What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
@BluSunrize updated Immersive Enginerring to 0.7.1! (Also, it says the latest file was released 2 hours ago, but there's no file there, so this is possibly already outdated)

- added OpenComputers and ComputerCraft support. Massive thanks to malte0811 and cobra for making that possible!
- added MineTweaker compat for the Metal Press
- added InvTweaks support to the Wooden Crates
- added AE2 things to be processable in the Crusher
- fixed recipes for molds (thanks malte)
- fixed Improved Blast Furnace dropping itself (thanks malte)
- fixed links in the manual
- fixed light opacity on stone decoration blocks
- fixed component list of the Arc Furnace
- fixed outputting of the metal press
- updated zh_CN.lang
- updated jp_JP.lang

@Lordmau5 updated Fancy Fluid Storage to 1.8.9 and a final build to 1.7.10!
This is hopefully the final 1.7.10 build.

  • Fixed tanks not being fillable with containers (e.g. buckets) if auto output on a valve was set to true
  • POTENTIAL fix for massive amount of lag that was caused by tanks when it got filled / drained
  • Fixed tanks not being fillable with containers (e.g. buckets) if auto output on a valve was set to true
  • Fixed massive amount of lag that was caused by tanks when it got filled / drained
Practical Logistics was updated to 0.0.5!

- Large Display Screen (Working Version) - Display your data on massive screens!

- MineTweaker Support for Forging Hammer

- Italian Translation


- Inventory Reader: Crash when opening the GUI.


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Jan 6, 2013
Yet another day, yet another update... same boring stuff, yet again and again... why i even bother...
Immersive Engineering v0.7.1.2 by someone
Indeed, mr above was correct and there is a ninja-fix...
- hotfix again!
- fixed crashes caused by Crushign invalid items
- fixed NEI handler on for Blastfurnace
- fixed multiblocks sometimes being invisible

Practical Logistics v0.0.6 by Ollie_Lansdell
-Added Fluid Reader
-Support for Logistic Pipes Networks on Inventory Readers.
-Support for Storage Drawers on Inventory Readers.
-Tool tips in Inventory Reader.

-Fixed the scaling on Large Display Screens for rendering Items.
-Fixed scaling issues with Progress Bars

NuclearCraft v1.6 by TLJGames
+ Added Neutron Irradiator
+ Added Manufactory
+ Added Supercooler
+ Added Ioniser
* Many Machine recipe changes

* Heavy Duty Workspace now has a 5*5 crafting grid
* Many Heavy Duty Workspace recipe changes
+ Heavy Duty Workspace NEI Shift-click support
+ Heavy Duty Workspace Ore Dictionary support

* Fission Reactor now gives warning about the heat that it will produce
* Bigger Fission Reactors produce much more power
+ Fission Reactor Speed Blocks
+ Blast Resistant Blocks

+ Pistol and DU Bullets
+ Added Weak Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
+ Spin 1/2 Block (uncraftable for now)
+ More items and blocks for crafting

+ New configs
* It is suggested that the config folder is deleted and reloaded (then recustomised)

* Fusion Reactors' efficiency now read by comparators
* Nerfed Reaction Generator
* Fixed small issues with Fusion Reactor
+ Recipe info for Water Cells
+ More dungeon/village etc. loot
* Minor texture changes

* Possible other things that I have forgotten

IC2NuclearControl v2.3.4a by Xbony2
Reworked IndustrialCraft 2 Classic/IndustrialCraft 2 Experimental support
Added Croatian (hr-hr) languages file
Updated Russian (ru-ru) language file

All update updates brought to you with love™ by your favorite masterbuilder MasterZH
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @FireBall1725 with Graves
fireball1725 said:
The graves mod is a Minecraft Forge Mod that will upon death generate a gravestone in your world at your death spot that will hold onto all your items. To get your items back, just break the gravestone and it will drop everything that you had.

