What's new in modded minecraft today?


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @BlayTheNinth with CraftingTweaks Addons
BlayTheNinth said:
This mod adds Crafting Tweaks support to a bunch of mods that are either closed-source, unmaintained or haven't gotten around to adding support on their side.

Supported Mods:

  • EzStorage
  • Thaumcraft 5
  • Progressive Automation
  • Storage Silo
Feel free to request support for further mods adding crafting grids.


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Jul 29, 2019
While everyone was too busy paying attention to 1.8.9, the CoFH suite got an update.
CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.1.0-323.jar said:
Final minor version update for Minecraft 1.7.10.

-New command: /cofh hand

Help command redone, checks permissions to display appropriately.

-Allow using mouse keys as keybinds.
-Corrected a corner case where chunks were rarely not getting any worldgen.
-Fix various localization issues with Turkish.
-Vanilla shift-click will no longer sometimes destroy items.
ThermalFoundation-[1.7.10]1.2.2-111.jar said:

-Fix issue where items were not always properly hid in Creative mode when disabled.


-There is now a hook to allow specific items to be disallowed for conversion in the Forge

-Fix various localization issues with Turkish.
ThermalExpansion-[1.7.10]4.1.1-237.jar said:

-Corrected a corner case crash in NEI recipes.
-Corrected missing localization entries for new plates.

The long, slow, painful update.
Probably the final "big" 1.7.10 update.

-Item Allocator - moves things around, kind of like a hopper, but way better.

-Plates - 3 new plates join the existing ones. They all require RF:
Charge Plate - Charge items and equipment.
Excursion Plate - Project a beam of force. Redstone will reverse the direction.
Teleport Plate - Set up teleportation between distant locations.

There are now five different tiers of workbenches (4 + Creative). Enjoy!

-Caches are less exclusive in accepting items from a player inventory.
-Steam Dynamos can no longer have their steam extracted.
-Maximum Portable Tank size has been adjusted to prevent people from going over INT_MAX mB.
-Workbenches can now have things automatically inserted/extracted from their inventories.
-Workbenches have been majorly overhauled. Existing workbenches *should* convert painlessly.

-Corrected texture seams on Illuminators.
-Creative Tanks now properly re-render when new fluid is introduced.
-Fixed a corner case crash with NEI recipes.
-Fixed an issue where the Redstone Furnace would be confused by improper OreDictionary entries.
-Fix various localization issues with Turkish.
-Integrated Hopper Augment now pulls from correct sides in all cases.
RedstoneArsenal-[1.7.10]1.1.2-92.jar said:

-Wrenches now have a harvest level.
NetherOres-[1.7.10]2.3.1-22.jar said:
Changes for 2.3.1 from 2.3.0:

  • Fix various errors in Turkish locale
  • Fix hellfish being spawned by other ores during worldgen
  • Require Java 7+
MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.1-174.jar said:
Changes for 2.8.1 from 2.8.0:

  • Add all plastic armor
  • Increase crafting result of single-use safarinets
  • Conveyors conflict less when trying to move the same entity
  • Allow placing upgrades into machines without opening them
  • Add lock mode for DSU
  • Laser Drill's beam colors based on the focuses installed
  • Add Full color-blind support
  • Allow drinking from tanks with the straw
  • Fisher can use fishing rods
  • Add tooltip about stuffed/redstone status to idle bar
  • Allow rednet/plastic pipes to be separated from each other

  • Fix crashes related to fluids
  • Fix projectiles losing data when saving
  • Fix road boosting awkwardly
  • Fix PRC saving directions in NESW instead of RLFB
  • Fix plastic stack size issues with NEI
  • Support both Forestry 3 and Forestry 4
  • Fix chunk loaders not unloading chunks when moved
  • Fix thaumcraft addon crashing game when failing
  • Fix scaffold detecting attachment locations through other blocks
  • Fix DSU tooltip not showing up
  • Fix Laser Drill accepting ceramic dye in the GUI
  • Disallow multiple sewers collecting from the same entity
  • Fix tank formation & unloading issues
  • Fix machines facing the wrong way when first loading into the world
  • Fix harvesting of double-tall grasses
  • Fix crashes when moving upgraded PRCs with circuits
  • Fix some rednet state issues when rebuilding the network
  • Fix enchanted books not being accepted into auto-disenchanter
CoFHTweaks-[1.7.10]1.1.0-82.jar said:
No changelog provided.


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Jan 6, 2013
Extra Bit Manipulation [1.7.10] by Phylogeny 1.3.0-1.3.2 updates:



  • Added a new item: the Sculpting Loop.
    • Left clicking a chiseled/chiselable block removes a spherical area of bits from it.
    • Scrolling mouse wheel while sneaking changes removal area radius.
  • Added rendering of a wire-frame sphere and surrounding box to visualize the bits to be removed.
  • Added configs for how the sphere/box renders.
    • Whether the portion of the shape in front of / behind other textures are rendered, respectively
    • Color and alpha of the lines
    • Width of the lines
  • Fixed game freezing bug that occurred when spawning items with JEI.
  • Fixed game freezing bug that occurred when changing radius of spawned Sculpting Loop.

