advantage of Beam's interactive features, all the rewards you configure will be automatically converted to buttons below your channel, where viewers can spend Beam's global currency, "sparks", as well.

As an incentive, you can also configure the mod to give viewers a set number of points every time you die in game.

If you have not already, make sure that you have BlipBot in your Beam channel, by signing up from getblipbot.com. Once you have an account, please choose "Interactive editor" from the sidebar. You will be asked to enter your Minecraft username, and you will also be given an API key. After installing this mod on Forge 1.7, a configuration file named BlipBotPoints.cfg is created, where you will need to specify your API key.

After restarting your server/client, that's it! The !spawn command will work in your channel, and you can start configuring rewards from the interactive editor. Be as creative as you can!

If you would like to enable the Beam Interactive integration, make sure you click the "Enable Interactive Support" button from the editor. You will be asked to sign in through Beam, and then clicking "Go Interactive" will start up interactive mode for your channel.

As a side note, the mod is a server-side mod. If you have this mod installed on your server, there is no need for anyone on the server to install it client-side. However, the mod will work fine on single-player, if you do not wish to use a server.

If you need any help, you can find me on Twitter @Blip_Bot, or email ethan[@]streamjar.tv.

and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 2.0.0-15
- Added blood lamp sigil array texture and reagent. Made it so the blood lamp sigil will place the light when right clicking on a block.
- Added magnetism sigil array texture and reagent.
- Added the ability for the blood altar to have its buffer tanks accessed (Semi-tested)
- Improved readability for large numbers
- Fixed break particle for Alchemy Array
- Waila handling for Alchemy Array
- Fixed Ritual eating LP when reactivated via a Redstone signal
- Ritual Stones now always drop blank stones
- Bound Blade is now enchant-able
- Goggles of Revealing upgrade for Living Helmet. Combine a Living Helmet and Goggles of Revealing in an Anvil
- Fixed config for disabling rituals
- [API] Lots of changes to the binding system. It's now handled automatically for all items that implement IBindable.
- Added Incense Altar system.
- Added models for the routing nodes, incense altar, and the hellfire forge.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Five new mod updates:

RFTools 4.22 (for 1.7.10):
  • Made the code to fire the endergenic monitors more robust. This should hopefully prevent the need of having to place them back when the world reloads
  • Simplified the dimension monitor, ender monitor, counter, redstone receiver, sequencer and timer blocks. Hopefully this also prevents accidental chunk loading that occured with the rftools village house (was using the sequencer)
  • Made the way voidable blocks are checked more robust (for the builder)
  • Added a new config option for the builder to control if tile entities should be skipped or not. By default this is set to true (old behaviour) but you can set it to false if you want to be able to mine ores that are tile entities. Be careful as with this set to false the quarry will mine any tile entity it finds except for the ones in a 3x3x3 around the builder itself
  • If the terrain for a dimension is void and you didn't specify and material or liquid then it will always be generated as stone/water to prevent unwanted big costs
  • Added a workaround for some mods which don't seem to behave right with respect to overriding biome generators (climate control?)
RFTools 4.22beta17 (for 1.8.9):
  • Tried to improve the way blocks are voided (with the builder)
  • Added a new config option for the builder to control if tile entities should be skipped or not. By default this is set to true (old behaviour) but you can set it to false if you want to be able to mine ores that are tile entities. Be careful as with this set to false the quarry will mine any tile entity it finds except for the ones in a 3x3x3 around the builder itself
RFTools Dimensions 4.22beta19 (for 1.8.9):
  • Added missing localization for patreon dimlet type
  • Added a new 'dimlet parcel' item. This replaces the loot you can get in the overworld with enderman and chests to avoid cluttering that loot too much. A dimlet parcel will give the player random dimlet parts if right clicked. It is a present
  • If the terrain is void and you didn't specify and material or liquid then it will always be generated as stone/water to prevent unwanted big costs.
Immersive Craft 1.0.3 (for 1.8.9):
  • Shadowfacts fixed a hard dependency on Waila
  • Rocks and sticks no longer kill poor rabbits and chickens (by suffocating them)
Not Enough Wands 1.2.8 (for 1.8.9):
  • Fixed a wrong network channel name which could cause weird various crashing in some situations (like when pressing '=')

Download rftools: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools
Download rftools dmiensions: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions
Download immersive craft: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/241268-immersive-craft
Download not enough wands: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/235595-not-enough-wands

Have fun!


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Gigabit101 with Trashcans
Gigabit101 said:
Trashcans is a very simple mod that adds one block a trashcan.

The TrashCan will delete any item/block placed inside of it.

The TrashCan will work with hoppers/pipes.

This mod is based off of the trashcans from extra utilities by RwTema.

This mod requires RebornCore.

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and @Mithion with Ars Magica 2
Mithion said:
Ars Magica 2
Community update!

  • No new features added in yet! Just fixes!
  • Updated forge version
  • Improved localization
  • Rebalanced Entangle spell component
  • Telekinesis does not require sneak to be held while adjusting distance
  • Grow component will grow flowers on grass & do some more
  • Keystones and locked objects now notify the player if misused
  • Smoothed & improved boss animations
  • Ars Magica potion effects will try to find an open potion ID on first launch
  • Essence bag no longer requires sneak-use to open, just use
  • Reflect now requires a witchwood log for crafting
  • Various CPU load improvements
  • Spell targeting of creative players can be disabled in config
  • Improved death messages
  • Arcane reconstructor now deactivates when out of power
Bug Fixes
  • Spell book keybinds now scroll in the correct direction
  • Scroll wheel now works properly in spell book and Telekinesis
  • Rift storage and soulbound items no longer disappear in the End
  • Mod progress is no longer reset when changing dimensions
  • Divine and Ender Intervention components no longer cause crashes
  • Appropriation component no longer crashes dedicated servers
  • Arcane Guardian no longer crashes if near other bosses
  • Appropriation component now respects spawn
  • Creative only spell components now have textures
  • Shrinking is more fluid and stable now
  • Flowers now spawn with other world generation mods
  • Arcane reconstructor animation now works on SMP
  • Disarm component no longer crashes client in SMP
  • Ars Magica no longer eats bandwidth
  • Optifine, Thaumcraft and DragonAPI are now properly detected
  • Witchwood forests now generate witchwood trees
  • Dispensers no longer pick up Liquid Etherium (Blame Minecraft for this one)
  • Cycling spell shape with an empty spell book no longer crashes
  • Tarma roots now only spawn in dark places, but will not break due to light
  • Mob heads no longer crash imbument tables
  • Chrono anchor properly stops when crossing dimensions
  • Crafting table recipes now use ore dictionary
  • Rift entity has a name now
  • Power networks no longer "ghost" if broken in certain ways
  • Dig component now breaks blocks properly
  • Chrono anchor no longer conflicts with other mods that have death events
  • Removed console spam & cleaned up logging
  • Obelisk no longer causes network errors
  • Ars Magica now works properly with Thermal Dynamics
  • Dispel no longer desyncs clients
  • Liquid Etherium has a name now
  • /AMUICFG command is now purely client-side
  • Crashes no longer happen while breaking some Ars Magica blocks
  • Changing username no longer resets progress
  • Projectile spells no longer pass through some parts of a boss
  • Bosses now render properly
  • Journal no longer restores spent experience
  • Warding Candle no longer crashes if used on redstone ore
  • Arcane Deconstructor and Magician's Workbench no longer duplicates items
  • Keystone doors no longer drop wooden doors
  • Essence bag no longer eats essences