Future plans are to have a little surprise to get your items back, its still a work in progress, so no details yet until its ready


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Jul 29, 2019
Unidye Reborn v0.5 by me
  • Adds in dyeable Quantum Suits
  • Patches a few bugs with recipe checking


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Jul 29, 2019
Expanded Armory 1.4.1 by @mallrat208 got released a little bit ago:

1.4.1 - Steamy Action Hotfix
  • Added Support for Flaxbeard's Steampowered Mod
    • Added Gilded Iron Weapons and Ingot
      • Gilded Iron Ingot(s) registered under "ingotGildedIron" in the OreDictionary
    • Added Brass Weapons and Ingot
  • Initial Work on Crowbars
    • Added Manasteel Crowbar
    • Added Crowbar of the Resistance
      • Rare Blacksmith Chest Loot. Repairs with Steel.
  • Fixed ClassNotFound Error when loading without Railcraft
Known Issues
  • Mana Using Items may not update indicating they've been repaired despite using Mana. Dropping the item and picking it back up will make it show the proper durability.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @canitzp with Rarmor - The electrical Armor
canitzp said:
Rarmor is a Mod that adds a lot of cool stuff to Minecraft. A little feature is an chainsaw to cut trees immediately, but the Main feature is the "Rarmor", a elektrically based, strong Armor. The Rarmor is upgradeable with modules. There is an crafting table, a electric powered furnace and a larger inventory inside. Without other Mods you can produze Energy with the Generator module.

Click this to read more.

Click here for Recipes.

and @Dereliktt with Epic Armor!
Dereliktt said:
Epic Armor adds new custom armor because generic armor is boring.

This mod currently adds 2 new custom suits of armor to Minecraft with plans of adding much more.

If you would like to have your own custom armor added feel free to leave me a message, I would be happy to add as many community made armor as I receive.

Planned armor:

Juggernaut Armor

Dragon Rider Armor

Elf Warrior Armor (Link from Zelda style for my son)

Black Knight Armor

Paladin Armor

Defiler Armor

Mage Armor (All kinds)

Planned Implementations

Cloaks for Armors

Special effects on higher tiered armor

You are welcome to use this mod without explicit permission in any public and private modpacks you wish.

and @Ordinastie with MalisisSwitches
Ordinastie said:
Simple wireless redstone swtiches.

For detailed information about all blocks and recipes, please visit MalisisSwitches 1.8-0.3.0 thread on Minecraftforum.net.
Warning : the mod requires MalisisCore.


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May 13, 2014
An updated mod and a new mod!

First a new version of RFTools 4.20beta11 for MC1.8.9:

  • Added forgotten recipes for the manual and smart wrench
  • Fixed model and textures for machine frame and block
  • Added API for teleportation system meant for the RFTools Dimensions addon
  • The screen now correctly restores OpenGL state (meaning water no longer turns dark and some chests no longer turn inside-out)
  • Fixed tooltips for items in the modular storage block GUI
  • Dimensional ore now comes in three variations: normal, nether, and end.
  • Dimensional Shards are now part of RFTools. If RFTools Dimensions is not present then a hard crafting recipe is enabled by default and the shard ores will spawn in the nether and the end. If RFTools Dimensions is present this does not happen unless you configure it.
  • By default RFTools will perform retrogen on the dimensional shard ore. This can be disabled if needed.
  • Renamed main.cfg -> rftools.cfg
  • Ported the Machine Infuser from 1.7.10
  • The coal generator is now infusable and if fully infused will produce twice as much power (120 RF/tick) and last 50% longer on the same coal.
  • The coal generator WAILA tooltip now shows how much power is generated.
  • The screen WAILA tooltip is less verbose and now only shows [NOT CONNECTED] and/or [NO POWER] if something is wrong.
  • Added the creative only shard wand to fully infuse a machine.

And then the new RFTools Dimensions addon for 1.8.9:

  • First version of the dimension system. Here is what works:
    • The basic craftable dimlets are available. No other dimlet is available
    • The dimension enscriber is available and works
    • The dimension builder is available and works
    • Making dimensions using the craftable dimlets works
    • Letting RFTools generate random features/dimensions works
    • Chests in the overworld should contain various dimlet parts which you will be able to use in later versions
    • Killing enderman has a chance of giving dimlet parts
  • What doesn't work:
    • It is not possible to get access to any non craftable dimlet. These simply don't exist yet
    • Random dimension generation will always generate 'stone' and 'water'. No other random materials or liquids are available right now
    • The dimlet houses in dimensions don't contain any loot
  • Comparison to 1.7.10:
    • Unknown dimlets are gone forever. Instead you will have to craft dimlets using the dimlet workbench (which doesn't exist yet)

Download for RFTools 4.20beta11: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools
Download for RFTools Dimensions 4.20beta11: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions#t1:other-downloads

Note this is beta! Make backups!