Practical Logistics [1.7.10] by Ollie_Lansdell 0.0.7-0.0.8 updates:


  • Fixed crash when AE2 is not installed
- Added Item Router
- Support for Mekanism Fusion Reactor, and a few other blocks for Mekanism.
- Support for RotaryCraft

- Removed size display from Fluid Reader

- Items no longer glow in the dark on renders.
- Large Display Screens: some screens were visibly brighter

Warpdrive [1.7.10] by LemADEC first update this year 1.3.16:

Notable changes from 1.3.15 to 1.3.16, all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:
  • Splitted laser from laser+cam (your world will autoupdate, you loose blocks if you downgrade)
  • Added hull plain and glass blocks
    (plain textures by Saphyrion, glass variation by LemADEC)
  • Added tuning fork for easy configuration of monitor, laser, and cameras
  • Added monitor rotation, including top/bottom
  • Refactored world generation (new XML schema version 2, new variations, lots of fixes, check Github for details)
  • Re-implemented gas clouds, hidden ships, stars, moons, etc.
  • Re-implemented UndergroundBiomes support
  • Fixed moons not showing up until reconnexion
  • Added list of structures to the /generate command
  • Added radar energy and scan delay configuration as polynomial factors, updated LUA API accordingly
  • Updated default radar scan energy cost from radius ^2 to radius ^3
  • Added (basic) planting to laser tree farm
  • Fixed OpenComputers support for Enantiomorphic reactor (partial)
  • Added OpenComputers scripts for mining laser and ship controller
  • Added shipController textures by Saphyrion
  • Fixed GregTech scanner compatibility
  • Improved item rendering in inventory
  • Fixed block information tool-tips on pure items
  • Added guide messages localization
  • Added logging option for blocks stats
  • Improved warp-field isolation (cheaper default, better guide, etc.)
  • Improved air generator recipe
  • Updated air canister recipe to be cheaper


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Blueyu2 with Instant Drowning
blueyu2 said:
Instant drowning causes players to instantly die if they run out of air, making water more dangerous.

This mod is heavily inspired by the Drowning Overhaul mod, written by Mark719.

and @BlayTheNinth with NetherPortalFix
BlayTheNinth said:
Ever played on a multiplayer server, built near other players and when returning from the Nether, surprisingly found yourself in another player's base? It's because of the 8:1 block ratio between the Nether and the Overworld. It's really weird though that you enter a portal in the overworld, and then when going back through where you came. come out of a different portal in the overworld. This mod fixes that issue.

It keeps track of what portals a player went through in order to ensure correct destinations when the player is going back through the same portals. This is honestly kind of hard to explain in text, even though it's a super simple concept. Here's a comparison image instead:


This mod only needs to be installed on the server (but it works in singleplayer as well).

Note that as of now, this mod does not save any of the data it keeps track of, meaning when players relog, their portals will return to default behaviour for the first portal they walk through. This may be fixed in the future, if there's demand for it.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
New version of RFTools Dimensions for 1.8.9 beta15 (and also RFTools + McJtyLib which have to be updated too):