But above all: have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
First Alpha of AbyssalCraft for Minecraft 1.8.9 released:
  • The dimensions are currently not updated, thus can't be reached
  • Structures haven't been updated either, resulting in them not generating
  • The Overworld biomes are generating, but Darklands Oaks won't generate
  • Entity models haven't been updated to the new format, so no entities currently exists
  • Most blocks and items should function normally (with a possible lack of custom models)
  • Most metadata blocks will likely not function normally
  • Rituals and most PE related things should work normally (with the exception that entity-related rituals and disruptions are disabled)
  • The built in update checker provided by Forge hasn't been configured yet (and won't be until we're out of alpha/beta)


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @lumien with Random Things
Lumien said:
Random Things 3.5.8
  • Added: Collapse Imbue
  • Added: (Advanced) Item Collector
  • Added: Item Filter
  • Added: Config Options for Worldgen
  • Added: JEI Support for Imbuing Station
  • Changed: Reduced chance of Summoning Pendulums spawning in dungeon chests
  • Changed: Ender Bridges now only teleport to loaded chunks so that they no longer generate terrain while "searching" for an ender anchor
  • Changed: Ender Anchors now keep the chunk they are in loaded
  • Fixed: Crashes occuring when entering / leaving a debug world
  • Fixed: Fluid Display & Custom Workbenches not working properly
  • Fixed: Quartz Lamp visibly glowing after relog
  • Fixed: Lapis Lamp causing continous lighting updates


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Cyanobacterium with DrCyano's Lootable Bodies
Cyanobacterium said:
DrCyano's Lootable Bodies
A death-chest mod for Minecraft.

If you would like to leave a comment regarding this mod, please go to the minecraft.net forum thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...anos-lootable-bodies-save-your-inventory-on-a

This mod requires that you install Minecraft Forge version 1.8- or later.

After you have successfully installed Forge, simply place the file lootable-bodies-#.#.jar in your mods folder. You can get the lootable-bodies-#.#.jar file from the Releases tab of this repository page.

Q: Why can't I have player skins on corpses in Minecraft 1.7.10?
A: Grabbing player skins on demand is a new feature in Minecraft 1.8. I don't have the time nor the interest in reimplementing Minecraft 1.8 in Minecraft 1.7.10.

Q: Please can you add player skins to the 1.7.10 backport?
A: No.

Q: I found a bug in the 1.7.10 backport version. Will you fix it?
A: No. There will be no more development in Minecraft 1.7.10, for any of my mods. I am only developing for the latest version of Minecraft-Forge.

Q: I found a bug in the 1.8 version. Will you fix it?
A: Yes. Please post the full crash report and a description of how to reliably create the crash on the issues section of the github page.

Q: Can I use this mod in my public mod pack?
A: Yes you can. You do not need my written permission.

Q: What happens if my corpse falls into the void?
A: It's gone for good.

and @Azanor with Thaumcraft
azanor said:
Thaumcraft 5.1.4
- builder focus

- taint events (like flux rain) will no longer trigger in wuss mode

- added Flux Sponge creative only item to drain flux from the aura

- provisioning with seals should no longer cause a crash on servers

- builder and equal trade focus should properly ignore and/or replace liquid blocks

- made flux events a bit more diverse and not just related to taint. This will be expanded a lot more in future updates

- added a config setting for those who want to remove some anxiety inducing effects

- node magnets will now ignore stabilized nodes

- tweaked golem ranged AI and rebalanced golem dart launchers

- made research packets passed between client and server on login more robust which should reduce the chances of losing research, warp, etc.

- fixed up some legacy research loading code that was making a real mess of things

- seals now follow the normal right-click rules which will allow you to (for example) place them in pedestals for infusion.

- infusion recipes that simply added NBT to an item (like the fortress armor mask recipes) should now work again

- fixed items like the primal crusher not dropping xp for certain harvested items.

- added support for Botania petal apothecary

- earth shock upgrade will once again leave the area charged.

- block breaker seal can be now set to ignore block metadata

- store seal task generation reworked so there should not be occasions where no task exist for a given seal

- store seals no longer need to be placed on an inventory. The golem will simply drop the item at the location if no inventory exists.

- fix for emptying transfusers not being able to work through essentia mirrors

- fixed node stabilizers occasionally skipping a tick giving other nodes a momentary chance to creep closer

- fixed many smaller bugs


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @42Scope42 with Chunk Edge Indicator
42Scope42 said:
In a manner reminiscent of the feature from ChickenBones' NEI, Chunk Edge Indicator shows the player where the chunk boundaries are.

Pressing the F9 key (configurable in the controls menu, under Miscellaneous) will toggle between three states: Off, Corners only, and All.

This mod is Client Side only (servers will ignore it if provided).


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Jul 29, 2019
For anyone who may be missing the CoFH worldgen stuff 1.7.10 I may have something for you soon (example in the spoiler is just a test of multiple variables)
The new state changes are actually beneficial for the users, because state property names and values are far less ambiguous than metadata numbers as you can see in the example JSON code.

    "category": "user",
    "frequency": 10,
    "minY": 0,
    "maxY": 100,
    "size": 20,
    "dimensions": [
    "biomeTypes": [],
    "weightedBlocks": [
        "Weight": 100,
        "Block": "minecraft:log",
        "Properties": {
          "axis": "x",
          "variant": "oak"
        "Weight": 40,
        "Block": "minecraft:leaves",
        "Properties": {
          "check_decay": "false",
          "decayable": "false",
          "variant": "jungle"
    "category": "user",
    "frequency": 10,
    "minY": 0,
    "maxY": 100,
    "size": 20,
    "dimensions": [
    "biomeTypes": [],
    "weightedBlocks": [
        "Weight": 80,
        "Block": "minecraft:stone_slab",
        "Properties": {
          "half": "bottom",
          "variant": "brick"
        "Weight": 80,
        "Block": "minecraft:stone_slab",
        "Properties": {
          "half": "bottom",
          "variant": "quartz"


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @PeeGee85 with Minecraft Worlds mod
PeeGee85 said:
Minecraft Worlds mod 1.0.4
MCW and TCEE Version 1.0.4.

This is the last time I'll make you re-upload all the BO3's, promise!

- Entity data is now supported! That means you can export contents of chests/dispensers/furnaces etc, texts on signs, scripts from command blocks and all kinds of meta-data for things like plants in flower pots, different types of skulls etc. It also means that you can now make redstone builds and they should spawn correctly and work. Time to build some giant cannons!

- MCW no longer uses the WorldObjects folder to store BO3s for each world seperately. MCW now stores all BO3 files in the "mods/TerrainControl/GlobalObjects" directory so that BO3s are shared across all worlds.

- The folder structure for BO3s has changed. each BO3 now has 1 file in the GlobalObjects folder (for 99% of your BO3s this should be the only file you ever need to edit) and it has its own sub-folder containing any branches and entities (chests, command blocks, signs etc). Nbt files can be opened and edited using NBTExplorer, so you can edit signs, chests, command blocks etc.

- Removed all the comments in BO3s included with TCEE for smaller filesizes and faster loading times.

- TCEE now works for both TC and MCW, no more seperate versions. Schematics can now be converted to BO3s for either TC or MCW, descriptions in BO3s will now also be accurate for MCW.

- The "copy world objects directory" checkbox has been removed and replaced with the "Copy structure files (BO3s)" button.

- Some small upgrades to the UI in TCEE to make things more user-friendly.

- MCW was upgraded to be equal to TC version 2.6.3. This means that WorldPainter should now work with MCW without limitations (biomes weren't imported properly earlier. This also means that existing TC world configurations for TC for Forge 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 should now work in MCW (with the exception of BO2s, I still need to fix those!).