  • IMPORTANT! RFTools dimensions are now named 'RFTOOLS' instead of 'DIM'! If you want to keep using your old dimensions then don't forget to rename the folders!
  • The Dimlet Workbench is back. For now only for feature, terrain, biome, material and liquid dimlets. It works similar to the old 1.7.10 workbench but now has the additional feature of a searchable dimlet list
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f38613379304a6d2e6a7067
    • Double clicking on a dimlet in that list will cause the gui to try to find the right parts for that dimlet and insert them in the right slots. This works from the internal inventory as well as the player inventory.
    • The tooltip in the list shows all the needed parts.
  • The biome, material and liquid absorbers are back.
  • Implemented a terrain absorber with which you can extract the essence of the terrain out of the current dimension. For for overworld this is 'normal' terrain. For the end this is 'island'. For the nether this is 'cavern'. For RFTools dimensions this will be the current terrain of that dimension.
  • Implemented a feature absorber with which you can extract a random feature essence out of the current RFTools dimension. This block does nothing outside RFTools dimensions and can only extract a feature that is actually present in that dimension. The block only shows what feature it extracted when it is done extracting.
  • Implemented a new dimlet rule system (json) with greatly enhanced configurability:
    • 687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f7365326e5034672e706e67
    • Rules are evaluated from top to bottom.
    • Rules can filter based on dimlet type (material, liquid, biome, ...), dimlet name (lava, stone, The End, Wither, ...), mod name, blockstate properties (for material dimlets), metadata as well as some other block properties like if it has a tile entity, if it is a solid block and so on. Wildcards are supported for the name of the dimlet and you can use a list.
    • Every rule results in a setting. This setting can contain things like rarity, creation cost, maintenance cost, if the dimlet is available for worldgen, if the dimlet is available as a dimlet (if both are false the dimlet is essentially blacklisted).
    • Settings can be partial. If they are then the system will continue evaluating further matching rules until a complete setting object is generated for a given dimlet.
    • Rules are automatically generated from a set of default rules included with RFTools Dimensions. A specific marker is provided. All rules before this marker are left alone when Minecraft starts. You can put your own custom rules there. All rules after this marker are always reset to the default rules. That way you can be sure that when you update RFTools you will get updated rules without destroying your own rules. If you want to completely override the RFTools default rules you can also remove the marker line.
    • Rules are automatically synced from server to client so that the client always exactly knows the configuration values of the dimlets on the server (in contrast with 1.7.10).
    • RFTools Dimensions tries every possible block/blockstate combination, every possible (placable) fluid, every biome and so on. That means that potentially a huge number of dimlets can be generated if the rules are not properly defined
    • By default material dimlets are blacklisted unless specifically included in a previous rule
    • Liquid dimlets are allowed for any liquid but with a high rarity and cost to make sure things are not too strong.
    • Mob dimlets are possible by default but unless otherwise specified they are excluded from random worldgen. That is to avoid mobs that are not supposed to spawn like that (like turrets, robots, ...)
    • The 'The End' biome dimlet is very rare and by default not spawnable.
    • Added hopefully sensible rules for mobs, materials, liquids, and biomes from Thaumcraft, Tinkers Construct, BiomesOPlenty and Buildcraft.
    • Added a new api (IDimletConfigurationManager) which is available through IMC (FMLInterModComms.sendFunctionMessage("rftoolsdim", "getDimletConfigurationManager", ".YourClass$GetDimletConfigurationManager")) by which external mods can reconfigure dimlets. These rules are added before any other rules added by the user and RFTools Dimensions itself
  • Various new and ported commands:
    • /rftdim safedel to safely delete a dimension
    • /rftdim setowner to change the owner of a dimension
    • /rftdim createtab to recreate a dimension tab for a given dimension
    • /rftdb testdimlet to show the settings of a dimlet
    • /rftdb createdimlet to create any dimlet (arguments: )
    • /rftdb listdimlets to list all possible dimlets (excluding blacklisted dimlets)
    • /rftdb listblocks to list all possible material dimlets (including dimlets that are blacklisted with the current rules). If you have a lot of mods in your modpack this can be a HUGE list. Be prepared. The output goes to the log
    • /rftdb listliquids to list all possible liquid dimlets (including blacklisted dimlets)
    • /rftdb listmobs to list all possible mob dimlets (including blacklist dimlets)
  • Dimension Generation:
    • Mob features work again and can now randomly be generated in dimensions.
    • Biomes are now randomly selected as well.
    • The filtered biome controller should work again
    • In dimlet dungeons (rftools dimensions) you can now find dimlet parts and even dimlets. If you don't want these dimlets to be found there you can disable this in the config so that the player has to create every dimlet.
    • The sky renderer for dimensions now uses the state manager as it should. This can fix some weird rendering glitches in those dimensions
  • Various:
    • Fixed a few models which were way too big in 3rd person view.
    • Buttons in the manual work again.
    • Many cleanups in the code

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/240950-rftools-dimensions

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
AbyssalCraft for Minecraft 1.8.9 Beta released:
  • Trees now grow in the Darklands biomes (where applicable), and saplings can be grown into trees
  • Shoggoth Pits now generate in Swamp biomes again
  • Darklands structures now generate in Darklands biomes again
  • Fixed blockstates for blocks with metadata (Ethaxium/Dark Ethaxium bricks, Ritual Altar/Pedestal, Tiered Sacrificial Altar/Energy Pedestal)
  • All armor sets now render correctly when worn (instead of NPEs being spammed in the log due to stuff)
  • Entities are back in the mod
  • The Potion Effects now function correctly
  • The Liquids now render correctly (and the liquid logic is back)
  • Now runs on Forge
  • The Coralium Longbow fires it's Coralium Plague-tipped arrows, and animates
  • The dimensions can now be reached again
  • Updated localization strings on the other .lang files


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Darkmainiac with Hollowing
Darkmainiac said:
Inspired by Dark Souls, this mod lowers your maximum HP each time you die (all the way down to 3 hearts in this version). On quite rare occasions, you can find Human Effigies in certain loot chests out in the world that undo the effect.

Planned Features:

Ring of Binding - Raises the minimum health that you can have while Hollowed.

A Configuration File - To allow people control over certain variables like minimum health and Effigy rarity.

Known Bugs:

-When a hollowed player closes their client and reopens it, Effigies don't heal automatically as intended. To update the maximum HP, the player has to die, resulting in them only having 18HP. As a recommendation until I can fix this, if this happens to you, cheat in an effigy after the death and use it up. That will fix you health.

-When a hollowed player enters another dimension, empty heart containers of lost health render. This can be fixed by relogging if it's to confusing.


Because of the way authentication works now, I could not test this on the server side of things. If anyone finds any issues, let me know. Be sure to include any crash logs and a detailed report of your problems so I can try my best to fix it.

If things do work properly, let me know that too.


I'm not the best artist, so if you think you can make a better texture for the Human Effigy, by all means send it my way. I prefer to keep things at 16x16 for that Vanilla feel.

You have full permission, with or without credit, to include this in your modpack, if you are that daring.

and @insaneau with SimpleLabels
insaneau said:
SimpleLabels 0.0.2
1.8.9 Port!