- Some small bug-fixes and a performance increase, exploration and pre-generation should be noticeably faster.

and @gegy1000 with The Earth Mod
gegy1000 said:

What does it do?
The Earth Mod has one main feature, The Earth.
It adds in a new World Type, which can be accessed by clicking through the world types when generating a new world. E.G (Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, Customized...)
This World Type creates a 1:95 replica of the Earth, in Minecraft. That means the world generated is 432000x216000 blocks in size. All the generation is based on real Earth data, from various sources.

How do I get around?Getting around in a 432000x216000 world would normally be tricky, but not with this mod. This mod adds a new command '/tplatlong'. This command allows you to teleport to any given latitude longitude coordinate. How do you get these coordinates? The easiest way is to use Google Maps. Go to maps.google.com, click on the point you want to go to, copy and paste the coordinates it shows and paste those next to the command, but without the comma. For example: '/tplatlong 0.54154 45.54254'

I want to know where I am in the world!There is a gui for that, and it does more than just that. If you press 'K' (default) on your keyboard, a GUI will pop up. This will show your latitude and longitude, the street address you are at, and a Google Streetview Image of where you are, and where you are looking.

Why not just download a MC World file? Why a mod?There are a few reasons for this.
1 - Minecraft World of this size would be terabytes in size, this mod generates it on the fly, so your disk storage only has to store wherever you have been on Earth.2 - This allows for more 'randomization', your world can be a little bit different each time, and compatibility with any mod generation, like ore generation.

and @knoxz with Thaumcraft Research Helper
knoxz said:
With this mod your Thaumcraft Research will get a whole lot easier.

This is for Thaumcraft 5 only for now and Client-Side.

I might backport it to Thaumcraft 4 if there is a lot of demand!

Just hold the Research you are about to do in your hand and hit the assigned "Solve Research Key" (Default: NUMPAD_ADD) and voila all the Paths needed to clear the Research will pop up on your screen.
It the key again and they disappear again.

It is as simple as that.


  • /tchelper scale 1-64 Configure the scale of the aspects to satisfy your needs.
  • /tchelper top 1-400 Range from the top side of the Minecraft windows. If you have the minimap on the top side or anything else.
  • You can switch sides via config.
Be aware: This is an early version. I still try to add a few things,

To come:

  • Hover over Aspect to see full path to create it.
  • Better Pathfinding which respect length of the gap between Aspects. For now it is just giving you the shortest path but the rest should be a piece of cake.
  • And I may make it look more pretty down the line. ;-)

Please report Bugs at:

Really big thanks to Azanor for creating the, in my opinion, best Minecraft mod out there!

Thanks to jgraph.org for providing an excellent opensource graph library I can use for the early versions.

And also thanks to gigaherz and diesieben07 on Forge IRC for finding bugs that did cost me hours...

and @boni with Tinkers Construct
boni said:
Tinkers Construct 2.0.2
Now with Smelteries!

Requires Mantle 0.7

This is an Alpha version, use at your own risk. Backup your world before updating.

Mattocks, Battleaxes and Scythe have been removed until they're finished.

The next version will most likely come with a big material/stat overhaul and possibly API changes for those, don't get too attached to your tools stats.

and @Elec332 with E-Flux
Elec332 said:
Hello, and welcome to E-Flux, the brand-new 1.8.9 tech-mod!


E-Flux aims to be a little bit different than most tech mods, with a completely new and challenging power system, multiblocks, and much more!

Short introduction:

E-Flux has a brand-new power system with 2 variables, RF (Redstone Potential) and EF (Energetic Flux). All machines have a certain RP value at which they wish to operate, big machines, like grinders typically want a high RP, whilst "sensitive" circuitry wants a low RP. If the RP value of your power grid exceeds the tolerance of the machine, it will break, and you will have to repair it. If you multiply RP with EF, you have the "energy", machines do not care how much EF they get, most will compensate a low RP value with an high EF draw.



E-Flux has a wide variety of machines, with many more to come! Some of them are:

A multiblock grinder, compressor, furnace and (mining)laser.