  • The Vast Storage Unit - A brand new form of deep storage. Has no GUI - interact using a simple label. Can be piped into and out of from any side.
  • New Forge capabilities - the minimum version of Forge required is
  • Brand new textures thanks to Unity and CyanideX.

  • Fixed fake Items spawning when extracting using a label.
  • Fixed Items flying around when extracting using a label.

and @Purplicious_Cow with Custom Pets
Purplicious_Cow said:

Custom Pets - 0.9.9 BETA version for Forge 1.7.10

One Pet to Rule Them All!

  • Make your own Custom Inventory Pets!
  • Gather Ability Cards from killing mobs to learn new abilities. Stronger mobs drop rarer cards.
  • Over 50 in-game abilities to chose from, including Passive, On Attack, World, Active, and Area of Effect
  • Level Up your Custom Pets to make your abilities stronger
  • Choose your shape from a given set of Pet Templates, then choose your Colors.
  • Choose the food your pet will eat
  • Choose the sound your pet makes when it is hungry
  • All abilities, textures, colors, eating, and sounds are LIVE, DYNAMIC, and IN-GAME
Powerful Config

  • Choose the Drop Rate of Cards (easy, normal, or hard - aka Kehaan)
  • Determine the difficulty of Upgrades (easy, normal, or hard - aka Kehaan)
  • Determine the difficulty of foods (nuggets or whole items)
  • Choose to have negative AOE effects affect other players (for PVP)
  • Choose to not use Ability Cards at all, and play the game with all abilities available
  • More!
The Randomizer (in game fun)

  • Gives you a random name, texture, colors, food, and sounds
  • Win prizes for rare combinations
To access your Custom Pet, simply press G

Besides gathering ability cards from killing mobs, abilities are fully unlocked in Creative Mode, or if you disable ability cards in the config.

Main Forum Post

1. Choose your Name and Abilities!


2. Choose your pet Food and Sound!


3. Choose your pet Texture and Colors!


4. Randomize your pet for fun and prizes


5. Custom Pet recipe



Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Just released a new version of RFTools for 1.7.10 (version 4.21):

  • Fixed a possible bug with silk harvest quarry trying to inject itemstacks with an invalid item
  • Possibly fixed chunkloading related crashes in the RFTools builder
  • When cleaning up dimensions added a null check to prevent a weird crash in weird circumstances

Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/224641-rftools

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
Introducing GenLoader
Generation Manager - User specified ore generation and an API for mods to use.
Initial release, make sure to post any bugs on the issue tracker.

  • More Helpful data dumps
  • More Generation types
  • More Documentation for adding user generation schemes
  • More commands for helping users debug/test generations


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Olhcim with Enderman Disruptor
Olhcim said:
Enderman Disruptor 1.8.9 v0.2

This mod adds a new block, the Enderman Disruptor. When placed, the block stops all Endermen from teleporting in a 16 block radius.
Power the block with a redstone signal to view the coverage. Note it still works without a redstone signal.
Spoiler (click to hide)

Note: This mod is for Minecraft Forge 1.8.9

Please report bugs by leaving a comment on the forums page.

By downloading this mod you agree to the license.
Latest Download: Direct | Plant Minecraft

Source Code: Github
Versions & Changelog
Spoiler (click to hide)
1.8.9 v0.2

- Ported to Forge 1.8.9
- Added the ability to see the disruptor coverage by powering the block with a redstone signal.
- Increased the cost of the disruptor, by changing the recipe to: 4 iron blocks in the corners, an eye of ender in the middle, an enchanting table at the bottom, and any 3 enchanted books at the remaining 3 spots (left, right top).

1.7.10 v0.2 (backport)

- See above for information, similar in function to: 1.8.9 v0.2
- Done on request for Minecraft Forum User: 6210classick

1.7.10 v0.1

- initial release
- craft enderman disruptor with 4 iron bars at the corners, 4 obsidian at the edges, and an eye of ender in the middle

and @KnightMiner with KnightPeripherals
KnightMiner said:
KnightPeripherals is a mod by KnightMiner. It is an addon to the popular Minecraft mod ComputerCraft to adds various peripherals to ComputerCraft, including a clicking turtle upgrade and an Ex Nihilo hammer upgrade.

For more information, see here.

and @zxc74171 with Thaumic Potatoes
zxc74171 said:
The story of a thaumaturge who is obsessed with potatoes.

You found that potato is actually a kind of material that can be merged with magical power easily.

You decided to do some researches on it.

However, there's no way to go back...



This mod adds some foods, recipes and tools that are (somewhat) handy. Some might be too good, but look at the cost. Even including your soul.

This my first minecraft mod.

I don't have much experience in forge or java in the past so this mod only do some basic stuffs.

Originally I wanted to make a mod about bossing but I don't know how to add an entity (duh) so I made this mod instead.

I'm very new in modding so this mod can contain some (hint:a lot) of bugs and weird stuffs. If you see some, report it to me.

There is no new worldgen in this mod so applying it to an existing world should cause no problem.

Translations are welcome. I might do the zh_TW translation when I want to so that one is not needed.

Install Instructions:

1.Install Forge and Thaumcraft 5

2.Drop the jar of this mod into your mods folder.




1.0.1-Fixed some lang



Azanor for creating Thaumcraft and its API

_Bedrock_Miner_ for his awesome modding tutorial

DrunkMafia for creating Thaumic Infusion (the source of it helped me a lot to understand how a Thaumcraft addon works)

McJty For his 1.8 modding wiki


Thaumic Potatoes adheres the WTFPL Licence. You can put this mod in your modpack without any restrictions. Just do it! It will make me feel good if I know someone's enjoying my mod.


Mod Developer
May 13, 2014
Just added a new mod called Immersive Craft:

This mod adds a more immersive way to handle, craft and store objects in Minecraft. It features the following:

  • Adds a chest where you can visually see and interact with the items in the chest
  • Adds a cupboard that works in a similar way but is mounted on the wall
  • Adds a furnace that works like a regular furnace but also features in-world interaction. You need to use flint and steel to ignite the coal in the furnace
  • Allows the player to place tools (axes, swords, ...) on any block by right clicking it
  • Adds worldgen for sticks and rocks in the world (can be disabled)
  • Adds a workbench to have an immersive way to craft. This workbench is still work in progress as you can now only craft a limited number of items. This will be improved later. To make a workbench (if you want to try it out) just place two logs in the world and right click with a stone axe
  • Adds a chisel and saw which are intented to be used in the toolslot of the workbench
  • Sticks can be placed on the ground in stacks of up to 64. Using flint and steel you can also make them burn (model slightly broken currently)
This mod is still work in progress but works well enough to be usable in my opinion. Feedback is of course welcome.

This mod is also going to be part of a bigger suit of mods all working towards a common goal.


Download: http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/241268-immersive-craft

Have fun!


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Jul 29, 2019
@WeAthFolD has released AcademyCraft 1.0pr3_1.
TL;DR: Lots of bugfixes and some minor enhancements.

Server is now playable and should cause no serious troubles.

Recommended Forge version: 1.7.10- or higher

Dependency: LambdaLib 1.1.1


* Add version update notification
* Add HUD UI position customization, accessible from Settings App


* Lots of code cleanup
* Rewritten part of ability API
* The Flashing skill now can be activated with other skills still usable
* Added smelting recipe display for Research Note
* Research Note's new item activation now triggers an UI notification
* Updated all font rendering to using TrueType
* Added Metal Former recipe to double the imag crystal from ore
* Make shader compilation fail gracefully, machines that doesn't support shader can also run the mod


* Fix outright crash in server (#231)
* Fix resonant crystal ore's metal former recipe (#238)
* Fix BlockDeveloper crashing with NEI (#237)
* Fix outright crash when LambdaLib is not installed (#231)
* Fix wind generator wireless icon position (#228)
* Fix some block can place and open GUI at one right-click (#202)
* Fix a bunch of error related to PlayerData null pointer (#230, #232, #239)
* Fix brain course skill not improving when skill exp is full (#214)


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Jul 29, 2019
and @WayofTime with Blood Magic
WayofTime said:
Blood Magic 2.0.0-10
- Added recipe for Sentient Armour - craft a Sentient Armour Gem and right click with it to toggle the armour.
- Added recipes for the Greater and Grand Tartaric gems. These are temporary recipes.
- Updated textures.
- Added ability to fill gems from other gems. Right click with a gem to fill other gems in your inventory.
- Un-nerfed the Ritual Stone recipe to provide 4 again
- Rituals can now be toggled with Redstone. Provide a redstone signal to the Master Ritual Stone to turn it off.
- Made the Sentient sword able to block.
- Fixed the Sentient Sword so that even when not activated it will still do damage - just at a reduced amount.
- Made it so that Demon Will will be voided if all of the player's tartaric gems are filled.

and @CreeperHost with a PSA regarding downtime.
CreeperHost said:

and @atoms2ashes with with an Ars-Magica 2 themed texture pack for Thaumcraft.
atoms2ashes said:

I made a texture pack addon that makes Ars Magica blocks mimic Thaumcraft style. These are a work in progress and thus will only be released either by request, or once the pack is done. If you plan to use these textures in a way that distributes it via third party, kindly credit me as well as azanor himself since some of these textures were ripped and edited from the original Thaumcraft files.



Magician's Workbench

Inscription Table (with complete upgrades)

Closeup of some of the books

Comparison between Research Table and Inscription Table

New Witchwood textures based on Greatwood

Notice the leaves now have a purple tinge to better fit in with the log's color scheme.

Example of Witchwood Tree

Sorry about the rain. I can't turn them off in The Last Millenium.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @ewyboy with Ewy's Workshop
EwyBoy said:
Ewy's Workshop 1.1.0
RF Support!!
  • Added soft dependency on Redstone Flux (RF) for the workshop table!
  • More configs
  • Added configs for RF related stuff
  • Added RF upgrade
  • Added recipe for Rf upgrade
  • Optimizations and tweaks

and @P3pp3rF1y with Reliquary
P3pp3rF1y said:
Reliquary is back with its "magical swag and a gun".
For those new to the mod it has many items which are kind of magical and make the minecraft life easier in many different areas.