A new fancy way of loading your chunks. (See wiki for more info)

Tezzzzzla coils


A special way to move entire structures. (See wiki for more info)

A completely new way to process your ores, just grinding it is not good enough, you will have to scan, clean and purify your ores before you can use them!


Please remember that this mod is in an alpha stage, and even though it already has quite a lot of content, it is still feature-incomplete, there is much more to come!

More information can be found on the wiki-page!


-This mod is in an alpha stage, it might eat your world.

-Yes, you can use this in your modpack

-E-Flux IRC: #EFlux

And please, report any bugs you find on the github-issues page.

and @Furgl with Baby Mobs
Furgl said:
Baby Mobs 1.2
Note: these changes apply to both 1.7.10 and 1.8 versions of the mod

  • Baby Ocelots now despawn in peaceful mode
  • Baby Blaze now look at players faster
  • Snowmen no longer spawn snow/ice after death
  • Baby Blaze and Enderman no longer retaliate when attacked in creative mode
  • Spawn rates in the config now have appropriate acceptable max and min values
  • Baby Squid no longer spit ink when hit after death
  • Baby Squid spit more ink when attacked
  • Baby Ghasts have been made smaller to be distinguishable from their adult versions
  • Baby Ghasts now follow their adult versions properly
  • Baby Iron Golems’ max health has been halved
  • Baby Cave Spiders spit venom closer
  • Baby Wither Skeleton particles now appear when particles are turned off
  • Baby Wither Skeletons now try to avoid water
  • 1.8 only: Baby Guardians will now try to ram the player when their spikes are out and they are underwater


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @LogicTechCorp with Soul Magic
LogicTechCorp said:
This is a revamp of the Harken Scythe mod originally by Jade_Knightblazer. Soul Magic adds scythes, a reaping mechanics, a soul farming system, specialty items and equipment. This mod provides not only a new way to kill foes but to harvest their deaths to create useful equipment and items.

and @Nividica with Thaumic Energistics
Nividica said:
Thaumic Energistics, AE2-RV3-Beta-5
Built for

  • MC: 1.7.10
  • Forge: 10.13.4+
  • Thaumcraft:
  • Applied Energistics 2: rv3 beta 5

  • Distillation Pattern Encoder: Encodes patterns whose result is essentia.
  • Core: Essentia auto-crafting is now supported.
  • Golem Wireless Backpack: Allows golems to access the ME network for their needs.
  • Arcane Assembler: Item now reports if there is vis stored.
  • Facades: Added facade support for several Thaumcraft blocks.
  • Storage Monitors: Now show their locked status on the screen.
  • Config: Thaumcraft facades enable/disable.
  • Config: Options to disable most crafting recipes.
  • Core Mod: Provides Golem Hooks API.

  • Essentia Terminal
    • Enhanced GUI performance.
    • Now shows amounts and craftability.
    • Tooltips include aspect description.
    • Labels can now be cleared if no aspect is selected.
    • Mouse behavior more closely matches AE2.
    • Allows containers to be filled or drained by clicking directly on an aspect with the container.
  • Arcane Assembler: No longer saves core, armor, or upgrade cards when disassembled, and now drops them.
  • Core: General optimization.
  • Integration: AE2 Skystone blocks are now scannable.

  • Essentia Terminal: Sort by name now sorts according to displayed name.
  • Essentia Terminal: Labels now move to the output slot after being set.
  • Arcane Crafting Terminal: GUI clears all items on network power loss.
  • Arcane Crafting Terminal: GUI didn't copy item on middle click when in creative mode.
  • Arcane Assembler: Occasionally would not connect to network.
  • Arcane Assembler: GUI would fall out of sync with server.
  • Knowledge Inscriber: Occasionally could not erase pattern.
  • Config: Replaced flawed conversion amount config item. Essentia cells should work correctly in the IO Port.
  • Integration: AE2 grinder and inscriber results are again scannable.
  • GUI: GUI's properly close if player goes out of range.
  • GUI: Weird scrollbar behavior with some NEI views.
  • Core: Potential situation where essentia could be lost when no room was available to store it.
  • SMP: Several situations could lead to server crash due to improperly sided code.
  • Autocrafting: Result item did not always show up.

and @Elrol_Eyno with Elrol's GUI Elevator
Elrol_Eyno said:
This mod adds an Elevator that will display a GUI to choose a floor to teleport to.