Keep in mind this is an Alpha release so issues may and likely will occur.
However I have tested this pretty well and am pretty sure they won't be world breaking.

This is just the first release and I am continuing to work on including the remaining few items that didn't make it into this one.
And then have a big log of things that Xeno and TheMike wanted to do and some of my own ideas as well so there should be more coming in the next months.

More info on minecraft forums http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum...ds/2607067-reliquary-v1-3-for-minecraft-1-8-9

and @masa with Ender Utilities
masa said:
Ender Utilities 0.5.0
  • Added: Handy Bag item - a modular bag that stores the items on Memory Cards, and has quick move items functions
  • Added: Inventory Swapper item - can swap the player's inventory with the contents of a Memory Card
  • Added: Item Pickup Manager item - can remotely transport picked up items, and control which items can/can't be picked up
  • Added: Living Matter Manipulator item (mob capture/transportation)
  • Added: Wand of the Lazy Builder (a very versatile version of the Builder's Wand)
  • Added: Ruler item (distance measurements and alignment visualization etc.)
  • Added: Memory Chest block (or "Templated Chest") - each slot can be locked to an item type
  • Added: Handy Chest block - a modular chest that stores the items on Memory Cards, and has quick move items functions
  • Added: Creation Station block - combines two furnaces, two crafting tables and a modular storage, with several quick actions
  • New, blue-themed textures for the old overly green blocks/machines...
  • Plus the usual: tweaked some recipies, fixed some bugs, probably created some new bugs...
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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Emoniph with Intangible
Emoniph said:
Intangible allows players to explore the essential energies that make up creatures, and by learning to manipulate these forces through technological apparatus, to create the appearance of magical powers.

This mod is still Work In Progress, many deity powers are not yet added, the main progression is done however.


Getting Started

* Make Soulbone by killing something "alive" with a bone (zombified or skeletal creatures are not alive).

* Make Blue Crystal by dropping Soulbone in some water with some Lapis Lazuli, then let it grow untill it has four large pillars. Harvest when it chimes when you click on it. Crystal shards may be planted on any surface, but grow best on rock.

* Make a Circuit Stamper with some iron, redstone and a piston.


* Make a Knowledge Gem in the Circuit Stamper with a Blue Crystal, Redstone and 2 Soulbone. You will need to give the stamper a Redstone signal for it to activate (a lever or button is fine for this).


* Use the Knowledge Gem to project an interactive book that contains all further guides and recipes.

* Some ideas: Make a blow mold and bellows to shape molten crystal. Research creatures. Make a way to separate and store a creature's essential being. Learn how to imbue yourself with the essence of various creatures and use them to perform magical tricks. Learn to transfuse a creature's spirit into other, soulless shells. Learn how to separate your own spirit from your body and possess other bodies. Construct devices that can only be driven by your spirit. Encase yourself in armor that can be modified with your powers. Create new bodily shells for your spirit to inhabit. Learn to create powerful insubstantial beings that have an influence on the entire world.

Terms & Conditions

0. Used Terms
Mod - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
Mojang - Mojang AB
Owner - Emoniph, original author of the Mod. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (https://account.mojang.com/documents/minecraft_eula) the Owner has full rights over their Mod, in both binary and source form, despite use of Mojang code.
User - End user of the Mod, person installing the Mod.

1. Liability

2. Use
Use of this Mod to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the User without restriction. So-called Alpha versions of this Mod, may contain a mechanism to limit the duration in which they can be used.

3. Redistribution / Mod Packs
This Mod may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the Owner solely. All mirrors of this Mod must have advance written permission from the Owner. ANY attempts to make money off of this Mod (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN without advance written permission, and the Owner may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation. Mod packs may only include this Mod if they first receive permission from the Owner. All mod packs with permission to distribute the Mod, must ensure that they comply with, and ensure all users of their mod packs agree to, these terms. The Owner reserves the right to remove permission given to a mod pack to distribute the Mod, given a notice period of thirty (30) days.

4. Derivative Works / Modification
This Mod may not be decompiled, reproduced and/or modified under any circumstances without prior written permission of the Owner. This Mod is not open source.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Glitchfiend with Biomes O' Plenty
Glitchfiend said:
Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Fixed world gen customization options for vanilla biomes

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added amethyst and biome essence ore to the End. Fixed celestial crystal generation

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Changed Biome Finder recipe/texture, renamed Ornamental Artifact to Terrestrial Artifact

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added hot springs to the Mystic Grove
forstride: Tweaked the Ominous Woods biome, changed names for customization menu options

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Tweaked Wasteland biome, added hot spring pools to the Sacred Springs

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Tweaked Mystic Grove and Ominous Woods

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added customization options for rock formations, nether plants, and end features (for when they're added). Tweaked berrry bush generation in some biomes. Tweaked lily pad textures

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Tweaked foliage in some biomes

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added customization option for hot springs and nether hives (for when they're re-added), and fixed some of the other options

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added customization options for soils, flowers, mushrooms, and liquid poison

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: World type configuration now supports biome extensions
Adubbz: Added mahogany trees

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added a customization option for water plants

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added customization options for foliage and plants (Flowers, mushrooms, and water plants coming soon!)