Pick Floor GUI : Right clicking any elevator will display any Elevator above and below that is valid.
A floor naming GUI : Simply sneak and right click the Elevator to open the Floor Naming GUI.

Rotating Teleport Locations : Depending on the way this block is facing (where the ender pearl is pointing at) the player will be teleported accordingly, if it is up then it places the player on top. if down it places the player 2 blocks under the Elevator. if it is on the sides then it teleports the player down one block on the side it is facing so the Elevator is at the head level.

Hidden Floors : Elevators that receive a redstone signal directly, like a lever on the side or redstone next to the block, will keep the Elevator from showing up on the GUI, however the player can still use the Elevator to teleport.

Floor Limit: There is a limit to the number of floors each Elevator can have. The Limit is 24 due to the GUI.

and @Phylogeny with Extra Bit Manipulation
Phylogeny said:
This mod is an addon to the Chisels & Bits mod. It adds a wrench with bit manipulation capabilities beyond that of the wooden wrench.


  • Right click a chiseled block to rotate, mirror, or translate it.
    • Rotation: Clockwise if not sneaking, counter-clockwise if sneaking.
    • Mirroring: front-to-back if not sneaking, left-to-right if sneaking.
    • Translation: away from you if not sneaking, towards you if sneaking.
  • Scroll the mouse wheel while sneaking to cycle through the three modes.

Default Recipe (shapeless / configurable)


Configs (refer to tool-tips in config menu for additional information)

  • Balance
    • Maximum damage of the Bit Wrench
    • Bit Wrench takes damage when used
  • Recipes
    • Bit Wrench
      • Recipe is enabled
      • Recipe is shaped
      • The recipe itself (string array)
      • Ore dictionary is used (otherwise items are used)
  • Render Overlays
    • Disable overlay rendering
    • Distance arrows fade in/out over
    • Distance arrows move
    • Period of arrow moment
    • Distance between arrows
    • Amplitude of mirror arrow oscillation
    • Period of mirror arrow oscillation
    • Period of cyclical arrow rotation
    • Period of translation circle zoom in/out
Feel free to use your own images for the overlays. They are in assets\extrabitmanipulation\textures\overlays in the jar (must have the same names - aspect ratio must be maintained to prevent compressing/stretching). Of course, as usual, item textures can also be changed (textures\items), as well as item rendering (.json in models/item) and item names (.lang in lang).


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Cypher121 with Clickety
Cypher121 said:
This mod provides a simple block that can right- or left-click with first item it finds inside its inventory. Shift-click on the back cover to change button. Cooldowns after each button are adjustable in configs. Have fun!

and @Furgl with Improved Hoes
Furgl said:

Downloads and documentation: www.sites.google.com/site/furglsmods/improved-hoes

This mod requires Forge and is SSP and SMP compatible!

Improved Hoes makes farming with hoes much quicker and easier. Each type of hoe has a specific range of blocks that it can work with. Within this range, the hoe can till land, harvest crops, or harvest and replant crops. Shifting while using the hoe will operate the hoe normally.
  • Right click crops with hoe = harvest and replant within range
  • Left click crops with hoe = harvest within range
  • Right click ground with hoe = till within range
  • Right click crops without hoe = harvest and replant
  • Left click crops without hoe = harvest
  • Shift = Minecraft default

Hoe Ranges:
  • Wood - 1x1
  • Stone - 3x3
  • Iron - 5x5
  • Gold - 5x5
  • Diamond - 7x7
Spoiler (click to hide)







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Jul 29, 2019
Posted a 1.8.9 port of fireball1725's Default World Generator yesterday
Includes some changes such as server side defaults:

Default World Generator (port)

Sorta made the port in self interest slowly thinking about a pack using my ezWastelands mod, and a skyblock helper mod by ZenDarva called Parachronology that updated yesterday to allow better configuration with my mod.

However the ability in 1.8+ to make packs with customized world types is certainty interesting.