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added customization option for BOP grasses

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Added world creation customization menu options for poison ivy, flax, berry bushes, wild carrots, thorns, and quicksand

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Tweaked various textures
forstride: Tweaked Wasteland, Xeric Shrubland, and some textures

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Fixed "earth" item (Used for creative tab icon)

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Removed Dense Forest biome, tweaked Deciduous Forest

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: Fixed flammability for a bunch of stuff

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Removed fruit blocks in favor of having them drop from leaves (Like vanilla apples)

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Tweaked gem block textures, removed vines from bamboo trees

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Fixed flammabilty/fire spread for slabs, planks, logs, foliage/plants, and flowers

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Updated Forge version (Update for fixed spruce trees in Taiga biome!)

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: Orange autumn saplings now produce dark wood trees

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Re-added overpowered magic healing water that obviously no one liked at all

Build 1.8.9-
forstride: Removed large stalagmite/stalactite textures

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Tweaked biome climates

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Removed Arctic and Glacier biomes, improved Cold/Frozen Desert biomes. (Be sure to fix biome IDs in your configs!)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Changed how quicksand generates

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Fixed pine saplings, tweaked wisteria more

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Changed wisteria. Now a plant rather than a vine-like block.

Build 1.8.9-
shkl0206: Create zh_TW.lang

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added new rock formation textures (Not used yet)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Removed pumpkins from our biomes temporarily

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added pumpkins to our biomes

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: Big trees no longer generate on water, vines no longer generate on tree trunks
Adubbz: Added a temporary fix for the ugly taiga tree bases in the side of hills

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Tweaked butterfly textures

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Removed big mushrooms from Woodland biome, updated title screen panorama again
Catcwe316: Added butterfly color variants

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Still trying to fix entity spawning...

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Mob tweaks (Still having spawning issues)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added butterflies (That don't spawn for some reason...)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added snail spawns to swamp/forest biomes (They still don't move yet though)
Catcwe316: Tweaked snail texture

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added snail model and texture
Catcwe316: Added snail entity (Currently doesn't move)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Finished terrariums

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Tweaked which biomes players can spawn in

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: More crafting recipe stuff

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added more dye recipes

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added roots and waterside sand generation to biomes

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: Fixed an NPE with Buildcraft (and likely other things)

Build 1.8.9-
Catcwe316: Added dandelions and poppies to biomes

Build 1.8.9-
Adubbz: Fixed up trees and spikes in the Wasteland
Adubbz: Fixed hardness and sounds for fences and fence gates
Catcwe316: Tweaked biome climates
Catcwe316: Minor climate changes
Catcwe316: Fixed plants from growing on mud blocks, tweaked Marsh biome
Adubbz: Removed unnecessary new Object[0]
Catcwe316: Re-added Meadow biome (Missing Meadow Forest sub-biome)
Catcwe316: Fixed generator crash (Oops :p)
Catcwe316: Re-added Shield biome, fixed pine trees
Catcwe316: Re-added Lush Desert biome (Trees not generating)
Adubbz: Fixed tree gen in the lush desert
Catcwe316: Re-added Temperate Rainforest biome
Catcwe316: Re-added Land of Lakes biome
Adubbz: Fixed vine generation on Basic trees
Adubbz: Allowed the leaf radius of basic trees to be customized
Adubbz: Changed how customizable leaves radius works
Adubbz: Fixed soil pick block. Closes #618
Adubbz: Fixed reed bottom block rendering. Closes #620
Adubbz: Fixed incorrect awarding of achievements. Closes #613
Catcwe316: Re-added Lush Swamp, Mystic Grove, and Ominous Woods biomes
Adubbz: Dark leaves are no longer tinted
Catcwe316: Added pixies to the Mystic Grove, and ocelots to more tropical biomes
Catcwe316: Added Lost Soul texture
Catcwe316: Removed the Jade Cliffs biome. Goodbye old friend...
Catcwe316: Replaced Dandelion Puff's with Wilted Lilies. Changed Miner's Delight texture
Catcwe316: Added trigger for wilted lily achievement
Adubbz: Fixed the remaining achievements. Closes #612
Adubbz: Fixed double slab drops. Closes #615
Catcwe316: Tweaked which biomes villages can spawn in
Catcwe316: Tweaked biome climates more
Catcwe316: Renamed Dark Wood to Umbran Wood, renamed Ghastly Souls to Souls
Adubbz: Prevented a crash on right clicking with an empty hand
Catcwe316: Changed the default temperature setting for BOP world type to medium zones
Adubbz: Fixed an error with the achievement handler
Catcwe316: Fixed Umbran Wood slabs
Catcwe316: Added new logo
Adubbz: Added redwood trees
Catcwe316: Re-added Redwood Forest (Trees don't generate properly yet)
Adubbz: Fixed some generation issues with redwood trees
Catcwe316: Tweaked Redwood Forest
Catcwe316: Re-added Tropical Rainforest biome, tweaked mob spawns in certain biomes
Catcwe316: Added generators for some saplings
forstride: Update README.md
Catcwe316: Tweaked foliage/flowers for a lot of biomes. Tweaked reed texture (Again)
Catcwe316: Fixed lily pad and duckweed rendering
Catcwe316: Added proper snow texture for long grass
Catcwe316: Added Terrarium Jars (Not placeable yet)
Catcwe316: Added a proper model for clover patches
Catcwe316: Added rafflesia plants to jungle biomes, fixed ocelot spawns, tweaked Eucalyptus Forest
Catcwe316: Added jar block (Still needs work)
Adubbz: Allowed vines to not be instances of BlockVine
Adubbz: The leaves offset for basic trees can now be customized
Catcwe316: "Finished" terrarium jars (More variants coming soon!)
Catcwe316: Added cactus terrarium, fixed particles for blocks that have "fancy" models
Adubbz: Removed silty dirt from the Shrubland
Catcwe316: Tweaked the wetland biome, made dead forests and dead swamps less common
Catcwe316: Tweaked bayou trees, added willow trees to temperate rainforest and vanilla swampland. Fixed jacaranda trees in extreme hills
Catcwe316: New title screen panorama
Catcwe316: Changed Lush Desert trees to acacia logs/leaves
Adubbz: Attempting to fix building on Jenkins
Adubbz: Fixed building

and @OreCruncher with Dynamic Surroundings
OreCruncher said:

  • NEW: Configuration system for block sounds and effects. Pack authors can now define custom sounds and specify special effects for modded blocks.
  • NEW: Background sounds when underwater in River, Ocean and Deep Ocean. In Deep Ocean there is a chance for whale sounds, too.
  • NEW: Added wolf spot sounds for Taiga biomes.
  • NEW: Damage/Heal pop offs for entities. By default it is turned on, but can be turned off if you have a mod in the pack already providing the feature. (When turned off on the server no attached clients will receive pop off information.)
  • FIXED: Had an accidental reference to CodeChicken MathHelper routines rather than Minecraft. Oops.

  • NEW: The Y at which clouds render will follow the cloud height value defined in the Dimension Registry system.
  • NEW: Clouds will now darken when it is raining. The amount of gray is determined by the intensity of the storm.
  • CHANGED: Elevation haze will now generate in a band centered at cloud height. This means that once a player gets sufficiently high enough the fog will clear. The width of the band will vary based on the intensity of the current storm. Also, the player will be able to see pretty well even at the thickest part of the haze. The band is +/- 15 blocks around cloud height.
  • FIXED: Drip sound effects will not trigger if the drops come from leaf blocks (caused by rain), or if the drop will wind up in a fluid, like lava. Should eliminate it sounding like villagers playing maracas/castanets.
  • FIXED: Reduced the volume of the water drop sound.
  • FIXED: Underground sounds playing in a Superflat world because the world provider is lying about the average world height. Sea level is forced to Y=0 and cannot be adjusted.
v1.0.4.0BETA (CAVERNS)

  • NEW: Underground biome for configuration! This is a Dynamic Surroundings "fake" biome created specifically for configuring the underground environment. A player is considered underground if their Y position is several blocks under the sea level definition for the dimension. Note that this is not a regular biome as defined by Forge/Minecraft.
  • NEW: Spot Sounds for biomes! These sounds do not play like the a regular biome background sounds. These sounds have a chance to play to provide additional feeling to the biome. Examples would be an owl hoot at night in a Forest biome or grinding/crashing rocks when underground. Like other background sounds these can have various conditions and restrictions for determining when they play.
  • NEW: Steam jets! There is a chance that a steam jet can spawn on water blocks if near lava. A steam jet spews steam clouds upwards.
  • NEW: Falling dust effect. This is a particle jet, but at the bottom of a block. Stone, dirt, gravel, and sand have a chance of getting a dust jet which causes dust motes to randomly drop to the ground.
  • NEW: Display active potion icons/information in the main display. By default they show in the upper left corner. Enablement, screen location, transparency, and size can be tweaked using the config file.
  • FIXED: Put in defensive code to handle cases where someone lies to Dynamic Surroundings about a biome. :D
  • ADDED: Seagull spot sounds to Beaches., owls to Taiga
  • ADDED: Biome Fog scale factor config item so that a player can tweak globally the fog density for biomes.
  • ADDED: Auroras can spawn in The End.
This is a BETA. Make sure you back up your saves before deploying this or any other mod update.


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Jul 29, 2019
new day, new update, and today it's @Oharaicaine with Progressive Mobs
Oharaicaine said:
As you unlock vanilla achievements the mobs that spawn nearby will progressively gain more hit points, damage and movement speed the more achievements you unlock.

If more than one player is near a spawning mob it will average out the mobs attributes depending on how many achievements each player has unlocked.

keeping the game challenging even into the end game.

Achievements that increase mobs attributes so far are:

Acquire Hardware (obtaining iron)

Diamonds (mining diamonds)

Enchanter (build an enchanting table)

We Need to Go Deeper(enter the nether)

The End(kill the ender dragon)

The Beginning(kill a wither)